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Actual Plays on the CastJunkie Discord

Actual Play RPG podcasts that are of course great and have creators on the CastJunkie discord here- https://discord.gg/Rd2SaPy

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Created September 03, 2019

Updated May 31, 2023



  1. Welcome to Top of the Round! An original actual play Dungeons and Dragons adventure set in the dark, mysterious world of Ishnar. What happens when a naive druid, a mysterious drow elf, and an orphaned monk are roped into becoming mailmen for
  2. Intelligence Check is an actual play series that's big on the laughs. It's a light-hearted show, using D&D 5e rules, set in the homebrew world of the Lichstone Empire. We've got dark and mysterious backgrounds, defensive elephants, weird gambli
  3. A group of friends have their lives turned upside down when they find themselves placed as the last line of defense between the everyday world and the things that go bump in the night.This actual play podcast uses Monster of the Week and other
  4. Thornvale is a narratively-driven, actual-play, Monster of the Week RPG podcast following the lives of three monster hunters as they struggle to protect a small island town in Florida. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/sh
  5. The Dimension Door Podcast is a Pathfinder TTRPG actual-play of Paizo's Reign of Winter adventure path. The Game Master (James Schwarz) guides a marvelous group of adventurers as they investigate a mysterious pocket of winter that has cropped u
  6. Join a podcasting family as they build a world together in audio fiction and actual-play formats that infuse mystery with humor and fantasy in a conversational story that is sure to delight. Each season brings episodes of the main story along w
  7. An actual play RPG podcast exploring a variety of different systems and genres in short, digestible arcs.
  8. The Gigantic Adventures of Jeff and Simon is a family-friendly actual play podcast using the Suited RPG system by Escape Box Games. It's a story about a mouse named Jeff and a Pigeon named Simon who get transported to a strange new realm, and g
  9. Shadows of Saint Fleur is an Urban Shadows actual play podcast. The story takes place in the fictional Great Lakes city of Saint Fleur, which is rife with supernatural activity and all the politics that accompany that. Follow our five character
  10. The Fate of Isen is a fun and loose Dunegons and Dragons actual-play podcast from Aotearoa New Zealand. Join the quest as incredibly unlikely heroes (played by kiwi comedians) fumble their way through saving the world of Isen. There are empires
  11. Rolling Misadventures is an improvised collaborative audio fiction podcast. Originally starting as an actual play podcast using the tabletop game Fiasco, Rolling Misadventures quickly evolved by utilizing audio fiction sound design elements. Th
  12. Tales of Asperran is an improvisational and collaborative storytelling podcast. What does that mean? Every other week we sit down at our desks and leave our everyday lives behind to pretend to be someone we are not. We record it all and release
  13. Microphones & Monsters is a Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast that explores the depths of Lovecraftian horror in high fantasy settings.Campaign 1: Darkwell ChroniclesCampaign 2: Ghoul IslandBecome a supporter of this podcast: https://www.s
  14. An actual play RPG podcast where a group of friends try out some of the less-rolled RPG systems each season, and play exciting new indie TTRPGs. New episodes every other Wednesday!
  15. Monster Hour is an narrative-driven actual play podcast that combines equal parts comedy and horror with crisp production value and original scoring. We are currently in our second season playing Absurdia, by Quinn Majeski. Our season one campa
  16. Originally the Dungeons and Pop Network feed for the original podcast before we split up feeds.Now the Gestalheim Production feed for legacy games such as We're Not In Kansas Anymore and other older campaigns getting a shot in the heart.
  17. Adventures in Erylia is a casual actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast that takes place in the homebrew setting of Erylia. Damian is the Dungeon Master, and joining him are some of his friends new to the game, Chris, Christa, Caitlin and Cha
  18. The misadventures of five friends who team up to fight the imaginary forces of evil.
  19. A dead acolyte. Her puzzle box. A city festering with secrets. And four hero investigators uncovering it all. Little Realms is a Dungeons & Dragons actual play adventure using DnD 5E.Players Nikki, Dan, Adam, and Sarah bring our heroes to lif
  20. A group of heroes sets out on adventures of mystery, mischeif, adventure and hijinks! Join us every 1st and 15th of the month.
  21. An excuse for friends to get together and go on unbelievable adventures together. An actual play podcast brought to you by the magic of the internet.

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