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  1. Topical

  2. A topical podcast about music, movies, and life told from the perspective of two musicians. Subscribe and join in the fun!
  3. Hang out with John and Frank in the basement as they talk about video games, movies, family life and anything awesome that happens during the week. The guys have a lot of knowledge to drop, so hit that subscribe button to have some laughs.
  4. Have you ever gone searching for a podcast, trying to find something that will lend a new perspective on life and find a deeper meaning? Yeah, this podcast won’t do that. We’re just two girls trying to figure out life and not doing a very good job at it.
  5. There are over two million podcasts out there, so how can you find your next binge-worthy pod? The Pod Spotter team listens to tons of them. Every Monday, our host Zack Robidas, will highlight a great new or lesser-known podcast. He’ll talk to the host, play the best clips, and bring you a one-of-a-kind conversation you can't get anywhere else.
  6. If you thought 2020 was unexpected, then wait until you hear what we’ve got in store for you. We’ve got a banter-filled podcast, featuring none other than a delightful Canadian and a laid back Australian, as we explore anything and everything from pop culture, to sports, to rocks and earthquakes. What will be discussed? Sorry mates, but even we don’t know. Yes that’s right, you have now come face-to-face with the most unexpected yet.
  7. Our podcast is like a radio show, no real topics, everything is made up, and our opinions don’t matter. Just sit back and relax and enjoy Show. New episodes weekly! Follow us on Twitter @talkin_shiz Follow us on Instagram @talkin_shiz Follow us on Facebook The Amazing World of Talkin Shiz Support this podcast:
  1. Sports And Gaming

  2. Two serious poker players from the midwest talking about the poker industry in America. From home games and charity poker to the top poker rooms and casinos in Las Vegas. We cover cash games, tournaments, rules questions, current events, online poker, and the overall degeneracy of poker that all gamblers love. Episodes released on the first and third Friday of every month... with a few bonus episodes splashed in there for good measure. Cause who doesn't love a good splash pot.
  1. Stage and Screen

  2. VIA VHS is a retro movie and pop culture podcast dedicated to the best and worst from the VCR era. Join Wesley and Spencer as they reminisce about movies and pop culture from the last great decades. “Rewind Review” episodes provide retrospectives and reviews on Movies and TV Shows, while “Nostalgia Specials” look back on everything from video games, toys, news, events and culture from the 70s, 80s and 90s
  3. Longtime Golden Girls superfans Sarah Royal and Lauren Kelly rewatch the series from beginning to end from a "scholarly" perspective, analyzing cultural themes, storylines, and why so many people still love the show decades after its finale originally aired.
  4. Join hosts Anthony, Jason, and Don as they discuss soundtracks and scores from movies, television, and video games from the fan perspective! Releasing every 2 weeks, the three will cover a variety of topics and have fun whilst doing it! Reach out to us at to let us know what topics we should discuss in the future! Our social media accounts: Twitter: Instagram:
  5. Join us in Cracking the Code of Spy Movies! - Podcasts on James Bond, Mission: Impossible, Bourne and the Best of the Rest of spy movies from 1935 to today! Decoding the scenes & hidden connections! We're uncovering the inter-connections, relationships, unique concepts, and key scenes in all these genres so that we can all discover something new. We examine how spy films influence each other and how real world events impact spy movies! Join Tom and Dan on this continuous adventure, diving into spy movies. So, join the fun and we’ll all become spy movie navigators! We will navigate our way through all these spy movie genres together through podcasts, videos, online discussions, submission by our Community and more! We interview authors, movie personnel, and many others who are part of the spy movie community! We will have podcasts from cool locations too, and continue to visit spy movie location sites throughout the world! We're building a Worldwide Community of Spy Movie Fans, and you're invited!
  6. an unofficial retrospective about Glee, the fandom, and its effects on all our lives every episode we break down the highs and lows of the writing, the music, and the cultural impact of a network TV show that only ran 6 seasons and ended 5 years ago Support this podcast:
  7. Using The Oscars as a barometer, we ask our guests who are a mix of people working in the Industry and people who are just hardcore movie fans to watch 3 to 4 Best Picture Winning Movies from consecutive years and then to rank each from their least to most favourite from that bracket. Eventually leading to us finding the Greatest Movie of all Time!
  8. It's me, Ryan, a wonky yet affable host dealing with life on the spectrum and too much useless knowledge. Together we'll take a road trip through the history of the coolest avenues of popular culture. With jokes! Call it an audio documentary or call it a troubling manifesto, just don't call it late for dinner. The first season, “The History and Legacy of #MST3K”, debuts new episodes every Tuesday. For every episode early and hours of weekly exclusive “hilarious” bonus content, check out! *Terrible title not registered
  9. Join Dietrich, Alex and Ben each week on a journey through the very best (and worst) of movie songs. Send us your suggestions on Twitter: @TSFTMpod
  10. Chris and Corey met in the summer of 1998. They tried to make it the summer of ‘69 and got kicked out of Scout Camp. They now tell stories on podcasts under the guise of “80s movie reviews” That’s Basically the 80’s. Support this podcast:
  11. Join friends of 20 years Ben, Matt, Wesley, their newest best friend Emily, and a revolving door of guests, as they stumble their way through discussing, reviewing, griping about, and creatively revisiting and revising the biggest movies of 2007, which is considered to be one of the greatest film years of this century.
  1. Crime, Creepy And Conspiracy

  2. The exploration of unexplained encounters.Each week we bring you creepy stories, true unexplained events. All things spooky, including paranormal, UFOs, conspiracies, haunted items, and places.Warning - Never listen alone!
  3. Are you interested in horrifying tales of murder? Maybe ghosts, goblins and ghouls are more your fancy... Or perhaps you want to learn about mysteries throughout history that may yet be unsolved? We have a little bit of it all on this show. Join Meg, Lillie, Jay, and Steven on adventures into the unknown. We've looked into the void, And Now We're Haunted.
  4. Oh yes, it's Ladies Fright! Three people who kind of like each other tell spooky stories then try to figure out why they are so spooky. Using personal anecdotes, psychology, and sociology Loren, Maggie, and (now, with a recent mysterious return) Jackie dive into urban legends, ghost stories, and other tales that give us a good fright.
  5. Paige wants to tell you stories about all things spine-chilling and hair-raising. The main topic is true crime and sprinkled in will be stories of mysteries, paranormal events, cryptids, cults and much more. Reverie means to daydream, but even daydreams can turn into nightmares.You can e-mail suggestions and even your personal paranormal/strange and/or crime related stories to
  6. Welcome to Nopeville! A city where all the horrors that make you say NOPE are rumored to have gathered and made their home. Join your guides, Christine and Jen, on an all inclusive tour as they introduce you to your worst nightmares from the paranormal, supernatural, true crime, fiction, and non-fiction. Visit us at
  1. Interviews

  2. The term "influencers" is sometimes viewed in a negative light. One of the main goals with this podcast is to change the narrative, and to help the masses understand why putting in legitimate effort to cut out your own little corner on the internet is a VERY good thing to do in our new age world, not only for your wallet, but for your own peace of mind, happiness, and future... Every week you'll get access to BEHIND THE SCREEN conversations with social media influencers, celebrities, content creators, community builders, and entrepreneurs. We'll dive into personal origin stories from the guests while extracting the most valuable pieces of advice they've learned along their journey. Have you ever wondered how people got started doing what they're doing? Or how exactly they make money? Or how much work they had to put in behind the scenes before gaining true momentum? These are the types of questions we answer on this podcast. This show is for New Agers. Definition of a New Ager: Someone who wants to maximize life by having as much fun as possible while working towards bigger goals. Someone who wants to take full advantage of the amazing digital opportunity age we are currently living in, and who understands (or wants to understand) that the best path for creating abundance in life when it comes to money, time, freedom, and happiness can be found on the internet. It doesn't matter if your online efforts are related to a current career, interest, business, product, hobby or passion...because in the end...the internet is scalable, your time is NOT. P.s. this is a happy hour style podcast, meaning each weekly interview will have a slightly different vibe based on the guest and their content...but will always be raw, entertaining, and informative. Solo episodes are released on Thursdays to reiterate important lessons learned from the guests. Check out all the past guests on Instagram: @newageinfluencerspodcast
  1. Pop Culture & Geekery

  2. Novum is not just a podcast about science fiction. It’s an exploration of the intersection between reality and speculation. Each week, I examine the ways in which our world is coming to closely resemble those worlds from a science fiction novel or film. I want to prove that sci-fi is so much more than time travel and far-out galactic warfare. At its best, it provides an unusual, critical perspective on the present. Novum is produced and hosted by Ari Brin. Original musical compositions for the program are composed by Christopher McIntyre. Novum broadcasts out of JAM Radio in Dundee, Scotland.
  3. #TWIM is a weekly #podcast from @kingporteous & @steely07, covering #gaming #tech #movies & #music. Regular special guests add to the conversation.
  1. Edutainment

  2. Sweeping historical saga of the United States (USA), Canada and Mexico from their deep origins to our present epoch. Join host Mark Vinet on this exciting and fascinating journey through time, exploring and focusing on the interesting, compelling, wonderful and tragic stories of the North American continent, its inhabitants, heroes, villains, leaders, environment and geography.
  1. Health and Wellness

  2. A weight loss podcast for regular people, by regular people In 2010, Seth & Strawberry met at Fat Camp and became best friends. Fat Camp became their favorite place on the planet as they spent years navigating the pitfalls, bullies and even some advantages of being obese kids. 10 years later the two now live together in Massachusetts and have decided to finally get healthier, the correct way. Seth & Strawberry provide a relatable and humorous take on what it is like to grow up fat as well as what it is truly like to undergo a weight loss journey. They tell classic stories from Fat Camp and give comedic advice to listeners just so they can let everyone know... You are not alone! They're just sorry it took this long... #SorryForTheWeight
  1. Drink Up

  2. A weekly podcast that’s mixed, shaken and stirred to perfection. We interview small businesses and content creators who share their inspiring stories!

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