Australian podcasts that made me feel things in 2019

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Creation Date December 1st, 2019
Updated Date Updated December 8th, 2020
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How this list was made: If an Australian podcast made me feel something significant (joy! hope! sadness! satisfaction! fear! anger! comfort!) I added it to my Trello, and at the end of the year I picked the episodes I still felt most strongly about. How to listen: While I've selected the stand-out eps that made me feel things, in the case of narrative series (Brain on Nature, Backflip, NB, Deadliest Day) and fiction (a third of this highly-biased list) please do go back to the beginning. Who was included: Australians made or had a large role in producing the podcast episode featured. The exception is Charu, Satellite. This is included because the part that made me feel things was the Australian cameo in the middle. As I listened in sequence with Jennifer, Newspaper, Everything is Alive's Ian Chillag is an honorary Australian for the purpose of this list. I hope this list introduces you to some new shows or gets you back into one you haven't tried in a while.
  1. Nym addresses her audience, and one person in particular. This episode featured, in order of appearance, Sarah Roach as Nym Mills Ross as Al Kevin K Gomez as Tyler Richards With credits read by Erin Kyan ~~~ Nym's Nebulous Notions is produced by Passer Vulpes Productions in association with A.L. Reynolds and Jamie Drake. Written by Jamie Drake, A.L. Reynolds, Morgan Junor and Erin Kyan. Our cover art is by Jennifer McCool. Transcript of this episode: Captioned video of this episode: Find us on Twitter at @NymsNotions. To find out more about the show, check our website at We would like to acknowledge that Nym’s Nebulous Notions was made on the stolen lands of the Kulin and Eora Nations, and the United Ngunnawal People. It was primarily produced on the land of the Boonwurrung, Wangal and United Ngunnawal People, with cast from across the globe. We pay our respects to Elders past, present, and emerging, and extend that respect to all Indigenous people who are listening. Sovereignty was never ceded. Australia always was, and always will be Aboriginal land.
  2. It’s been the most devastating September for bushfires in this country on record. Experts are warning of more unprecedented weather events than ever before, and they’re calling for urgent national leadership. In this special collaboration with ABC Regional and Landline, Background Briefing asks if we’re prepared to fight the fires of the future.
  3. In Thing-Like, Jon Tjhia has created a suite of 'exercises' – basically analogous to piano études, or studies, for edited sound works. Taking Walter Ong's preoccupations with the 'immersive' and vital nature of oral culture as a point of departure, these pieces tease and critique the heavy burden of speech and its value: as social currency, blunt instrument, monetary resource and point of connection.
  4. Manus Island detainee Abdul Aziz Muhamat has been allowed to spend three weeks in Geneva in order to accept a human rights award. But he has a big decision to make. Should he stay and seek asylum or return to Manus? There's no middle ground.
  5. There’s an elephant in the room. It’s lonely and terrified of the knowledge that one day it will die. Let’s talk about it. Death Over Coffee Producer: Elsa Silberstein Supervising producer: Ryan Pemberton Music: ‘Into My Arms’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, ‘Just Do It ‘by Paul Mottram Human Kneads Moana’s disability prevents him from getting out of the house as much as he used to. But he’s finding new ways to reach out and connect. He wasn’t expecting sourdough to be a part of that. Producer: Ryan Pemberton Supervising producers: Allison Chan and Jordan Fennell Music: ‘Lamprey’ by Blue Dot Sessions, ‘Halflight’ by Podington Bear, ‘Respite’ by Blue Dot Sessions All The Best credits: Executive Producer: Ryan Pemberton Victorian State Coordinator: Jordan Fennell Episode Mix and Compile: Elina Godwin Host: Maddy Macquine Community Coordinators: Chloe Gillespie and Danni Stewart SYN Community Coordinator: Erin Dick Social Media Producer: Matilda Fay The post #403 We Need To Talk appeared first on All The Best.
  6. Fitzroy seems different today, but the roadworks stop for nobody, and neither do the conversations.
  7. Charu is a satellite. Is she alone in the universe?
  8. What does a comfort read mean to you? Jenn Martin and Jennifer Wong discuss what books are on their comfort shelves and explore the reasons why we read for solace, hope or reassurance. Then, Jenn shares a favourite comfort read - an absurdist love story about two people who save each other from life and death. Authors and books mentioned in this episode The Most of Nora Ephron by Nora Ephron Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer Tables for Two, The New Yorker: Letters to a Young Artist by Anna Deavere Smith Worstward Ho, Samuel Beckett - "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." Mouth Full of Blood by Toni Morrison In the Pink, poems collected by the Raving Beauties Riddley Walker by Russell Hobam Tam Lin by Pamela Dean The Lady’s Not for Burning by Christopher Fry Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel Reading suggestions for Nicola Nicola loved: Wilderness series by Sara Donati  Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate We Are Water by Wally Lamb Jenn’s suggestions: The House at Riverton by Kate Morton Sold on a Monday by Kristina McMorris The Stars are Fire by Anita Shreve Golden Hill by Francis Spufford Outlander by Diana Gabaldon Music by Blue Dot Sessions. New episode every Saturday. Join us on Facebook to chat more about books and to get your own reading suggestions from Jenn:
  9. The Graduate's Cup podcast follows students from East Keilor High School as they react to a controversial new trial allowing girls to participate in the top male soccer league. Full of drama and conflict, the podcast examines the relationship men and women have with the world of soccer. The Graduate's Cup is a SYN Media Podcast. It was made possible with the support of Creative Victoria and the Community Broadcasting Foundation. Find subtitled videos of the Graduate's Cup at: Episode 2 Credits: Alice Carey - Madeline Plum Grace Garza - Rachael Alford Brendan Sander - Pat Chirico Kyle Reuter - Ronn Kurtz Extra - Michael Huang Extra - Andrew Duncanson Extra - Patrick Farnan Script Editor, Extra- Kristel Roxas Mentor - Jon Tjhia Script Editor, Incubator Program Organiser - Lindsey Green Creator - Marin Buljan For full list of cast and crew plus press kit, music, sounds and contact information  See for privacy information.
  10. “They gave everything. And they deserved so much more.” Kevin Holt died nine years after his Afghan tour. He was fighting his demons right to the end. But was it the war that killed him? And Kevin wasn’t the first from his platoon to die after getting home safely. This episode discusses suicide. If you need to talk, help is out there. If you’re a veteran or you know a veteran, the starting point for help is the Ministry of Defence’s Veteran’s Gateway and these charities: Combat Stress Help for Heroes Samaritans Producer: Heidi Pett Sound designer: Weidong Lin Original music: Matthew James Kelly Executive producer: Matthew Price Editor: John Shields
  11. How do you come out to your family? How do you learn to be real with the people you love? How do you take these conversations seriously when the beach is calling your name? Caitlin returns home to Australia and finally has The Conversation with their dad Paul. Presented by Caitlin Benedict & Amrou Al-Kadhi Produced by Caitlin Benedict, Arlie Adlington and Georgia Catt
  12. Finally, I get a diagnosis. The doctors tell me I have what they’re calling ‘a mild traumatic brain injury’. And there’s not much that they can do about it. They encourage me to just accept my situation. Then, some friends invite me on a bushwalk.Production creditsWriter and producer: Sarah Allely Co-Producer: Olivia RosenmanSound design: Ariana Martinez  See for privacy and opt-out information.
  13. In South Sudan, seasons bring distinct ways of life. The difference between summer and winter, daylight and dark, can mean the difference between life and death. Children learn from a young age to be aware of their surroundings and the creatures that live — and lurk — alongside them. In this episode, Agum Maluach guides us through the daily routines, seasons and songs, of her childhood village; from bedtime stories, to night-time encounters with predators that are felt, but seldom seen. Agum lives in Melbourne now, so telling this story was part-recollection. But it was also part-recognition that those years running barefoot under the big moon still move in her — they are still part of her, even as the songs slip from memory; even as the village, and Agum herself, are irretrievably changed. ‘The Lion’ asks if telling our stories can help us recover some part of who we are? And what happens when a small thing we thought was lost to time is returned to us through another’s scratchy memory? The Lion was produced by Agum Maluach with Jaye Kranz at the Artful Dodgers Studios in Melbourne, Australia.Braided is hosted by Agum Maluach and Aaron B. For more information on this episode, visit Follow us on twitter and instagram for updates + extras.
  14. EPISODE 3: THE TIC TIC WOMAN, BY NIKESH MURALI A letter from a friend serves as a warning – and a goodbye. Urban Internet Myths is a five-episode audio horror series featuring writers from across the continent. Released as daily episodes throughout DWF19, our unreliable narrator will act as your guide to the spooky, kooky and weird world wide web. Voiced and produced by Rudi Bremer -- -- Download the transcript here: View all episodes of Urban Internet Myths here: Check out the full 2019 Digital Writers' Festival program at
  15. Dr. Seabrooke helps an astral projector stay present, a non-binary mothman frustrated at his species’ name, and a siren dealing with prejudice. Created by Lee Davis-ThalbourneProduced by Passer Vulpes Productions Doctor Olivia Seabrooke voiced by Mama BohoCalista voiced by Lucille Valentine, with the call written by Michelle Nickolaisen.Tony voiced by Jeffrey Nils Gardener, with the call written by Alison Evans.Petra was voiced by Jessica Washington, with the call written by Hannah Aroni.The Voice of the AusEtherial Network is Lee Davis-Thalbourne. Thank you to Alexander Danner of Greater Boston for recording and directing assistance on Petra's call. Up next on the AusEtherial Network: Greater Boston! Find out more at Our cover art is by Erin Kyan Transcript of this episode: Captioned video of this episode: Like the Show? Consider backing us via our Patreon! Get access to secret Discord Channels, monthly livestream, behind-the-scenes sneak peaks and more! To become a patron, or to find out more, go to! To find out more about our show, view our full cast and crew lists, or access transcripts of our shows, visit You can also follow us on social media: @supersexradio on TwitterSupernatural Sexuality with Doctor Seabrooke on Facebooksupersexradio on Instagram
  16. The trouble began nine years ago when Mike got his dream job at the ABC. He’s always struggled to prioritise health over work.
  17. A musician forced to stop playing music rescues a little dog from a puppy farm. Who saves who?
  18. How difficult is it to get justice? This episode follows the family of David Dungay Jr, a 26-year-old Dunghutti man who died in Sydney’s Long Bay jail in late 2015, as they grapple with his death in custody

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