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D&D Podcasts that Aren't Actual Play

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Creation Date June 24th, 2021
Updated Date Updated March 30th, 2022
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About This List

These are D&D and tabletop RPG podcasts that aren't actual play. Follow for the weird and wonderful in TTRPG design and discussion.
  1. Game designers show you their favorite monster, how it works, why it works, and what it means. Each bite-sized episode features a D&D or TTRPG designer and the monster of their choice.
  2. Three Black Halflings are a group of nerdy friends with strong opinions and even stronger Charisma scores. Join them in their quest to explore diversity in the incredible worlds of D&D and pop culture while doling out DM tips, thought-provoking
  3. Alufi Haskal d'Sivis and Sylas d'Sivis are here to bring you the latest news and wonderful discussions from our House Sivis Broad Casting Station at the top of Sharn, City of Towers. From discussions on the Treaty of Thronehold, to the latest a
  4. Roll for Persuasion is a casual, discussion-based show where host Andrew Strother interviews creators and entertainers about the nerdy things they love.
  5. A tabletop role-playing game show where we learn to become better gamemasters and role-players by filling ourselves with stories and knowledge. We talk Dungeons and Dragons, film history, mythology, archaeology, literature, and much more.
  6. Designers Discussing Design - A podcast version of the web show done on Google Hangouts every Wednesday night starting at 11:00 EST and featuring game designers discussing game design issues with other game designers.
  7. RPG veterans and game designers Teos Abadia and Shawn Merwin look at the game and the hobby of D&D from a variety of viewpoints: reporting the news, understanding the business, reviewing the products, and illuminating the design. Whether you’r
  8. The Eberron podcast that explores the tabletop fantasy RPG setting.
  9. A round table of DM chuckleheads discuss all things gaming. Join Zac, Jon, and Troy as they cover all things in the TTRPG space. From D&D and Adventurers League, to a smorgasbord of other RPGs systems, we've got you covered.
  10. A TTRPG/Dungeons and Dragons Podcast. Mondays we have discussions on TTRPGs and D&D. Thursdays we have episodes of either non-D&D TTRPG One Shots (#BeholdertoOneShots) or a finished D&D 5e horror-esqe Actualplay (#BeholdClearlight), or our new

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