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Creation Date September 15th, 2019
Updated Date Updated April 3rd, 2021
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These are all the Podcasts that Garret Godfrey has appeared on (not a complete list).
  1. “An Artfelt Podcast For The Heartfelt Christian”  In this episode of Hollerlujah Sam had a quite lengthy discussion with a fellow Podcaster about the topic of Crowdfunding. Welcome Garret Godfrey of The Crowdfunding Christian Music Podcast to this show. Garret shared many things in this interview including: His Testimony, Christian Music vs Secular Music, Physical Media vs Digital Media, Bandcamp, Magazines, Record Labels, Record Stores, Crowdfunding, Podcasting and a whole slew of other things. If you are an aspiring musician then this episode has a lot for you to glean from. For more information on Garret’s podcast check out The Crowdfunding Christian Music Podcast here: Attention! All Christian Musicians who are interested in submitting material for an upcoming Compilation Album please email: This album will feature Independent Christian Artists from all over the World and will be released sometime in 2016 as a FREE DOWNLOAD. All Genres and Sub Genres are welcome! The more the merrier! Some current Artists featured on the Compilation include: DESTINY LAB, THE NORTHLAKE MOVEMENT, NINJA SCROLL, DISSIDENT PROPHET, SLAVEIISERVANT, DUVALL, KEY OF DAVID, MORAL MONSTERS, ILLUMINATI FOOD PYRAMID, INVISIBLE CIRCUS, EASTER TEETH, SPRINGTIME IS WARTIME, THE BIBLE UNDERGROUND, CAST THE DRAGON, SHOOFLY, THE BEDLAM SAINTS, THE 4 FATHERS, SE7EN SANDMAN, BLOODBOT, BETHANY EVA, JDSY, ACROLITH, C.A.P., THE FAX, BLACK WITH STARS, THE MINISTRY OF LIGHT AND SOUND, MOTHERFLY, SWIMSUIT GRANDMA, MIKE INDEST, NATHANIEL XH, STELLAR MASS, TABITHA LEWIS, FORFEIT THEE UNTRUE, RENEGADE SMITH, SUPPLANTER’S FIRE, UPSETTER, LIL SLIKO, JOHN ROBEY, BACKPEDALER, CHAMBER, TABERKNUCKLE, SANTA SKUELA, CATCH-22 and more… Sources and Resources: Subscribe to HOLLERLUJAH PRAISECAST on GPR: itpc:// Like CCM Podcast on Facebook: Watch CCM Podcast on Youtube: The Problem With Music (Essay by: Steve Albini): Dissident Prophet “Red Moon Rising” Review: V/A “We Demand Hovindication” Review: Sam’s Downwrite Artist Profile: GPM official Website: GPM on Youtube: GPM on Facebook: GPM on Bandcamp: ILLUMINATI FOOD PYRAMID on Facebook: SLAVEIISERVANT on Facebook: SLAVEIISERVANT on Bandcamp: SLAVEIISERVANT Music Video on Youtube: God’s Property Radio: Revelations Radio Network:
  2. Comments on Good Patron? 888-563-3228 Description Good art - especially independent art - doesn't just happen. Host Garret Godfrey explores some of the best ways we all can be more supportive of faith-based independent music, including interviews and the latest crowdfunding campaigns. Website Opinion The intro had the voice so low I couldn't hear it when you said "Good Patron." I liked that you had a nice table of contents. You explained how UTR needs 14K, and then played your spotlight artist which sounded like the music I produced when I was 14. The drum machine is absolutely awful for today's technology. It may be that I'm a musician, but I think even nonmusicians would admit that the drums didn't sound like anything from technology produced in the last 10 years. WOW that was bad. My worry is this is the SPOTLIGHT artist, and if this is the music that UTR wants me to contribute to, no thank you. The reason bands like Stryper had mainstream success was their music was sounded like it was recorded in a studio (not a basement). I really liked your tip about Spotify and it brought the content back to the original concept of the show (supporting musicians). I liked this as I had run out of ideas after, "Buy their music, and buy their merch." So fix your intro and maybe be a bit more selective on your spotlight artists, and you've got a nice niche show. Get A Full Review If you’d like a full review of your podcast, check out Podcast Review Show or if you need Podcast Consulting, Book an Appointment Today Get Your Podcast Reviewed Sign up at Fiverr. com Get a full review on the Podcast Review Show. Free Subscription to the Podcast Rodeo Show Subscribe to the show and never miss another episode on Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts. For more options see Work With Me Start your podcast with a membership to the School of Podcasting, or let me be your podcast mentor and guide and work side by side.
  3. "Surrender"Alan and Em are joined by Garret Godfrey of the Good patron podcast to discuss Christian music in the 1980s. The episode also includes 25 minutes of a 1987 episode of Alan's college radio show, where he played "the best in today's Christian rock."We we  about the new album, and play portions of two songs. Click on the player below to listen to the episode: Right-click to download the episode.You may also subscribe to the podcast through Apple Podcasts or the RSS Feed.Link: Good Patron PodcastLink: Justus on DiscogsLink: "Someone's Waiting" at YouTubeWe would love to hear from you about this topic, the podcast episode, or monsters in general. Send e-mail feedback to You can follow the network on twitter @DorknessToLight or Alan @ProfessorAlan
  4. Episode 1 - Show Notes Like the iNoahGuy Podcast on Facebook Check out Like Crowdfunding Christian Music on Facebook This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
  5. It's widely considered one of the highest quality and influential albums in Christian Rock history. We are celebrating the 30th anniversary of White Heart's album "Freedom." ------------------ TRACK LIST ------------------ * "Invitation" * "Bye Bye Babylon" * "Over Me" * "Let The Kingdom Come" * "Power Tools" * "The River Will Flow" * "Sing Your Freedom" [LIVE] ^^ All songs are by White Heart from the album "Freedom" (1989) -------------- CREDITS -------------- * Host & Producer: Dave Trout * SPONSOR 1: Joel Ansett - * SPONSOR 2: John Lyzenga - * UTR's GoFundMe Campaign - * Link to White Heart's "Freedom" on Spotify - ---------- SPECIAL THANKS ----------- GUEST PANELISTS: * John J. Thompson - * Garret Godfrey - * Robert Berman - OTHER THANKS: * Fan Interviewees: Ken, Ryan, Jeff, Becky, Mark * New Hope Church in Brentwood, TN * Mike Trout & Sharon Nelson for introducing me to White Heart (c) 2019 UTR Media. All Rights Reserved. A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization - more info at
  6. A panel of music-lovers joins Dave Trout to discuss what Christian Music sounded like 3 decades ago in 1990. ------------ TRACK LIST FOR EP.49 ----------- * How Long Will Be Too Long - Michael W. Smith * For The Sake of the Call - Steven Curtis Chapman * I Love Rap Music - DC Talk * Almost Threw It All Away - Charlie Peacock * Another Time, Another Place - Sandy Patti & Wayne Watson * Merciful Eyes - The Choir * This is The Way Love Is - 77s * The Dry Bones Dance - Mark Heard * All Around the World - Crystovox * Armed and Dangerous - Petra * Beyond Belief - Petra * Livin' For My Lord - Ken Tamplin * It's Love - Kings X * Good Feeling - Halo * Stranger - Holy Soldier * It's No Fun Anymore - Holy Soldier * Walkin' in Faith - Angelica * Independence Day - White Heart * Run to the Water - Mastedon ---------- CREDITS FOR EP.49 ------------ * Host/Producer - Dave Trout * Guest Panelists - Robert Berman, John J. Thompson, Garret Godfrey, Chris Marchand * SPONSOR1: Weston Skaggs - * SPONSOR2: Luke Lillard - * SPONSOR3: Amazon's Smile Program (choose "UTR Media) - * UTR & RTA's coast-to-coast Hosting Network - * Special Thanks to the "LightMusic" TV show & Jim Channell's "Rock Christian Countdown" * Email: (c) 2020 UTR Media. All Rights Reserved. A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization - info at

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