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Creation Date August 22nd, 2020
Updated Date Updated September 16th, 2020
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  1. You might be a leader in a large corporation, fresh into the workforce or with 30 years under your belt. Or maybe you are a small business owner or entrepreneur. Whichever it is … you are good at what you do. You feel safe, but keep wondering how long you have before what you do is automated, outsourced, off-shored, replaced or just made obsolete. It will happen. Nothing stands still! Your options are to stay the course, leave for another opportunity or do your own thing. All of them require transformation. I worked in Silicon Valley for over 30 years. You only succeed in that environment by continual transformation. Through conversation and interviews, I will share lessons, stories and case studies that will help you understand how real people at work and play balance priorities every day to make a living and provide the best life possible for themselves and those around them all there while with an eye on the future. At the very least I am going to make you think.
  2. Is there anything better to jump-start your morning than coffee? Do you identify with every coffee meme that crosses your social feed? If so, you’re in the right place! Coffee is a near-universal love and it's possible to make amazing coffee in your own kitchen. But, we often don’t. Countless brew methods. Thousands of coffees from all over the world. Crazy looking gadgets. It’s so much easier just to hit the drive-through! It’s absolutely possible to make an amazing cup of coffee at home. It’s not hard and it’s not expensive. And we’re here to make the complicated easy. If you’re ready to up your coffee game at home, order confidently at your local coffee shop, or find fellow coffee-lovers to talk with about your liquid obsession, you are gonna love what we’re serving! We’ve met so many great people who are growing the craft-coffee culture in communities around the country and we want to share their stories with you as well as their coffee. We want you to know how to make a coffee shop coffee at home easily and inexpensively. We want to support the feel-good, social good causes they’re involved with and invite you to pull up a virtual chair and hang out in our coffee world. We’d love to get to know you! Find us on social: www.facebook.com/connectovercoffeepodcast www.instagram.com/connectovercoffee Check out the website: www.connectovercoffeepodcast.com Get coffee fun delivered to your inbox weekly: https://rough-dew-7083.ck.page/b3b59d3930 Your hosts are a mixed bag. Tim is a coffee freak and Michelle definitely is not. She prefers her coffee as an ice cream flavor. Tim insists she’ll learn to love it. She’s pretty sure that’s the caffeine talking. Each episode features an interview with a coffee roaster, a segment teaching you something about coffee brewing, tasting, or choosing better coffee, and finally, “caffeine and weirdness,” something odd, unusual, or entertaining about coffee. Grab your favorite mug and let’s get started!
  3. Conversational Currency is Baltimore, Maryland's leading small business talk show that focuses on the value of social skills for business in a digital era shared through the stories of today's business and thought leaders. The ability to communicate your ideas clearly is the highest leveraged skill that leaders can develop. Each episode delivers a powerful lesson on how communication strengthens powerful long term business relationships. Leading experts, coaches, authors, and speakers will gain deeper insight into the entrepreneurial spirit with each teachable business lesson delivered within each episode. Junior leaders will leave each episode with a clear understanding of the sacrifices and setbacks that it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur. Conversational Currency is hosted by Maryland's leading Small Business Advisor Shadeed Eleazer. Shadeed helps high performance entrepreneurs solve imposter syndrome by building online systems that increases their revenue to match their impact and reputation. He is a global leader on reputation management and founder of an innovative approach to business networking known as the Reputational Currency system.
  4. Letting go is the highest form of self-respect, although the hardest to achieve. Each week join Becky Jones, Garden Coach and Life Gardener, as she shares her successes and failures in life and the garden while teaching you to bloom where you are planted. If you are interested in digging deep and weeding out, flourishing into the best version of you or just want to up your gardening game, this is the podcast for you. You just have to BEGIN.
  5. Would you consider your business the world’s best kept secret? More people in the world are looking for your help…trying to find you. Every Monday, join Kimberly, a marketing strategist and copywriter and creator of the Audience Conversion Method. A system designed to convert audiences from strangers to loyal fans. On this podcast, Kimberly interviews a variety of guests about their wins, victories, overcoming obstacles and all the other parts about creating a well-known business. If you are an entrepreneur, consultant or coach who wants to change the world and level up your business, this is the podcast for you.
  6. Lana will introduce listeners to individuals with inspiring stories of how they have separated the diagnosis from the prognosis. That, for some of us, what we think the prognosis journey will look like is So Not True. That a 1 degree change might possibly be a BIG change. Empowering Health Journeys - little changes can make for BIG results!
  7. Do you ever feel like an imposter no matter what you do? Are you tired of feeling like something is missing, but you can’t figure out what? Are you dealing with certain thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that seem to be holding you back, but you can’t figure out how to move through it? What does it REALLY mean to live as a spiritual being in human form? Or be a human being having spiritual experiences? Week after week, The Spiritually Expressed Human answers these types of questions and provides you with proven techniques, tools, and strategies for the Mind, Body and Soul so you can navigate where you’re at now to where you want to be and unleash your spiritually expressed BADASS that is your birthright. As a Licensed Psychotherapist and Spiritual and Emotional Resiliency Coach, Susan bridges the gap between the East and West, Heaven and Earth, and together, with her hand-selected guests, will take you on an incredible journey of discovery, while learning to live from a place of infinite possibilities so you can find YOUR true self!
  8. It’s impossible to succeed in the outer “game” of entrepreneurship and wealth if you aren’t committed to also mastering your inner game. Each week, join Erica Ross-Krieger, a master certified business coach, author, EFT (“Tapping”) expert and successful 20-year entrepreneur, as she shares her 19-minute success principles and mindset secrets. She also interviews guest experts who are masters at managing the inner and outer game of entrepreneurship and wealth. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur who knows the importance of a strong #mindset, are new to #entrepreneuring, or anywhere in between on your entrepreneurial journey, and you want to take #inspiredaction to build your business from the inside out, this is the podcast for you.
  9. PRACTICE MASTERY - Your Call to Greatness - - Are you a Chiropractor or Natural or Alternative Healthcare Practitioner wanting and needing more from your career and practice, self-confidence and business success? If your answer is "YES" to any of these needs and wants, then this podcast is for you! "Truly Educational" "Entertaining" "Insightful!" You’ll be sure to be inspired, motivated and educated with Host Dr. Alan Chong solo and with regular international chiropractors and guest experts in the industry sharing their very best secrets to their practice success. PRACTICE MASTERY is a weekly show that publishes every Monday ten months of the year. Show Creator and Host Dr. Alan Chong is a heart-centered facilitator, creating insightful conversation with his guests. You'll enjoy his often witty and entertaining interview style that brings out the best in his wide variety of guest experts. He's a practicing Chiropractor of over 33 years. His vast experience as clinic director and the owner of 3 clinics has given him a special bird's eye view on chiropractic practice. His interest in personal development, practice management and a food enthusiast always makes for interesting conversations. He's a practice business coach and mentor and "Forever an Entrepreneur". Dr. Chong hopes that this show will inspire you, excite you in your practice and help you create more balance in your professional and personal life and in your pursuit of you own Practice Mastery. Get ALL the latest podcast details, guest line-ups, Bios and more. And join in on the conversations about mastering your practice on the PRACTICE MASTERY Official Podcast Page Facebook Group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/practicemasterypodcast
  10. If your mission is to build a better business and become predictably-profitable then we’ve got something to talk about! Side-hustle Warriors and full-time Ride or Die Business Owners unite! And join our user-friendly MBA community.~ The Profitable Maverick is a weekly podcast dedicated to educate, enlighten and inspire you… to make your life and business doggone awesome and waaay more easy!~ Join the ever curious and nuanced host, Tom Birchall who can cover all-things business like no other as he shares from an extensive background of over 30 plus years building a dozen businesses and the last he scaled to 8 figures.~ Not your regular blah, blah, blah on business. Quick episodes with actionable step-by-step strategies, solo shows from Tom, and series-based episodes that go more in-depth. Plus guest experts where Tom will interview the latest and greatest thought leaders on business and life so you don’t have to.~ Hit subscribe now and get ready to change your life and business for the better! This truely is #BusinessMadeEasy. Show website: https://TheProfitbleMaverick.com; Connect with Tom at: https://ReachTom.com
  11. Creating and marketing online courses sounds like it's difficult. But it doesn't have to be! Each week Julie Hood breaks down what it takes to create and sell amazing online courses. She'll share shortcuts, success stories and secrets to go from idea to completed course to successful sales - in no time flat! So if you're ready to share your expertise, make the world a better place and find your perfect students (but you're not sure exactly how!), this podcast is perfect for you. "A must listen for anyone interested in online courses!!" Wondering if your course idea is any good? Grab your free training at https://www.CourseCreatorsHQ.com/idea
  12. Living in a stressful world doesn’t mean you have to give up on happiness. You can live your life in flow by transforming your perspective of stress with some simple tools and habit upgrades. Cut through the noise of conflicting health information and explore current research, meet practitioners resolving disease by addressing the root cause, and learn from inspiring visionaries in a variety of fields who have overcome the challenges of stress to rise and thrive in our demanding world. Susi Vine shares tips on how to make the most of your time, your energy, and your natural resilience so you can enjoy lasting health. Join every week for fun + frank conversation with experts in the fields of wellness, mindset and personal growth.
  13. It’s hard to balance a professional high-achiever job in Health Care or Corporate with your spouse, the VIP - your Very Important Partner who is equally dedicated and ambitious like you. If you want to discover how to get back your family mojo, double your financial security, and live in abundance in all areas of your life without feelings of guilt or second-guessing, this is the podcast for you. Each Tuesday, join Uwe Dockhorn, known as Lifestyle Liberator with over 15,000 sessions with #Millennials and #GenerationX, as he interviews guests who are managing their own entrepreneurial venture on top of their family life.
  14. If you've ever wondered how intuition can give you a clue before you make a significant decision, you've come to the right place.... Every weekday mornings, join Vaishali Nikhade, a long time student of physics and metaphysics, as she interviews guests to connect the dots between physics and metaphysics. Using examples from real life entrepreneurial journeys, this educational show will inspire you to increase your awareness before you make a significant decision. If you have an online business and wondering how to connect with your intuition before making up your mind, or how metaphysics gives you subtle clues before you make a crucial decision, or how a seemingly innocent decision can change the course of your life for better or worse, then this is the podcast for you.
  15. The Breakaway Entrepreneur Podcast is a conversation by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Each week we’ll discuss what makes entrepreneurs unique, how we think differently, what drives us towards success and how we’ve overcome challenges to breakaway from our competition.I’m your host Janet Fish. I've been a business coach for 15 years and have had the pleasure to work with over 1000 entrepreneurs in 16 countries. I’ve built multiple successful businesses and am a 2 time Amazon best-selling author. I’m fascinated by the entrepreneur mindset and how entrepreneurs just think differently.Each week I'll interview real people sharing real-life experiences with an emphasis on overcoming challenges, not becoming an over night success. We'll have frank and fun conversations about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, from the mindset to real world challenges. I hope you'll join us.
  16. The Wealth Academy Podcast host asks listeners, "Who doesn't want to be wealthy or at least financially secure. We agree with listeners that money is essential to being able to take care of one's needs and wants however there are more important aspects of life that create and define wealth. Our mantra is 'Wealth Is More Than Just Money." The Wealth Academy Podcast delves into a multitude of elements that constitute wealth and host Paul Lawrence Vann will provide solo broadcast and invite guest experts such as coaches, speakers, authors, financial experts, relationship experts, and consultants to assist in listeners better understanding what true wealth consists of. If one thinks all they need is money to be happy they will be sadly disappointed, subscribe, listen in, and discover what a wealthy life really consists of.

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