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Creation Date December 1st, 2018
Updated Date Updated May 7th, 2020
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  1. How bad can Coca-Cola get? Let's find out on BadvertisingSpecial Thanks to:Zez Confrey for our theme song.andRoss Gerson for the Cover Art
  2. You're driving down a winding road in small-town Wisconsin, late at night, and your headlights catch something as it darts in front of you. What's that? America's Sexiest Cryptid. Find out just what makes the Beast of Bray Road SO irresistible as we discuss werewolf lore, Jason Momoa, Cryptid Missed Connections, and more.
  3. We continue discussing 'Rise' as we're joined by actor Ellie Desautels to give us some behind the scenes info.We're still feeling really good about this show! Even Evin is high on it! We end off by talking about our "Lou", the teacher that made the most difference in our life.Thanks so much to Lunar Light Studio for having us as part of their network. You can learn more about the network and see all of the other shows at
  4. It's Time to tackle the big one! finger gunsNote: This is an edited re-upload. In our first upload we included the problematic bit "Glass Shark" without discussing it's issues. In this re-upload we've cut that bit out so as to not offend. In the interest of not erasing the problematic issues that have occassionally been present in some of this content, but rather discussing it and exploring ways to grow as a community, we've decided to do an episode dedicated to some of the more contentious bits and ideas that have caused more harm and discomfort than good. That being said, we're sorry if the original audio offended anyone and we thank you for your gentle correction of our mistake.Special thanks to Ross for the Cover ArtAnd Thanks to all these bands for the snippets of their songs we used in the openning: The Long Winters, Bo en, The Taxpayers, Mort Garson, BrentalFloss.And thanks to the McElroy brothers for not suing us and making such amazing content. Great Job GifGHOST/VAMPIRE HORSE SONG?????Solar Sessions CollaborationThis podcast is powered by Pinecast.
  5. Welcome to Inktank: an enthustiast podcast for animated feature films! Episode 1 is about the Disney Pixar film Ratatouille featuring speical guest Penny Parker. InkTank is NOT a spoiler free podcast. Follow InkTank on TwitterFollow InkTank on TumblrPenny:SnapCubeKnitting Giant BeaniesFollow Penny on TwitterFollow Penny on TumblrBlue:Follow Blue on TwitterFollow Blue on TumblrLunar Light:Visit our WebsiteSupport us on PatreonPatton Oswalt InterviewMichael Giaccino InterviewThis podcast is powered by Pinecast.
  6. Kyla, Marty, and Hannah discuss the 2012 film Would You Rather, horror icon Jeffry Combs, and which children's games would make the best horror films. Would YOU rather? Tune in to find out!Special thanks to Lunar Light Studio for producing us! They can be found at their website or on twitterFollow Netflix and Kill on twitterNetflix and Kill theme song by Hannah V BoyensCover Art by Marty Gibson
  7. This week: Slime RancherThe lovely Jacqueline brightens up our podcast with her take on one of the cutest games out there. It’s a long one with a lot of discussion about all the great stuff in Slime Rancher. Strap in!We’re still behind schedule, but will get a bonus episode up before next week so we’ll be caught up. Thanks for sticking with us!Basic Cable Podcast: “Sphere” by CreoLicense: CC BY 4.0
  8. We gain radical new superpowers and are asked to help two conflicting superheroes learn to get along.Meanwhile, Brianos plots the end of the world with the aid of Uncle Yardstick.Special Thanks to:TomatoMagica for the episode artPryinBrian for the theme songRecorder Dude for the hero themesFind out more on the SnubDub website.
  9. Long ago in a distant land... Story Bored travels into the distant future to take a look at the crazy world of Samurai Jack. Laura pets a talking dog. Gavin fights a lava monster. Nick brushes up on his Scottish slang. And they all laugh at a Cajun Alligator.LINKS!!Follow us on social media: PEOPLEAnna: MANOur theme song is Bacon Hat by Chongo, off of his album Hat Shop!’s band with Penny Parker, Go! Child: to you by podcast is powered by Pinecast.
  10. Happy late Halloween, we've got a spooky one for ya. It's Sweeney ToddSpecial thanks to:Tom a.k.a RecD for the theme song.andTomato Magica for the art.
  11. What happens when Brittany and Reid get together with Sam? They have a laugh, or ten. Get ready to hear a lot of midwest mom voices, laughing, and of course us nerd out about different things.

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