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To celebrate the great Podcasters of the Buzzsprout Podcast Community on Facebook, here is a list of their best, favorite, most well received episodes of 2020! Thanks for being awesome! - The Admin/Moderation Team (Podchaser Claimed podcasts will get priority in this list!)
  1. On this episode of Harford County Living with Rich Bennett, Rich speaks with James Ryan and Jenn Ungham of Ashley Addiction Treatment.James and Jenn discuss the services of Ashley as well as their new Women's Extended Care Program. If you or someone you know needs help with addiction, please call their helpline which is available 7 days a week, at 1.800.799.HOPE (4673).If you have an idea or something or someone you would like to see on the podcast, let us know by sending an email to a review as well so we can determine what guests to get on and what subjects to discuss.Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyiHeartRADIOTuneIn RadioStitcherPodchaserNOTE: 1 person will be picked at random from the reviews left and will win their choice of a $25 Gift Card from Amazon or Route 24 Ale House. Winner will be chosen the last day of Summer, Tuesday, September 22, 2020.Please follow our Facebook Pages at Harford County Living with Rich Bennett and Harford County LivingSupport the show (
  2. This episode of The Run Wave Podcast, is a collaboration with Fit Health Wealth Podcast.  This show features a variety of guests to discuss the topic of Running while Black, and the Ahmaud Arbery tragedy.The Run Wave Podcast features candid chats, with runners about real topics that affect the run community.Blog Post about this episode: with: featured on the show: with The Run Wave:http://therunwave.com the show (
  3. Listen as the duo are joined by Wayne Norrie, CEO of Greenwood Academies Trust, to discuss the Dominic Cummings debacle and the announcement from the government that wider opening will commence from 1st June. Wayne explains his Trust's thinking in postponing their opening until at least the 8th June. Also, Wayne talks loose bowels in The Confessional!
  4. Andrew, Aubrey, Dylan and special guest, Abi all got Animal Crossing on launch night and recorded this episode two days after that! Dylan gives a Gamepass report, Aubrey host a fun round of the ESRB Game and then the gang goes back to their villages!Check us out at follow our Fantasy Games League here effects obtained from
  5. This week we head to the beach to look at the sea and listen to some wisdom from an ancient seafarer. Sleepy Time MumblesA podcast you CAN miss. Instagram twitter facebook MerchSupport the show (
  6. The modern-day Forlorn Hope Expedition Team sat down with us in this episode to talk about the genesis, planning and execution of their recently-completed journey from Donner Memorial State Park in Truckee, CA to Johnson's Ranch in Wheatland. Their route closely mirrored that of the original Forlorn Hope team that left the stranded Donner Party on December 16th, 1846 in an attempt to find rescue for the starving settlers.The original Forlorn Hope party faced an arduous trek through the mountains in a year of deep snow and pounding storms with much tragedy and loss of life until a small contingent of seven survivors reached their destination. In this episode, hear the modern team recount the research and planning they had to do to create this project and the tributes that they offered to each of the men, women and children who set out into the unknown 174 years ago.Bob Crowley, Tim Twietmeyer, Jennifer Hemmen and Elke Reimer each give their own view of the expedition, the impact it had on them to walk in the footsteps of these early pioneers and the future plans they have now that the physical journey is complete.Tune in for this emotional and moving episode and find out more!Forlorn Hope team website: team bios: Hope team Facebook page: photographer Keith Sutter's expedition summary video: member Elke's Instagram page:"The Indifferent Stars Above" book: Party Diary web site: Party books and DVDs: --Your hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica HarrisIntro/outro music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: the show (
  7. As we get older, we might experience NEW challenges in our life - just when we want to feel free! It's never too late to grow in body, mind or spirit. It's never too late to deepen your social connections, or to strengthen your relationships. And now that is it rightfully YOUR time to focus on what really matters to YOU, this episode will leave you inspired and hopeful. For personal experiences and professional advice on some of the physical, emotional and social challenges of ageing, we'll discuss how to reinvent your life. Do you want to be VIBRANT BEYOND SIXTY? Then listen in...http://www.debrajones.ca
  8. Have you ever had times in your life when your spirit has called you to do something and you listened? Deirdre Amola felt that calling and it led her to leave the hustle and bustle of the corporate world for the balance she longed for in Bali, Indonesia. Deirdre is a proud alumna of Florida A&M University and The University of Chicago Booth School of Business where she gained her MBA. She has extensive corporate experience having worked at Chevron Corporation and The Boston Consulting Group, but she left it all behind to follow her dreams of combining her passions of travel and entrepreneurship. Today, she lives in Bali and owns Black Travel Fest, a company focused on curating epic group travel experiences around the world for the melanated professional. In addition to this, she's actively creating pathways to help those who are looking to move abroad make the transition. Get Deirdre's Ultimate Guide to Making Money Abroad! Connect with Deirdre on Instagram @blacktravelfest & @deirdredares. Go on an epic adventure with Black Travel Fest! Thinking of starting a travel business to support your Blaxit? Sign up now for Deirdre's Group Trip & Retreat Planning 101 Course! Listen to Blaxit Global on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, and, TuneIn. Become a monthly supporter of the podcast via Patreon. Support the show (
  9. Full Show Notes at the show 661-368-5177An interview with Hedi Baxter Lauffer Director of Teaching & Learning with the Wisconsin Fast Plants Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We talk about Fast Plants and their educational applications. Specifically using them to teach plant biology, and different projects and activities you can use them for. LinksWisconsin Fast PlantsBottle BiologyCarolina Biological SupplyMy First Experience Teaching with Fast Plants by Julie LaConteSignup for their Blog Mailing ListSupport the show (
  10. We delve into the big penman energy of founding father Gouverneur Morris, the peg-legged sex-positive anti-slavery aristocrat who penned multiple constitutions and sailed through life with care-free confidence. We also explore the story of his wife, Ann Cary "Nancy" Randolph Morris and the sensational scandal at Bizarre that she struggled to overcome. Show notes and sources at Join our Patreon family at for exclusive bonus content!
  11. Ep:049 By the age of 30, Christopher Rice had published four New York Times bestselling thrillers, received a Lambda Literary Award and been declared one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive. His two novels of dark supernatural suspense, THE HEAVENS RISE and THE VINES, were both finalists for the Bram Stoker Award. He recently entered the erotic romance genre with three works in all new series called The Desire Exchange. They include THE FLAME, THE SURRENDER GATE and KISS THE FLAME. His debut novel, A DENSITY OF SOULS, was published when the author was just 22 years old. A controversial and overnight bestseller, it was greeted with a landslide of media attention, much of it devoted to the fact that Christopher is the son of famed vampire chronicler, Anne Rice. Together with his best friend, New York Times bestselling novelist Eric Shaw Quinn, Christopher launched his own Internet radio show. THE DINNER PARTY SHOW WITH CHRISTOPHER RICE & ERIC SHAW QUINN.queerwritersofcrime.comWebsite for The Dinner Party ShowChristopher Rice's WebsiteBrad's Website:
  12. Our resident mistress of the dark Mary takes the role of Fate in this spooky scary one shot sure to send shivers down your spine! Join Murphy the Merfolk (Luis), Lilith the Vampire (Kiley), Amelia the Spectre (Laura), and Joaquin the Mummy (Jonathan) as we race to obtain mortality and a long deserved rest from monstering.Theme:Unholy Knight by Kevin MacLeodLink: Beasties by (@donovanplanet on twitter)Supporting sounds all found on under Creative Commons 0 License (Public Domain). Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or our Website.Send us emails at Support the show (
  13. This week Kiley is lured to a far away place by a musician in fancy clothing. To her credit, he could have been a pirate.Topic: The True Story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin Germany.Music: "Another Day" by The Fisherman.You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and visit our website at!Reach out, say hello, or suggest a topic at  Support the show (
  14. Even the most famous artists can have lesser-known works. Join the Indie Dads as they uncover Paul McCartney's first post-Beatles release, and hear the story of how the Beatles broke up, the impact on Paul's mental health, and the strange circumstances which led to this, arguably the first lo-fi record, coming to fruition...
  15. We are thrilled to have the Vice President of Food and Beverage for Penn National Gaming, and the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Rupert King, join us for Happy Hour. We discuss climbing the corporate ladder, what it's going to take to reopen Las Vegas during a global pandemic, and what the "new normal" might look like from an upper management point of view. He also shares a priceless story about Lady Gaga, and much more! You do not want to miss this Happy Hour!
  16. I tossed some things from my ex, used her soap, and took her off my Spotify account. Also, I speak on the current state of America, RIP George Floyd, and be safe in these streets. Also I wish Chanel would just be mine.Support the show (
  17. Our first guest episode starts off with a bang (pun intended) with Sexologist and former Head of Production at The Playboy Channel, Wendy Miller, who hosts her own kickass podcast, SEX ED: THE MUSICAL. Wendy and Mojo discuss sex and sexuality...being comfortable, being authentic and how a quality sex life improves your creativity, your sense of self and your mojo! You'll also hear about the top five life regrets of those at the end of their run - and how you can turn around each regret into a personal life mission. Happy endings all around!Please Subscribe, Favorite or Follow so you don’t miss an episode!Send questions, comments and suggestions to Mojo Girl. Want to be a guest? Know someone you’d like to recommend? Contact Mojo!Check out all things Mojo at MojoGirlmadness.comIf you text the word MADNESS to 42828, you can send your email address to get an occasional bit of Mojo in your inbox (don’t we all need a little mojo in our inboxes?)Your Host: Katy Garretson, AKA: Mojo Girl.Your Producer: Jackie MacDougall, AKA: A Rock Star with Podcast Mojo.Mojo Girl Madness is a product of Mojo Girl Productions, Inc.
  18. This was Pastor Jason's first sermon at Greensburg Church of the Nazarene in Greensburg, KY. The text for the message is Numbers 13:17-33. The question we are trying to answer is "what is in the land?"Be sure check out his other podcast here on buzzsprout and your other favorite apps called Mumblings in a Mud Puddle. Greensburg Church of the Nazarene 31 Bluebird Lane, Greensburg, KY 42743
  19. Conspiracy theories spread like wildfire in 2020, which is unfortunate, because wildfire also spread like wild fire in 2020 and some of the conspiracy theories downplayed the impacts of climate change, which scientists agree leads to an increased chance of wildfires. ]If that intro seemed a little confusing to you, you're not alone. Conspiracy theories from Qanon to the cause and severity of the coronavirus gained mainstream attention in a way that hasn't been seen since claims that 'George Bush did 9/11.' Some may argue that the ability to change your mind and hold an unpopular position is a sign of independent thought and intellectual rigour. In today's episode we talk about why conspiracy theorists who claim to want to question everything are so bad at holding their own conspiratorial beliefs to critical analysis. We also look at why conspiracy theorists are able to hold contradictory theories on the same event, even when it's obviously true that one of those theories has to be incorrect. We look at the dangers of allowing people to fall into conspiracy theory groups, and the increased risk of violence believing in a conspiracy theory creates. Lastly, we discuss how to talk to people who you believe to be falling for a conspiracy theory. In this episode I'm joined by Dr Daniel Jolley,  a Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University. His expertise is in the psychology of conspiracy theories.  The guest comedian is Juan Miles. We discuss what people are drawn to about conspiracy theories, how to talk to someone who has become a conspiracy theorist and how this all could be stopped if people remembered to hug their kids and encouraged runners. You can learn more about Dr Daniel Jolley and his work on his website ( or Twitter (@DrDanielJolley). 
  20. Welcome to Astronomicast, a Stars Without Number podcast. This week kicks off the pod with introductions to Star Master Stan, our players Cullen, Colin, Geoff, and Kristen and their first round of characters. We'll also learn a little more about the setting and pretend we know how to play without looking up the rules every few minutes.If you enjoy the show, please follow us on your favorite platform for new episodes every Wednesday. You can also head on over to Apple Podcasts and give us a five star review. It really helps us spread the word and find even more fantastic audience members just like you. You can also check us out online at Astronomica on Twitter, AstronomicaPod on Instagram, and Astronomica Podcast on Facebook. If you have questions, comments, or general observations you can email them to theme music for our show includes recordings from the Hubble telescopeEditing done by Kristen Schebler
  21. In this episode, Stephanie and Adian discuss how they knew they wanted kids and their reasons for having three.
  22. We had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Saudia Twine, a licensed marriage and family therapist and professional counselor, and talk about a variety of different topics ranging from attachment styles to the different types of intimacy. We also talked about some lessons that we can see in movies, specifically romcoms, and how they imitate life. Join in on the conversation @RickAndNamon on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.Please make sure you check out Dr. Saudia's podcast, Eros Meets Agape. You can follow her on Instagram @ErosMeetsAgape. Be sure to check out her website to take a free attachment style quiz and you can also listen to her podcast on her site. http://erosmeetsagape.comHosts:Rick @DoddsismNamon @IAmTheDjBlue
  23. Full review of Meg Thee Stallion’s long awaited debut album with Mac Tré (our resident fly guy) and Leah Lu (our resident Hottie)We’re talking Top 5 bangers, what could’ve been left on the cutting room floor, the difference between albums and mixtapes, and which female rapper had the hottest debut album. Rate, Subscribe, & ShareIG: @dearrowAffiliates:Berman LuxuryCheck them out for some really dope luxury Apple Watch bands and accessories. Perfect gift for the holiday season. BarberPremium hair and skincare products for men.
  24. The one that Ricky hosted an unscripted chat with Lisa and guest Gary.  A little bit of spirituality and alot more chat.  Have a Merry Christmas and a prosporuse new year.
  25. Gill explains why alcohol causes anxiety and what exactly is going on in the brain.  You’ll learn how our brains adjust to alcohol in ways that lead to even more anxiety, and how this impacts people who are trying to get sober.  She explains a few interesting studies that connect this topic with genetics and epigenetics, and why anxiety increases when we first stop drinking.  Follow Sober Powered on Instagram for more inspiration and information, and join the Sober Powered Facebook Group for support from like-minded people.Support the show (
  26. Welcome to the Making the Magic bonus Christmas episode.  Find out all about Christmas at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris.Coming Soon – Making the Magic, a new Podcast brought to you by Fairytale Holidays will be launching early in 2021. Helping you plan a magical trip to the Disney & Universal parks around the world.  Subscribe now to make sure you don't miss any of our weekly podcasts. Amanda & Martin share their top tips for visiting Disney World or Disneyland Paris at Christmas:Is Christmas a good time to visit Disney?When is the best time to visit Disney during the Christmas season?Are there special Disney Christmas events & parties?Where can you have a traditional Christmas meal at Disney World & Disneyland Paris?What's Christmas like in the Orlando sun?What are your top Christmas Disney tips?Amanda & Martin chat about what you can expect when you visit Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris at Christmas including the amazing decorations in the parks & hotels – make sure you check out the Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian!Martin talks about his experience of the Candlelight Processional at Epcot and shares a top tip to guarantee entry to the show without a long wait. Although the Candlelight Processional isn’t taking place in 2020 Disney have released a video of a previous show hosted by Neil Patrick Harris: Lapse: Grand Floridian Ginger Bread House | Walt Disney World Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks | Walt Disney World now for Christmas 2021We have availability for Disneyland Paris and Disney World for Christmas 2021 so if you’re looking to book or if you have any questions – get in touch hope you have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Enjoyed this episode?  We’d love it if you could “like” and leave a review. Subscribe now to the Making the Magic Podcast to be sure you don’t miss our weekly Disney and Universal Orlando episodes. Stay in touch with the magicSign up today for exclusive member offers, park guides, travel tips and so much more Please follow our Facebook page: your next trip to Disney and Universal with Fairytale Holidays Contact us the show (
  27. The coronavirus continues to dominate lives worldwide. The virus is spreading and with no vaccine available everyone is very concerned. School and universities are closing.  Americans are taking precautions by canceling major events including postponing the NBA season until further notice and canceling March Madness! Stocks are plummeting. In today's episode Lou and Teresa talk about how their daily lives are being impacted and their attempts to manage being anxious as they work to stay informed.  They discuss their canceled trip to a long planned conference in Orlando and other precautions they are taking to stay healthy. 
  28. Today’s goal is all about setting a new habit. We are here to understand the step by step approach to formulate a new habit. These are the steps we discussed in this episode.Step 1 : Plan and PrepareStep 2 : Consistency is the key to success.Step 3 : Build a communityStep 4 : Reward yourself.Step 5 : Contingency PlanStep 6 : What after 30 days?The action items for this week are Think of a habit that you always wanted to work onThink of granular tasks you need to perform for working on this habit.Work on this habit consistently for 30 days Rain or shine. Thank you so much for listening to my podcast. and don't forget to share your Happy moment of the week in review comments.Please subscribe to this podcast - Morning Cup of Sunshine.Please visit my website - for more details. Like my facebook page  - the awesome community -
  29. In this episode, I mention stress, mental illness advocacy, the pandemic and its effect on us. Also following your dreams and people who inspire the most at my workplace. Take care --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  30. There has never been a guest quite like the Turtleman on 2 Shots on a Barrel!  Jay Leno Show, Wikipedia, Animal Planet, Call of the Wildman, Youtube... you name it!  But through all of the celebrity status, Turtleman has stayed true to his fans, his hometown, and his upbringing.  Sit back with the Bo Brothers as they have an absolute genuine, hilarious conversation with one of Kentucky's legends!  #Turtles #DeerHumping #Kentucky #Outdoors #Loyalty
  31.  Daniel and his family head to the zoo to see the new red panda exhibit. But the zoo holds more surprises than he could have ever imagined.
  32. Scripture References:2 Samuel 23: 4Lamentations 3:22-23Psalms 59:16Galatians 5:13-14Takeaways & Reflection Moments:1.Serving is not performance based, but love based.2. God does not excuse our behavior but He does show us favor.3. Grace is not a get out of jail free card. Repent from your sins.4. The customer is also the server.5. Are you serving through flesh or love?
  33. This week on episode 9, JoBob and Navaja are joined by JoBob's best friend, Tye. Well past the 7 year average that people normally remain friends; their 30 year relationship is tested when they play a dangerous game. The line is drawn between friends and “friends”. Also, we learn that all three of us are in the age range that has the least amount of friends. We all agree that we can't wait to be senior citizens because it seems to be when life begins. The light at the end of the tunnel!
  34. Tune in as Richard Valdemar describes his experience in the battle of Nha Trang during the Tet Offensive of the Vietnam War, works with the FBI to hunt down Richard Ramirez, and admits that the character of Fox Mulder in X-Files is based off him!Executive Producer: Matthew DomenicoProducer: Matthew Domenico & Katherine Connor DuffDirector: Ryan KnightPost Production: Grant EscandonProgram Coordinator: Katherine Connor DuffCo-Host: Brock Joseph & Matthew PardueResearcher: Ruth SmithermanPatreon Associate Producers:Support the show (
  35. Welcome to The Good Ole Girls Club!  In this introduction, you'll find out a little bit about me and my heart in why I need this podcast right now.  We'll talk about what a "Success Chaser" is and why it's so necessary, especially in our post-2020 life.  We'll be looking at what the world says we need to chase after and why we're running the other way.  We're cheering on each other as we seek out joy, inspiration, motivation and goodness.   This podcast is a means to celebrate the unappreciated moments and people that make life so fulfilling.  I'm here seeking out positivity and influence in places that are often overlooked and I'm shining a light on it so that as women, we can embrace the successes in our own life.  We're navigating a difficult days and the only way to move forward is together.  This club is not exclusive to only the elite.   Here we will be raising a glass to women of all backgrounds.  We're changing the definition of success for women by setting a table for everyone. Come sit with us! Instagram: @The_VanessaB 
  36. It's the last episode of 2020! In E9, Lauren and Jared talk X gene and the #negrosoulstice (00:30), crack open the Negronomicon (03:34) to announce a surprise crit switch up (04:00)  -Krampus wasn’t doing it for us -  talk about one of the most anticipated films of December, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (09:40), break down Slant Mag's Top 10 of 2020 Horror Movie List (19:40) and invite you for a stay in The Lodge where we stew over narrative flips, trauma as a catalyst and how the kids are NOT alright. If you like this episode, leave us a five-star review!Want to keep up with us online? Follow us @scarycritpod. Have a film you want us to crit? Shoot us an email at Don't forget to share this episode. See you in 2021! Gems from E9: Krampus (2015)Child’s Play (1988)Jack Frost (1998)Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (2020)Hit the Floor (2013 VH1 series)Zola (2021)Shutter Island (2010)Seven Songs for Malcolm X (1993)Hereditary (2018)The Lodge (2019)Goodnight Mommy (2014)Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999)Cinderella (1950)Parasite (2019)The Good Son (1993)Better Watch Out (2016)Hercules (1997)Slant Mag - The Ten Best Horror Films of 2020A Good Woman is Hard to Find (2020)The Dark and the Wicked (2020)Relic (2020)Hunter Hunter (2020)The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020)His House (2020)The Invisible Man (2020)Alone (2020)Swallow (2020)Possessor (2020)
  37. In our last episode of 2020,  Special Guest Joe Randazzo ("Certified Specialist of Spirits" and "Certified Specialist of Wine" from the Society of Wine Educators) shares his thoughts on offering beer, wine and spirits for gatherings with some tricks and tips from the industry on how to make the best purchases for the Holidays.Here are some great links from today's episode:Cobblestone Valley FarmThe Society of Wine EducatorsWeihenstephaner BierBrasserie Dupont BreweryChilensis WineClassic Cake BakeryThe Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of EtiquetteWhat are YOUR favorite Holiday Beverages ?Share it on IG or FB@dinnerlastnightpodcast#dinnerlastnightpodcastXON & A
  38. In the first episode Roberto introduces us to his new baby as him and Elise discuss people's opinion on baby names.  You get to know why they decided to start a podcast and get to hear their favorites for the week. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook!
  39. Our Future’s Facebook group page (search “Determine Our Future”)@LParkerPierce#determineourfutureHi everyone! I am so excited to introduce a special guest to our podcast. Nikki Chun is a personal friend and an incredible person. Nikki is the Director of Undergraduate Admissions for Caltech, and has previously held Marketing and Admissions roles at Rice University in Houston and at the University of Miami. We get to talk about all of the changes she has made to move the needle in terms of removing barriers that Black people, Latinx people and all marginalized groups face when applying to and getting into college. We’ll hear about her expert knowledge on this topic and others, and we’ll talk about how all of us can find and dismantle racist policies wherever we find them.It’s a big job. But Nikki has already gotten started, and she is not slowing down. Let’s jump right in. Our Future’s Facebook page (search “Lani Parker Pierce”)Listen and Change group on FacebookThe Burnout Generation by Anne Helen Petersen (podcast), on Audible Chun’s website that we talked about:
  40. The guys talk with Ian Flanigan fresh off his 3rd place finish on 'The Voice'He explains choosing to bet on himself and travel the country. Divine intervention, coming home to Saugerties and the two Bobs
  41. The Me-Suite host, Donna Peters, shares a montage of Season 2 guests when they answer the fan-favorite question, "What advice do you have for things we should start doing differently on Monday?"This wraps up a terrific 2020 which brought us finalist rankings for Best Business podcast and People Choice Award for 2020…and delivered ~100 episodes that help us live our lives with a Me-Suite mindset: with more purpose, planning and power.Thank you, thank you,  listeners.  May 2021 be your best year yet.And thank you Season 2 guests for bringing your amazing, authentic selves into The Me-Suite: Mac Hardcastle, Andy Parker, Donna Cryer, Dr. Kara Nance, Bill Flynn, Dr. Doug Levine, Lakshmi Natarajan, Dr. Kyra Bobinet, Isil Cayirli Ketenci, Prem Tumkosit, Julien Emery, Court Wakefield, Pietro Mangione, Chris Moses, Mike Vichich, Cass McCrory, Jason Anderson, Lisa Finkelstein, Alan Slavik, Katie Adkins, Tina Gilbert, Mike Malinchockwww.the-me-suite.comFB: @mesuiteLinkedIn: Donna PetersTwitter: @DonnaPetersCMeOThe Me-Suite podcast theme song by Moshun
  42. Episoden er spilt inn i dagene etter kommunestyremøtet 15. og 16. desember. Du får blant annet høre om:Ordføreren har vaska gulvet.Er det nok å kutte kveita?Maskeradeball og Vestlandslefse på tinget.Er det ROBEK neste for Drammen?Et overraskende besøk midt i kommunestyremøtet.Og som om ikke det var nok har vi julenøtter på lur, så følg ekstra nøye med underveis. Ukens tårngjest: Ordfører Monica Myrvold Berg (AP).Hva driver de med på tinget?: Stortingsrepresentant Trond Helleland (H).Gjennom diverse lydklipp fra kommunestyredebatten får du i løpet av episoden også høre stemmene til Gard Hovsvang (AP), Kjell Arne Hermansen (H), Gro Nyhus (SP), Tor Tveter (H), Victoria Cavallini Fevik (H), Catarina Chruchow (NTB) og Victoria Øverland (AP).Følg oss i sosiale medier og besøk gjerne nettsiden vår: stemmerfratarnet.noSupport the show (
  43. Conversation with retired breeder, Zippy Cooper. Discussing how to find a breeder; what to expect from a breeder; contracts; after the purchase of the animal.
  44. My House shall be called a House of Prayer!Support the show ($LKS2/podcast-HealingWaters)
  45. So you want to be a real estate agent?  Learn how to decide whether real estate is the right career for you, get tips and tools for real estate success, find out what is most important in your first 90 days in real estate, learn how to achieve real estate success using lead generation systems, learn insider real estate secrets, and hear stories from one of the most successful teams in real estate and phenomenal podcast guests - and much more!
  46. Oxfordshire-based printmaker Gerry Coles didn't have the best start to her linocut experience, but with perseverance, she discovered an art form she was passionate about, and good at! Discover how Gerry, a creative youngster, trod a different path after school, but discovered the artistic practice she now loves on a visit to Bath. Music: Day Trips by Ketsa Creative Commons License Emily Portnoi Stage Arts: @creativityfoundpodcast and @openstagearts Facebook: @creativityfoundpodcast and @openstagearts Gerry Coles: Instagram: @gerrycolesprints Facebook: @linocutprintmakingbygerrycolesOther podcasts cited: Fortunately and The Missing CryptoqueenSupport the show (
  47. Happy 4th of July! @MrEricAlmighty and @PhilTheFilipino are coming at you this holiday weekend with a special BONUS episode, where we discuss our thoughts on the Disney+ debut of the hit Broadway musical - Hamilton! Having only heard the musical (and seen the infamous bootleg version), we talk through our emotions of finally seeing Hamilton for the first time, and highlight our favorite parts throughout. We picked our podcast name because of our mutual love of Hamilton, and we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!🔻[*AFFILIATE LINK BELOW*] - Depending on your streaming app, link may be distorted in text. If so, you can find this episode on our main site at🔺🔻This episode was recorded on SquadCast - if you need somewhere to record, consider using our referral link:🔺🔻BACKGROUND MUSIC PROVIDED BY:Amelia by Amine Maxwell Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0Free Download / Stream: promoted by Audio Library🔺Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
  48. It's finally happened. Chris has worked his final day in the Fire Service. David spent the entire day making sure it was a memorable one. Apparently, the way you take a dying dog to his favorite place before he is euthanized. All kidding aside we visited my station of 17 years, had a great lunch, and a chance to come to terms with leaving. Later the same night we recorded this show, had a great time, and more than a few drinks. More stories and laughs from the land of the Laredo Fire Department. From Chris and Dave, we hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and we are looking forward to a much better New Year! Visit our new website to access all of our episodes and read up on the cast and crew of the show! Click the mic in the bottom right corner of the screen and leave us a voice message! Tell us why you should be a guest on the show! Support the show and buy us a cup of coffee by going to buy me a cup of coffee and make a one-time donation to help us keep the show running!Check us out on Go Live Vegas Internet radio at 8 pm CST tonight! Here is a link to download the app! The new show will also be live everywhere you find podcasts! Episode 10 “Farewell and Adieu To You Fair Spanish Ladies”. Download the "Go Live Vegas", Radio free App! Available for phones & tablets from the Apple App store  AND Google Play Store enjoy!You can also become a patron of the show and earn rewards like shout outs, early access to episodes, and even become a call-in guest on the show.  Support the show ( podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable -
  49. Mark Simo Founder of "NO FEAR." Joins Wes on Shaping Success sharing his newest venture, "Trust Me" Vodka. Enjoy the show!Find Info on TrustMe:@trustmevodkaFind the show by using any of the links found in my PodSpout page! to and use code Success to get 10% off any paid plan. Did I mention there is a free version as well?Check out my PodSpout ling in my IG Bio @wes.tankersleyDo you have a Great story? Would you like to be a guest?Email Live Show and Final Question Sponsors! the Show for a Shaping Success Sticker and to be the Last Question Sponsor!Support the show (
  50. What if it were God's Vision for 2020 All Along.... Special Guest: Kita Pearson. In December of 2019, we wrote down our visions for 2020 and completed our Vision Boards. By January, Kita and I had our perfect slogan for 2020. 2020 Perfect Vision! Some of you probably used it too! We believed God that all of our visions for 2020 would line up! We were so excited! Then the pandemic hit! One by one we saw where our visions were probably going to be delayed. As the pandemic progressed, and the world started changing, Kita spoke a powerful word. She said: What if our delayed 2020 Vision was actually what God wanted for 2020? What if the things we are seeing take place in 2020 are what God had envisioned for 2020? What if our “failed” vision boards, were God’s Vision for 2020 all along?Season 1: Episode 1: It was God’s Vision for 2020 all along. And His Vision is Perfect. 2020 Vision!
  51. Chris and Kyle start the season 1 finale by taking you on a journey to the darkest timeline to follow Steve during his mysterious encounter with Polybius. Why can't Steve stop thinking about it? What is Polybius? Be sure to stick around after the story as the guys breakdown the video game urban legend and discuss whether or not they believe that Polybius really did exist. Follow GeeK KetchUP and the guys:Twitter: @geekketchuppod @KyleEccard @Heckorino Instagram: @geekketchuppod @keccard2 @ltdwarrior926Facebook: GeeK KetchUP PodcastGeeK KetchUP YouTube ChannelWebsite: Music Credits: Driving Rock - AShamaluevMusicMusic Link: You - RocksoundsMusic Link: (Content For Creators) - Aries BeatsTurbo Rush (Content For Creators) - Aries BeatsBlack Fingerprint - Dylan Owens Lonely Troutman II - Will Rosata Sound Effects: Sound effects courtesy of "Bike, Chain Spinning, Fast, 02-01.wav" by InspectorJ ( of Freesound.orgSupport the show (
  52. Episode Notes: Ever wanted to make a change in your life, but didn’t follow through?Do you feel you are meant for more, but the thoughts in your head keep you from going for it?Have you ever let your own limiting beliefs in your mind or those of others around you, have you playing small.. playing it safe?Join us this week, as we discover, dissect & destroy your limiting beliefs, so you can finally move forward & have a break-out year in 2021! Don’t forget to earn your FREE GIFT!Just rate the Mind Wrench show on iTunes or Spotify, leave a comment (positive kind is the best!) and then send me your name & email address to, or IM me on FB Messenger or DM on Instagram @rick_selover. (see links below)I will email you my “Social Media Resources” as my small token of appreciation! Visit Rick’s website: to Collision MasterMind group & Page support the show!
  53. In our premier episode, we discuss Disney quirky icon, Ariel from The Little Mermaid. 
  54. Have you ever heard of the Batwa?If not, they are the original inhabitants of Kisoro one of the most beautiful districts in South Western, Uganda located over 474 kilometres from Kampala, the country's capital. Can you imagine being homeless on your own land? They  are over 3500 in number country wide.Thanks to the United Organization for Batwa Development in Uganda(UOBDU) a community  based Non- Governmental Organization that has fought hard to improve the Batwa; pygmies' livelihoods in the district.The only way they earn money for food which is the most important in their lives is by casually labouring and playing guitars for tourists and other Ugandans living better lives in the district. "If I can't feed my 7 kids, how will I buy water for bathing? " says one of the Batwa widows.Water, sanitation and hygiene are an issue among the Batwa.They were 'relocated ' from Echuya Forest Reserve(their home) by government that where they lived happily without encroaching on the forest.They are currently homeless, so marginalized and surviving on donor funding yet they are Ugandans tooSome  are squatters on 'natives' land while others are still living at the edges of the forest reserve.
  55. Author, speaker, and podcaster Rob Bell joins us to talk about his new book, "Everything is Spiritual", the power of well-asked questions, and what is giving him hope right now. We begin by talking about the power of a good ending. Then we talk about everything from asking good questions, to the unexpected twists and turns of life, to human reproduction, and so much more.Like what you hear and want to help support this podcast?  Say thank you by buying us a cup of coffee! our website at Visit Rob's website at www.robbell.comWatch the unedited video version of this interview on YouTube
  56. RVers live for checklists. They are essential to making sure you have the right gear, are set up to safely tow your rig and that you don't leave anything behind. In episode 7 of the RV Canucks Podcast we're reviewing the 18 essential items on our RV pre-trip checklist, as well as our picks for the top 10 Essential items every RVer needs for every trip.Be sure to check the show notes for this episode, for descriptions and links to the essential items as well as a free, downloadable RV pre-trip checklist you can print out and take with you on the go.As always, if you have more items you'd like to add to the list, let us know and we'll mention them in a future episode! Get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or EmailHappy Trails RV fam!!
  57. In this episode , Dr O and Sarah get into Sudden Depression, Stoned Apes, and Grocery Store TikTok Dances.This is 90 minutes of fantastic nonsense.  Dive in and see where it takes you.Lets be SocialCome check us out atNever Ninety Nine 🕸🕸🕸🕸 👍👍👍👍 ❤️❤️❤️❤️. 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♂️.
  58. WE ARE GOING TO START TALKING ABOUT FEEL GOOD MOVIES SO FOR THE AUDIENCE WATCHING ALONG AT HOME, A feel-good film is a film which presents people and life in a way which makes the people who watch it feel happy and optimistic.Before we talk about Gung Ho let’s go to Home Video Headlines and see what we have heard about movies and TV...Great actor and man’s man, Sir Sean Connery passed, so we mention our favorite movies of his remarkable and extensive filmography such as League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Dragon Heart, Highlander, Untouchables, Hunt For Red October, and many more.Tonight’s movie is Gung Ho.  An unemployed auto factory foreman played by Michael Keaton goes to Japan to cut a deal with a company to reopen his auto plant back home and save his hometown.  There is a culture class and debate about work ethics, but ultimately, seeing it from both sides, the two groups come together for a common goal.The supporting cast is very good including George Wendt, Gedde Watanabe, Rick Overton, John Torturro, Rodney Kageyama, and Mimi Rogers.Our first impression of this movie is the ending is rewarding and exciting, well-earned and this movie tells a great story with a great cast, and it will make anyone who watches it feel good.Tonight we are brought to you by Mack Weldon. Visit and enter promo code: BINGEWATCHERS. Mack Weldon offers a one-stop shop for men’s basics. Socks, shirts, hoodies, underwear, polos and active shorts, whatever you need, and our code gets you 20% off your order.Our favorite bits from this movie include the river ritual, the baseball sequence, the bar scene between the American and Japanese executives, and the satisfying conclusion.  An audience member named Nick sent us an email because he loves this movie called The Beast from 1988; we read his email during the episode to explore his love for this movie and get the word out from one movie fan to another.Next week we are watching The Hunt For The Wilder People.Support the show (
  59. Ep 5. I promised you a special guest for the Girl on the River Christmas Special, and my goodness, I've delivered. In an exceptionally feel-good episode, four-time Olympic champion and Celebrity Masterchef finalist, Sir Matthew Pinsent, joins me to talk about:The ups and downs of 2020Pinsent family Christmas traditionsBeing defined by rowingLooking back on the rowing culture of the 90s/2000sThe differences between elite rowing then and nowHis struggle with nerves as an athleteThe challenges of umpiring and the infamous 2012 Boat RaceHow to improve inclusivity in rowingBroadcasting and the thrill of interviewing athletes at the OlympicsCelebrity MasterchefWhether we'll ever see him on Strictly Come DancingAt  the end, Matthew reads out some Christmas messages sent in by listeners.If you're enjoying the podcast please do share it with your friends, and if you're on Apple, it would be amazing if you could rate and/or leave a review.Tune in again on 30th December for my Ask Me Anything episode (qq now closed!). In the meantime, wherever you are, and whoever you're spending it with, I'd like to wish you all a very happy Christmas.Support the show (
  60. This week we spoke with clinical therapist Teanna Diggs. She specializes in Perinatal Mood Disorders. What a fantastic conversation we got to have, you won't want to miss it! Check out her podcast, "The Well: A Mother's Journey", it's inspirational!
  61. Actor Hiro Kanagawa (iZombie, X-Files, Supernatural) shares a paranormal occurrence he experienced as a teen in Japan. You can follow him on his official Facebook or on Twitter. 
  62. Originally timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE day, this unique episode sees host Cathy Booth, joined by a whole cast of ringers, bust the myths about ringing during World War II. This is the version of ‘thirty voices, seventy-five years, one story’ for non-ringers. And what a story!For more information, including photographs and the biographies of the 2 interviewees, Dennis Brock and Eric Hitchins, see
  63. There is a purpose for YOUR pain...and that purpose is for your Good and For God's Glory. Life can get us down sometimes, but remember that we serve the Most High God. In today's sermon I'll examine the life of Job. I want to encourage you...even when you don't understand God's Will, Trust His Word! Lastly, please remember that your past and your pain don't determine your future but prepares you for your future. God is so sovereign that He can still turn this year around, turn your day around, and turn your life around! Your best days and your blessed days are now and now to come. Click here to listen to "Aint Nobody Mad but the Devil" in full.Link Below to support this podcast and sow into this ministry Support the show ($RealPeopleRealTalk)
  64. Welcome to the fifteith episode of a long running show.Mike Hartman is a former Stanley Cup Champion and is talking to various people about their motivational and inspirational stories and how they developed the mindset of a champion.Listen to Mike Keenan as he shares some tips about what it takes to win at any level.We also heard from Glen Healy as he is never afraid to speak his mind.A special thank you to Paul Patskou for sharing some of the content and Brian Orlando who does a great job on The Mike Hartman Show!
  65. Get to know your Host on this episode. We share our opinions on our favorite teams and how we feel about Corona affecting sports in the United States.
  66. This is a brief introduction. New episodes coming soon. 
  67. How does your brain resemble a burrito and why does that matter for the way you try to sell?  Should you appeal to emotions, or logic? Why is that more effective?Support the show (
  68. In this episode, Kate & Lindsay share uplifting stories about overcoming difficult situations through empathy, kindness, humor, and creativity. Mentioned during the show Dad Turns Anger into Kindness from How to Deal with Bullies from It's Contagious from News 10 San DiegoBenefits of Board Games for Kids from Home & Classroom: A Day in the Life we read stories of meaningful moments with children every day. Join us for some fun, laughter, and conversation as we discuss everyday life with children while gaining insight and sharing advice from the experts here at Brightside Up. Have a story to share? Email it to
  69. In this solo episode, you'll hear about research articles related joy and how it affects us. You'll also learn 7 specific strategies to create more joy in your life.  Are you ready for more joy?My biggest takeaway is the quote, "Survival of the Kindest" which is my new mantra.Don't forget to listen all the way past the outro music for a special bonus track!,9171,1015863,00.html
  70. It’s “Muahahaha!” vs. “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Herman Horrendous is only ten years old, but he’s already #1 on Santa Claus’ Naughty List. That’s because he wants to be a supervillain. After committing the most despicable evil deeds all year -- like cutting in line in the cafeteria and not brushing his teeth before bed -- Herman is determined to use his supervillain skills to thwart Santa and stop him from bringing him coal on Christmas. TheBestWhateverEver.comThank you for listening! Please share, subscribe and leave us a review and rating on APPLE PODCASTS. Much appreciated!You can find us wherever you get your podcasts. Please share questions or feedback or art or… whatever via:Visit our website: Instagram @BestWhateverEver (tag us!)Twitter @BestWhateverPodFacebook Email We’re even on YouTube. Best Whatever Ever! is a podcast for kids written, produced, edited and hosted by Ira Singerman, along with his bosses Spencer and Scarlett. Our theme song is by Sander Kalmeijer. Additional music and sound effects from ==== Time Stamps ====01:56 - The story starts here!12:03 - The outro with Ira, Spencer & Scarlett starts here! And we hint at the next episode’s Whatever!===================
  71. When I was leaving the navy, I was due to fly to Houston from Japan.  I decided I would try a little experiment. Previously, I would fret every little detail, praying for help as every little problem arose.  While there is nothing wrong with praying for help, I did so more out of anxiety then I did out of faith.  This time, I told God that I would trust to be in control.  If any problems came up during the trip, I would not fret or get anxious, I would simply trust in Him.
  72. This podcast was inspired by watching the documentary "The Watchtower" aired on in February 2020I was bought up a Jehovah’s Witness. I was disfellowshipped twice, I got reinstated after only four months, and then disfellowshipped again 6 months later. My family doesn’t speak to me and I’ve been out of the organisation since 1993.I’ve had two family members commit suicide and I believe one of the main factors was the Jehovah’s Witness organisation.I had to start over from scratch at the age of 23. All the people I looked up to, all the people that gave me leadership and my best and dearest friends, were lost and I couldn’t communicate with them.Honestly, I do not believe I have a chip on my shoulder, however the influence this organisation has on people has to be spoken about. Ironically, they believe that the world will turn on them one-day, who knows, this could be the beginning.Feel free to Contact me if you would like an interview. If you like this podcast please click “like” or provide comment, as that will motivate me to publish more. Would you like the opportunity to be featured on the WHAT : DE HEK Podcast? You are welcome to INVITE YOURSELF to be a guest.
  73. From the REAL Bethlehem, in Palestine, a SPECIAL Christmas episode. We follow the road that Joseph and Mary must have taken on their way to the town and we talk to Christian and Muslim Palestinians about their understanding of the Christmas story and how they celebrate Christmas in the 'little town of Bethlehem.' They explain us about their THREE Christmas celebrations, that Jesus was NOT born in a stable and why they play BAGPIPES on the Christmas day. For this special Christmas episode you can do a special Christmas gift donation that would be highly appreciated! SUPPORT THE PODCAST ON KO-FI CLICK HEREThis was the last episode of season 1. I will be back with season 2 mid January. Until then, enjoy all the episodes you haven't heard yet! And MERRY CHRISTMAS, despite the lock downs. For more information, photos and links and to sign up for the mailing list visit the website. And follow Stories from Palestine on social media for nice updates and reminders!Website: Facebook: Stories from PalestineInstagram: Stories from Palestine Youtube: Stories from Palestine
  74. Hi Folks! Three episodes in one month, what!?! Yes, because Christmas is our holiday of choice around this time of year we wanted to do a bonus bonus episode.  Listen in and find out how this unlikely duet between Bing Crosby and David Bowie came to be. Of course we had to break down the video and cover a few of the parody videos too.  Happy Holidays! See you all in 2021!Intro/Outro Music:Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeodLink:
  75. SHOW NOTESThis is the first of three mini episodes of our chat with Frankie Tortora, a freelance graphic designer, mum of two and founder of Doing It For The Kids — a community by and for freelance parents. Stay tuned for the next two episodes over the coming week where we talk about all things community, creativity and parenthood. Frankie is also co-host of DIFTK The Podcast with Steve Folland, recipients of Bronze Best Business Podcast at the British Podcast Awards 2020. Our conversation took place in August before we knew if the kids were going back to school and between the ever-changing lockdown restrictions in Canada and England. THINGS WE TALK ABOUT: Sharing the drudgery and being real as a freelance parentParenting and attempting to work from home during a pandemicSwitching back and forth between unpaid and paid workA podcasting tech glitchWhy you need firm email autorespondersSetting hard boundaries with our time and availabilityAdjusting our plans for 2020–2021 and letting it go------------------------------------CONNECT WITH USWe’re always happy to hear from you! Send us your feedback and share your work from home with kids stories via email at: contact@mixingbabiesandbusiness.comDid you enjoy this episode? Please share it with other parents you’re connected with and encourage them to tune in. Learn more about #mixingbabiesandbusiness:For parents interested in entrepreneurship, flexible and remote work with kids: FRANKIE TORTORA Frankie is a freelance graphic designer, mum of two and founder of Doing It For The Kids — a community by and for freelance parents. Through the DIFTK blog, Facebook community, face-to-face meetups and weekly podcast, Frankie is proving that all sorts of good stuff can occur when self-employed parents are given the opportunity to connect. CONNECT WITH FRANKIE Frankie Tortora It For The Kids The Podcast – Bronze Best Business Podcast at the British Podcast Awards 2020! Facebook Group Instagram MIXING BABIES AND BUSINESS™I believe parenthood and professional development doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive.As a social impact movement and community, I'm focused on producing parent-friendly professional development, digital resources and more inclusive and flexible work solutions for primary caregivers. The podcast is hosted and produced by Amy Lynch, with mini episodes released on Tuesday and Friday covering all things entrepreneurship, flexible and remote work with kids. Thanks for listening and if you enjoy what you hear, please share the podcast with fellow parents you're connected to!- Amy Lynch (+ Family)Founder | Event + Podcast Host Mixing Babies And Business™ Join our movement. Bring your kids.
  76. A reading of the creation myth from the Books of the One Soul. Code Breach is coming in 2. Keep your eyes on the sky and don't let it fall. Fables of Avaria is based upon the work “The Cypher” by Matti McLean and published by Renaissance press Editing and Audio Recording by Matti McLeanMusic by Kevin MacLeodA Very Brady Special by Kevin MacLeodLink: