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Creation Date October 29th, 2020
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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When you use openers to pick up beautiful women, there are two different approaches - direct and indirect openers. When I first got into the game, there were two camps and each thought their method was the best. One said it was better to be indirect and not show that you like the girl while the other said it's better to act like a man and be direct. I used to be really dogmatic about this myself. I came out of the Mystery Method and I stuck clearly to what it teaches. But I started to experiment because I wanted to learn everything I could about the game. It's through this experimenting that I've learned all that I know. The bottom line from is that you need to step out of your comfort zone. Virginia Satir, one of the therapists from whose work NLP was developed, said the main human instinct is not to survive but to do what's familiar. Lots of guys hear these pick up strategies and they say, 'That's cool, but it's not me.' They never try and never find out how powerful they can be. I was raised on indirect openers and they suited my style because I suffered from lack of social skills. Then, out of the blue I got over myself and tried a direct opener. I told a girl she was adorable and I wanted to meet her. Within 30 seconds, I had a date with her. But the direct approach is tough. We always say in the indirect approach that if she says no, she's not rejecting you; she's rejecting the approach. With the direct approach, she's rejecting YOU. That can be nerve-wracking. So, if you're going to try the direct approach, keep in mind that you will be rejected. When I started direct approaches I was so nervous. But after getting rejected a number of times, I got this weird surge of confidence. Now, I could do it and I wasn't afraid of getting rejected. Plus it was nice to do it without any trickery or anything weird. Both direct and indirect approaches work if you want to pick up beautiful women. It all depends on the situation and on your skill in using them. This is what I learned from jumping right in and trying them both. There's no dogmatic stance on this. The point is that you've got to experiment with both and you'll naturally figure out where they work and where they don't.
  1. examples and definitions of Direct and Indirect Characterization

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