Mark's Top 10 of the Climactic Collective - 2020

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Creation Date December 24th, 2020
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  1. The Climactic Collective is thrilled to be able to bring you this special feature, an audio documentary from Jess Fairfax - TO FEED TWO BIRDS WITH ONE SCONE An audio documentary by Jess Fairfax Over the past year or so, I have found inspiration in the work of Michel Foucault, who believes in the power of discourse as both “an instrument and an effect of power, but also a hindrance, a stumbling point of resistance and a starting point for an opposing strategy” (Foucault 1998). The dominant discourse our government upholds, preserves an economy powered by fossil fuels, despite the known impacts of global warming. With business as usual brought to a standstill due to COVID-19, and the government looking for ways to stimulate the economy, I felt an urgent need to amplify alternative discourses that point towards a new low carbon economy. Within this documentary you will hear from researchers, farmers and representatives from unions, investor groups and worker cooperatives about the environmental, social and economic impact of climate change and the solutions at hand. The piece also considers how we might shift the way we think of ourselves from consumers to citizens, part of, not separate from, the environment.  Orr (1994) states that we must shift our current paradigm to one that “places us in the web of life as citizens of the biotic community”. Within the piece, I addressed this through using field recordings from various Australian ecosystems as background to the dialogue. I also believe music is an incredibly powerful medium and I composed the soundtrack as a way to bring beauty to conversations around the economy and energy systems. I wove stories my friends told me about their time outdoors during lockdown into the piece. I believe that isolation has instilled a great appreciation in many people of the value of green space for our mental and physical health. I hope this translates into citizen action around the need to preserve and care for the environment. This piece is just the beginning and I encourage feedback, comments, communication, ideas, criticisms and importantly conversations. It is here that the power should be. Here are the links to the interviewee’s organisations and publications, along with other references: LUKE SKINNER – Climate Justice Union of WA PETER HOLDING – Farmers for Climate Action EMMA HERD – Investors Group on Climate Change PETRA STOCK- Climate Works Australia DAN MUSIL – Earthworker Cooperative Other References: The Guardian:Business, unions and green groups call for sustainable Covid-19 recovery with clean energy transition The Sydney Morning Herald: Breakthrough moment: Woodside investors revolt on climate change The Australian Financial Review: Coronavirus complicated Woodside’s task on LNG The Guardian: COVID Commission boss Nev Power steps back at gas company amid conflict of interest concerns ReNew Economy:Solar, batteries, micro-grids and ISP should be added to Covid-19 response  The Clean Energy Council: Renewables clean energy has the potential to drive covid-19 economic rebuild  The IEA:Put clean energy at the heart of stimulus plans to counter the coronavirus crisis  The Age: ‘Ambitious climate action a double win for economy in Coronavirus recovery’ The Conversation:Why it doesn’t make sense to ignore climate in our recovery from the pandemic Bibliography: Foucault, Michel (1998) The History of Sexuality: The Will to Knowledge, London, Penguin. See for privacy information.
  2. This is a special audio documentary from Ruby Marshall.  Join us in this podcast to hear from local residents and workers from the Latrobe Valley about the just transition away from the fossil fuel industry that is happening there right now. What is currently happening in the Latrobe Valley with their transition away from the fossil fuel industry? How is the community preparing for the closing of the coal mines, and creating new industries with jobs to replace the mines? How is the Latrobe Valley experiencing the impacts of climate change and how are they dealing with it? Listen to find out. Earth Worker Cooperative Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation Voices of the Valley Latrobe Valley Community Power Hub Environment Victoria Coal Hole See for privacy information.
  3. Author Katerina Cosgrove reads aloud a recent piece of writing, published by SBS Voices.  This feature vignette was produced and sound designed by Lloyd Richards featuring music by Omer Haber.  The coverart is by @leio on Unsplash.  To get in touch with us, to contribute your own creativity to engaging with the climate crisis, drop us a line at Or a voicemail from     See for privacy information.
  4. What’s the Grot? Or, what happens to form The Grot? A barely recognisable, muddy dystopia of a future? Or, a near at hand present with just a slap of mud and touch of humour? Eav Brennan explores graphic novel The Grot with author Pat Grant, and get into why he made it, what it reflects, and what he hopes you take away from it. You can already read it for free on his site, so get the director’s commentary here while you’re at it, you beautiful cheapskates! Links:Pat GrantThe Grottiest Book Launch! Clips:Sydney Morning Herald - 'There's nothing to celebrate': Cronulla Riots 10 years on2040 - Seaweed Crowdfunding CampaignElysium Credits:Host | Eav BrennanHost | Mark SpencerMix/Master | Seán MarshMusic/Production Assistance | Lloyd RichardsSupport the show: for privacy information.
  5. This episode's guest is Mark Joiner. Mark is the former Executive Director of Finance for NAB, the current Chair of QBE Insurance, and has previously held a myriad of top-tier roles in the financial sector. I know what you may be thinking... "what in the world does and banking/insurance executive have to say about environmental and community issues?" The answer will floor you. Mark is a deeply caring and thoughtful individual, and someone who beautifully articulates many of the structural problems with the corporate world that give rise to environmental and social injustice. The things that he says in this conversations you would expect to hear from an activist, or a scholar, or an independent thinker. Mark is all of those things, and speaks about his 'highest value point of intervention' being in the board room rather than the protest rally (which would probably mean he wouldn't be allowed in any more board rooms!) The truth is, we need people from all backgrounds and parts of society to collectively want to create positive change, and rather than try to point the finger at each other we should be asking ourselves, 'what can we do together?' Mark graciously invited me to his home in the Byron hinterland where, after a tour of the property surveying all of the tree planting he has done, we sat down to discuss society at large; including the problems with our current capitalist system, the structural pressures of working in large corporations, and what people can do on an individual level to create change, no matter how small. Thank you so much for listening. I'm having fun and I hope you are too. Keep the good vibes rollin' by hitting subscribe and sharing on instagram. Cheers! See for privacy information.
  6. Welcome to the first series of the HIP V. HYPE podcast, where we discuss new ideas around housing, sustainability and climate action to explore ways to support the sustainable growth of our cities and regions.  In this episode Laura Phillips, Head of Urban Advocacy at HIP V. HYPE is joined by Liam Wallis, Director of HIP V. HYPE and Mitra Anderson-Oliver who is a Better Cities and Regions Associate with HIP V. HYPE Sustainability to discuss the case for family apartment living in Australia. Internationally, three and four bedroom apartments provide for a diverse mix of residents, whether they be a family with young, teenage or adult children, shared households or multi-generational living. However, in Australia three-bedroom apartments are predominantly marketed as a ‘luxury’ housing option. There is a growing case for an increasing number of families to live in inner-city locations, which are close to professional jobs, close to existing family structures and close to existing essential amenities such as shops, schools, hospitals, parks, beaches and community facilities.  But for Australians to meaningfully aspire to apartments as a long-term living option, apartment designs must support attributes that make for meaningfully better apartment living. This episode takes a look at how this can be achieved. See for privacy information.
  7. The UN Secretary-General, António Guterres (pictured), took the stage at the December 2 World Leaders Forum at Columbia University in New York and delivered what some have said was the important address of the year, if not ever. Mr Guterres again warned the world about the seriousness of the climate crisis, pointing out that if people truly cared about their fellows they would act now to do all they could to mitigate the causes of this quickly unfolding crisis. See for privacy information.
  8. In this episode, I chat with an old friend, recent father and Qantas pilot grounded indefinitely by COVID-19. Concerned for the future, Nick Thorne's on a new path, albeit a somewhat begrudging one, to become an atmospheric climate scientist. Added bonus: tune in to hear Nick's passionate speech in front of the Bayside City Council late last year. Support the show: See for privacy information.
  9. The International Organization for Migration estimates that between 25 million and 1 billion people will move as a result of climate change within the next 30 years. Toby Kent, the City of Melbourne's first Chief Resilience Officer, joins Mark Spencer to talk to the Deputy Executive Director of the Mayors Migration Council to talk migration, urbanisation, climate change, and the collision of these factors.  Kate is an immigration policy expert with over a decade of experience working on international, national, state, and local policymaking and advocacy. Toby Kent is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, and business advisor. His work focuses on helping organisations thrive in the face of challenge. He is a board member of the  Business Council for Sustainable Development Australia and for over five years was metropolitan Melbourne’s Chief Resilience Officer. Mayors Migration Council MMC COVID-19 Response MMC Twitter And, for a migration crisis right on the doorstep of Australia, happening to Australian citizens, please take part in this campaign to call on the Australian Federal Government to act on climate change with the urgency required - as we see the Torres Strait Islands being inundated by rising seas. - Sign the petition, watch the video, share it with a friend. Support the show: See for privacy information.
  10. The Climactic Collective is proud to host the Clean State WA Podcast Series, by Anthony James, creator of The RegenNarration. You might recognise Dr Vanessa Rauland from the recent ABC TV series Fight for Planet A. Vanessa’s the co-founder with Alexander Karan of ClimateClever, one of a growing number of WA social enterprises that are starting to realise some of the enormous opportunities in our energy transition. The ClimateClever team has nearly doubled in recent months (even during COVID-19), working with an increasing number of schools, their communities and now businesses, to help them reduce emissions, save money and up skill the next generation around regenerative living. Vanessa’s long-dedicated her days to addressing climate change and increasing awareness about the vast benefits of sustainability. And in the wake of the extraordinary youth-led global climate strikes, it seems fitting that schools would lead the way in the energy and related transitions we so urgently need. Today, Vanessa takes us to one of the WA schools doing just that. The Clean State WA podcast is produced and hosted by Anthony James, Perth-based creator of The RegenNarration podcast. For more stories of regeneration around WA, Australia and the world, tune into The RegenNarration wherever podcasts are found, or at Music: Eden is Lost, by Selfless Orchestra. Get more: On Vanessa and ClimateClever - For more on the emerging Perth hub of ‘clean technology’ start-ups, visit PowerLedger and ClearView solar window technology.  And check out the Clean State WA website, where you’ll see more on the Jobs Plan and how you can get involved - Including on the Bright Sparks Solar Powered School Program and the energy transition - Clean State is an independent initiative advocating for action on climate change and jobs in Western Australia. We represent thousands of individuals and hundreds of businesses and other organisations who are dedicated to climate action across the state. We promote solutions that create thousands of jobs supporting businesses, families and communities and make our state a regenerative, fair and prosperous place to live and work.  More than ever before, we have an opportunity to invest in a sustainable future for WA. The coronavirus pandemic is expected to put as many as 64,000 Western Australians out of work and an economic downturn is underway. That’s why Clean State has worked with industry experts from across WA to develop a plan for over 200,000 jobs that will also deliver action on climate change, conservation, and the care economy. This is the Clean State Jobs Plan. The Clean State office acknowledges that it resides on the land of the Nyoongar people. We pay respect to their Elders, past and present, and acknowledge the important role all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to play in advancing a Clean State of WA.  Thanks to the team at Clean State WA, and to the generous volunteers, supporters and active partners who are making this plan a reality. If you’d like to get in touch with ideas, questions or thoughts generated by the plan or this podcast, you can email Clean State at or simply join our mailing list And thanks for listening! Support the show: See for privacy information.

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