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Creation Date December 6th, 2018
Updated Date Updated May 7th, 2020
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  1. A small town in Wisconsin becomes the site of a completely unprecedented experiment. A Better Mount PleasantLet's Make A Better Mount PleasantJournalist Larry Tabak's Series on Foxconn in Wisconsin
  2. Join Mark and the Jons as they finish up the R section of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and make a move on the Ss. Rula Lenska Rula Lenska plays Lintilla and her clones, and the Guide in bird form in the radio series. Russell Russell is Fenchurch’s brother. To Arthur’s mind, the name Russell always suggested burly men with blond moustaches and blow-dried hair, who would at the slightest provocation start wearing velvet tuxedos and frilly shirtfronts and would then have to be forcibly restrained from commentating on snooker matches. RW6 The RW6 is a sexy and beautiful ship, and the sort of thing you only saw in the sort of magazines that were designed to provoke civil unrest. Jon Bounds, what sort of magazine is that? Rymplon™ Rymplon™ is a new synthetic fabric which was terrific for space travel because it looked its absolute best when it was all creased and sweaty. Sandwiches There is a feeling which persists in England that making a sandwich interesting, attractive, or in any way pleasant to eat is something sinful that only foreigners do. “Make ’em dry” is the instruction buried somewhere in the collective national consciousness, “make ’em rubbery. If you have to keep the buggers fresh, do it by washing ’em once a week.” Santraginus V Santraginus V is a marble-beached planet where you get seawater for a pangalactic gargleblaster, and where the fish never seem to care whatever the heck kind of direction they swim in. “Oh, that Santraginean seawater” says the Guide. “Oh, those Santraginean fish!” The drummer for Disaster Area went mad and made friends with a rock there. Links Follow Jon Bounds on Twitter Follow Jon Hickman on Twitter Follow Mark on Twitter Review us on Podchaser Find more shows from the Outpost Rula Lenska Cadbury's Wispa - Dennis Waterman and Rula Lenska Little Britain - Dennis Waterman Bob Ferris (Likely Lads) Colin Hunt | The Fast Show Tommy Robinson (activist) Monocle Wallpaper*: design, interiors, architecture, fashion, art Ariel (newspaper) The New Statesman London Review of Books British Rail sandwich
  3. With an apocalyptic calamity looming over Kepler, the Pine Guard make their final preparations, and march to battle against a stationary, reality-twisting foe. Aubrey speaks to oblivion. Ned gets a taste of his own medicine. Duck says goodbye.
  4. Follow-up: Another iSH and youtube-dl update Unknown encoder 'copy' Github issue Maybe 8K is all about @3x? PenTile More theories on Apple price increases Comparing modern devices against their premiere versions What about tariffs? (via Andy Hansen) Is Apple's prioritization of profit over marketshare the right approach? Upgrade #222: That's Not a Plan Marco flies next to a Microsoft commercial Apple's other operating system #askatp Do we have opinions about endianness? (via Matt Christensen) Two's complement Are "real" cameras really better than the really good iPhone cameras? (via David Beck) Casey's camera Marco's camera What's the highest value food item, quality vs. effort? (via Brent Traut) Marco's cashews Briermere Farms Post show: Marco's Tesla robbery Early lease rumors Sponsored by: Squarespace: Make your next move. Use code ATP for 10% off your first order. Molekule: The only air purifier that actually destroys pollutants. Use code ATP for $75 off your first order. Fracture: Photos printed in vivid color directly on glass. Get a special discount off your first order.

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