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Creation Date November 16th, 2019
Updated Date Updated May 7th, 2020
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Those True Crime Cases we want solved
  1. Michelle McNamara ( talks about her unsolved mystery passion, Jon Benet Ramsey.  Who did it? The parents? The brother? Will this case ever be solved? Let's talk about a very Worthy True Crime Story- Jon Benet Ramsey. Here’s a few links to help you get the most out of Story Worthy- if you’re listening on an iPhone, all you need to do is tap the cover art while the show is playing, and you’ll see the episode notes, including the links. There is one to subscribe, please do! There’s one to our Facebook page and to our email address. We’d love to hear from you, either there, or on our survey at You’ll also find some special deals courtesy of our sponsors like Hello Fresh (promo code STORY30) Casper Mattress, and Audible (promo code STORYWORTHY). It’s good karma guys!
  2. This conversation is everything I imagined DIE-ALOGUE could be when I started the podcast: vulnerable, heart-felt, fascinating, challenging, entertaining, and insightful. I know, I know. How nice of me to review this episode so favorably.  Can't help it. Quinn is lovely and was so generous in sharing her story and perspective on growing up with Jon Benet, then living in the aftermath in Boulder. CO. We certainly delve into the Ramsey's but more so, we hover around the larger questions that surround this monumental case - the pinnacle of true crime, some might say. As always, if you liked this episode and enjoy this podcast, be sure to subscribe, and please rate + review on iTunes! DIE-ALOGUE is a Yellow Tape Inc. Production. Hosted by Rebekah Sebastian. Edited by Chris Gersbeck. Original theme music by Olivia Himes. Don't forget we are on Instagram + FB now: @diealoguepod Twitter: @hi_itsrebekah, Use the hashtag #diealoguepod on social media! Thanks for exploring the heart of true crime with me! Rebekah   
  3. My Firstest Murder - in the very first episode, Karen & Georgia discuss car accidents, Jon Benet Ramsey, and the Sacramento's East Area rapist. Plus a local crime story from Feral Audio founder, Dustin Martian.
  4. Brad thinks he is sherlock holmes and attempts to tell a scary true crime story. Maura Murray disappeared the evening of February 9, 2004, after crashing her car on Route 112 in Haverhill, New Hampshire.  A nursing student at the University Of Massachusetts, Murray left campus earlier that afternoon after packing her car and emailing her professors and work supervisor that she was taking a week off due to a family emergency. No family emergency existed. Due to her preparations and no evidence of foul play, police investigators had suggested that she may have wanted to disappear and had treated her case as a missing person investigation, but some of her family and friends believe she was abducted. Twelve years have passed since her disappearance and her fate still remains a mystery. New Hampshire authorities continue to handle Murray's disappearance as a missing persons case. Maura's disappearance is considered by many to be the most eerie and strange disappearance of modern times.
  5. 21 year old nursing student Maura Murray emailed her professors to tell them there was a death in the family and she would be away. She packed her car and drove nearly two hours away from her Umass campus to Woodsville New Hampshire. That was 2009 Maura has been missing since. Got a case you want me to cover? Send me an email at: Help fund the search for Maura:
  6. Jill and Dick talk about the case of Maura Murray, a nursing student who disappeared on a New Hampshire road in 2004.  On the afternoon of February 9, before she left campus, Maura emailed her professors and work supervisor writing that she was taking a week off due to a death in the family. No one in her family has been able to confirm the family death.Police initially treated her case as a missing-person investigation as investigators thought at first that she wanted to disappear. This speculation was due to her travel preparations and no obvious evidence of foul play. Others believe she was abducted. Maura Murray has not been found. New Hampshire authorities are handling it as a "suspicious" missing persons case.  This case has been the subject of podcasts, documentaries, and a book, as it continues to fascinate and perplex us all.
  7. The story of Tupac Shakur is possibly the most talked-about True Crime Story in the music industry. But is he still alive? If not who shot him? In this special episode of Conspiracy Asylum DJ and Evan discuss all of this and more!!
  8. This episode Wyborne & Krill talk the final moments of both Tupac & Biggie. We find out for sure if they said anything, or nothing at all. Come find out here at Famous Last Words!Twitter(@LastWordsShow) Email(

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