My 2013-2017 Podcasts Episodes

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Creation Date July 10th, 2018
Updated Date Updated November 27th, 2020
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  1. 2013

  2. Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone discuss iOS apps for your iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV to make you more productive. Morning Reader lets you read the tech news in an uncluttered app on your iPad or iPhone. Stringify is like IFTTT, but
  3. Listen as Jeff talks about snow, feeling fulfilled, and, of course, video games.
  1. 2017

  2. A journalist discovers a scarf with her byline imprinted in its design and embarks on an investigative journey to track down its makers; a former futures trader stumbles into her calling as an internet hoax buster with a specialty for empathizi
  3. An outspoken corporate downsizer learns a harsh lesson after being surprised with her own exit package, and a loyal cop that has to choose between fighting the war on drugs and his criminal brother. Sometimes practicing tough love at work and a
  4. We meet a woman teaching doctors good bedside manners by acting sick when she’s feeling perfectly fine; and a neuroscientist at odds with her own brain after she's diagnosed with schizophrenia. Follow along at and @slackstori
  5. We meet a chef who can't wait to walk away from her prestigious Michelin star rating and a web developer who singlehandedly orchestrated one of the biggest fast food comebacks his hometown has ever seen. Follow along at and @s
  6. On February 15, 2014 Richard Simmons didn’t show up to teach the exercise class he had led for 40 years. He hasn't been seen in public since. Filmmaker Dan Taberski starts investigating the disappearance of his friend.
  7. Dan begins to explore the main theories about Richard’s disappearance. A lot of his friends think Richard may just be sitting in his house. So that's where we go.
  8. The two people closest to Richard at the time of his disappearance hate each other. This episode is about them. Plus, Dan investigates possible claims of a hostage situation and explains what’s up with Richard’s (still very active) social media
  9. We head to New Orleans, Richard’s hometown. From the food to the burlesque to the Southern religiosity, this city shaped young Dickie Simmons into the Richard we all know. It’s also where his brother lives. Dan tries to make contact.
  10. Dan talks to Lenny Simmons, Richard’s brother. Then he looks into some of the stranger, more personal aspects of being a Richard Simmons fan.
  11. Warning – Do not operate heavy machinery while listening to this Pondercast. Because it’s meant to help you slow down.  And slow down you will - I ended up flat out on the living room carpet by about Track #6.   You are going to hear a compilat
  12. Night Series Pt. 1 – Because our nights need more attention. Strange how we spend so much time thinking about how we spend our days - but let our nights unspool without much direction - or intention - from us. You will hear two stories about tw
  13. Listening Party – Find The Others is none other than Andy Sheppard, producer of The Signal. I want you to hear the entire record, and Andy graciously allowed me to bring it to you here. He also gave me a brand new remix of the title track for y
  14. I'm back from a 6 week trip to England and now beginning to figure out what a post-CBC life is going to be like...and what life without Gord Downie is like. Back from a 6 week trip to England and now beginning to figure out what a post-CBC life
  15. Listening Party – This episode is called Metanoia. What an intriguing word! All will be revealed as you listen to the latest album from Kelowna’s Andrew Judah. 
  16. Here we are – the longest night of the year. Here’s a Pondercast to send you off into your own solstice marking ritual.
  17. Life as an improvisational art, at every age. This idea animates the wise linguist and anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson, whose book “Composing a Life” has touched many. Since her childhood as the daughter of the iconic anthropologists Marg
  18. The band Cloud Cult is hard to categorize — both musically and lyrically — though it’s been called an “orchestral indie rock collective.” Less in question is the profound and life-giving force of its music. Cloud Cult’s trajectory was altered t
  19. The civil rights icon Ruby Sales names “a spiritual crisis of white America” as a calling of this time. During the days of the movement, she learned to ask the question, “Where does it hurt?” It’s a question we scarcely know how to ask in publi
  20. In the 1960s, Nikki Giovanni was a revolutionary poet of the Black Arts Movement that nourished civil rights. She had a famous dialogue with James Baldwin in Paris in 1971. As a professor at Virginia Tech, she brought beauty and courage by the
  21. No conversation we’ve ever done has been more beloved than this one. This Irish poet, theologian, and philosopher insisted on beauty as a human calling. He had a very Celtic, lifelong fascination with the inner landscape of our lives and with w

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