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  1. Crime, Conspiracy & Paranormal

  2. Shelby and Chrissy explore any topic that we find weird or interesting. History, serial killers, true crime, missing persons cases, cold cases, cryptids, paranormal, conspiracy theories, urban legends...nothing is off limits! Support this podcast:
  1. Romance, Relationships and Parenting

  2. A podcast relishing the romantic, the sexy, and the scandalous in pop-culture. English PhD candidates by day and podcasters by night, hosts Ayanni and Corinne take a semi-scholarly look at why the “sex-stuff” in media matters in the bedroom—and beyond. Don't forget to subscribe to Sex. Love. Literature. on your favorite podcast platforms! You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @SexLoveLit.
  3. We are two Dads podcasting about our Midwestern dad life, making dad jokes, and trying to parent in today's world while attempting to retain some form of sanity. New episodes every Friday.
  1. Stage & Screen

  2. Welcome to Not Just For Kids. Once a week we will revisit the movies we loved as children, looking at their place in the history of family films, the themes they explore and if they’re any good. Each season we will focus on a different area: be it a particular film studio, director or time period. And each week we will invite a guest onto the podcast who will offer their own perspective on the films being covered that week.
  3. Film Code is a podcast dedicated to movies and entertainment. Each week, the founding members of the Cleveland Film Critics Society (Phoenix, Nathan, Brandon, and Nick) will dissect, analyze, review, and appreciate cinema one word at a time. Twitter: @FilmCodePod Phoenix: @IMHOReviews1 Nathan: @NathanPigg5 Nick: @nick_spaine Brandon: @FantasmicEars It's gonna be 'CODEWORD': Awesome. Support this podcast:
  4. Join DJ Nik, Rachel and Xan as together they review every single movie to have won the Oscar for Best Picture through the ages on this biweekly podcast! Next episode coming March 18th!
  5. Throw yourself onto a broken sofa, put your feet on the coffee table and crack open a can of lukewarm commercial beer: there's a B-movie on the telly and Matt, Tom and Callum have something to say about it.
  6. Welcome to Franchise Killer, a podcast where we pick movie franchises, or wannabe franchises, review them film-by-film and see where things went wrong….or right.
  7. The podcast of filmmaker Alex Anderson. Watching Timing movie on Amazon Prime or go to for a free screener.
  8. Train Wreck Theater is a comedy movie review podcast featuring seven lovable misfits who get drunk and argue entertainingly with one another about ridiculous movies. There is no particular rhyme or reason to which movies we decide to feature on the podcast other than that they are ones we think will entertain (or annoy) each other. Come for the comedy, stay to listen to us drunkenly ramble on about random things!
  1. Story Time

  2. We are CRAP NOIR – a podcast team dedicated to bringing you some subpar jokes along with a moderately funny twist on the classic noir genre and detective radio shows of years past. Beth is a downtrodden twenty-something – completely SHOCKED that no one wants to hire her with her oddly specific and definitely legitimate Master’s degree in Detective Literature. She spends her time searching Craiglist for jobs that require her highly-sought-after expertise, thanks to the free WiFi at local New Jersey coffee shop, The Big Steam. She bugs her favorite mediocre barista, Jim Jam, for hours on end so her mother believes she isn’t an unemployable failure. Luckily for Beth, her first case finally emerges when friendly farm chicken, Esmeralda, disappears. Time to see if Beth’s degree holds up in the real-world! Follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram @crapnoir
  1. Conversational and Topical

  2. Working together to have hard conversations in America, and achieve Understanding, not Agreement. Topical, conversational, adventures. Support this podcast:
  3. Ever find yourself wishing that life after college came with a syllabus? Don’t worry… we did, too! It’s no big secret that adulting is hard...but having some friends who have been-there-done-that on your side makes all the difference! Join your hosts Esther and Michelle and their expert guests as they share the tidbits they wish they’d learned in school, and motivate you to overcome whatever obstacles you encounter along the way. You’ll learn all the unspoken how-to’s needed to glow-up your personal development, define your own definition of success, and navigate life Beyond the B.S.!
  4. Variety podcast coverage on modern events, customer service drama, fantasy football makes and breaks, fast food tiers, etc.
  5. Do you ever get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of activities to get involved with during your lifetime? Well, worry no more, just let Olly, Dan, Anth and Kev discuss these activities for you, and decide whether or not you should even bother with doing them in the first place.Scream if you want to podcaster! Follow us on twitter @WDIBPodcast for more madness!
  6. The Devil's Advocate Podcast is an opinion talk show, and is the attempt of a few friends to have a reasonable conversation about current events on a weekly basis. Topics include but are not limited to politics, news, current events, policy, and whatever else we get excited about!Please Rate, Review and Subscribe for the latest Content!Music by: Eat The Rich, Wacko Swami; THERE GOES BEARS.Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter: @TDAPDarkLinks:iTunes: wherever Podcasts are found
  1. Comedy and Improv

  2. Thread Bare is a new Scottish, comedy, podcast brought to you by some of Glasgow's funniest women. Each week Scottish comedians and Scottish comedy actors perform a dramatic reading of an internet thread and have a good time discussing the chat. The cast of comedians and actors improvise as the characters in the thread bringing their own observational comedy into the discussion and really bringing the thread to life. Series 1 - Conspiracy Theories Series 2 - Mumsnet Series 3 - Tabloids
  1. Music

  2. A podcast dedicated to supporting all things Blues, Jazz, Folk, Rock, and Southern Rock music! Support this podcast:
  1. Pop Culture

  2. Welcome to the CLOG (Comprehensive List Of Geekdom) A comic/geek podcast. We talk about all things in the world of geekdom.

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