Delicious Ingredients: Best Podcasts of the Week Ending 5/24/19

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Creation Date May 23rd, 2019
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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About This List

Each week I publish the most Delicious Ingredients of my Audible Feast ... the scrumptious, delectable, savory, rich, sweet, spicy, and best podcasts that have fed my ears over the last week. They're listed in no particular order. This week, I listened to 46 episodes for this podcast review recap - 7 new shows for me this time, one of which ended up on the list below, including Honorable Mentions.
  1. Delicious Ingredients

  2. How does it feel to be hunted for months by police officers and camera crews, both of whom seem hellbent on putting you on TV?
  3. In a world of fake news and real warming, Bill Nye is back to assure you science is for everyone! Along with his co-host Corey S. Powell and Ologies host, humorist and science correspondent Alie Ward, Bill takes your questions about everything from declining insect populations to how to be a dad who combats climate change. This episode is sponsored by ZipRecruiter ( See for privacy information.
  4. The 1999 Women's World Cup transformed Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, and the National Team into celebrities overnight. They used their newfound fame to launch the world's first women's professional soccer league: WUSA, the Women's United Soccer Association. But mismanagement and tension with the U.S. Soccer Federation put the league's future in jeopardy. This is the story about how the stars of the '99 World Cup Team built a league from scratch and fought to keep it alive.
  5. Angelica Lindsey-Ali is the mother of four and a sex educator. She’s also a practicing Muslim who travels around the country with a bag full of rainbow dildos teaching mothers that a sexually awakened woman is a powerful woman.... And the best “self care” of all might just be really mind-blowing sex. To get bonus content on this episode, become a member for $5/mo. To order your free home try-ons to go
  6. Pit hair might be having a moment, but more than 90 percent of American women still choose to remove it. In the first episode of a three-part miniseries spilling all our body hair secrets, Cristen and Caroline talk to comedian and actor Sasheer Zamata about opting out of the hair-removal rules. Plus, we investigate who decided lady-hair is gross, and why girls still take shaving for granted.  See our special body hair illustrations by Miss Gloria at Unladylike: A Field Guide to Smashing the Patriarchy and Claiming Your Space is available now, wherever books and audiobooks are sold. Signed copies are available at Follow Unladylike on social @unladylikemedia. Subscribe to our newsletter at And join our Facebook group! Our Pep Talk series is available only on Stitcher Premium. Sign up today to hear episodes on embracing swimsuit season, getting ready for a wedding, breaking out of the gender binary and more! Get a month of free listening at with code UNLADYLIKE. This episode is brought to you by PROcure [ with code 3UNLADYLIKE on amazon], The Real Real [ with code REAL], Thirdlove [], Pretty Litter [ with code UNLADYLIKE], and Flamingo [].  See for privacy information.
  7. A daughter — and reporter — discovers an uncomfortable truth about her mother's alcoholism. She travels to the other side of the world to find out if there's a better way to treat addiction.
  8. Holy switcheroo, Home Trees! For our final two episodes,we decided to flip the script. We felt that the Goodie Bag was a more proper farewell, so this week you'll get the 'main' ep first! We each brought a movie to the table that we wanted to get on the show, but never managed to squeeze in. Donnie suggested Brick, Chris offered up Road House (for which we will never forgive him), and Cory brought some obscure space opera called Rogue One. So the theme for this week is 'because we wanted to.' Be sure to tune in next week for the More Gooder Than finale, but for now please enjoy The Finale. Please rate and review us on iTunes. Listen to us: Follow us on Twitter @MGTpodcast: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram @moregooderthan Email us: Visit us: Support us: Visit our network: Call our hotline:(661) 489-7323
  9. Leigh (@lshfoster) and Ellie (@elliebrigida) talk about why Incredibles 2 Should've Been Gay. Voyd is the queer fan girl in all of us when she meets Elastigirl. Violet will totally have a coming out moment in college. And the biggest lesbian of them all is Evelyn Devers, our favorite super villain. What's the gayest thing about her? Her hair is perfectly unkempt. Her outfits just scream boss lesbian. That lesbian smoulder. The fact that she can't sit. There is too much evidence to pick just one. And Elastigirl herself. Is sexuality elastic? She falls in love with being the gender roles being reversed and we don't think that's the only think she falls in love with. Follow along on Twitter @lezhangoutpod and Facebook and Instagram (@lezhangoutpod). Support this show  See for privacy and opt-out information.
  1. Honorable Mentions

  2. Cari gave birth to twins when she was only 23 weeks pregnant—the edge of viability for newborns. Four years later, the kids are still dealing with medical complications, and Cari and her husband Jay are struggling with residual guilt and an ongoing sense of helplessness. They wonder if parenthood will ever feel “normal.” CREDITS Motherhood Sessions is a production of Gimlet Media. It’s produced by Peter Bresnan, Molly Donahue, and Lauren Silverman. Our editors are Devon Taylor and Nazanin Rafsanjani. Mixing and music by Emma Munger. If you or someone you know is experiencing depression or anxiety during pregnancy, or in the postpartum period, contact Postpartum Support International at (800) 944-4773. If you or a family member are worried about safety, get help right away by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, or dialing 911. 
  3. A controversial bill in Alabama is the latest in a wave of different abortion bans sweeping the country. This week, On the Media looks at the influence of Janet Porter, a little-known lobbyist who has been pushing what are misleadingly referred to as “heartbeat” laws. And, a deep dive into the rise of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and what his autocratic regime tells us about the future of Europe. Plus, a new book reveals how conspiracy theories became a fact of American life. 1. Jessica Glenza [@JessicaGlenza], health reporter at the Guardian US, on the influence of Janet Porter, the lobbyist behind the so-called "heartbeat" abortion laws. Listen. 2. Paul Lendvai, author of Orbán: Hungary's Strongman, on the rise of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Listen. 3. Anna Merlan [@annamerlan], author of Republic of Lies, on the long arc of conspiratorial thinking in the United States. Listen. Support On the Media today at  Songs:  Dame tu Mano by Combo Chimbita Passing Time by John Renbourn The Glass House by Marjane's Inspiration Califone by Burned by Christians We Insist by Zoe Keating Green Onions by Booker T. and The MG's X-File Theme High Water Everywhere Part 1 by Charlie Patton Bullwinkle, Part II by The Centurians
  4. When we last spoke with Representative Rashida Tlaib, she had just been sworn in — and had fulfilled the fears of Democratic leaders by calling for the impeachment of President Trump. In the months since, she’s been challenging her party on a different front, attracting controversy for her criticisms of Israel, which some have characterized as anti-Semitic.Ms. Tlaib has repeatedly denied that there’s any anti-Semitism behind what she’s said. But she hasn’t spoken at length about the controversy or explained where she’s coming from. So a few weeks ago, we traveled back to visit her at her congressional office in Detroit.Guests: Representative Rashida Tlaib, Democrat of Michigan; and Andy Mills and Jessica Cheung, producers for “The Daily.” For more information on today’s episode, visit This episode contains explicit language.Background reading:Remarks by Ms. Tlaib about the Palestinian role in the founding of Israel further inflamed a feud over the Jewish state, anti-Semitism and the first two Muslim women in the House.This episode of “The Daily” includes excerpts from an interview with Ms. Tlaib on “Skullduggery,” a podcast from Yahoo News. Listen to the full interview here.
  5. Drug wars, recessions and record violence in the 1980s had US cities in crisis. Hip hop artists responded by shifting from party music to a new style called "conscious rap." Artists like Public Enemy and Digable Planets championed a sound that was political, community-minded and deeply pro-black. But about six years after it started, that first wave of socially-conscious hip hop seemed to be over. Who killed it? And what’s the story of its rise and fall tell us about the relationship between culture, politics, and commerce? We speak to: - Rapper Kool Moe Dee - Writer and filmmaker Nelson George - Dan Charnas, author of The Big Payback - Ann Carli, former hip hop record executive Listen to the songs from this episode: Hosted by Kai Wright. Reported by Christopher Johnson.

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