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Creation Date November 19th, 2019
Updated Date Updated May 7th, 2020
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About This List

This is a place where I can easily note the podcasts I have made an appearance on either as a voice actor or interviewee.
  1. Any good story has a basis in reality. Especially a love story.Guest: Eddie Louise, Sage & SavantDisclaimer: Alix, Pomegranates and PitchforksPromos: A 9th World Journal and Moonbase Theta, OutArtwork: Erin Schwartz“You Matter” donations/drawing: https://podcastsmatter.home.blog Discover Pods Awards suggestions:Most Innovative -- Ear Hustle ..... True Crime -- Disgraceland ..... Sports -- Fish Nerds ..... Interview Style -- holy crap that's me ..... History -- The Story Behind ..... Kids & Family -- Mirths & Monsters or Varmints ..... TV & Movies -- Epic Film Guys ..... Fiction/Audio Drama -- Girl in Space ..... Arts -- Oh No! Lit Class ..... Health & Fitness -- Hate to Weight ..... People's Choice -- Dark Poutine Ask Kate Anything survey here!!Facebook group: The AsylumCast Junkie Discord server: https://discord.gg/V287EFnNetwork: Himalaya (presented by Heather, Sunshine & PowerCuts)Sponsor: Bath By Bex (code CBDkate for 15% off), Sudio Sweden headphones (code IWB15 for 15% off)Merch: https://bit.ly/iwbpodcastmerchPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/IWBpodcastMusic: DFA by OnlyMeith
  2. A free-wheeling interview with Mx. Clark and Mx. Clark, creators of the immensely popular sci-fi serial drama podcast TALES OF SAGE AND SAVANT. We talk about voice acting, gender bias, Mary Shelley, John Williams, and the Dies irae. Among other things.
  3. Join us as we catch up with our friend Eddie Louise as we discuss her new book "Transmigrations." We also continue our discussion chapters 1 through 4 of "The City of Brass," which will include the beginnings of our casting process and a mild obsession with our new book boyfriend. To check out Eddie's book and podcast go to her website, www.eddielouise.com. So what are you waiting for? Grab a glass of wine (or two) from our sponsor and join us! 
  4. Is time travel real? Doctor Petronella sage is determined to find out. So is Justin Bremer, the young scholar in the far future tasked with reviewing Dr. Sage’s timeline. Justin observes as the Doctor repeatedly electrocutes herself in order to fling her consciousness through time and space, claiming death is no barrier to science Listen to an excerpt from TransMIGRATIONS by Eddie Louise. Nearly 2000 years in the future, scientists have developed a virtual reality machine whereby historians can watch the past unfold. Justin, a young scholar is tasked by the Les Charges de L’Affaires to study Doctor Petronella Sage, a Victorian galvanist. Dr. Sage, in an effort to advance the science of limb reattachment is electrocuted in a laboratory accident and her consciousness is transferred into a dead body on the battlefield of Auerstedt. This discovery makes her question if she has discovered time travel and wins her unlimited funding from the Charges du ‘affairs. Justin and Petra, separated by two thousand years, become entangled by the machinations of this mysterious agency and by their shared obsession with time itself. Frankenstein meets Quantum Leap. This excerpt is available on iTunes. TransMIGRATIONS is written by Eddie Louise Published by EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing Copyright by Eddie Louise Audio Copyright Twinstar Studios Read by: Eddie Louise, head writer of The Tales of Sage & Savant Learn more about Eddie Louise Website: Eddie Louise Follower her on Facebook and Twitter Eddie Louise has had a lot of experience writing. For example, as a child, she composed dozens of nonsense songs to keep herself company as she herded cattle across the lonely plains of Wyoming. By the time she was sixteen years old she had written nearly one hundred Memoranda of Understanding to various teachers and school administrations. She wooed her high-school sweetheart with overly dramatic poetry, and short stories full of pathos and ennui. Marriage and children precipitated a move to California where discovering the theater led her to write melodramatic plays full of artful alliterations. This in turn, led to composing the book for her first musical as she relaxed on the beaches of Monterey. A temporary career writing soul-sucking corporate literature sent her running far away to Edinburgh Scotland, where the atmosphere, the castle and the alcohol combined to inspire a jazz vocal fantasia based on plainchant, a string quartet about a dripping faucet, a short dramatic film about a magical camera, an opera based on the Fates, an autobiography that was not her own, and two novels that live happily in a trunk where they have settled down and started a family. Since that time, she and her lifelong love have landed in sunny Southern California where she makes a living as a ghostwriter and continues to try out different forms of authorship including, but not limited to English as a Second Language Textbooks, Memoir, and a monthly speculative fiction audio-drama — The Tales of Sage and Savant. Like her characters, she often becomes obsessive and the book series grows out of her desire to know what happened in the gaps for Sage and Savant.
  5. Sage and Savant is a monthly steampunk audio drama produced by Chip and Eddie Louise Clark.  Not only should you check out their show, but Eddie Louise and Chip also have a ton to share about lessons learned from podcasting. You definitely don't want to miss this two-part interview. www.SageAndSavant.com Reach out regarding their booth setup and more at www.Twitter.com/SageAndSavant.com --- www.Storypunks.World www.Patreon.com/Storypunks  
  6. In part 2 of this interview about the show Sage and Savant, Eddie Louise shares her process for writing and refining episode storylines (as well as the novelization TransMIGRATIONS) and Chip Michael describes his editing and sound design, including foley and composing the original background music. It's amazing what this duo pulls off along with the other voice actors they work with. Join us! www.SageAndSavant.com www.Twitter.com/SageAndSavant.com --- www.Storypunks.World www.Patreon.com/Storypunks
  7. In this special edition of Just Joshing, Stacey M. Miller, Elaine Lee and Eddie Louise help me test a board game I'm working on for this special, unique live edition of Just Joshing. Hope you enjoy.
  8. Find us at: iTunes Spotify Patreon YouTube Eddie Louise Parker of Sage and Savant joins us this week for a very special Starlight Glimmer episode. Special in the sense that she’s about to unleash some Amelia Bedelia-level hijinks in Twilight’s castle. Twilight’s impressed with her new student’s magical abilities (duh) but when it comes to friendship lessons, Starlight has some work to do. And of course, she makes the absolute best decision by brainwashing her friends to make their lesson time that much more efficient! Right?! That’s how friendship works, at least if you don’t really understand friendship at all. Get ready for the biggest magic hangover you’re ever likely to feel as we review “Every Little Thing She Does” on this episode of Macintosh & Maud! Check out our merchandise at our new Teepublic store! We've got lots of fun designs to choose from and more on the way! You can email us with feedback at macintoshandmaud@gmail.com, or you can connect with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Intro and outro music is "Madgapuff March (rmx) by JS Bach" by Lee Rosevere. Licensed under a CCO 1.0 Universal License. For the song and information about the artist, visit the song page at the Free Music Archive.

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