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Guests discuss sex and Jesus and suffering and pornography and praying the Scripture and human trafficking and transition with the common denominator being God's grace.
  1. Mo and I chat about how God created sex, how honesty about sexual sin defeats the enemies schemes, how God desires a pure heart, and privacy vs. darkness. 5:11 Mo begins by sharing how she came to know Jesus and an overview of what she wrote in her first book Wreck Your Life. "I knew a lot about God, but I didn't know God and there's a big difference." High School: "I didn't know who I was or whose I was. I didn't know how that whole Jesus component merged into the other 6 days of the week, so when identity issues came perfectionism began to bind me in a lot of ways." Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. -Matthew 11:28 "His [God] invitation to me was just begin to give Me the glory. You've lived so focused on self....Look at the things I am doing and we'll go from there." "I went from this incomplete perspective of God to God in a box..to still this incomplete view of God: I give You the glory and You give me the blessing." "Suicide suddenly interrupted my story, especially the spiritual side, this faith walk layer. Suddenly this God I had been following and tip toeing with and figuring out and seeing all the goodness of, I felt like was a faros or had abandoned me or was not as good as I thought He was. Suddenly when things didn't feel so good or the circumstances didn't look so good in life I took off running.  I ran into depression, into anxiety, into promiscuity, into any sin sized  piece I could find to fill the God sized hole in my heart." John 16:33 says, In this world you will face trouble, but take heart, have courage, I have overcome the world. "When we know God. When we hunger and thirst for His Word. When we know the character and nature and complexity or who He reveals Himself to be to us , there is a vast difference in how we handle the hardships. There is a divine hope in  the valley." "He will wreck your life to save your life and save your eternal story." "I will use anything and everything to disrupt your lost journey and point you back home and lead you and intersect your heart and your life." Be still and know that I am God -Psalm 46:10 25:10Mo shares what led her to write her 2nd book Sex, Jesus, and The Conversations The Church Forgot. "Scripture says sin is defeated by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony, so I think people seeing they're not alone in something and hearing the radical truth of God all over it has been really neat to see the wave it has created." SHOW NOTES continued ----------------------------------------------------- Follow Grace Enough Podcast on IG and FB ----------------------------------------------------- Follow Mo Isom on IG and Twitter
  2. Vaneetha and I chat about her childhood with polio, the loss of her son Paul, the way God held her through the grief, God’s sovereignty, caring for two adolescent daughters alone, lament, and seeing God’s glory. 4:52 Vaneetha’s website is Dance in the Rain, which is very descriptive of her life. She shares her story with us, beginning with her polio diagnosis  Born in India to Christian parents Diagnosed with polio Moved to England and received 1st surgery at age 2 Moved to Canada Spent the majority her time living in the Shriner’s hospital 8:43 Vaneetha shares about her suffering theology after experiencing polio.  Then, she continues to share about multiple miscarriages and the loss of her 2 month old son, Paul. “I remember hanging up the phone and begging God. Just begging Him.  I will do anything if You would save my son.” “That day and I would say for a week after, through the funeral, God just carried me.  I had this sense that God was there even though I felt so devastated.  There was the supernatural sense that God was with me.” EP.36: Treva Kuyper | Hope and Healing After Unexpected Loss 14:09 Vaneetha shares how her relationship with Jesus changed in the months and years after the loss of Paul “I remember being in the car and saying, ‘Okay God, I can’t pull away from You. Show me Your listening. Draw near to me.’ I put myself out there in a way I had been afraid to.  I felt in some ways, how can I trust You God when I begged You to do something and You didn’t? I felt that I really opened my heart up to God when I asked that question….The next few moments, honestly Amber, were the most amazing moments of my life, even today.  The sense of God filled my car…There was this joy and it wasn’t in anything but God.” “It was the marker in my life that no matter what, God said, ‘I will give you this joy that you can’t explain, but it is rooted in Me and no one can take this from you’.” Markers or Joshua Stones: Joshua 4 17:38 Years later Vaneetha was diagnosed with post-polio syndrome and  her husband had an affair and left her to care for their 2 daughters alone. Vaneetha answers this question: As one blow after another came, did you cling to God, did you question him, did you shake your fists at Him, all of the above? “I had to pare down life to the bare minimum.” “I believe God is sovereign, so God could have stopped that. I felt so much like, ‘Why? Why are you doing this?’ It was the most personal of everything that had happened [her husband’s affair].” “I was crumbling. I remember yelling at God, crying to God, begging God, all of those things. I remember one night…saying, ‘God, help me. What are You doing? I can’t do this.’ I read John 11, the raising of Lazarus and reading the words if you believe you will see the glory of God.  I remember crying out to God, ‘I believe, help my unbelief. I want to see Your glory.’ It was another time God said, ‘I am going to hold you.  You can not see what I am doing right now.  You just can’t see it, but I am doing something that you need to trust’. Christa Wells, a friend of Vaneetha’s wrote a song about Paul titled Held, which ended up being sung by Natalie Grant. ” ‘Two months is too little, but they let him go. They had no sudden healing’….I see how God used that in that crushing time in my life.  The words of that song, ‘This is what it means to be HELD, how it feels when the sacred is torn from your life and you survive. This is what it is to be loved and to know that the promise was when everything fell you’d be HELD.’ That is the story of my life. The sacred has been torn from my life  over and over and over and yet God has HELD me. Remembering that song, remembering what God did through that song and through my life really gave me the courage to say, Okay, I am going to put a stake in the ground and trust You in the midst of this and trust that You love me even though I don’t feel loved.” 25:49 Vaneetha talks to the person who may be struggling with the belief that a good God wouldn’t allow all of this to happen.  SHOW NOTES continued Follow Vaneetha on IG, FB and Dance In The Rain -------------------------------------------  Follow Grace Enough Podcast on IG and FB ---------------------------------------------------------
  3. Jodie and I chat about praying for your children throughout their lives, how God delights in hearing from His children, and how praying the Scripture brings peace and aligns our heart with God's heart. 6:07 Jodieshares her faith journey, mothering in the early years, and how her first book, Praying the Scripture for Your Children came to be Ephesians 4: 29 "I turned Eph. 4:29 in to a prayer for me and my family." Moms In Prayer She did a paper survey asking one question, "If you could ask God to do one thing for your children, for your family, what would it be?" She used the top 20 answers to create a table of contents of what might become a book.  Then, she dug into God's Word to see what it said about each topic. All 3 books are cataloged by topics. 11:16 Jodie shares what she has experienced in her own personal prayer life as she has prayed the Scriptures for her children "There is a lot of richness and depth and variety as we lift our prayers out of Scripture, but not only that, I think they become a lot more powerful. God says in Isaiah 55 that His word will not return empty, but will accomplish the purposes for which it's sent.  I have really seen that His Word goes forth and it accomplishes things." "It's this beautiful hand in hand partnership where God invites us to partner with Him in accomplishing these purposes through prayer." "As I slip my hand into God's and bring my children before Him, for me I get a peace that I don't think I would get any other way, because even if I not yet seen the result (even if I am still in the thick of whatever the issue is) I know God is at work. I have released it to Him. I know He is for us and it keeps anxiety at bay and opens the door to that peace, that contentment and that confidence in the midst of the storm." "Share your heart with Him even in the midst of the mayhem." Praying the Scripture for Your Teens Praying the Scripture for Your Adult Children 15:35 Jodie shares how praying changed as her children got older. Proverbs 27:17 "Their needs may change and their friendships may change, but at the end of the day we want them to have godly friends." Parent's of adult children don't have the same community as parents of young children, so that is challenging.  They can feel alone, so that is why I wrote praying the scripture for your adult children. Free Study guide for Praying the Scripture for Your Adult Children at jodieberndt.com SHOW NOTES continued ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Grace Enough Podcast on Facebook, Instagram, and at graceenoughpodcast.com to keep up with all that is going on.  
  4. Susan and I chat about learning to walk through transition with a sense of adventure vs. anxiety, about setting realistic expectations, and constantly focusing on the character of God. 4:28 Susan shares how her journey with Jesus began 8:36 Susan shares some typical life transitions Susan’s article: How to Trust God in the Midst of Transition “You have to learn to change your expectations.” “It helped me to name it, re-entry. When you return from something special, where you leave responsibilities and you come back to responsibility, just count on being a little blue.  Call it re-entry and realize it will go away in three days.” “We tend to think and live as if stability is the norm. That’s what we expect, when things just calm down, but the reality is life never calms down. We have to switch gears in terms of our expectation. Our expectation is not that stability is the norm, but the reality is transition is the norm…Stability is those rare exceptions. I think the first thing that helps with coping with transition is to realize that this is the norm.” 12:03 Susan shares how she learned to view and walk through transition with a sense of adventure vs. anxiety "When you are young and a young mom, you have this vision, one day I will get there, to whatever that mystical there is. The there is where you trust Christ.  You live in that trust relationship.  You don't struggle. You don't have fear. You don't fall a part.  We have this unrealistic expectation that we'll get there, but really we'll never get there this side of Heaven.  In heaven, we'll be there, because we are fallen people in a fallen world.  We're citizens of Heaven, so we will always have this bit of restlessness within our soul of wanting to get there.  It is a God given restlessness, because we  were created for Heaven, not this earth. The question is, how can we grow in relying more on God and being less controlled by the frantic things going on in our lives?" One way you can deal with transition is anticipate and plan ahead as best as you can (ex. setting realistic expectations when you go home with baby #4). Psalm 139: God knows us "Who is in charge? Not right now. Who is really in charge? God is in charge and He's got my back" SHOW NOTES continued. ------------------------------------------ Follow Susan Alexander Yates at susanalexanderyates.com and IG -------------------------------------------------------- Follow Grace Enough Podcast on IG and FB --------------------------------------------------------- The Root Collective Affiliate of the Month  Ethically made Shoes and Bags.  A free compliment every time you wear them.  
  5. Rebecca and I chat about the 6 years she spent being sex trafficking in Vegas, her new book In Pursuit of Love, the various forms exploitation and trafficking can take on, the increased risk for those living in vulnerable situations, the necessity of trauma informed care, God's consistent long term pursuit of her heart, and some red flags of human trafficking. 5:03 Rebecca'sstory is one of radical transformation and is shared in great detail in her new book In Pursuit of Love. She takes us back and shares her  story of being trafficked as a teenage girl? "I would have never been put in an at-risk youth category." "I met a guy who had all the answers to all my problems as a young, 18 year old, single mom...There are some real vulnerabilities in that [single, teen mom]." "I think there is a lot to say about young girls, especially 18-24, who are raised in a culture where sex sells...." Group Think: the practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility. "According to FBI, less than 5% of trafficking victims in America are kidnapped." "In real life it [human trafficking] doesn't happen quickly. It's a gradual expansion. There's no A to Z.  It is A to B. The next month B to C. The next month C to D." Turn out is slang for trafficking a girl. "Working in the commercial sex industry, even if it is through dancing, through stripping, it's a way to make quick money for people that don't have a lot of options and don't have a lot of choices and feel really trapped and might not be able to wait 2 weeks to pay the rent or buy food." "Even within strip clubs, women are being trafficked." Stable is slang for the home the trafficker has multiple victims. 19:12Rebecca shares what a weekend was like when she was being sex trafficked. "It's hard to describe. It felt like my sanity was slipping away from me. I started feeling like I was going crazy and I didn't know how to pull myself together enough to let the dust settle, because the dust never settled. I just needed a minute to think, but the minute never came. You start to feel your sanity slipping away....Just from the mental health of constant physical abuse and the constant fear." 26:56 Rebecca talks about trauma informed care and why is it vital for women and men who have been trafficked? SHOW NOTES continued Follow Rebecca Bender on IG and RebeccaBender.org -------------------------------------------  Follow Grace Enough Podcast on IG and FB ---------------------------------------------------------
  6. Jim and I discuss parenting your adult children, how your role changes, avoiding unsolicited advice, and moving them from dependence to independence.  4:16 Will you share a little of your faith journey with us?   "We've been married a long time [45 years]. We write books together. Some people call us marriage mentors, but we have high maintenance marriage. High maintenance is not bad, it just means we got to really keep working at it." "The Bible says that you inherit the sins of a previous generation to the third and fourth generation. Well, we want to stop that. You can either recover or repeat." "Really good parents have kids who make some poor choices, at times.... I always like to say, a sinner married another sinner, and then you have sinnerlings." "Be ruthlessly honest about your own brokenness. You don't have to always focus on it, but but the truth is when you're ruthlessly honest about your own brokenness I think you parent better." "We who are studying where kids are going when they become adult children. Unfortunately, a lot of them are walking away from faith, yet there's some studies out right now....that are pretty exciting that say if there are faith conversations in the home, there's about a 300% better chance that they'll stay in the faith." 11:27We are going to chat about doing life with adult children.  When our children live under our roof we rarely consider what parenting will look like when they become adults. What were some surprises or challenges you and your wife faced when transitioning into parenting adults? "Experience is a better teacher than advice." 19:13You discuss 9 principles in your book, "Doing Life with Your Adult Children." A few being: Your role as the parent must change. You can't want it more than they want it.  Let's talk about Principle # 5: Your job is to move them from dependence to independence.  What are some common mistakes parents make in this area and what advice do you have for them? "Age 0-2 and say your job with them is caring and you're not going to discipline them. You're not giving them a whole lot of advice. You're just showing care. If they cry, you pick them up.  Hungry, you feed them, etc. From two to 10, you do pretty much control them. That's micromanaging in the best way. You aren't going to say to your kids, 'You know what I'm doing this podcast right now, so you guys can go outside and if you want to go over to the mall.' ...By about age 10, you've got to turn into a coach, which means you still lead, you still sometimes take them out of the game....you're still in charge....But at the same time, they've got to make some decisions because they've got to learn you're moving them from dependence to independence. By the time they get to older teenagers, you're almost a consultant. Their day to day decisions should be done by them. There are parents who say, 'Yeah, but you don't understand my kid.' No, I don't and you may have to squeeze in especially if there's addiction issues or sexual promiscuity or things like that, but the truth is they should be making most of their decisions. By the time they're adults, they're going to have to learn to do it on their own....I think a lot of parents miss that. They keep wanting to control. If you try to control your kids as young adults, meaning 18, 19 and 20, when they're not always acting like adults, if you keep controlling them, then you don't give them that chance to experience some of the highs and lows of life and become responsible. No young adult wants you to always give them advice, because they view that as you don't trust them, or you don't think they're grown up enough." SHOW NOTES continued    --------------------------------------------------- Follow Jim Burns on IG and Homeword Follow Grace Enough Podcast on IG and FB ---------------------------------------------------------
  7. Jonny and I chat about the loss of his daughter Leila, the questions his son asked about his sister, how that led to the writing of "The Moon Is Always Round" and the goodness of God. 4:55 Will you share your faith journey with us?  How did you come to know Jesus? Raised as a missionary kid with Mission Aviation Fellowshipin East Africa "Some people who come from outside Christian homes, when they're converted it is a bit like a hurricane comes into their life. The Spirit is like the wind, it blows where it pleases. But I think in Christian homes it is still the same Spirit, the same wind that comes in and converts people, but it's more like a gentle breeze.  In my case, it was a gentle breeze that blew into my life and re-generated me. The Spirit of God re-generated me and gave me faith in Christ." 7:19 Your children's book The Moon is Always Roundcame to my attention at the perfect time...Tell us, when and why did you began talking to your son about the moon? Catechism: Q: What shape is the moon tonight? A: Crescent, Gibbous, etc. Q: What shape is the moon always? A: The moon is always around. Q: What does that mean? A: It means God is always good. "It began as a childlike fascination with the moon that led to that connection with the moon." 8:31 Eventually your wife became pregnant with your second child, a baby girl.  Will you share that journey with us? "That's really the tragedy [stillbirth of their daughter, Leila] that came into our life as a sudden surprise that we didn't see coming. All of a sudden we entered a world of pain and sorrow that we had only ever heard of and imagined, but here we were in the midst of it trying to navigate ourselves through it." 10:02I share about how I learned about The Moon Is Always Round and the story of my dear friend Andie and her son Ryker James, who was stillborn October 10, 2019. SHOW NOTES continued -------------------------------------------  Follow Grace Enough Podcast on IG and FB ---------------------------------------------------------
  8. Nick and I chat about his journey of discovering freedom from pornography, dealing with negative sexual history, normalizing the conversation in our churches and homes, behaviors vs. core beliefs, and how Pure Desire ministrieshelps people find freedom from sexual addiction. Pure Desire Ministry 4:20 As we begin, will you share with our listener's a little of your story.  When did you come to know Jesus?  How did you end up working at Pure Desire?  "My little brain responded to it the way God has designed our brain to react to that, which is a sense of curiosity, intrigue, drawing, even maybe to level a bonding to what I'm seeing.  I'm wanting to see more and yet, at the same time, this repulsion of this is wrong. I can't tell my mom and dad. I don't know what I am doing...Sex came into my life in a way that was both secretive and shameful." "No one really knew what freedom and hope and lasting transformation looked like, so you go away thinking, 'Okay, this time I am going to try really hard not to go back there,' but because nothing on the inside has really changed it comes back." "I remember her saying, 'It's not that I hate you, but I hate the way this makes me feel and because I don't know if it is ever going to change...I don't know if I can stay'....Because of that moment of real pain, by God's grace, He used that to direct us into Pure Desire Ministries, where we went through a year of being in groups, both for myself as the one who struggled and for her as the betrayed spouse. And also a year of counseling, that was the first time in my life I sat down with someone who knew the Bible and also understood the human brain and addiction and how all of that didn't have to be contradictory, but it all fit together." "This was never our plan, but it became, by far, the best discipleship program we ever had" Setting Us Freeby Nick Stumbo "It does feel like people are making a moral choice, and they are. I don't want to in any suggest that because we understand the addictive nature of it, because we start to see what happens in the brain, that doesn't in any way excuse us from responsibility, that doesn't mean we can blame it on someone else...But it's trying to help believers see that there's more going on than just try harder and believe more." "What happens in the church is we see someone's behaviors and we say, 'Stop that! Don't do that anymore! Read your Bible and pray and don't make that decision.' But if we don't help them see the thoughts and feelings that are driving it and even deeper, the core beliefs that in our family of origin or trauma that we've gone through or places we've been wounded...."  SHOW NOTES continued --------------------------------------------------- Pure Desire Ministry ------------------------------------------------------ Follow Grace Enough Podcast on IG and FB ---------------------------------------------------------

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