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  1. Beth and I chat about the Enneagram being an internal GPS that can help you know your heart condition at any given moment. We chat about using the Enneagram to help you see, believe, and walk in the freedom Christ has already given you. 4:26 Beth begin sharing her faith journey and how that intersects with becoming an Enneagram coach. "A lot of times if we are a believer, we have a lot of mixed theology in our mind. Whether it is the flesh, or bad theology just being spoken to us or who knows what. And we just really want them to understand who are you in Christ, because we are already are free in him, but so often we don't feel free....What we are doing with Enneagram coaching is really trying to give them the best theological base for who they are in Christ according to their personality type, because each of us have the core lies that are hard wired into us, from a flesh stand point...We hear the good news and we think this is amazing, but we still feel stuck. My goal is to say, 'Yeah, I can see that you feel stuck, but you're actually not, you're free.  Let me show you exactly how in Christ, for you and your personality type.' " 7:37 Beth begins explaining the Enneagram "Enneagram itself is just a neutral tool." Think of it as being an "internal GPS. It is going help you to know where your heart condition is in any given moment." Your Enneagram Coach Mission: For people to see themselves with astonishing clarity, so they can break free from self-condemnation, fear and shame by knowing and experiencing the unconditional love, forgiveness and freedom in Christ. 11:27 "The really going to help you to know, am I aligned with the gospel? Is my heart mis-aligned or out of alignment?" 13:00 "The Enneagram is trying to assess why you do what you do.... [it] is getting to the core." "When you are trying to find your main type, we want you to find the 4 core motivations in your personality type." Core Motivations Core Fear: something you are always running away from Core Desire: if I just had that life would be grand and perfect Core Weakness: that thing you cry out to the Lord to be delivered from; constant struggle (shows us we are always dependent upon Jesus)  Core Longing: the message your heart has always longed to hear (only Christ can fulfill this. no one else is sufficient, although we try to get it from other people.) 16:00 Beth shares a few stories of her Enneagram coaching that have helped to bring freedom. "The whole way through I am coaching you into seeing how Christ has set you free and His love for you, so that when that self-condemnation pops up and shame I am right there to say, "[No way]. Nope. Let's look at exactly who you are and what He has done for you.' And all of a sudden, over those 5 sessions, you can see this person really coming to life. " 19:28 Beth discusses Enneagram wings 9 basic Enneagram types Wings: 2 numbers on either side of your main type For visual of star click HERE You can access attributes of your wings in both healthy and unhealthy ways. "We aren't just one dimensional...We are very fluid, as people. God created us with lots of dynamics." In addition, every number has two lines (like a star would) coming from it. One line leads to an enneagram number that you take on when under stress, the second line leads to an enneagram number that you take on when growing. 24:22  "I am trying to help people realize what you long for is already there. Christ has already accomplished it for you, but our mind and our heart get derailed so quickly with false messages, lies, the world. etc. I am trying to help people to realize here's how your personality, when it is not doing well, thinks, this is how it operates, but when you are doing well, when it's aligned with the gospel this is where it is going to take you." 25:43 Beth speaks to the idea that personality types "put you in a box." Russ Hudson and Don Richard Risso: The Enneagram doesn't put you in a box it gets you out of the box you are already in. "Our personality when it is not healthy is hard wired to think in very specific ways, that's the box, but we're already free....The personality itself is not bad or wrong. It's beautiful. God created us with our personality, but when we're not thinking in a healthy correct way it's going to be really harmful and destructive to us." "No one likes their type, because it is going to reveal what you are like when you aren't doing well. Here is the good news, Christ knew not only all you know about your personality type, but He knows when it is even worse and that's why in Romans 5:8 it says, 'While we were still sinners, Christ came for us.'..." "All 9 types are the body of Christ. We need all 9 types." Indelible Grace Rendition of I Need You Every Hour 33:12 Beth shares when is a good time for children to begin exploring their Enneagram number. Your Enneagram Coach courses, free resources, and one on one coaches can be HERE. COMING October 2019: Becoming Us: Using the Enneagram to create a thriving gospel-centered marriagebook and course COMING December 2019: Each type Gift books IG: @graceenoughpodcast_amber  
  2. Leigh and I chat about her faith journey, her career journey, her roller coaster year in 2018, and managing Christian's top artist, Grammy Award winner, Lauren Daigle.  1:49 Leigh introduces us to her company madjettmanagement. 2:36 Leigh begins sharing her faith journey and how our lives intersected at the University of Kentucky 5:28 "You know when you know in your gut you have to do something and it is your choice if you are going to obey it or not?" "I had just become a Christian, so I was reading the Word. The only thing I had to do was read my Bible, literally, at that phase of life where you drink it up." 7:45 Leigh shares about her transition from working for Kentucky basketball to working for the Orlando Magic. 11:18 Leigh begins to share about her transition out of athletics and into music. "I'm a builder.  I love to build it, but I hate to maintain it." Enneagramtalk:  I am a 1. Leigh is a 6. 20:09Record labels do the marketing for artist's albums. 20:39 Leigh begins sharing about the creation of maddjett 28:00Leigh shares about the transition to representing Lauren Daigleonly 29:23 "I want to do this with a Christian artist. I want to be able to sell out rooms like this with a really positive message. I remember God said to me clearly in that moment, 'I'm teaching you this for a reason. You're going to go back into Christian music and you are going to be able to do this'.... He basically said to me this experience will not be wasted." 33:31 "My first thought was, that's impossible. And God stopped me in my tracks and was like, 'Do not tell Me what's not possible." 33:59"I manage Laurenand what that means is ultimately I am (in the simpliest business form) basically the CEO of her business.  At the end of the day, Laurenruns her business, she runs her ministry, she runs her company, and I take her vision and make sure it comes to life." 34:38 We begin discussing the difficult seasonLaurenand her team endured at the end of 2018 "Her [Lauren] vision has been, I want to play stadiums.  I want healing and hope to come to people even if I don't mention the name of Jesus, that it would be so palpable through our love that He is present and people will come to know Him." "She did not seek out to make a mainstream record. She literally sought out, how do I make a record that impacts as many people as possible. Let's not let anything in this record be a wall for anyone, any nationality, any race, any gender, any denominational belief, like I don't want to put any walls up between God and them. How do I pour out words into this record to do that? And I believe that she did." Lauren wrote "You Say" three years ago after winning a Dove Award.  She knew she needed to be rooted in her identity. 39:19 "We put out You Saywith no plans to take it to mainstream radio....It goes out on K-love and all of a sudden it is staying on the top of the iTunes charts week after week after week. Usually those things will stay at the top of the iTunes charts for the week it is released and then it will go to the bottom. Most songs don't have staying power. She was the 3rd top selling album the week we came out behind Eminem and Paul McCartney....Week after week, You Say, which clearly talks about God in the lyric is maintaining this top position.  About 7 or 8 weeks later, we start getting phones calls from every single mainstream label, 'Who is this girl?', 'What is this voice?', 'What is this story?', it was insane." About You Say, "This is the little church song that could." 40:49 "Nobody has asked us to change the lyric. Most the time if you have Christian content, but you put it on a secular station they ask you to change the lyric, rewrite a bridge, or cut it down. Even when we were on Dancing with The Stars, they cut the song to 2 1/2 minutes, I thought for sure when they cut the song they were going to cut the word, God...but they didn't cut the lyric." 41:21Leigh begins sharing about the backlash Laurenreceived after singing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. 45:34 "Lauren, I feel like she handled the Ellen situation really well...She basically said (and I am totally paraphrasing), if I start drawing boundary lines around where God calls me to go then I am completely missing the heart of God." 49:24"If I'm not lock step on my identity how can I anything? How can I be away from my family? How can I be confident in my parenting? How can I be good at my job? It's really being rooted and knowing God is with my kids when I am gone. God is with my time when I am home to make sure it is quality time. I am able to protect Lauren in the role I am in in her life" Exodus 14:14  The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. That verse keeps coming up full circle for us. IG: @graceenoughpodcast_amber
  3. Mo and I chat about how God created sex, how honesty about sexual sin defeats the enemies schemes, how God desires a pure heart, and privacy vs. darkness. 5:11 Mo begins by sharing how she came to know Jesus and an overview of what she wrote in her first book Wreck Your Life. "I knew a lot about God, but I didn't know God and there's a big difference." High School: "I didn't know who I was or whose I was. I didn't know how that whole Jesus component merged into the other 6 days of the week, so when identity issues came perfectionism began to bind me in a lot of ways." Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. -Matthew 11:28 "His [God] invitation to me was just begin to give Me the glory. You've lived so focused on self....Look at the things I am doing and we'll go from there." "I went from this incomplete perspective of God to God in a still this incomplete view of God: I give You the glory and You give me the blessing." "Suicide suddenly interrupted my story, especially the spiritual side, this faith walk layer. Suddenly this God I had been following and tip toeing with and figuring out and seeing all the goodness of, I felt like was a faros or had abandoned me or was not as good as I thought He was. Suddenly when things didn't feel so good or the circumstances didn't look so good in life I took off running.  I ran into depression, into anxiety, into promiscuity, into any sin sized  piece I could find to fill the God sized hole in my heart." John 16:33 says, In this world you will face trouble, but take heart, have courage, I have overcome the world. "When we know God. When we hunger and thirst for His Word. When we know the character and nature and complexity or who He reveals Himself to be to us , there is a vast difference in how we handle the hardships. There is a divine hope in  the valley." "He will wreck your life to save your life and save your eternal story." "I will use anything and everything to disrupt your lost journey and point you back home and lead you and intersect your heart and your life." Be still and know that I am God -Psalm 46:10 25:10Mo shares what led her to write her 2nd book Sex, Jesus, and The Conversations The Church Forgot. "Scripture says sin is defeated by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony, so I think people seeing they're not alone in something and hearing the radical truth of God all over it has been really neat to see the wave it has created." SHOW NOTES continued ----------------------------------------------------- Follow Grace Enough Podcast on IG and FB ----------------------------------------------------- Follow Mo Isom on IG and Twitter
  4. Cheryl and I chat about understanding and living the life God intends for us.  We talk about her ministry Promised Land Living, the 7-step shift, contending vs. cooperating with God, and 100% responsibility.   5:33: Cheryl begins sharing her faith journey with us and how that intersects with Promised Land Living Loving God by Chuck Colson  10:32 "I went on a quest to not only understand this way of life that God intended for me in the promised land, but to actually live it and that's what gave birth to Promised Land Living." 10:50 Cheryl describes a the 7-step shift, which is foundational to Promised Land Living. "The 7-step shift is a tool we introduce at the very beginning of the journey. It is a method of repentance.  You know, the modern day church, we don't do a lot of active contrition type work....Repentance is a glorious thing. It actually reflects what God wants for us more than anything is to repent and turn back to Him. And so this is what we are doing through 7-step shift.  We are practicing, we are training in righteousness, by making a 180 degree turn away from a behavior, away from a thought, anything that is out of alignment with God, with what God says to be true and life-giving. And by the time you get to the 7th step, as you practice it, you are back on track with God. You're back in alignment with God." 7-step shift mechanics are born out of: Romans 12:1-2: Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. John 8:31-32:To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” "We see God is saying to transform our mind. How? Through taking the thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ and immediately. And if we continue in His Word, which begins the transformation in our mind, we are truly free. The 7-step shift is simply a tool that combines both." Click for more SHOW NOTES. IG: @graceenoughpodcast_amber
  5. Lara and Hayley, the founders of Layers of Dignity, and I chat about how they began donating totes full of clothing and other items to emergency rooms and advocacy centers to be given to sexual assault survivors immediately after evidence collection.  We chat about Layers mission to provide hope and connection for survivors, so they know they are not alone. 4:46 Hayley shares about Layers of Dignity(what it is, what they do, etc.) Tote bag includes: Brand new outfit Toiletries Resources Love note from another survivor 7:14 Lara shares about how the anger they experienced following Hayley's assault turned to righteous anger, which led to Layers of Dignity "This anger, it's there, it's purposeful, it makes sense, it is allowed to be there. It [sexual assault] is a thing that is wrong. It is something God weeps over. The anger can happen, but if you just stay there it can get dangerous real quick.  Moving it into a righteous anger almost definitely means there is going to be some kind of positive action. We came up with the idea to give clothes to the hospital..." Vintage Church has been a huge support. 10:05 Hayley shares about their first delivery and how Layers has spread to other hospitals and advocacy centers InterAct of Wake County 12:02 1 in 6 women will experience a sexual assault or attempted assault in their lifetime. 98% of women will experience symptoms of PTSD during the two weeks after an assault and 1 in 10 sexual assault survivors are male. Hayley discusses how Layers of Dignityis helping to decrease that 98% experiencing PTSD "One of our main missions and goals is to be a catalyst for hope and redemption as early as possible and part of that is creating a community. Going through that [assault] is/has been the darkest time in my life and even though I had the best support system....Even though you are totally surrounded, you still feel the loneliest you've ever felt, so I think if you can create a place where you feel known there can be less of that loneliness, which hopefully will lead to less depression, anxiety, and hopefully bring that trauma to a place where it can be dealt with early on." 13:23 They share about the notes included in each tote from a sexual assault survivor SHOW NOTES continued Follow Grace Enough Podcast on IG and FB ____________________________________________________ SPONSOR: Hope Threads  This organization was founded by moms in north Raleigh, who have been inspired and motivated to join with highly resilient and talented refugees as they learn English, and develop marketable skills to support their families. These women come from countries with political turmoil, where they had to fight for the safety of their families. They’ve been given the opportunity to come to the United States and the challenges still exist, though they’ve changed face. Their children are generally thriving in school, though they lack the language skills to understand what’s being said in parent teacher conferences….or to know how to get their children proper medical care in the maze of a medical system.  Multiple barriers exist that prevent these women from traditional employment opportunities, as most of them do not have cars to get them to work, the finances to pay for childcare, or the language skills to communicate and advocate for themselves. Hope Threads was born out of relationships formed over years of serving these women by teaching them English or caring for their children as they learn.  They are graciously hosted by North Ridge Bible Chapel and have virtually no overhead costs, as volunteers teach sewing skills and care for children in a gospel centered children’s program.  You can find them online at or on Instagram at hope.threads. Your purchase empowers a resilient woman as she acculturates, learns new skills, and supports her family. Please visit Hope Threads to view their catalog.
  6. Jan and I chat about enjoying Jesus, quieting the mind, ridding your life of life-draining behaviors, and God’s invitation.  4:12 Jan shares how she came to know Jesus as Lord and Savior “I always had a sense that Jesus was everywhere.” The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence Enjoying the Presence of God During the time of writing Enjoying the Presence of God is when Jan began to ask what it was like to meditate on Scripture, to hang out with God.  God’s Word became less of a checklist and more of a relationship. God became the companion of her soul during this time. 6:55 Jan discusses spiritual formation, partnering with God in caring for the voiceless, and living with purposeful intentionality.  “Spiritual formation is really discipleship, but it’s not just doing practices. It’s about letting the Spirit transform you into Christlikeness.” Spiritual practices = different ways of connecting with God 8:35 “The focus of attention in spiritual formation isn’t on me and how I am doing….It’s always about oneness with God, union with God.” “What would it look like to love God for the next 10 minutes?” 10:50 Jan talks about having a voice for the voiceless “That is what Jesus did.  The people nobody wanted to hang out with, there He was.” 13:36 “What breaks your heart that breaks the heart of God?….Different things break people’s hearts differently, which is great, because then we are all the hands and feet of Jesus in so many different ways.” “Ask God for a next step?” SHOW NOTES continued ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Grace Enough Podcast on Facebook, Instagram, and at to keep up with all that is going on.  
  7. Sharon and I chat about the difference between niceness and kindness, the dangers of making words like authenticity and courage trendy, how God cultivates the fruit of the Spirit in us, and how knowing the depth of God's Word is vital as a believer. Our conversation surrounds her newest book Nice: Why We Love to Be Liked and Why God Calls Us to More. 5:58 Sharon shares how her faith journey with Jesus began  Sharon worked for Proverbs 31 ministrywhen she graduated from college.  It was a small ministry at that time with about 5 people on staff. “I went back to seminary, because I realized I really wanted to equip myself for ministry.” 8:50 Sharon expounds on the first line in her new book Nice: Why We Love to Be Liked and Why God Calls Us to More,  “God didn’t call us to be nice.” The book came from a paragraph she wrote in her first book, Free of Me. “I was a really good kid. I was a nice Christian girl. I was a rule follower. I was an achiever. I was a people pleaser.  That was a big part of my identity.   As I looked back, I think all along I felt like I was a good kid, because I loved God and I wanted to honor God. To some extent that was true, but I could also see that it was really rewarding to be a good kid. It earned me a lot of affirmation from all of the adults in my life. I could look back and see these mixed motives in my heart and how that was blurring my identity as a Christian.” “The more I noticed this [nice Christian mentality] the more I thought this is a false virtue in our culture, but it is also a false idol in the church. We don’t see anywhere in the Bible that tells us to be nice.  We are told to bear fruits of kindness and patience and gentleness and love, but nowhere are we told to be nice.” “We will often excuse sin or dysfunction if a person is simply nice to us. “ “He doesn’t call us to be mean. He doesn’t call us to be aggressive. He doesn’t call us to be divisive, but He doesn’t call us to simply be pleasant.” 15:15 “Nice Christianity looks a lot like the real thing. Jesus says the way you can know it’s not the real thing is look at the fruit it is producing.” “Some of the fruits [of niceness] are unexpected like self-righteousness.  This doesn’t look like niceness on its face, but it is a fruit of it. That was 100% my story, because I was such a good girl, I would think, ‘’Being good is so easy. What’s wrong with these other people who aren’t nice like me?’  Instead of owning the fact that part of the reason I was good was I was a slave to people’s affirmation and approval.”  SHOW NOTES continued.  ---------------------------------------------------- Follow Grace Enough Podcast on IG and FB ----------------------------------------------------- Sharon Hodde Miller at and IG SPONSOR: Hope Threads  You can find them online at or on Instagram at hope.threads. Your purchase empowers a resilient woman as she acculturates, learns new skills, and supports her family. Please visit Hope Threadsto view their catalog and for OPPORTUNITIES to SPONSOR refugee women. 
  8. Heather and I chat about the power of God's Word to change lives, the loss she has experienced in her life, dealing with anxiety, and her Bible studies: Ready and Determined. 4:08 Heather shares her story of coming to know Jesus and how her love of God's Word took root in her heart 10:42 Heather walks us through the major medical events in her life that led to a diagnosis of vEDS (Vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome) and how that has challenged and changed her faith. Major Medical Events: Pre-mature birth, Colon rupture, miscarriage, two aneurysm flare ups (kidney and gut), kidney infarction, and left carotid artery rupture. vEDS makes your blood vessels and organs prone to rupture.  There is no cure or treatment for vEDS.  "The prescription he gave me was prepare your bucket list and live your life well, because the average life expectancy of someone with Vascular EDS is 48 years." 18:22 Heathertalks about the days and months following the diagnosis. "I wasn't afraid to die. I wasn't afraid to go see Jesus. I hunger to see Jesus. The hardest thing for me was coming to terms with the fact that God would take care of my husband and son." "We had to come face to face with the reality that we are not promised another day on this earth." "During that season I literally sat an alarm on my phone every 60 minutes to pray, because that was about as long I would last before I felt a wave of a panic attack coming on." Deuteronomy 30:19-20 This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live20 and that you may love the Lordyour God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. For the Lordis your life, and he will give you many years in the land he swore to give to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. "I said, Okay, I am going to choose life. I am going to put two feet on the floor.... choose life, Heather. You still have life to live.  If you have a pulse, you have a purpose." "I don't think God intentionally caused pain, but I do think He used that pain to bring me to my knees, to a place where I had to confess to Him, I'm not giving You everything.  I am not giving you my trust over my husband and my son and their life. It was that moment when he said, 'Choose life. I got you. I got your family, choose life'." 25:58 Have a wholistic tool box when dealing with anxiety. 29:39Heathershares encouragement and tools she uses in dealing with anxiety. You are not alone in this struggle.  Other humans struggle with it, but so did Jesus. "At the final moments of the cross in Luke 22, He is literally sweating blood, because He is so afraid."  There is a Greek term used agonia for agony in the passage, when Jesus is praying to God out of fear for His life. "We serve a Savior who understands what it feels like to battle that in His body physically, in His mind. He understands what it feels like to cry out to God for relief." Don't expect to fix it all at once Make intentional, sustainable choices 35:58Heather shares about the 2 Bible studies she has written. READY: FINDING THE COURAGE TO FACE THE UNKNOWN | A SIX-WEEK BIBLE STUDY ON JOSHUA 1-5 DETERMINED: LIVING LIKE JESUS IN EVERY MOMENT | A SIX-WEEK BIBLE STUDY ON LUKE SHOW NOTES continued ------------------------------------------------------ For updates and continued conversation follow Grace Enough Podcast on Instagram and Facebook SPONSOR: Beloved Women's Conference The Beloved Women’s Conferenceis a one-day event in Raleigh, NC filled with speakers, worship, breakout sessions and more to refresh, refuel, and empower women like us to find rest for our souls, peace for our minds, and hope for the journey. The mission of the Beloved Women’s Conferenceis to replenish the women who do so much for their families and communities so they can continue to build better futures for themselves and those they love and serve. This is the break that you not only need, but that will replenish your soul. Learn more and register today at

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