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Creation Date March 18th, 2020
Updated Date Updated April 11th, 2021
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With everything going on, I wanted to create a list of personal favorite podcast episodes I go to for pick me ups
  1. Butterflies are gross. Yes they are delightful and beautiful and part of any idyllic picnic-scape but lepidopterologist, TV host and jungle explorer Phil Torres is here to gossip about how shamelessly disgusting our favorite bugs actually are. Learn their secrets, their mating habits, how they turn themselves into goo and then into another creature, what moth os the most goth, what flowers to plant to attract them, the scariest thing about the jungle and what it feels like to help discover new species. Also butterflies get sloppy drunk and we talk all about it. For more info, see: Phil-Torres.com Follow Phil on Twitter and Instagram Follow Phil's inspiration, @AndyBugGuy, on Twitter Xerces.org has resources on native plants Become a patron of Ologies for as little as a buck a month: www.Patreon.com/ologies OlogiesMerch.com has hats, shirts, pins, totes! Follow @Ologies on Twitter or Instagram Follow @AlieWard on Twitter or Instagram More links at www.alieward.com Support the show: http://Patreon.com/ologies See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
  2. We're capping off launch week with the one and only Myke Hurley, co-founder of Relay FM, host of countless podcasts, and co-creator of The Theme System Journal. Links & Show Notes Myke on Twitter - @imyke (https://twitter.com/imyke) Relay FM (https://www.relay.fm) Leo Laporte (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Laporte) Adam Curry (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Curry) Reconcilable Differences (https://www.relay.fm/rd) Cortex (https://www.relay.fm/cortex) Inquisitive (https://www.relay.fm/inquisitive) CortexMerch.com (http://cortexmerch.com) The Theme System Journal (https://cottonbureau.com/products/the-theme-system-journal#/1695095/grey-paper-5x8) Simon Buckmaster (@forgottentowel) (https://twitter.com/forgottentowel) Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) (http://mkbhd.com) More Launched Website - launchedfm.com (https://launchedfm.com) Twitter - @LaunchedFM (https://twitter.com/launchedfm) Reddit - /r/LaunchedFM (https://www.reddit.com/r/LaunchedFM/)
  3. Brian and Sam talk to Destin Sandlin, creator of Smarter Every Day, about why it's important to reply to fan emails and why empathy is an acquired skill.    Showmakers is made possible by: https://www.fractureme.com/podcast/ https://www.backblaze.com/showmakers https://www.squarespace.com/showmakers   Check out Destin's podcast, "No Dumb Questions" https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/no-dumb-questions/id1204701206?mt=2  
  4. In this week's episode, I talk about Alopecia Areata, which is an autoimmune disease that affects a person's hair. It can be the hair on your head, your beard, eyelashes, eyebrows, armpit hair, body hair, and even pubic hair! I talk to Stephen who's had alopecia for almost his whole life. We talk about how he's had to wear a hat in school, when and why he decided to shave his head, and how he learned a valuable lesson one day when going to a water park.  Check out Stephen's podcast and contact info below; Podcast 'Persuade You' RSS feed; https://anchor.fm/s/105e8700/podcast/rss Podcast Anchor; https://anchor.fm/persuade Twitter; @docmorris101 Email; persuade.you@outlook.com   Learn more about alopecia in the links below; https://www.naaf.org/ https://reddit.com/r/alopecia_areata https://reddit.com/r/alopecia   CONTACT ME; If you want to be a guest on the show, please send me an email with a short biography about yourself and what you have to; thepatientwillseeyounow@gmail.com (you can also email me letting me know how I can improve this podcast, and what you might want to hear more or less on the show as well!) Instagram; @thepatientwillseeyounow Facebook; fb.me/thepatientwillseeyounow   Logo made by David Falcone, find him here; https://www.davidfalcone.com/
  5. Broman talks with Th3Jez about moving your life across the planet, how YouTube content creation works today, and the tragic bush fires in Australia and what you can do to help. They'll use Broman's own YouTube channel to demonstrate how the platform has changed and evolved! Broman and Rare Drop merch now available here: https://shop.raredrop.co/ Love Coffee? Check out Kings Coast Coffee Co. http://www.kingscoastcoffee.com Follow me on Twitch:ProfessorBroman Follow me on Twitter:@ProfessorBroman Follow me on Insta:ProfessorBroman Subscribe on YouTube:Broman List Of All Guests:TheList
  6. After a decade of fandom, Alie finally meets famed Egyptologist Dr. Kara Cooney -- and forgets her equipment. They meet again for a spirited history lesson on ancient Egypt: the pyramids, the monarchs, the dynasties, the cats, the corpses, the curses. Kara also lays out the history of female kings and their parallels to modern Western politics, what it's like to talk to a mummy, and why we should stop overworking. Also: lost dongs and transparent toilets. This episode is one for the ages. Dr. Kara Cooney's Facebook page Dr. Kara Cooney on Twitter & Instagram Pre-order "When Women Ruled the World: Six Queens of Egypt," released Nov. 6 2018 Become a patron of Ologies for as little as a buck a month: www.Patreon.com/ologies OlogiesMerch.com has hats, shirts, pins, totes! Follow @Ologies on Twitter or Instagram Follow @AlieWard on Twitter or Instagram More links at www.alieward.com Sound editing by Steven Ray Morris Theme song by Nick Thorburn Support the show: http://Patreon.com/ologies See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
  7. Grey keeps changing his set up, Myke has a new wireless charger, and they both follow up on Yearly Themes.
  8. Get 15% off your first pair and free shipping at http://meundies.com/morning Get your first refill pack FREE at http://getquip.com/kfms Slack: Where work happens. Go to http://slack.com to learn more. Ranking - 1 - Into The Spider-Verse - 2 - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 3 - The Amazing Spider-Man 4 - Spider-Man 2 5 - Venom 6 - Spider-Man 7 - Spider-Man 3
  9. The Skywalker Saga is over, but Star Wars lives on. If The Mandalorian is any indication, we will have some great Star Wars content in the coming years. More Baby Yoda, please! I have spoken. *Spoilers for the entire first season of The Mandalorian. Also minor spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, The Clone Wars, and Rebels. Listen to Persuade You on Apple: https://apple.co/2TJIT8H Follow Persuade You on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PersuadePod Check out our Star Wars curated store: http://bit.ly/2RdXtnA Shop FanDummies Merch: http://bit.ly/2XkMdau Join our Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/2MNzuJt Check out our TeePublic Curated Store: http://bit.ly/tpubStore Listen to our discussion about the first two episodes of The Mandalorian here: http://www.dummies.fan/l--VF7BA 00:00:41 Stephen Morris of The Front End Tech and Persuade You podcasts 00:03:34 The Mandalorian Season 1 00:26:54 Mandalorian History 00:29:17 The Force 00:32:23 Mando's Past and Future 00:35:27 The Future of Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2, Obi-Wan tv show, and more 00:47:36 Persuade You: The Clone Wars As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.
  10. SPONSORED BY: HELLOFRESH For 10 free meals including free shipping with HelloFresh, visit hellofresh.com/ndq10 and use promo code ndq10 during checkout!  TierZoo (Patrick's Channel)  Shark vs. Lion (Joe and Buzz)   CONNECT WITH NO DUMB QUESTIONS:   Support No Dumb Questions on Patreon if that sounds good to you   Discuss this episode here   NDQ Subreddit   Our podcast YouTube channel   Our website is nodumbquestions.fm   No Dumb Questions Twitter   Matt's Twitter   Destin's Twitter   SUBSCRIBE LINKS:   Subscribe on iTunes   Subscribe on Android   OUR YOUTUBE CHANNELS ARE ALSO FUN:   Matt's YouTube Channel (The Ten Minute Bible Hour)   Destin's YouTube Channel (Smarter Every Day)
  11. Federico gets incredibly nerdy (at Myke's request) about his goals for training, competing, and collecting Pokémon.
  12. Live in San Francisco, Stephen and Myke are joined by Jason Snell and nearly 20 other Relay FM hosts to celebrate the network's 5th anniversary by playing a game of Family Feud, with answers provided by over 3,000 podcast listeners. That, and a round of co-founder company trivia. Also, trophies.
  13. Get 25% off at http://liquidiv.com and enter promo code: KFMS Hurry to http://upstart.com/morning to find out HOW LOW your Upstart rate is. We review Detective Pikachu.

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