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Creation Date April 17th, 2019
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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About This List

Each week I publish the most Delicious Ingredients of my Audible Feast ... the scrumptious, delectable, savory, rich, sweet, spicy, and best podcasts that have fed my ears over the last week. They're listed in no particular order. The past week, I listened to 48 episodes for this podcast review recap - 5 new shows for me this time, one of which made it on the list below, including Honorable Mentions. The link to the full description of why these were awesome is here: Note: There is one additional episode not in the Podchaser catalog from Between Us Girls - please see the blog post for more info.
  1. Delicious Ingredients

  2. Adela chats with Alie Ward, the host of the Ologies podcast. We featured the “Phonology with Nicole Holliday” episode of Ologies on our podcast listening list on Language.   Some of the things they talked about: LANGUAGE podcast listening list Ologies episode “Phonology with Nicole Holliday” Ologies episode “Entomology with Lila Higgins” Natural History Museum of Los Angeles Ologies episode “Corvid Thanatology (CROW FUNERALS) with Kaeli Swift” Ologies Patreon Alie’s advice for science communication: pretend you are at a dinner party, show up like you belong, and have fun! Some of Alie’s recording tips: use to get transcriptions and snap/clap at beginning of new takes. Alie’s awkward, yet awesome, interview with Dr. Caleb Finch, a Biogerontologist (study of aging) Alie’s super-serious episode interviewing the guy who studies laughter: “Gelotology with Lee Berk” Alie’s advice: don’t ever google “mango worms” or “botfly larvae” Alie’s podcast pick: All My Relations (episode: “Can a DNA test make me Native American”). It’s is a podcast to discuss relationships as Native peoples–relationships to land, to ancestors, and to each other. Find out more about Ologies on the website , Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Find out more about Alie on her website, Twitter, and Instagram.   Find out how Podcast Brunch Club works and get involved in the discussion! Join PBC: newsletter, in-person chapter, Facebook Group, twitter, PBC subreddit Join Audible Feast: website, newsletter, Facebook, twitter Audio editing and production by Steven Zampanti of Conceptual Podcasting. Music included in this episode was ”Elephant Walk” by Podington Bear and “Paradise” by Misael Gauna. Organizational Partners include (learn how to support Podcast Brunch Club) Critical Frequency – “a podcast network for everyone else” Podchaser – “the IMDb of podcasts” Audioboom – check out Dead Man Talking podcast Listen Notes – “the best podcast search engine” Podfest Multimedia Expo – Podcast Conference Podbean – use the code “pbc” for one month free on podcast hosting
  3. This month, Outside/In is asking for your support. Your donations will keep the show kicking butt, and help us make our next big series!  Plus, we’ve got special (limited-edition, super-twee) swag, handcrafted with an actual branding iron. Donate here . You hike, you fish, you camp… and you’re single. When you’re looking for love, what is the importance of being “outdoorsy”? And how do you communicate your identity — and expectations for potential matches — on an online dating profile? The fish photo is just the beginning. 
  4. Jay Byrd, Sarah Brandt and Marcella Allison share stories about drag queens, a scandalous island romance, and a mother and son's transcendent journey through addiction and mental illness.       Support RISK! on Patreon at Make a one-time donation to RISK! at Get tickets to RISK! live shows at Get the RISK! book at Take storytelling classes at Hire Kevin Allison to make a personalized video at Hire Kevin Allison as a coach at See for privacy information.
  5. Jeff Emtman joins Jack and Freddie to discuss Constellations, Imaginary Advice and The Food Chain.
  6. What happens when ISIS attacks your team’s aid delivery truck in the middle of the Iraq desert? And what do you do when, that same night, another aid vehicle bringing basic necessities to desperate people, gets shot at in the middle of a US airstrike—mistaken for the very ISIS fighters attacking your team? Travel with us back to 2016 to experience a pivotal turning point in our organization’s history. Experience a night in Iraq that made us press into pain. A night we’ll never forget. A night that changed...well, everything. Hear from members of our team who nearly lost their lives. Hear about us frantically tweeting coordinates to the US military, trying to get them to stop the bombing. But most of all, hear about how, even in the face of death, and in one case, even coming face-to-face with ISIS, we chose to love anyway. Learn more here.
  7. It’s not easy being an undercover cop in a county of just 40,000 people. But drugs were making it hard for Bucky Culbertson to run his business, so he made it his business to get rid of drugs.
  8. In this edition of Counter Stories, the team looks at why people struggle to pronounce unfamiliar names. Getting a name wrong seems innocuous, but when the name of someone with non-European ancestry is "dumbed down" for a white speaker or mispronounced repeatedly, it can have a lasting impact. The Counter Stories hosts for this episode are: Don Eubanks, associate professor at Metropolitan State University and cultural consultant Anthony Galloway, executive director of Arts Us Hlee Lee, owner of "the other media group" Luz Maria Frias, lawyer and consultant Marianne Combs, arts reporter for MPR News
  9. When Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s ascendance to the Supreme Court threw the future of abortion rights into question, states scrambled to enact new laws. Two neighboring states in the Midwest are moving in opposite directions: Missouri is taking action to end abortion access, while Illinois is trying to preserve it. In a two-part series, we explore what those changes look like on the ground.Guests: Sabrina Tavernise, a national correspondent for The New York Times, and Lynsea Garrison, a producer for “The Daily.” For more information on today’s episode, visit coverage:Anti-abortion activists are pursuing what they see as their best chance in years to restrict abortion access with a Supreme Court they believe to be in their favor.Listen to “Roe v. Wade,” a series from “The Daily” about how abortion became one of the most divisive political issues in the United States.
  10. Four states have passed laws this year that effectively ban abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, and others, including Missouri, are expected to follow suit. Some Missourians are crossing the state line to Illinois, where abortion access is protected. We spent a day at a clinic in Illinois with three women who were getting abortions. Guests: Sabrina Tavernise, a national correspondent for The New York Times, and Lynsea Garrison, a producer for “The Daily.” For more information on today’s episode, visit episode includes disturbing language.Background coverage:Bans on abortion in the very early weeks of pregnancy — after a fetal heartbeat is detected — used to be rare. But in the past three months, four states have passed so-called heartbeat bills, and 11 others are considering them. In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled — with little controversy — that women had a constitutional right to abortion. How did the decision give way to today’s deep political divide? Listen to a series from “The Daily” on Roe v. Wade.
  1. Honorable Mentions

  2. This episode contains adult content. Please use discretion. When Sarah Garone was 13 years old, she received something very strange in the mail. She didn't know who it was from, or why they would have sent it. And then it happened again. Criminal is a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX. If you haven't already, please review us on iTunes! It's an important way to help new listeners discover the show: Say hello on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Sign up for The Accomplice. If you'd like to introduce friends or family members to podcasts, we created a How to Listen guide based on frequently asked questions. Artwork by Julienne Alexander. Sponsors: Article  Visit to get $50 off your first purchase of $100 or more. Away For $20 off a suitcase, visit and use code CRIMINAL during checkout. CBSi The Twilight Zone Visit to redeem your FREE trial today. Comcast Simplisafe  Protect your home today and get free shipping at Squarespace  Try for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, use the offer code INVISIBLE to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain.
  3. America has a drug addiction crisis. Recovery could take decades. Opioid addiction has hit Appalachia harder than any region in the nation. This episode, Trey talks to Caitlin Esch, a reporter for The Uncertain Hour podcast produced by APM’s Marketplace. Caitlin has spent years tracking the challenges of the drug epidemic in Wise County, VA, where opioid addiction, and now methamphetamine and cocaine abuse takes lives and devastates families.
  4. Phoebe breaks it all the way down with sports journalist/writer Jemele Hill (The Atlantic, ESPN).  Jemele talks about her infamous tweet calling President Trump a  “white supremacist,” and the controversy that followed, what it’s like practicing “journalism while black,” and her biggest faux pas from when she was starting out in the industry. Plus, Phoebe tries to teach Joanie Mitch about tennis (it doesn’t go very well).

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