Adventure, They Wrote: Season 1 - Deep Trouble

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Creation Date January 17th, 2020
Updated Date Updated May 7th, 2020
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About This List

The first story arc of the Adventure, They Wrote podcast!
  1. Join the Waterdeep Detective Agency as they work to solve their first big case, the murder of Grukkan Axehaft, Luskan crime lord.
  2. Team Tall investigates a connection to Grukkan Axehaft at a popular Waterdeep watering hole, The Jade Dancer. Unbeknownst to them, an enemy lurks in the shadows. How will The Countess and Selene fair? Take a listen, and find out.
  3. Team Tall meets Triest and the crew all gets back together at HQ to compare notes. Are they any closer to learning the identity of Grukkan's killer? You'll have to listen to find out.
  4. A rumble in the docks! Max, Selene, Gilly, and Doran escort Triest to the docks, but someone is following them! Who could this nefarious character be? Also The Countess drinks some tea.
  5. A contact from the Waterdeep City Guard has a few choice words for Max, which leads the group back to the Dock Ward...
  6. The Waterdeep Detective Agency returns to Stonemast Shipyard in the dark of night to investigate the Luskan ships owned by Gruken Axehaft...
  7. Someone has killed the guards at Stonemast Shipwright, and they're coming for the Waterdeep Detective Agency...
  8. After catching the Drow wizard, the crew attempts to interrogate him, with ... less than ideal results.
  9. Back at the office of the Waterdeep Detective Agency, the gang attempts to build an "Investigation Mural" that is totally NOT a "Conspiracy Board," while The Countess visits an old friend to get an appraisal on the Luskan dagger.
  10. After a visit from Crock the Tortle, the members of the Waterdeep Detective Agency pay a visit to Frederick, the 8th richest noble in the city, where they make a pair of shocking discoveries.
  11. After returning from an afternoon with Frederick, the Agency heads towards to the entrance to Undermountain as they follow a trail of corruption & Drow assassins!
  12. The team heads down, down, down the stairs to a door. Beyond that door is a familiar face: The Drow assassin that escaped from their battle at the Stonemast Shipyard!! Will another melee ensue, or will this be more talking?
  13. The members of the Waterdeep Detective Agency have stepped through a cold, black portal into SKULLPORT. They investigate the Pick & Lantern, meet Shifty Algrem, and... split the party.
  14. After escaping their "meeting" with the Plague Rats, The Countess, Doran, & Selene hightail it to the Scupper Den to warn Max, Gilly, & Shifty Algrem... Hijinks ensue.
  15. After returning from Skullport, the gang checks in with their client, Odra Diresbane, to share the information they've uncovered so far, only to make an incredibly startling discovery of their own...
  16. The Waterdeep Detective Agency makes one last trip to the Jade Dancer with Mons Grukenson, as he attempts to explain his exclamation about his mother wanting to kill him...

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