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 December 7th, 2018
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Honoring Women Working In Genre Film, Novels, And TV


Supergirl Season Three Special

  • about 1 year ago

Roundtable interviews taped at SDCC 2017 include Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, David Harewood, and Jeremy Jordan talking the new season and costume changes. Special thanks to Justin Cavender of Geek Legacy

Brittany Curran

  • about 1 year ago

This season this talented actor joins the cast full time. We chat about what is ahead in season three plus her career including working with Jennifer Garner and her aspirations to be a Disney Princess.

Adrienne Mitchell

  • 12 months ago

I spoke to this talented artist about the creation of this series about a serial killer haunting a small town. This is episode one of my Women's Work podcast series.

Stargate Origins' Ellie Gall

  • 11 months ago

She takes on an iconic role in the Stargate Universe for the new Stargate Command website as young Catherine embarks on the first stargate experience. We chat about this and the blood spilled in her role in Ash Vs The Evil Dead.Episode two of Women's Work. https://www.speakpipe.com/scifitalkrant

Mercedes Bryce Morgan

  • 11 months ago

We chat about her work on bringing the story of Catherine Langford's early years into the Stargate Universe. We also talk about how she has produced webseries in the past featuring strong women's roles.Episode 3 of Women's Work podcast series. Leave a voicemail at https://www.speakpipe.com/scifitalkrant

Lyndsy Fonseca

  • 11 months ago

Talented actor talks to me about her role in the time travel mystery film, Curvature. We also chat about super hero films as she was part of the curve in the Kick Ass films.Episode Four of Women's Work podcast series.

Carmilla Special

  • 11 months ago

From NYCC roundtables are Elise Bauman who is Laura Hollis and Natasha Negovanlis who is Carmilla chat about their groundbreaking LGBT vampire series now a full length movie.

The Dell Sisters Troubled Youth

  • 11 months ago

Always nice to chat with the Dell Sisters, Emily who directs and Elizabeth who produces, talk about Troubled Youth a short creature feature on Crypt TV.  Visit - https://www.dellsisters.com/

Kara Mayer Robinson

  • 11 months ago

A chat with a fellow podcaster on her Really Famous Podcast and the celebrities that she has talked to. Yes there's behind the scenes stuff about the world of podcasting and some fun too. Episode Seven of Women's Work series.

Pinar Toprak

  • 11 months ago

A musical outlook at the new SyFy Series with its composer. Pinar has worked on Justice League, Falling Water and the video game, Fortnite.

Siren's Eline Powell

  • 11 months ago

Talented actor who plays Ryn, the aquatic Siren from the Freeform series. We chat about the challenges of the role plus her stint on Game Of Thrones.

Braid At The Tribeca Film Festival

  • 9 months ago

I interviewed the cast and their director in a roundtable setting and also covered the red carpet. This is a compilation of these interviews that include director Mitzi Peirone and her actors, Madeline Brewer, Sarah Hay, and Imogen Waterhouse. Plus I chat with composer Michael Gatt.

The Dark At The Tribeca Film Festival

  • 9 months ago

From the red carpet I chat with actors Nadia Alexander who plays Mina, Toby Nichols who is Alex and their director Justin P. Lange. Then at the Roxy Hotel, I hosted a roundtable with Justin P. Lange and Nadia Alexander on this interesting horror character film. 

Sara Shahi

  • 9 months ago

The former Person Of Interest actor plays Mara Kint, an ex-detective now college professor who specializes in human behavior is brought in to help people trapped in their fantasy lives in a virtual world before their bodies break down. 

Ann Hornaday

  • about 2 months ago

We chat about her article on how "Unlikable Women" dominated the movies in 2018. We chat about Mad Max Fury Road, A Quiet Place, and some other great female performances.

Summer Brooks

  • 8 months ago

Pioneering podcaster who along with friends started Slice Of Sci-Fi when podcasting was young. The series is still on having your favorite SF celebrities and indie filmmakers. We chat about the podosphere, the podcast and what we like in geek entertainment. Visit Slice Of Sci-Fi for more. Get the Radio Public App to Sci-Fi Talk on the go. 

Tracey Birdsall

  • 7 months ago

Actor talks to me about her latest role playing Angel D in Evolution War and the possibility of bringing some past projects to television. We also chat about her upcoming series, Gods Of War. Visit her official site.  Listen to Sci-Fi Talk on The Radio Public App

Julie Nathanson

  • 7 months ago

She has worked in the DC and Marvel animation universes in addition lending her vocal talents to the Mass Effect, Far Cry and Warcraft gaming universes. We chat about her roles in Suicide Squad Hell To Pay and her upcoming Lego DC Super Villains video game.

Hex Comix At SDCC

  • 7 months ago

I chat with Lynly Forrest who is the editor and publisher and her colleagues, Kelly Sue Milano who is the head writer/VP of Development and Lisa K. Weber who is the artist and Creative Director. Visit their official site Listen to Sci-Fi Talk at Radio Public.   

Kari Wahlgren

  • 6 months ago

Kari has an impressive resume of talents voicing Tigress in Kung Fu Panda on TV plus Starfire in Teen Titans The Judas Contract and worked for Disney and Marvel plus lending her voice to many video games 

Makayla Lysiak

  • 6 months ago

Talented actor talks to me about playing Barbara Robinson in Mr Mercedes. She also talks about her role in The Last Ship plus the upcoming in What Still Remains. 

Hollis Jo McCollum

  • 5 months ago

Interesting series about an Elfin woman who could save her planet by first time author Hollis Jo McCollum. We chat world creation, her fantasy influences and her love of cosplay.

Angelique Roche'

  • 5 months ago

She's a journalist, attorney, storyteller, and podcaster. She is Angelique Roche' who talked to me before the first episode of Geeksplain aired. We chat about diversity, what she had planned for Geeksplain and Richard Matheson's I Am Legend. 

Amy Croucher Rose

  • 5 months ago

We chatted via Skype from her home in the United Kingdom. We talk about her new novel series, Avaland. She delves into a fantasy world where magic and competition go hand in hand. 

Carolyn Gross

  • 5 months ago

We chat about her novel and the character front and center is Lulu who could literally save a planet. 

Helen Slater

  • 5 months ago

Talented actor looks back at her turn as Supergirl and also how she has voiced and starred as other characters in the DC Universe. Record at SDCC.

Marcy Harriell

  • 5 months ago

Talented actor plus clothes designer talks about her new show on bluprint called Suit Up where she shows her designs for costumes of classic DC Comics characters. 

Sonequa Martin-Green

  • 4 months ago

Actor talks about the upcoming season and what is ahead for her character of Michael Burnham. She touches upon Burham's relationship with adoptive brother, Mr Spock. Roundtable recorded at NYCC. 

Charmed Season One Special

  • 4 months ago

Roundtable interviews with actors Madeleine Mantock who plays Macy, Melaine Diaz who is Mel and Sarah Jeffrey who is Maggie taped at New York Comic Con. 

Robin Stevens Pays

  • 3 months ago

We chat about the new adventure from time traveling Charley Morton's science project that hurls her back to meet Leonardo Da Vinci in Da Vinci's Way.

Debbie Rochon

  • 3 months ago

Actor who is well known to horror fans stars in Bloody Ballet. We chat about her career and the various textures of fake blood.