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Creation Date October 2nd, 2020
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  1. This week is a very special episode! We're taking part in an awesome event for October called #AllTheHorror. Every day is a different episode from a different podcast and we're also raising money for Scares that Care! We're proud to be first up this year and hopefully we set the mood for all the spooky topics to come from the many awesome podcasts particpating, and make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter for links to the other shows! We are joined by Tim of The Cabinet Podcast and David of Dos: After You and for our episode, we take a dive into the history, content, and social impact of Slender Man, one of our favorite cryptids. We discuss everything from the inception of Slender Man on SomethingAwful to the Paranormal Tulpa Theory. Slender Man has shaped so much of what we consider to be a modern cryptid, and we discuss some other more recent cryptids that are spreading through similar means as Slender Man, like Sirenhead. And in our second half, after David has to take off, we talk about the Ben Drowned creepypasta about a haunted The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask cartridge. We read through most of the creepypasta and discuss what's creepy about this story with Tim. It's a long and complex creepypasta that eventually turned into a full blown Alternate Reality Game (ARG) that still appears to be running to this very day, several years after it started. Our question is, is this just a big plot to pump up Cleverbot usage numbers? To keep up with the event, follow us and @AllTheHorror18 on Twitter, and check out their website: To check out the charity funds are going to, follow @ScaresThatCare on twitteer and their website: Find merchandise to support the charity and the event here: Follow Dos: After You on twitter @dosafteryou and website: Follow The Cabinet Podcast @thecabinetpodcast and website: Special thanks to Sean Faust for the #AllTheHorror theme music for this year! As usual, here are all the links you need in life: Check out our website at Join our Discord community! We're also on Twitter!  AND we are on Instagram! @litgamingarena And of course Facebook Sound effects obtained from Give our Podchaser list a BIG heart! And find our friends here:
  2.  We go to the Dark Carnaval for this special episode of season five of Flicks XRayed for All The Horror because we are watching and reviewing Something Wicked This Way Comes. Host, Librarian Tony is joined by co-host Cigar Salesman Ryan and guests Autumn Person Duff, and Lightning Rod Salesman Zach from the podcast Of Gods and Monsters. This week we play a game of Release Year for Horror Movies based on books, The Price is Right and The Flicks Awesome Lodge Word Game for the coveted princess crown. So tune in as we discuss at length about Carnivals, Disney Obscurity, Jonathan Pryce and sooo much more. 
  3. Charlene Bayer and Kelly Wright, hosts of the Drinking and Screaming Podcast (@drink_scream on Twitter and Instagram) head to Camp Crystal Lake with Jackie....will they make it out alive?Halloween season is finally here, and we're celebrating with #AllTheHorror – a podcast event where horror and horror-adjacent podcasts collaborate on SUPER SCARY content all October long! Follow @AllTheHorror18 on Twitter to listen to some other creepy content, or subscribe to the All The Horror podcast feed wherever you find podcasts. You can buy some horrific (in a good way 👻) merch to support Scares That Care, an organization that raises money to organizations including Make-A-Wish and The Kennedy Kreiger Institute. Drinking and Screaming is a horror movie review podcast that analyzes horror films through a queer and feminist lens, all while drinking a customized cocktail to match the mood and themes of the movie. You can find Drinking and Screaming wherever you listen to podcasts, or on their website,! Follow us on Twitter @JackieWatches.  This episode produced by Sean Flynn (@wxgeek).All the Horror's theme music was created by Sean Faust. If you want to get the recipe to Kelly's Burn Down Camp Blood drink, head over to our Patreon!Support the show (
  4. In this special episode with DJ Indy Randhawa from I Love This, You Should Too (@ILTYS2)  we feature two musical artists, Tanner Stokes and Vovkulaka along with some fun bonus content from Stories of Yore and Yours (@SYYPodcast), Reverie True Crime (@ReverieCrimePod) and Believer/Skeptic Podcast (@BSPodPhx).  Featured songs:  Tanner Stokes - 10 Graveyard Bash and Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree.   You can follow Tanner at @tstokeshorror or visit his YouTube Channel Vovkulaka - Cemetery Voices, My Devil and Darkness Calling You can find out more about Vovkulaka on Twitter at @VovkulakaMusic,  on or at their website: We encourage everyone to check out all these artists and podcasts! All songs used with permission. 
  5. Join your host Paige, co-hosts Mackenzie from Death by Champagne, and Jenny from It’s Murder Up North for this crazy episode!Picture yourself sitting at a campfire with 3 friends telling you a story. We’re talking about the movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and the true story of Anneliese Michel which inspired it.We put together this episode for All The Horror! You can go there to find amazing episodes for All the Horror 2020. If you buy merch, all of the money goes to the charity Scares That Care!Check out ScaresThatCare.orgAll the Horror’s theme music is composed by Sean Faust!Sources:
  6. The White Oak's Widow, an original horror fiction novelPart 1 Chapter 1
  7. Ep. 95 The Omen II with Drew Welcome to the bench! We write on the bench, we snack on the bench, we procrastinate on the bench and it’s #ALLTHEHORROR time on the bench. We are joined by our friend Drew Hallum from @ReelFeelsPod and other shenanigans to discuss The Omen II – just in time for Halloween! Be sure to follow @AlltheHorror18 so you stay up to date with all the great content or go grab some #AlltheHorror merch – all proceeds go to @ScaresThatCare. The #AllTheHorror theme music was composed by Sean Faust.   WRITE CLUB DUE 10/16 Start your story with a sentence that is genuinely happy and upbeat, no double meanings. End it with the same sentence, but this time it’s chilling, dark and horrifying. Email to, you can take longer than 3 minutes, but limit is 250 words.   BENCH GIVES BACK: TEAM LEESEY Epilepsy walk info – we will be LIVE on 11/7, 10am-10pm PT, here’s the page for donations: Get VOKL at and join us on 11/7 LIVE! The Red Cross still needs blood donations:   Join our #Benchlings group on Facebook! Twitter: @2girlsonabench Instagram: Support the show via Patreon: Buy us a snack at Check out our family of shows on the Podfix Network:
  8. The Fellowship is pleased to present this year's #AllTheHorror collaboration, where we host a discussion of the 1972 film Horror Express. This time we're joined by Amelia from Pitney & Amelia's Bitchen Boutique, Jackie from Jackie Watches Stuff, and Trish from Invasion of the Remake. This is one for the ages, in which we discuss geography, the benefits of regular showers, how to hide in a confined space, Rasputin lookalikes, making movies on vacation, childhood horror, and a ton of other stuff.   Huge thanks to Amelia, Jackie and Trish for hanging out with us! Go find them at: Pitney and Amelia's Bitchen Boutique - @bitchenboutique on Twitter, @pitneyandamelia on Instagram Jackie Watches Stuff - @jackiewatches on Twitter Invasion of the Remake - @invasionremake on Twitter And go check out the rest of the #AllTheHorror festivities on Twitter at @AllTheHorror18 or by searching the hashtag ATH theme written and performed by Sean Faust   Shoutouts: Big thanks to Sam (from Invasion of the Remake) for organizing the ATH festivities Please do what you can for not only local comic shops, but also your favorite creators online - many of them have online shops or Patreons or Kickstarter stuff - obviously take care of you and yours first, but if you can afford to buy something, every little bit helps Pop Goes The Culture podcast network - go check them out! 🙂 #PodernFamily - an awesome group of indie podcasters supporting each other; find a podcast on literally anything by searching the hashtag Manny the Martyr - thanks for letting us use your music; check them out by clicking the link You, dear listeners! Thanks for listening, and if you haven't yet, subscribe so you won't miss next week's exciting episode :-) To find us, go to: Email us at Twitter - @FellowshipGeeks, @MikeyGeek, @TomTCGeek, @LN_geek We also now have a Discord group - come join the fun! iTunes / Apple Podcasts Stitcher Google Play / Google Podcasts iHeartRadio YouTube Spotify
  9. Welcome once again to the month of Halloween and our Annual #OpenTheDungeon series.  This year we kept the "choose your location" style from last year and created a new tale of the weird & wonderful from our love of Horror & Storytelling, opening it up once again to any and all brave enough to take up this quest... This year's tale tells of the search for something truly unique, lost somewhere within the small village of Luchgobar... As for what it is and who finds it, well... that's for you to discover in time. In conjunction with All The Horror gaming and Scares That Care Tonight We bring you Episode 02 - All The Horror 1!   Cast AJ from Pretending With Dice, a mixed system ttrpg podcast that releases fortnightly Lenida from Penance RPG, our composer Mike from Fellowship of the Geeks, a podcast covering many kinds of entertainment   All The Horror & Scares That Care Scares That Care was founded by Joe Ripple in 2007. He started this organization as a tribute to a friend’s daughter who succumbed to terminal illness.. The charity originally started with the goal of raising $10,000 per year for organizations such as Make-A-Wish and the Kennedy Krieger Institute. All The Horror is supporting Scares That Care by donating the proceeds from all merchandise sales to the organization. Merchandise can be found at or      All Music Was Written & Performed by Daniel Boström Except the "All the Horror theme" by Sean Faust Artwork by Jon Moore Learn more at Come talk with us on Twitter or Facebook Listen on Spotify, iTunes,PocketCasts, Libsyn, Stitcher, Support us on Ko fi and Patreon
  10. It’s a special presentation of Netflix ‘N Swill, brought to you by #AllTheHorror. In it, we discuss our top 5 Netflix Original Horror movies. Plus we have a little bonus pick from Shawn Ennis of Stories of Yore and Yours(soon to be Ink & Ash) that made Dan do a victory lap around his house.What did Shawn pick? What do the “experts” put on their lists? Is there a lot of crossover? The only way to find out is to listen.Find Shawn’s show at can find more All The Horror content at #AllTheHorror or at All the Horror theme was composed by Sean Faust.
  11. All The Horror is pleased to continue #AllTheHorror month with an interview with William Simmons(@SimmonsOfNight) in support of his new anthology, Season of the Dead: Supernatural Horror for Halloween. William breaks a 15 year silence in this conversation with Stormy and Sam from the Real Horrorshow Podcast (@Horrorshowpod)!!  William is also a generous supporter of our charity drive for Scares that Care and has donated 10 copies of his book to giveaway with a purchase or a donation to the charity.  Visit our store: and share your proof of a purchase or visit Scares that care and make a minimu $10.00 donation and we'll send you an ebook of Williams new anthology.  Our thanks to Sam and Stormy for sitting down with William and allowing us to provide this very special episode.  And as always, thank you to Sean Faust for the incredible All The Horror theme music, he recently dropped two new singles Who Are You Anyway and Happy Song. If you are interested in working with Sean he can be contacted at
  12. Angela in Sleepaway Camp. Liz in American Horror Story: Hotel. Charlie in Hereditary.   Three very different ways of looking at trans identities.   Welcome to our supersized All The Horror special for 2020, featuring Dr. Leks Drakos, of The Geekly. Find him on Twitter at @leksikality and at   Follow #AllTheHorror on social media to find all the awesome episodes by participating podcasts or just go to the All The Horror website to access everything you need! Pick up a tshirt from their TeePublic store to look cool AND support an outstanding charity, Scares That Care!   All the Horror’s theme music is composed by Sean Faust! Promo: Reverie True Crime Podcast (Want to swap show promos? Email us!)   We love you for listening! Please take a moment to rate and review us, and earn a STICKER! (Everyone loves stickers!) And please subscribe or add us to your favorites list on your favorite platform so you never miss a show! And share us with your cool friends, not the lame ones.   Questions? Comments? Complaints? Write to us at! Tweet at us at @bitchenboutique! Stay up to date by liking our Facebook page! Join the conversation over at our Facebook group! If you want to be supportive without a lot of stuff cluttering your feed, follow us on Instagram at pitneyandamelia! (Really, we barely post over there.) And if you're feeling generous, buy yourself a little something at our Zazzle shop and help to support our show! (Turn off that Content Filter to see the "uncensored" merch!)   Who the heck are Pitney and Amelia? A gay guy and his fat friend talking about everything! We've got over 30 years of stories to share about stuff we love, stuff that annoys us, people we've known, places we've been, and things we've seen. Geeky, silly, and always opinionated. NAMES ARE CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY!   We may be awful, but we're right!   New episodes every other Friday.   LGBTQ | Comedy | Pop Culture | Nerd Culture | Horror | Spirituality
  13. It’s ALL THE HORROR!!!!! Vic, The Horror Academic, and I get together for Year 2 to discuss ANOTHER iconic horror film, Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street. We pick apart this movie to its bone AND revel in its importance. This installation in our annual event, All the Horror, is only the first in our discussion of the Nightmare series, in fact, you can go to Pocket Change Productions on YouTube to listen to MORE! Shoutouts: Eating Cereal with B%#*es, SuddsrUs Podcast, BS3 Radio, No Phony Podcast NetworkPromos: 2 Girls on the Bench’s The Bench Gives Back Fundraiser, Invasion of the Remake, Hasmark Publishing, The Horror Academic on YouTubeIntro Theme Song Provided By: Sean Faust Outro Theme Song Provided By: Victoria TimpanaroAlso, check out our new artwork!
  14. Note: Although I say Episode 10 in the recording, it really is Season 3 Episode 11. My bad! This week we get to participate in “All The Horror” 2020 Event, benefitting the Scares That Care Charity! We are joined by Jackie and Sean from the movie podcast “Jackie Watches Stuff”, to discuss the fabulous horror film “Insidious” from 2011. Our horror movie discussion revolves around believing your significant others when they say they saw a ghost, how Josh Lambert is an awful father/husband figure, and the creepiest seance scene ever. The All The Horror theme music used in this episode is courtesy of Sean Faust. Subscribe to the Jackie Watches Stuff podcast here: Hosts: Charlene Bayer & Kelly Wright, with Jackie and Sean from Jackie Watches Stuff Producer: Charlene Bayer Editor: Charlene Bayer Logo Design: Kelly Wright Featured Film: Insidious (2011) Featured Cocktail: The Further Featured Products: Horror paraphernalia from & use code drinkscream10 for 10% off Liz’s Horror Candles at Drinking and Screaming is a queer and feminist weekly horror movie review podcast that’s typically released every Monday. If you’d like to support our show, please subscribe for free in iTunes’ Apple Podcasts (or wherever you get your podcasts from) and leave us a review! Tell your friends about us! Drinking and Screaming will always be free for everyone, for more information visit our website at You can support the show and buy Drinking And Screaming merch at For our fans that want to help make this show the best it can be, please consider becoming a patron at Reach out to us if you have any movies you want us to review, cool cocktail suggestions, or any other ideas you want to share! It’s our goal to feature local products and ingredients in our cocktails whenever possible, and we are happy to partner with local distilleries and breweries! Thanks for listening to Drinking and Screaming, and remember: Always Scream Responsibly! Our theme music is courtesy of: “Ouroboros” and "Classic Horror 3" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License Find out more at
  15. Gargantucast returns for its third season. In collaboration with All The Horror, hosts Chris McDonald and Cole Grisson are joined by Invasion of the Remake's Trish Cochlan. Together they dig their way with 1956's Rodan as they analyze the film's environmental themes and discuss how Rodan helped cement the kaiju genre. - Theme song by The Tormented Teamster A Something Ghoulish Podcast
  16. This week we are joined by some very special guests I Love This You Should Too, Drinking & Screaming and Gargantucast to help us remake Neon Maniacs (1986) as part of the annual podcast event All The Horror! We threw them in the deep end of the pool (which may keep them safe) with this one as strange mutants are attacking San Francisco in this bizarre 80s horror flick. Will they survive the attack of the Neon Maniacs and will they forgive us for making them watch this weird creature feature? Support independent podcasts like ours by telling your friends and family how to find us at places like Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Stitcher, PlayerFM, Tune In Radio, RadioPublic, BluBrry, Libsyn, iHeartRadio and all the best podcast providers. Spread the love! Like, share and subscribe! You can also help out the show with a positive review and a 5-star rating over on iTunes. We want to hear from you and your opinions will help shape the future of the show. Your ratings and reviews also help others find the show. Their "earballs" will thank you. Follow us on Twitter: @InvasionRemake Like and share us on Facebook & Instagram: Invasion of the Remake Email us your questions, suggestions, corrections, challenges and comments: Buy a cool t-shirt and other Invasion of the Remake swag at our TeePublic Store! All The Horror Theme music by Sean Faust. Special thank you goes out to I Love This You Should Too, Gargantucast, and Drinking & Screaming. Subscribe to them on all your favourite podcast platforms.
  17. Tonight, on a special episode of Brook Reading, I sit down (virtually) with Sam from the Invasion of the Remake Podcast. Sam is the organizer of our annual media and podcast event, All the Horror. Sam and I discuss his passion for individuality, creativity, and family within the podcasting universe, as well as the origin and history of All the Horror. All of the links that we mention during the interview can be found on my website. Check out the upcoming content, buy some merch, and support Scares That Care!Promo: Invasion of the RemakeIntro Theme Song Provided By: Sean Faust Outro Theme Song Provided By: Victoria Timpanaro
  18. Real Horrorshow is so excited to be a part of hashtag All the Horror 2020! This year, for our annual Halloween special, we decided to review Halloween Kills (2021) with Drinking and Screaming! We're not going to let a little pandemic stand in the way of the most anticipated horror sequel of 2020!   Follow Drinking and Screaming . . Hi there, Sam here. I just wanted to take a quick second before we start this episode to announce that we’re participating in #allthehorror2020. All the Horror is an indie podcast collaboration where a bunch of us get together to talk about horror as well as raise some money for charity.    This year, All the Horror is supporting Scares that Care.   Scares That Care was founded by Joe Ripple in 2007. He started this organization as a tribute to a friend’s daughter who succumbed to terminal illness. The charity originally started with the goal of raising $10,000 per year for organizations such as Make-A-Wish and the Kennedy Krieger Institute.   All The Horror is supporting Scares That Cares by donating the proceeds from all merchandise sales to the organization.   Merchandise can be found at or . . Please visit for exclusive content, written reviews, and other scary stuff. Follow us!   Twitter: @Horrorshow__Pod Facebook: @RealHorrorshow Executive Producer, Writer & Host: Sam Oty Associate Producer, Writer & Co-Host: Stormy Skies    Theme Song: “Creepy Doll” by Jonathan Coulton []   DO YOU WRITE? Submit to Real Horrorshow []   All rights reserved. No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of the Real Horrorshow Podcast.
  19. Every great filmmaker has to start somewhere, and many make their first marks in low-budget B-movies. Here we have proof that even icons like Francis Ford Coppola aren't immune from a B-movie backlog in their filmography. Join Tom, Ryan, and special guest George Heftler from the Best Little Horror House in Philly podcast for an #AllTheHorror special collaboration where we talk about sequels, missed opportunities, and Wes Anderson! It's our review of Dementia 13!   Time stamps: 0:06:30 - Background 0:31:20 - Back-of-the-Box Summary 0:39:35 - Guest Introduction 0:42:00 - Notable Scenes 1:00:40 - The Good 1:08:35 - The Bad 1:14:45 - The Ugly
  20. What would you do to get the ultimate video game experience? How about the ultimate horror experience? Edward Furlong would apparently go fairly far. School of Schlock, hosts Tom & Ryan, join us to talk about the 1994 cult classic, Brainscan. Through understanding this cult classic, we're talking about own beginnings within the genre of horror, the genre's problematic portrayal of women, the importance of community and so much more. This episode is brought you by All the Horror; a twitter celebration of all things horror in the genre and in the community.If you or someone you know is reading this right now and you are struggling with suicide, depression, addiction, or self-harm - please reach out. Comment, message or tweet to us. Go to for more resources. Call the suicide lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Text "HELP" to 741-741. There is hope & you DO have so much value and worth!This episode of Victims and Villains was written and produced by Josh “Captain Nostalgia” Burkey and Mark Moore. Music by Mallory Jameson ( & Purple Planet ( Brainscan is property of Triumph Releasing. We do not own nor claim any rights. The trailer is in use and protected by Fair Use Act.You can now support us on Patreon. Help us get mental health resources into schools and get exclusive content at the same time. Click here ( to join today!
  21. It's Halloween and magic happens inside the Cabinet. One quarter transports you to the wonder years of B movie cinema-- The Grindhouse. Come see our collection of video game horror schlock from our friends in podcasting. Gore, popcorn, monsters... it's the Grindhouse, baby!!! Part of All the Horror 2020.
  22. In this special Halloween episode, we talk about horrifying books based on true events.
  23. Countdown #290   This week the guys are going all in on horror for the month of #AllTheHorror - an initiative on Twitter in which independent podcasts join together to contribute a horror-based episode every day through the month of October. Check out all the eps (and other action) at   And to make this occasion extra special the boys have invited a brand new guest onto the show - the man with the sexiest voice in podcasting - Shawn Ennis from the Stories of Yore and Yours Podcast. Shawn classes the joint up as each of the hosts counts down their Top 10 Films of the Undead. Oh yeah!   Does Shawn really make up for Wayne's lame ass effort? Or does that ship sail with Wayne's number 9? And how badly will Paul upset all classic horror film fans with his list (because he bloody well should have known better)?   Learn the answers to all these questions and so much more as The Countdown continues ...   And please thanks Shawn by checking out his show at   Finally thanks to Shaun Faust for the All the Horror theme featured at the top of the show.   Hit up the CC Radio Network that The Countdown is a proud part of and follow the headers to the other great shows.   Want to gain access to all manner of additional Countdown content? Head on over to the show's Patreon to see what you're missing! Join The Countdown Podcast Listener Community on Facebook so you can interact more directly with Paul and Wayne and vote in the weekly poll for who has the best list!  
  24. Everyone has a favorite Horror movie kill scene. The one that makes you laugh, the one that makes you cringe, the one you will never forget.  Our ATH DJ, The Final Girl, takes some calls from some callers about their favorite kill scenes and she delivers one of her own! Featuring call ins from Tricia and Siana (2 Girls on a Bench), Nathaniel (At the Devil's Ball) Jason (Invasion of the Remake) and Uncle Giggles (The Cabinet Podcast).  A special thank you to Sean Faust for the incredible All The Horror theme music, please check out his two new singles Who Are You Anyway and Happy Song. If you are interested in working with Sean he can be contacted at
  25. Hello Everyone   Thank you all for your continued support, we really appreciate it.    Shoutout to everyone on #FilmTwitter & @britpodscene of whom we are very proud to be members of.    Thanks on the episode to the following great people For Retweets On Twitter!    Rob and Slim (@Robandslimshow) Podcast HQ (@Podcast HQ) Dan Bradley (@Danbrad77778390) St. Paul Filmcast (@STPaulFilmcast) Mixed Media Forest Podcast (@mediaforestcast) Mike, Mike, And Oscar (@MMandOscar) Ocho Duro Parlay Hour (@ODParlayHour) L J Human (@Lukehuman) WTM - Watch This Movie (@WatchThis_Movie) The Movie Journey Podcast (@themoviejourney) Four's a Crowd (@FoursACrowdPod) Right Stuff Reviews (@ATRSMovieBlog) What Should We Watch (@WSWWatchpodcast)  Be you tiful (@Beyouti82072603) Mrs. Miriam (@misled007)   Special thanks on this episode to these supportive people & podcasts. Gill Roberts (@GillRoberts), cassie burton (@Cassie_H_Burton), The VHS Strikes Back (@vhsstrikesback), Mrs. Miriam (@misled007), Jamie Russell (@JamieRu17498667), Jamie Irwin, host of What's Your Favourite? (@WYF_Podcast), Cinema Recall (@cinema_recall), Qui-Gon Glyn (@realGlynDavies), Shaun Panda Nicolson (@PandaShaun), Emma @ The Movies (@EmmaAtTheMovies), Ryan L Terry (@RLTerry1), Reverie True Crime Podcast (@ReverieCrimePod), #AllTheHorror (@AllTheHorror18), Mr. Positivity Wolfie T (@PositivelyWolf1), Bad Dads Film Review (@dads_film) & Movies On The Way (@Moviesontheway) . Thanks for all the tags, follows and mentions. You are legends!   Super Special thanks to Steve as his question meant that our Question Time segment still exists even though he had to step in when Robin cemented his place on the Wall Of Shame!    This is our entry for #AllTheHorror (@AllTheHorror18) 2020. Thank you so much to all of the organisers for letting us do this, all the great podcasts putting out horror based shows for the month of October and the Professor of Horror Ryan L Terry for taking time to join us on this episode as it wouldn't be Horror without him!   Lastly Podbean who make it so easy for us to publish each week   PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS PODCAST CONTAINS SPOILERS AND SOME QUESTIONABLE LANGUAGE   00:00 - 08:20        Intro, Tom Dick, Soho Sex Club, Holy Mints, Sugar Free Percy, Just Like Grandad & Thanks! 08:20 - 09:40        Special Promo - Four's a Crowd (@FoursACrowdPod) 09:40 - 13:06        What's That Film? 13:06 - 14:47        The MovieDrone Wall of Shame. Sophie Is Challenged! 14:47 - 20:00        Question Time With A Question From Steve On Modern Universal Monsters 20:00 - 23:09        Review Intros 23:09 - 29:16        Guest Intro Ryan L Terry (@RLTerry1) And Discussion On The Great Four's a Crowd (@FoursACrowdPod) 29:16 - 1:17:52      Reviews On Friday The 13th 1980 & 2009 With Outro   Please send us some questions via email or Twitter and we will endeavour to bring you some interesting discussion. If you like what you hear please leave a like or a comment on your favoured download platform. We also need suggestions for Marc's next impression so if you would like to hear your favourite character come to life please contact the show using the methods listed below.   Find us on Twitter at @movie_drone Email us at Now Also On Instagram at movie_drone   Also Download episodes on the Podbean App, Pocketcast App, Pandora, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn Radio, Castbox, Podknife plus many other podcast apps!   Thanks for Listening Steve and Marc
  26. Bonus episode! In this #AlltheHorror bonus content, you’ll hear the sixth installment of the Patreon exclusive series Simply Stories! Today, the story of a thief who has some inside information on a huge score, but the place has to be hit at night. But what kind of danger is the thief walking into? Find out in “The House of Silence,” by Edith Nesbit!   0:00 – What is this, who am I, what are we doing here? 3:17 – “The House of Silence,” by Edith Nesbit   Become a patron of Stories of Yore and Yours!   Follow All the Horror on Twitter - @AlltheHorror18 Get all the episodes for this year’s event by putting this RSS feed into your podcatcher:   Thanks to Shaun Faust for the All the Horror theme featured as the intro for today’s episode.   Have you written a short story that you want to have read? Submit it to the show!   Email: Facebook: Twitter: @syypodcast Instagram: @syypodcast   Subscribe, rate and review on Apple Podcasts here!

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