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  1. Movies

  2. We are a Houston based podcast dedicated to watching and reviewing the worst of the worst horror movies out there. Podcasts on good horror movies are a dime a dozen. Everybody loves Halloween, Friday the 13th, or the Conjuring series but what about Gingerdead Man? I am ZoZo? Death Metal Zombies? These films were made by passionate people (we are only guessing here) and need love too!! So put your feet up, kick back and join us as we dig through a big pile of crap each week to find the golden turd!Check out our new Patreon and Merch Store: courtesy of The Bella Rush: this podcast at —
  3. Taking a Look at Childhood Favorite Films to See If They Stand the Test of Time, Or If They're Past Their Prime
  4. Quick take movie reviews from Fat Dude Digs Flicks. Follow on Facebook, Tumblr, instagram, and letterbox'd!
  5. Join Nic Cage and JCVD enthusiasts Rob, Simon and James as they dig into a vault of underrated movies from yesteryear to see if they are rightly shunned to the bargain buckets of Asda, or whether they do indeed deserve reconsideration. To qualify the week's film must either be classed as Rotten on, or officially be a box office bomb. See for privacy and opt-out information.
  6. Hosted by special agents Scott & Cam, SPYHARDS goes deep undercover into the shadowy world of cloak and dagger cinema on a mission to determine the greatest spy films of all time.
  7. Awesome Movie Year is a podcast co-hosted by film critic Josh Bell and filmmaker and comedian Jason Harris. Each season looks at why a certain year was an awesome movie year. Each episode focuses on a different film from the year being investigated. Produced by David Rosen of the Piecing It Together Podcast for the All Points West Podcast Network
  8. Two guys who have seen way too many movies discuss their love of all things film and tv.
  9. Ash and Avery delve into the depths of the film industry - watching and reviewing every movie SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO.
  1. Tech

  2. The Long Form Radio On Show on Computers, Technology and the Internet with Entertainment and Pop Culture. Hosted by Andy Taylor, Justin Lemme and Shawn DeWeerd. Occasional Guest Host to the show include John Broadway, Rayvencure AKA Amanda and Slick! The Show features Call In Questions, Interviews, Games and News
  1. Wellness

  2. The no bull podcast about all things anxiety, depression & other cheerful topics.
  1. Drink Up!

  2. A podcast discussing topics and concepts that are typically viewed as too taboo to openly talk about, often with drinks in hand. Anything from pole dancing to politics; and everything in between. Forget the haters, join us; do you, be tabooze.🖤
  3. An adult comedy podcast that talks about all the creepy shit you would love not to hear about. Friends that sit around drinking and talking about all the disgusting, creepy, weird stuff in the world that stresses us out.
  4. Podcast by Whiskey Cinema
  5. A wee talk with friends about movies, video games, music, and TV shows we loved watching growing up. A perfect podcast for anyone who wants to remember the good old times. And mainly we want to spread positivity in today's world.
  6. Hosted by Courtney and Stefanie. These girls have opposing feelings about horror movies...Courtney LOVES them where Stefanie HATES them! Listen while each week the girls watch a different scary movie separately and share their emotional struggles together. Each episode is full of reactions, opinions, and pure silliness as Courtney and Stefanie discuss their newest movie. So grab a glass of wine and your favorite couch blanket and enjoy the ride with them! CHEERS! Support this podcast:
  7. Mess and Connors are two movie fans who love to have a beer and talk, argue and discuss movies, TV shows, etc. In addition, they’ll have a beer with actors, actresses, writers, directors, sound engineers, movie buffs, you name it! Not serious critics. Just casual fans.
  8. Join friends of 20 years Ben, Matt, Wesley, their newest best friend Emily, and a revolving door of guests, as they stumble their way through discussing, reviewing, griping about, and creatively revisiting and revising the biggest movies of 2007, which is considered to be one of the greatest film years of this century.
  1. Crime/Paranormal

  2. Join hosts Holly and Danyelle as they explore everything that goes bump in the night, from the serial killer next door to the ghost in your attic & every spooky thing in between.
  3. This show explores some of the more difficult to solve cases in the Southern Ontario (Canada) area, which remain unresolved to this day. Join your host as she explores the community and facts surrounding each case. Each case features a unique site visit description and various interviews with either friends, family members, law enforcement or specialists. Follow us on Instagram @truecrime_realtime_podcast. Tips on any of the cases can be emailed to:
  4. A weekly True Crime Podcast released on Tuesdays. Riddle Me That! is hosted by a True Crime and Mystery enthusiast with an academic background, who takes a deep dive into the facts of Unsolved Cases, Disappearances, and Mysteries. The occasional solved case will be thrown in for good measure. If you love all things mysterious, you are going to love Riddle me that! Email me with case suggestions at and check us out on Twitter at Riddle Me That Podcast @podcastriddle **I hope you enjoy. Don't forget to leave a 5* review if you want to see more of this content:)**
  5. Kudzu Killers is a true crime podcast featuring a couple of honest-to-goodness southern gals discussing compelling tales of southern style homicide.
  6. A true crime and mystery podcast with stories based in New Mexico and the American desert Southwest.True Consequences is partnered with the Oracl3 Network.
  7. Where we discuss the funny, strange, and obscure crimes of yesteryear.
  8. A podcast hosted by Melanie Peterson, an Air Force veteran turned NYC actress obsessed with true crime. Join her each week as she guides listeners through different cases of the world’s most notorious killers.
  9. Its Always Time For True Crime! A podcast that's all about the lesser known cases of murder, missing person cases, and serial killers!
  10. Join host Ariel Cooksey as she delves into the psychology, sociology, environments, family dysfunction, neurobiology, and extenuating circumstances that create violent offenders.Malice is partnered with The Oracl3 Network.
  11. Sibling comedy duo Dre Arnold and Rashad Jones discuss true crime stories of murder and crime that intrigues your inner most crime addiction. With different pairings of firewater and topics changing every week, join the crew every Tuesday with new episodes to binge on!
  1. Facts & Nonfiction

  2. A bi-weekly podcast feeding you the creepy, peculiar and strange slices of Pennsylvania.
  3. Looking back at 1,500 years of history - from the fall of Rome until the fall of the guillotine - as seen through the eyes of the kings and queens of France... Every episode of T+M starts with a re-telling of a story pulled from the history books, then we try to figure out what really happened: 1) Did two Queens take charge of Francian kingdoms and use them to attack each other? 2) Was Merovech, the first king of the Merovingians, descended from a minion sent by the god Neptune? 3) Did Clovis really stop in the middle of a battle to make a deal with God to convert to Christianity?
  4. Deep into History is a podcast that explores some of History's greatest moments. I'm Arjun, I'm a tale spinner, and I spin our lore into epic stories just for you. You can support my work at:
  5. An irreverent look at science, history, art and just about everything we can find - join us for an internet "show and tell" as we discuss and dissect the random facts we've found floating around the web. And Kurt Russell.
  1. Story Time

  2. A Podcast Garnished with Grim! * Friends Gathered * Drinks Poured * Stories to be Told * Join us as we discuss the more macabre side of life all while cocktailing and keeping it hilarious.
  3. A bi-monthly podcast of dramatic reading and explorations of fictional books from the past.Publishes on the 8th and 24th of every month.
  4. The Bureau Boys is an improvised serial detective comedy based on clues sent in by our Informant Network. Each season, The Boys take on a new cold case.
  1. Music

  2. As the host, I will guide you through the behind-the-scenes stories, themes, and favorite lyrics one album at a time through a queer lens.
  3. An indie music podcast spreading the gospel of vinyl. Mission Statement: "Here's some cool music you may not have heard, so go buy it on vinyl at your local neighborhood mom & pop record shop." NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY! #SpinMomAndPop
  1. Conversational/Morning Show

  2. Four friends and occasional guests talking about just about everything. Send us questions or ideas for topics on any of our platforms.
  3. We talk about reality tv and whatever else we feel like.
  4. Too much content in the world! What started as an online argument is now a podcast. 3 friends accept the challenge each week to try something new for at least 3 hours and let you know if its worth your time!
  1. Culture & Pop

  2. Welcome to Grief Burrito, the wonderful comedy podcast covering all the latest games, films, tech, science and all round strangeness!
  3. Two cousins of Trini descent just talking about things that we think are cool.
  4. Pop That Culture is a podcast where we talk anything and everything to do with pop culture! We talk Movies, Tv shows, Games, Entertainment and any and all of life's interesting questions.Let us know what you think!
  5. We're a Queer Culture podcast! Serving you all the tea, shade, and biscuits you need to keep up with ALL things #DragRace & beyond. Subscribe today!
  6. Fun and engaging stream of consciousness chatter about film and TV shows, hosted by Martin Doyle and Shonagh Walker. Each week, we'll be breaking down our chosen film; discussing its history, influence, cast & crew, technical aspects, and memorable moments.
  7. An uncensored podcast covering a variety of TV, Film & Anime, Gaming and a variety of other Pop-Culture topics!! Reviews you can trust, stories you can enjoy. We will not always agree on everything & that's what will make this show FUN...and uncensored! Make sure to follow us & interact with us on Twitter, Instagram Facebook & TikTok: @HangingWithTheD!
  8. Welcome to the Pod of Holding a bi-weekly podcast of random geekery. Come get Geeky with Kiki!
  9. Welcome to an new podcast for Southgate Media "How Many" the podcast that takes a public figure and debates how many significant contributions they've made to pop culture. Hosted by Jesse, Bob, and Junior.
  10. "From the Middle" is a podcast hosted by Dillon Hubbell, Kendall Eilola, and Kory Hubbell. They're middle-class guys, living in the middle of America, in the middle chapters of their lives, with a point of view that's somewhere in the middle. FtM is a comedy, entertainment, and culture podcast with new episodes released every Wednesday! Want to reach out to the guys? E-mail, they’d love to hear from you!
  11. Welcome to our Horror Themed Podcast! Come along with us as we explore horror across several different artistic mediums. From Horror films to comics and video games join us on our deep dive into the Horror genre.
  12. Supporting independent Horror content creators by featuring interviews, audio dramas and horror themed discussions.
  13. It's me, Ryan, your wonky yet affable host dealing with life on the spectrum and too much pop-culture on the brain. Together we'll take a road trip through the history of the coolest films and television shows. With jokes! Call it an audio documentary or call it a troubling manifesto, just don't call it late for dinner. The first season, “The History and Legacy of #MST3K”, debuts new episodes every Tuesday. For every episode early and hours of exclusive “hilarious” bonus “content” $5 on Patreon gets you oodles of aural nonsense at *We realized the title was terrible AFTER we registered it.
  14. We are Black women expressing and exploring our love of Asian films and television. Our goal is to build a community with others who love them as well. We come with a unique point of view and over a 10 year viewing history. We want to hear from you and what you think too. #KDramas #AsianDramas #BlackGirlMagic #BlackGirlSeoul
  15. Welcome to the Shaken Not Nerd Podcast! Each week our hosts Ian, Tom, Ollie Fuzzy and Dudi discuss whats going on in the nerd world. Whether its a new Star Wars movie, the next installation of the Marvel Cinematic universe or DC movie universe, Reviewing and discussing whats going on in the gaming world, the occasional comic review or being requested to watch something out of the ordinary like Sherlock Gnomes (listener request.. we really didn't want to watch it) But what sets us apart from other podcasts? Well, besides being Australian (i hear people love our accent) we have events. Live shows! Convention interviews, and once a year we have SHARK WEEK where we review a new Shark movie and talk like pirates So whether your a fan of the DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo check out Shaken Not Nerd? We promise you'll laugh at least once!

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