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Creation Date January 23rd, 2020
Updated Date Updated May 2nd, 2021
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Podcasts that play Christian music, talk about Christian music, or feature artists/songwriters/etc (even if just some episodes)
  1. It's been said that Christian music sucks. The Antidote dispels that myth as we explore the artistry of Christian bands. Listen to in-depth interviews and music from these faith-based bands. For unique and innovative music ranging from metalcore to indie folk, you'll hear it all on The Antidote with Dave Hawkins.
  2. We help you find the most well-crafted faith-inspired music being made today. You want honest, artistic, non-cheesy, soul-enriching music? Host Dave Trout curates the artists and songs that will help you rediscover your soul-connection to music.
  3. Listening to better music and listening to music better - with music industry veteran, author, artist, and producer John J. Thompson and a diverse panel of artists, songwriters, producers, and industry innovators who seek the deeper resonances in music and culture. Knowing that all music is spiritual, can we sing along with the good, the true, and the beautiful in ways that make us better neighbors, more compelling artists, and richer reflectors of the light by which we live and move and have our being? Let's try.
  4. Indie Christian Music Podcast, est 2016 Folk / Hip-hop / Singer-songwriter / Alternative / Metal & hardcore / Electronic / Ambient Perth, Western Australia. Co-hosts: Joel Bruning & Chris Steenhof
  5. Music by the fans and for the fans. A podcast featuring conversations with artists and influencers about faith.
  6. Welcome to the NRT Now PodCast, giving you the latest in Christian music news, topics and artist interviews directly from the largest Christian music site online, NewReleaseToday.
  7. Tune in to the JFH Podcast, hosted by staff member Chase Tremaine, as he has in-depth discussions about all things Christian music alongside your favorite artists and fellow staff writers.
  8. More Than a Song is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping you discover the truth of Scripture hidden in today's popular Christian music. Each episode teaches you to connect portions of God's Word with the songs you are singing along with on the radio; to help you meditate on Truths that will transform your way of thinking and ultimately your life.
  9. Music is more than just melodies and random words: it has the ability to share emotion, toconnect creators and listeners, to spark life change. With this podcast from The Overflow, hostJosh McCabe sits down with artist guests to get real about the stories Beyond The Music.Coming from a personal background of pastoral work and music ministry, Josh hosts thepodcast in the form of honest conversations. In these 30-60 minute bi-weekly episodes, BeyondThe Music guests talk about faith, art, their life stories, and their struggles. You’ll get a taste ofsome of the best new music releasing now— but more importantly, you’ll get to know thesongwriters behind it.Some of the guests who have featured on The Overflow: Beyond The Music podcast includeJohn Cooper (Skillet), Mike Donehey (Tenth Avenue North), Trevor McNevan (Thousand FootKrutch) and Brian Johnson (Bethel Music). Beyond The Music is available onApple Music, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube, and at our official website. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  10. What happens when musicians talk about the things that hurt, heal and change us in Evangelical culture?
  11. Having conversations with people that have varying opinions on Jesus. Hosted by Daniel Kunkel.
  12. The Official Podcast of Christian singer, songwriter, author and speaker Rick Lee James.
  13. Connecting the pioneers and trailblazers in Christian music with the music of today. We go beyond the new album or the latest tour and explore the historical and generational breadth of this life-changing music. From the early days of Christian rock to the worship music of today, we hear artists stories about their real life journeys, their struggles, their losses and their victories.
  14. Good art - especially independent art - doesn't just happen. Host Garret Godfrey explores some of the best ways we all can be more supportive of faith-based independent music, including interviews and the latest crowdfunding campaigns.
  15. We give you special access to some of today's most gifted songwriters and performers so you can learn about the heart behind the music.
  16. The PostConsumer Reports Podcast with Chris Marchand. It's like the blog but with sound: Thoughts on art, faith, and the intersection of the two, all spoken after consumption. Featuring interviews and conversations with artists and thinkers.
  17. Cultivating conversations about the intersection of the arts and faith in order to liberate Christian creativity.
  18. How does creativity intersect with our spirituality? Conversations with artists to explore our humanity and spiritual identity through the integration of art and faith.
  19. Finding the humanity in an industry full of monsters.
  20. Go behind the scenes of one of the generation defining indie record label in this tell all podcast. Matt Carter and Toby Morrell of Emery, along with help from Aaron Lunsford from As Cities Burn take on the task of setting the record straight through story telling and reporting on what really happens behind the scenes in the music industry. Exclusive interviews with bands, managers, touring crew, producers, record label employees, and the man who started it all - President and Founder of Tooth and Nail Records, Brandon Ebel. Subscribe to “Labeled: The Stories, Rumors, and Legends of Tooth and Nail Records” today.
  21. Go behind the curtain each week with James Kurtis and Drew Brown as they discuss music, ministry and everything in between with today's top Christian artists. Between The Grooves is produced by Faith Strong Today, your source for digital media exploring life with faith in the modern world.
  22. Exploring disruptive artistry
  23. INTERSECT is a radio interview program that showcases interviews with musicians who were once/or still are prominent Christian music artist, discussing how their encounter with Christ not only influenced the direction and intent of their music, but also the direction and intent of their individual lives. The shows will be interesting, entertaining and inspirational as we learn how these musicians started, their experiences along the way and where they are now as artist and people.Aaron “The A-Train” Smith is a Nashville-based drummer and percussionist.At the age of 20, Aaron Smith played drums on The Temptations‘ Grammy-Winning megahit “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone“, and recorded with Ray Charles as well. In the fall of 1974, Smith toured with Czechoslovakian bassist Miroslav Vitouš in support of Miroslav’s Warner Bros. release Magical Shepherd. After that he studied under jazz drummer Alan Dawson in Boston, from there moving to San Francisco where he was a co-founder of the power funk trio Peter Bilt. From there he went on to join, Romeo Void, The 77s and Rich Mullins‘s A Ragamuffin Band.Smith has recorded, performed and toured with dozens of other artists over the years, including Jimmy Abegg, Michael W. Smith, Margaret Becker, Vector, and many more. An autographed pair of Smith’s drumsticks can be found in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, next to a pair of sticks used by Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.
  24. LET BEAUTY BREAK THROUGH THE NOISE. Subscribe as a patron today and start enjoying exclusive content and seasonal packages that will raise your standard for music, books, and art forever.
  25. The Official Podcast of The Breath & the Clay Creative Arts Movement. Hosted by poet-musician, Stephen Roach, Makers & Mystics is the podcast for the art-driven, spiritually adventurous seekers of truth and lovers of life.
  26. This podcast is us, Matt and Toby from the band Emery, who grew up in the rural south and then started a Christian emo band that toured the world for 15 years that led to some big changes in perspective. We are about curiosity, creativity, humor, and entertainment. We are development-focused dads, who have worked hard to overcome groupthink, make positive changes in our lives, and never take ourselves seriously.
  27. Join the RELEVANT team as they tackle the intersection of faith and culture like no one else — all with a hilarious twist! In addition to the week's news and randomness, Cameron Strang, Jesse Carey, Jamie Ivey, Derek Minor and Tyler Huckabee are joined by thought-provoking leaders, influencers, and artists you don't want to miss.
  28. Who are the people in your neighbourhood? Sometimes life makes us stop and take inventory, and you realize just how impressive the people in your neighbourhood really are. Listen in on our conversations.
  29. We discuss and analyze all things starflyer 59. Twitter: @bluecollarlove1 Instagram: @bluecollarlove2 Facebook: bluecollarlovepodcast
  30. Join the Cathedral Music team's monthly podcast reviewing the most creatively exciting music which explores Christianity and the mystery of God.
  31. Listen in as radio host and Christian music expert Ariel Faye talks about the latest in Christian contemporary music and talks to those around the genre.
  32. In Music and Mentorship, you will get an inside glimpse into the inner workings of a healthy mentor/apprentice relationship as J and Matthew discuss the spiritual impact of music on their lives. Each week we discuss a new album. We welcome you to join us.
  33. THREE DUDES, TALKIN' CHRISTIAN ROCK Idk man, we liked it back in the day, but now we question "Was it ever....good?"
  34. The Song Revolution Podcast exists to empower you through valuable songwriting insights, inspiration, and interviews with some of the greatest songwriters, producers, arrangers, artists, and creatives in the industry and beyond. Find out more at
  35. FULL CIRCLE is hosted by Jerry Bryant who pioneered one of the earliest and longest-running Jesus Music syndications, the Jesus Solid Rock Radio Show, heard on over 100 radio stations. Jerry was a part of the early Jesus Movement of the 70s! His Jesus Solid Rock concerts in Carbondale, Illinois helped to usher in early CCM to the Mid-West. In 1978, Jerry became pastor of the Last Days community in Woodland Hills, CA. with Keith and Melody Green and later moved to Lindale, TX., to work with the Agape Force. Jerry ended up back in Carbondale and continued with his radio show and concerts before moving to Nashville in 1993. After an extended absence from the air, he's back to doing what he loves: RADIO! You'll hear fresh interviews from Matthew Ward (2nd Chapter of Acts), Randy Thomas (Sweet Comfort Band), Sandy Brock (Servant), Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Melody Green, Scott Wesley Brown and Chuck name just a few; plus great Classic Jesus music from Sweet Comfort Band, Larry Norman, Mustard Seed Faith, Keith Green, Mylon LeFevre and so much more! We'll take old and new fans of CCM back to where it all began! FULL CIRCLE is the winner of the Angel Award for 2008, Excellence in Media, Radio Division. For more information, GO TO:
  36. Three friends--all with first names that begin with the letter D and who happened to work together in Christian hit radio in the early 1990s--remember, discuss, and celebrate a golden age of contemporary Christian music: 1985-1995.
  37. The GOWYLD podcast is the podcast from artist/producer WYLD talking to people in the Indie Christian Music scene about their experiences but also a place to be able to chat all things WYLD, the lessons and thoughts he has through his journey through making music
  38. A weekly radio show and podcast showcasing the best of 'Christian' rock and alternative music. Each week your eclectic host (Matt) takes you on a journey through music.
  39. Scratchy vanity 45s, pilfered field recordings, muddy off-the-radio sounds, homemade congregational tapes and vintage commercial gospel throw-downs; a little preachin', a little salvation, a little audio tomfoolery.
  40. Hosted by Darien Southerland, Southern Gospel News Podcast features in depth discussions and interviews with some of the leading Gospel Music Artists, as well as behind the scenes industry 'Movers and Shakers'. Our goal with the podcast is to Edify, Inspire, Encourage and Entertain.
  41. Every Saturday from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. CT on Chicago's WLUW 88.7FM, host Bob Marovich brings you vintage black gospel recordings on "Gospel Memories." If you are not in Chicago, you can listen live to the program via Miss a show? Hear a snippet of the last month's worth of programs on Podomatic. Be sure to visit for the latest playlist and news about the upcoming show.
  42. Hot Gospel 20 counts down the 20 Top Black Gospel Radio Singles each week
  43. The GodChaserz Podcast hosted by Christian artist Brinson. The podcast takes an indepth look at the Christian rap industry and more! You God Chasin' or Nah? Follow Brinson Twitter @IAmBrinson Instagram @GodChaserz
  44. This is the podcast where we feature stories and testimonies with personalities in Christian media plus go in depth on topics that matter in our Christian faith. Support this podcast:
  45. In Behind the Tunes we interview many of your favorite Christian musicians. We go beyond the music and explore the journey of their lives that have lead to the music that they create.
  46. Over the 11 years of the Christian Rock 20 radio show, Paul Gibson interviewed a lot of bands, artists, and more. Enjoy the Christian Rock 20 interview archive. If you enjoy bigger bands/arists like Switchfoot, Gawvi Skillet, Andy Mineo, P.O.D., Stryper, Red, Family Force 5 or Thousand Foot Krutch. Or maybe you are more about more up and comers like Hearts Like Lions, Mike Mains and The Branches, Veridia, Relent, Rusty Shipp, Chaotic Resemblence, and more you'll hear the interviews with a band you love. Support this podcast:
  47. Conversations with friends about music, art, and diy culture. Support this podcast:
  48. The 80's to early 90's were a unique and golden era of Christian music. Every genre and style had amazing artists creating high quality music and solid messages. Christian Geeks Classic Rockcast explores this era through reviewing our favorite albums, giving a history, and interviewing the artists to give their perspective. Rock on!
  49. The study of narrative structure and the ways that narrative affects our perception. We just think the word is cool and love Jesus and stories.
  50. As part-devotional and part-90’s retrospective, Mixtape Theology is an exercise in going deeper into the Bible verses behind our favorite 90s CCM songs resulting in a fuller understanding of God and His redemptive plan. We also poke fun and reminisce about what made the 90s Christian culture so awesome. We hope to be funny yet inspiring, kind of like a good Mark Lowry joke about his sweet mama. Hosted by Dr. Ashley Mofield and Rachel Cash. Check us out at Cool beans.
  51. The PRAZOR House is a Christian music podcast with fun and lighthearted content hosted by Brandon Bailey and Mike Rathke. In each episode the guys discuss trending topics in Christian music and entertainment with special guests from the industry. Mike and Brandon’s Christian faith combined with their passion for music and their great sense of humor breathes new life into Christian music podcasts. The best part is they have fun while bringing an edifying and enjoyable experience for everyone. Join them each week as they welcome new guests, ideas and laughter. The PRAZOR House is where friends become family! Brandon Bailey serves as the vice president of PRAZOR and is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in music business at Berklee. He has over a decade of music business experience including artist management, touring and artist relations for local to Grammy award winning artists who have earned RIAA Platinum certifications. Mike Rathke is a Christian singer-songwriter and has been involved in worship ministry for nearly 20 years. His critically acclaimed EP The Dawning Fire has gained attention across the globe earning millions of streams online and his music videos have gained over 3m views across his channel. His new EP has been featured in press around the globe with radio interviews in multiple countries.
  52. The SheHH podcast is a podcast series all about Christian women in the front and behind the scenes of Christian music all over the world. The name is a play on the phrase CHH, which stands for Christian Hip Hop, but SheHH is for all genres (and all women!) within Christian music. Series One of the SheHH podcast gave us the opportunity to speak to five amazing women from all over the world: Wande (USA), CASS (New Zealand), Adegail (UK), Risha Leondra (USA) and Sal Ly (Nigeria).
  53. This podcast is about sharing authentic Christian Music (CM) that one will not likely hear on the local Christian radio station. Nevertheless, this music is beautiful and inspiring. Each episode of this podcast highlights a CM artist or band. You will get to hear their journey as musicians and creatives, what drives them to do what they do. In addition, they will share of the ways we can support them. Why is all this important? Listen to find out!
  54. Four friends move through the Tooth and Nail Records catalog. A podcast of revisiting records and recalling memories.
  55. Relive and recontextualize the alternative Christian music we grew up listening to in the 1990s
  56. Featured interviews with various artists from Classic Christian Rock Radio.
  57. Jesus Freaks: Vinyl to Digital is a weekly cast dedicated to current and past Contemporary Christian Music and the artists behind the music. Each week we'll interview a different artist about their career, faith and the stories behind the songs. Permission obtained for all music used.
  58. A podcast for those who wⒶnder in music, faith, culture, and everything in between.
  59. Conversations about Christ, Community, and Music. Dave Maurer talks with musicians and invites you in to the conversation.
  60. Pastor Steve Dailey shares the best in Southern, Country, and Bluegrass Gospel Music with added comments.
  61. Christian author and speaker Annie F. Downs shares with you some of her favorite things: new books, faith conversations, restaurants, travel stories, musicians not to miss, interviews with friends. Pretty much, if it sounds fun to Annie, you're gonna hear about it.
  62. We love Jesus and can't get enough of hard rock and metal music. That pretty much sums up how a pastor from Pennsylvania and a teacher from Indiana became friends and launched a series of podcasts and live broadcasts that focus on the gospel and rock music.
  63. We are two normal guys who love old school Christian rock, hardcore, and metal. In each podcast, we interview our favorite bands and talk about how they started, their stories from the road, and where t hey are today!
  64. Where Christian music lives. Support this podcast:

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