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  1. Welcome to the Master of Letters podcast, where CEO’s, marketers and consultants share the tactics and activities that are driving traffic to their sites and helping them engage with their audience. If you want to learn what’s working for others right now so that you can grow your own business, then you’ve come to the right place. In this episode, we meet Jürgen Strauss. Jürgen is the Chief Innovator and Founder of InnovaBiz, with a vision to help exceptional business coaches make a difference. Jürgen is also the Host of the InnovaBuzz podcast, with over 120 episodes published so far. Prior to founding Innovabiz, Jürgen worked in the science and chemical industries leading large teams across Asia, Europe, India, North America and Australia. Jürgen can be found at https://innovabiz.com.au
  2. This episode is brought to you by my sponsor, Content Snare This podcast interview is long overdue (we recorded a few months ago) and I'm excited to finally share this with you. I had the good fortune of connecting Jürgen Strauss a few years back through a mutual friend. Jürgen is one of those people who instantly makes you feel at ease and is a true pleasure to talk with. He also has a brilliant understanding of processes and systems, how to grow a team (through outsourcing), and how to scale a business with WordPress. Jürgen is a certified WP Elevation consultant and is also the founder of the Innovabuzz podcast (which I have had the good fortune of being a guest on). Questions I Asked Jürgen Can you share your background & business with the listeners? You've also got your podcast, the Innovabuzz podcast, can you share a little bit about the podcast and why you started it? What has the podcast done for your business? One of the many reasons I wanted to have you on the show was because I know you've got some amazing skills when it comes to systems & processes. How did you get into that? What are some of the things you see people afraid of doing or afraid to implement when it comes to creating processes & systems? For web development agencies, is there a common mistake people make? What's coming for the rest of this year for you? What You're Going to Learn How Jürgen went from chemistry to the internet How he's learned to build remote teams in China, Japan, Singapore, India, Europe, and North America while being based in Australia How to focus on building strategic relationships and partnerships to grow remote teams How they position their projects for long-term work with their clients How his podcast was originally focused on innovation and has morphed into so much more (and what it's done for his business) How to connect with startups and get feedback and responses when using their tools How to make sure your team understands the why behind the company and their tasks Where to Connect with Jürgen Website | Facebook | Twitter
  3. Watch the video podcast here. Jurgen's StoryJurgen's journey is quite an interesting one. He started off with 27 years of experience in corporate marketing and enjoyed both the challenges and being able to work his way up. However, in the last few years, things changed - he is driven by serving his clients and the company that he was working for wasn’t putting an emphasis on relationships and he didn't want to be a part of something that wasn't in line with his values. Jurgen went off on his own and started a business which he initially thought would be a marketing and business consultancy (because that was his background). However, he soon came to realise that his marketing was based on corporate experience which didn’t work well with small business. The Global Financial Crises also got in the way at the time and people were cutting back on marketing expenses. Jurgen realised that in those meetings people would often tell him that they needed websites. Aha! Lightbulb moment! Jurgen decided to figure out how to make websites and discovered WordPress. He built a website for a client who was impressed that they were able to get leads pretty quickly. It was then that he decided to change his company focus to building websites as a marketing tool. Building Self Taught WebsitesJurgen taught himself how to use WordPress with some courses along the way. He isn’t great at coding so he has people to help him. He decided that it wasn’t a good use of his time to learn something that he wasn’t interested in. He was better off focussing on his strengths. What is Jurgen's Niche?He has niched his business down in the last 12-18 months to focus more on targeting business coaches. He had a range of different clients but his marketing is focussed towards business coaches now as they are the people who respond well to his message. There is no point in trying to get your message across to the wrong audience! The ProcessThe key thing for Jurgen was setting up good systems. He developed a transformational marketing map with the stages that he uses in his own business and the businesses that he works with: First, the potential client has to find out about you and build trustThen get them interested in what you have to offer by understanding their problem and matching their needs. You then go through the relationship building stage - generating, nurturing and converting leads. By the time you get to the sales part it should be easy (or you haven’t done enough work!) The sale isn’t over yet though, you need to deliver an exceptional product. Jurgen helps his client's develop systems for onboarding and building referrals and then makes sure it can be scaled. The revelation for him was to get clear with his target audience - getting really clear about who they are to the point where you can give them a name, an image and a story that you can attach a whole lot of information to (a tip he learned from the WP Elevation Blueprint!). Ask yourself - what are their needs, behaviours, hobbies, beliefs, values, frustrations and aspirations. That way you can communicate with them. Find out where they hang out. Such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or in real life are they in a Chamber of Commerce. You can even attend those meetings, or find where their meetups are. Building TrustYou can build trust quite quickly by giving away free information or services and creating clear processes such as Jurgen's transformational marketing map (download the detailed map on his website). Jurgen also blogs and has a podcast series which helps position himself as an expert. The content is on social media, with a lot of it automated to get his blogs and articles posted and shared easily. However, he also spends time engaging with people and sharing other people's content. Innovabiz also has a weekly newsletter. Typically they include a variety of relevant articles in there, two of which will be their own, the rest are written by other people. This shows the client that they care about their success, even if it is to share another person's knowledge with them. PodcastingJurgen's advice is that if you are thinking of doing a podcast- just do it! If you want help, there is a lot of support within the WP Community. Jurgen had some personal coaching with Troy and one of the things Troy suggested was to start a podcast. He isn’t afraid to get on camera and talk to people so he found the idea of simply having a conversation with someone not daunting at all. When Jurgen was in corporate, he had made many international contacts which weren't helpful for him when he was trying to get local business. However, he realised with a podcast he could leverage these relationships and speak to some really successful people doing innovative things. Hence the theme - innovation. What If You Are an Introvert?Jurgen's advice - forget about yourself and think about the audience. You have a gift and something to contribute to the audience. So get over yourself, get out there and make it about the audience and how you can help them. Has the Podcast Helped Jurgen's Business?It is hard to quantify but the reason they did it was for positioning. They an opportunity to land a large corporate client due to the fact that the CEO of that business was a guest on the podcast. So the podcast was the critical factor in that. A number of small business clients also told him that they had a number of options, but the fact that they had listened to his podcast swayed them his way! What Has Been the Biggest Challenge in Running His Business?Jurgen says that cash flow has made it stressful at times. You get to a point where you spend a lot of money, put out a lot of proposals and you're counting on getting a lot of money coming in, but client's delay. However, when it rains, it pours and sometimes you can take on too many clients! A few years ago he changed his business model from building websites as a single service, to monthly retainer payments from most of his clients which definitely helps with the cash flow situation and building long-term relationships. Jurgen tells the client up front that if they want a website build with him that they need to go onto a care plan. That usually works pretty well. With the bigger projects, he tends to do it over a 12 month period so it gives them the chance to scale it and show them how it is working. The idea then of course, is that they continue on. MindsetHow does Jurgen stay positive? He says that you have good and bad days but he tries to remind himself that at any given time in this world there is someone out there that is desperate for the magic that only you can provide and you can transform their lives. So you need to find a way to get out there and find those people, get in front of them and build your business in a way that feels good for you and makes you profit and growth. Understand that there might be people that you think are doing things better than you, but that there are clients who will be a better fit for you and what you do. So there is no need to compare! BalanceJurgen takes time to get out on his bike for an hour or so first thing in the morning. When he is on his own a lot of good ideas come to him. If he skips a day then he doesn't feel right. He says to do whatever you're passionate about to get away from work and switch off a bit. He had an interesting conversation with guest Dr Fiona Kerr on his podcast recently who is a neuroscientist and talked about how when we switch off the mind we actually become more creative and it helps you develop new ideas. Find the link to this in the links section below. Day to day Tools:  Ryver, which is a Slack alternative, where they do all their communication Zoom link for live chats Zapier for integration Paperform which is similar to Gravity Forms Where to From Here?Listen in at the end to find out where his business is going and his exciting upcoming plans. Including a joint venture which will include training programs and his annual business planning retreat with the next one being in Vanuatu. So Stay tuned for that one! And that's a wrap! Jurgen is a wealth of knowledge, so please feel free to ask him any questions in the comments section below and he will get back to you.
  4. Jürgen Strauss spent 27 years in Corporate travelling the world and running remote teams. Then finally the travel and values of the business he worked for influenced him to reconsider and take a voluntary redundancy. Now Jürgen helps business coaches to improve their marketing to get more clients. Jürgen gives some great marketing tips in this podcast. One not to miss   There were lots of great takeaways in the episode, so grab that pen and notepad, and enjoy! How to identify, create and use an ideal client profile The power of finding the right mastermind Why you need to test and measure and run marketing experiments How marketing is through the line and what to do to make customers sticky How to create a winning culture in a remote team How to start a podcast Running your business in seasons and matching this to your cash flow How to get the most out of referrals   Important Links & Mentions From This Episode: WP Elevation Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute Children’s Medical Research Institute Slack Loom Notion.so Bonjoro (check out Matt Barnett’s interview for the Corporate Escapees podcast) Local Business Leaders podcast Podcast Talent Coach The Marketing Book Podcast All Selling Aside podcast   Connect With Jürgen Strauss On LinkedIn On Twitter: @Innovabiz Innovabiz Pty Ltd innovabiz.co/MAS Connect With Paul and Build Live Give On LinkedIn On Twitter: @BuildLiveGive On Facebook On Instagram: @BuildLiveGive
  5. Jürgen is a marketing strategist, speaker and podcaster; he has spent years in both the corporate world and small business world at the intersection of technology, science, human behaviour, marketing and business management, leading global multi-national teams across Asia, Europe, India, North America and Australia. He is founder and chief innovator at Innovabiz who partners with exceptional business coaches to enable them to acquire more leads and more business by reaching their ideal target prospects with their message, so that they will achieve growth and be able to make a difference to more ideal clients. As host of the InnovaBuzz Podcast with over 170 episodes, Jürgen has interviewed with innovative entrepreneurs from around the world. Check out his interviews with Jennifer and Josh! He also hosts the Tales of Marketing Transformation Show, which is all about making marketing more human.Access the Transformational Marketing Hub by visiting innovabiz.co/vip. Connect on Twitter. Connect on LinkedIn.
  6. On today’s show we have Jurgen Strauss on to talk about how to create your ideal client profile. Why is it important? How detailed should you get? And once you have it, what do you do with it? I’ll also be introducing my new TechBlog Builder service. Learn all that and so much more coming up right now!
  7. Today’s co-host is Jurgen Strauss. I’ve known Jurgen in several different online communities over the past several years, so it’s an absolute pleasure to finally bring him on the show and have a chat.Jurgen is the founder and chief innovator of InnovaBiz, which helps coaches and consultants build professional credibility and connection with their ideal clients. He was the perfect candidate to have on the show given everything we’ve talked about and everyone we’ve talked to in the past.Jurgen got his start in the chemical manufacturing industry. That’s where he cut his teeth in business. When he started coaching and consulting, he realized that just because there were a lot of things he could do, and clients he could take on, that didn’t mean it was the right thing for his business.From that realization came his passion for understanding and identifying his ideal client. He found that every time he narrowed the focus of his business, the more his business grew. Through a series of bad clients and experiences, he was able to cultivate a variety of tools and strategies that enabled him to identify his true, ideal clients.Today, Jurgen is still consulting, and is focused on his podcast and podcast training course."When you recognize a person that fits your ideal profile and you start to talk to them in their language, you start to talk about their aspirations, about their needs, about their frustrations, then you get this aha moment."In this episode Jurgen talked about: The path that lead him to his business of coaching and consulting. How to use empathy maps, not just to discover and understand your ideal client, but with your current leads as well. How non-ideal clients can throw the wheels off your business, and everything you’re trying to accomplish. Why it’s so important to pay attention to the external factors and people that your ideal client is paying attention to. Main Takeaways Empathy maps are a great way to figure out who is influencing your ideal client. These questions can help you dig deeper with existing clients as well, opening up a whole new world of services and opportunities. A non-ideal client can eat up a lot of your time because you’re either trying to learn what they need as you go, or they can be demanding. Both things waste your time and money and can ultimately lead to more referrals of the same type of client. The external factors that are influencing your clients are what will get them to say yes or no. You can use empathy maps to figure out these channels, and how you can leverage them to better serve your client. Important Mentions in this Episode InnovaBiz InnovaBuzz Podcast InnovaBiz on Twitter Tales of Marketing Transformation Marketing Master Mini-class Jurgen on LinkedIn Ryan Deiss For full show notes and resourcesLive In The Feast - Episode 1 of Season 7
  8. Your Ideal Client on The Tony DUrso Show with Dr. Jürgen Strauss. This show is dedicated to Helping our audience Visionaries, Manifest Their Vision. Dr. Jürgen Strauss is host of the InnovaBuzz Podcast (over 200 episodes) and the Tales of Marketing Transformation Show. As owner and Chief Innovator of Innovabiz, he partners with innovative, exceptional business coaches and consultants to enable them to acquire more leads and more business by reaching their target ideal audience with their message. Listen to The Tony DUrso Show on VoiceAmerica Influencers Platform every Friday at 2pm Pacific or listen on Apple Podcasts (iTunes).
  9. Mike Montague interviews Jurgen Strauss, marketing innovator and host of the Innovabuzz podcast, on How to Succeed at Marketing to Your Ideal Client   In this episode: Target your marketing You have two ideal clients to market to Ideal attitudes to succeed at marketing How to prequalify your ideal client It’s all about communication Empathy maps Ask good questions and follow up questions of your ideal clients How Jurgen defines success Best attitude, behavior and technique Find Jurgen at https://innovabiz.com.au/ or subscribe to his podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mike-montague-how-to-have-sales-conversations-knowing/id907785670?i=1000450029832  The How to Succeed Podcast is a public and free podcast from Sandler Training, the worldwide leader in sales, management, and customer service training for individuals all the way up to Fortune 500 companies with over 250 locations around the globe. Find white papers, webinars, and more in our free Sandler E-Learning Library: https://www.sandler.com/sell Enroll yourself in our video self-study online courses at: https://shop.sandler.com/category/online-courses
  10. People want to do business with people. In recent years, marketing has become very automated, with everyone wanting their marketing to be easy, with as little contact as possible. The result, a huge disconnect for customers. It’s crucial to remember, we do business with people and there must be a personal connection. There's a relationship between two people, a seller and a buyer, or a person providing a solution to a problem that another person has. Automation and technology should be there to make it easier to have more human-to-human interactions as opposed to replacing them. ​ Listen to Small Business Talk Episode 45 for the full episode and all Jurgen Strauss's marketing tips
  11. Selling can feel icky, especially to many web designers and digital agencies that are more on the technical side. But if you truly understand your best clients, and believe that what you provide will get them to where they want to be, it no longer feels like selling.  Jürgen Strauss joins the show to talk about how you can achieve this level of connection with your ideal clients.   Resources mentioned in the episode Jurgen’s Marketing Master Mini ClassXplane Empathy Map Connect with Jürgen Facebook – InnovabizFacebook Groups – Marketing TransformationTwitter – InnovabizLinkedInInstagram About Jürgen Founder and Chief Innovator at Innovabiz, Jürgen's vision for Innovabiz is simple: We will turn your business into a client magnet by building and making the most of your marketing – making your marketing Human again. Prior to founding Innovabiz, Jürgen spent years in both the corporate world and small business world at the intersection of technology, science, human behaviour, marketing and business management. Jürgen's philosophy is making marketing human! Marketing is about building relationships with people we serve; marketing is about enabling people to achieve and excel; it’s about working with people. Innovabiz's Map places marketing at the heart of business and mirrors a hero’s journey taken by the customer. With over 200 episodes of the InnovaBuzz Podcast, Innovabiz have a robust system from identifying and inviting guests, through recording, editing, publishing and promoting each episode. There’s a magic question, that is key to growing the podcast, and other innovative strategies. A key part of the Marketing Map is customer retention; delivering exceptional experiences, helping them solve more problems and having them share their stories. Innovabiz work with clients on systems for encouraging reviews, managing reviews and owning your online reputation.
  12. Podcasting is an excellent and affordable way to promote your business, connect with influencers, and establish yourself as an expert in your field. It can also be great fun! To follow along, download the workbook here: bit.ly/POD101-Workbook-Online-DownloadYour Presenters: Zoe Hollingworth, Video Confidence Coach, host of the Do Video PodcastDr Jürgen Strauss, Innovabiz, host of the InnovaBuzz Innovation Podcast with over 200 episodes and still going strong.In this workshop you'll learn:🎙️ the advantages of podcasting🎙️ the basics of podcasting🎙️ discover a step-by-step method for planning, writing and recording your own podcast🎙️ how to use podcasting as a strategic marketing toolAfter the workshop, you'll be ready to record your very own. If you want an innovative and easy marketing strategy for your business, one that is effective, fun and highly profitable, then this event is for you.#Podcasting101 #howtopodcast #GSBF📳 Download the Workbook: bit.ly/POD101-Workbook-Online-Download📳 Connect with Dr Jürgen Strauss of Innovabiz: innovabiz.com.au📳 Connect with Zoe Hollingworth of Video Confidence Coach: dovideopodcast.com⏰ Timestamps:2:34 Podcasting is as simple as making a phone call12:15 Why podcasting is the new way to market your business20:20 How to name your podcast23:30 How long should your podcast episode be28:15 What you need to get started, it only takes 2 things45:20 How to structure your podcast episode57:20 Next steps after recording your podcast1:07:00 Hosting platforms and getting your podcast out there1:12:30 Be consistent with your podcast1:25:10 How to market your podcastIn conclusion, the podcasting revolution is changing the way entrepreneurs everywhere are connecting with ideal prospects, building a loyal, committed fan base and selling their products and services all over the world. And, if you are clever and strategic, podcasting can become a fundamental pillar of your marketing and offer a whole range of opportunities to help your target audience and add to your business income.⌚👀 WATCH THESE NEXT:😎 We're Back! (Where have we been this past few months): https://youtu.be/fY0xGD3KtuQ😀 How to get laser focused! | Do Video Podcast: https://youtu.be/2PrBpOV7o6U🤗 Inshot Tutorial: https://youtu.be/J7RXiRRm9NU👏👏👏FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE VIDEO CONFIDENCE COACH:🤣 DO YOU WANT TO FIND OUT HOW WE CAN HELP YOU WITH VIDEO?Inquire using our link to talk to our team about your video needs, wants and goals and see if we're a great fit. http://bit.ly/VCC-Inquire🤩 ARE YOU READY TO TAKE THE PLUNGE?In 1 hour we will work out a video strategy for your business and see if more coaching is needed. http://bit.ly/VCC-1-Hour-Session📳 JOIN THE CREWJoin the Video Confidence Crew on Facebook to get FREE member exclusives & a genuine community to support you on your video journey.https://www.facebook.com/groups/vccpublic/🤯 DISCOVER MORE📽️ Subscribe to our Youtube channel: http://bit.ly/VCC-Youtube-Channel🦄 Find your us preferred platform using Plu.us: https://plu.us/videoconfidence📧 The bi-monthly newsletter: http://eepurl.com/dtxtn1📷 Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/VCC-Insta👥 Like us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/VCC-Facebook📅 Contact Zoe direct: zoe@videoconfidencecoach.com.au🎧 LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST🎙 Do Video Podcast website: https://www.dovideopodcast.com/🎧 Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: http://bit.ly/DO-VIDEO-APPLE🎙 Subscribe on Spotify: http://bit.ly/DO-VIDEO-SPOTIFY🎧 Subscribe on Google Podcasts: http://bit.ly/DO-VIDEO-GOOGLE🎞️ DID YOU LIKE OUR OPENING TITLE?If you're looking for 3D design, animation and all round great guy! You can find Joel for your own animation and viSupport the show
  13. Welcome to another episode of Creative On Purpose Live! This is a show about flying higher in endeavors that make a difference. Step into possibility with integrity and intention. It’s time to be creative on purpose. Are you ready? Let’s go! I’m your host, Scott Perry, founder of Creative on Purpose and author of The Creative on Purpose Handbook. This episode's guest is Jurgen Strauss, founder Innovabiz. Here are some takeaways from our chat: - What is innovation? - B2B, B2C, and H2H connections. - The importance of asking better questions. - Teachers, mentors, role models, and heroes.
  14. In today’s social media age, anyone can create content and share it with the rest of the world. You can post a photo or a video on Instagram, create a Facebook page, produce podcasts or write blog posts about anything and everything! One helpful tool is Canva, and Innovabiz founder and chief innovator, Jürgen Strauss, shares his simple 10-step process of creating attractive, attention-grabbing header images for podcasts with this tool. Guest’s Background: As founder and chief innovator, Jürgen Strauss‘ vision for Innovabiz is simple: Innovabiz will transform your online presence into a business generation platform that delivers exceptional results. Jürgen is also the host of the InnovaBuzz podcast – providing smart businesses who value innovation and have an interest in digital marketing, information marketing, internet marketing, content marketing, and website development to become even more innovative. Jürgen is also an avid (some say obsessed!) cyclist, as well as enjoying the odd fine wine with good food and good company! He also enjoys photography, walking in the Australian bush and spend time in his garden. Website: innovabiz.com.au Process Overview Mindmap Why are we doing this? Our InnovaBuzz Podcast is a compilation of audio/video file interviews of innovative leaders throughout the world who share their experiences in their field and educate their audience about all things regarding innovation and leadership.  While outstanding episode content should be the focus of your podcast, your header image is the first thing your audience and listeners will see. It is vital to present an attractive header that will catch the eye of new listeners. New listeners can be attracted to your service through the style of headers or images you make. You don’t only want your listeners and followers to love the quality of your podcast content but you also want to grab their attention with your artwork.  The consistency of header images can also help people identify and remember your podcast so it is always good to have a folder on Canva or whatever site you are using and compile the images so you can use consistent imagery across all of your podcast headers. Another reason we are putting in the effort to make an attention-grabbing header image is so that we can visually communicate the subject of the podcast. The audience will want to see the title and the service of the guests before they listen to it. What You Will Need To complete the process of creating beautiful graphics, you will need access to: Google Images (a copy of 800 x 800 px guest photo sent through email) Canva.com Expert Version Search for your guest’s image online. Note: You can also email your guest to provide a better quality of his/her picture and if it’s possible, ask for at least 800 x 800 px. Save the image on your computer.  Open canva.com and log into Jurgen’s account.  Look for the folder/file where the saved header image is that Jurgen has used for previous podcasts.  Make a copy of the latest one.  Upload the photo file of your guest.  Delete the previous image on the previous copy of the header.  Put the photo on and arrange it so it looks appealing.  Change the title of the header image.  Download the finished header. Outcome: How will you know you have finished? It says ‘done downloading’ and the header image is saved on your computer.  Detailed Steps 1. Find a clear copy of the guest’s image on Google preferably 800 x 800 px. Save the image on your computer. Note: If you can’t find any good pictures of your guest from Google or their website, you can email your guest in advance and ask for a better quality photo. 2. Open canva.com and log into your account. 3. Look for the folder/file with the saved header images that have been made from previous podcasts. 4. Make a copy of the latest one then upload the photo of your guest from your computer. 5. Delete the previous image from the header. 6. Insert photo and arrange it so it looks appealing. Change the title of the Header image. 7. Download the finished header. The Internet gives you unlimited opportunities to keep existing customers engaged, convert prospective clients, and generate new business. Think outside of the box and let your online presence – whether it’s your podcasts and blog posts on your website, your Instagram photos, or Twitter tweets – become a business generation platform that will work for you! Be creative and take advantage of the many graphic design tools available online to help you create eye-catching contents that deliver exceptional results. You can then develop the process into a system that you can replicate and refine as you go along. Begin with this easy to follow the 10-step process and you’ll be off to a flying start! And be sure to check out Canva too – it’s a great free tool.Support the show.
  15. Jürgen Strauss, of Innovabiz and the Innovabuzz podcast, offers experienced-based insights on innovation and cross-cultural communication. Jürgen’s work in the corporate world included managing teams across different cultures and countries in Asia and Australia. That experience and his ongoing interest innovation enrich his current work, helping small businesses to embrace transformational marketing.  You can learn more about his business (based in, but not limited to, Melbourne, Australia) at https://innovabiz.com.au/.  You can access his podcast, Innovabuzz, on the major apps or at https://innovabiz.com.au/innovabuzz/.Do you have comments or suggestions about a topic or guest? An idea or question about conflict management or conflict resolution? Let me know at jb@dovetailresolutions.com! And you can learn more about me and my work as a mediator and a Certified CINERGY® Conflict Coach at www.dovetailresolutions.com and https://www.linkedin.com/in/janebeddall/.

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