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Creation Date March 21st, 2020
Updated Date Updated May 7th, 2020
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About This List

We are a true crime book club turned podcast, hosted by Jill and Tara. Obsessed, we select a book, and while telling the author's story, we psycho analyze, apply criminology, common sense, share our research and have some fun!
  1. This is YOUR tri-monthly True Crime Book Club, centered around your favorite obsession, where they'll take a deep dive into the case, discussing the story from the author's point of view. In this episode, Tara and Jill review Michelle McNamara's I'll Be Gone in the Dark, on the massive hunt to identify the rapist-serial killer she named the Golden State Killer.  
  2. This is your trimonthly True Crime obsession! In the 2ndCast, Tara and Jill dive deep into the Golden State Killer case, responsible for 120+ burglaries, 50 rapes and 13 murders. Listen to the profile of this serial rapist/killer, how geographic profiling and DNA genealogy led to his capture, AND the capture of 200 others. What did Paul Holes tell Jill?  Who is Joseph DeAngelo? What's next? Tune in!
  3. Bonus Mini-Cast: Update on the Golden State Killer CaseYour favorite Murder Shelf Book Club hosts, Jill and Tara, report on the latest in the Joseph DeAngelo case. What does new evidence from his past reveal? What did the judge rule in court this week? Find out! Subscribe so that you do not miss a regular episode or mini-cast! Give us a 5 star review and remember to trust your gut!
  4. What did author Cara Robertson think about the Lizzie Borden case as she began looking into the murders? Tara and Jill wanted to know too!
  5. Tara and Jill review Cara Robertson's The Trial of Lizzie Borden, delving into background information on this infamous whodunit! Innocent or Ax murderess? What are the facts vs the myths? Find out as the hosts look into the Borden family, grudges, society, suspicion, murder and investigation in Part 1 of this three part review! 
  6. Innocent daughter or fiend? In Part II of the Trial of Lizzie Borden, by Cara Robertson, Jill and Tara look into the preliminary hearing and trial. Follow the twists and turns so see where they take the defense and prosecution, as Fall River society watches, both fascinated and appalled by the Trial of the Century! See what author Cara Robertson told your hosts about Lizzie, axes, hatchets, and blood! BONUS: This is an ad-free episode!  CHEERS, and don't forget to subscribe so you won't miss anything!  
  7. In Part 3, 2ndCast, of our Trial of Lizzie Borden series, Jill and Tara discuss the infamous Lizzie Borden after the trial, Emma Borden, Victorian murderesses using poison, rights evolving after Lizzie’s trial, and WHODUNNIT??  They discuss the many theories on the murders of Abby and Andrew Borden—including Tara and Jill’s theories, complete with the psychology! (Note: When Jill is discussing her 'whodunnit' theory- the killer is in the SIDE stairwell, not the back stairs- sorry!)
  8. Wayne Nance was the nicest guy, he remembered your birthday, brought you flowers, was attentive, and always ready to help out.  So, how did he become Missoula, Montana's own serial killer? Listen as Tara and Jill tell the tale as put forth by author, John Coston, in Part I of this series, that twists and turns through seven cold cases to a shocking conclusion! 
  9. In Part II the body count continues to climb in Missoula, MT, those closest to Wayne Nance go about their days at the furniture store.  But, they notice his mood changing, and changing for the worse.  Then, a battle to the death that would shock the victims, the town, and answer many questions.

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