Self Isolation: 14 days of Positivity and Development

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Creation Date March 20th, 2020
Updated Date Updated May 7th, 2020
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What better way to keep yourself on track and build a positive mindset during this unique time? Build an episode a day into your routine and help yourself while you are helping save lives by staying home.
  1. Host Jamie Allison talks with Jill Bunny about her mission to improve  mental health and fitness worldwide. Jill is an advocate for total body health with her extensive background in Functional Nutrition, Psychology  and Body Composition Training.  Jill's road to understanding health and fitness on a deeper level began  with her own health crisis. At the age of 30, she went from being the  highest ranked IFBB Competitor (with two Arnold & Olympian Titles)  in the world and internationally renowned cover model to an MS and Cancer fighter.  Her journey through MS and Cancer, has taught her that we are all unique  when it comes to our health and fitness. What makes one body sing,  might make another sick.   Jill believes in looking at the whole person;  including feelings, thoughts and behaviours for optimal health and  happiness. For the video version check out the YouTube Channel version at JazzHR - awarded the most UserFriendly ATS
  2. Lina Khalifeh has overcome significant barriers and obstacles in both her athletic and personal life (being bullied as a child to Olympic training injuries), has grown a worldwide company and an empowerment movement with SheFighter and has been officially recognized for her work by President Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, ESPN  and the World Economic Forum.  She does all of this while being an incredibly humble, thoughtful and engaging individual. Lina's enterprise, SheFighter, is the first Self-Defense studio for women-only started in the Middle East and expanded to more than 35 countries around the world. SheFighter is designed to empower women physically, mentally and emotionally through Self-Defense training. SheFighter has been working to achieve gender equality through spreading awareness among students in schools and focusing on building their physical intelligence through sports, Martial Arts and Self-Defense. Founded in 2012, the studio has now trained more than 18,000 women all over the globe and features a team of all-female trainers. Lina is a celebrated speaker who has engaged with audiences across the world.  She has presented and been on panels at events such as TEDx and the World Economic Forum.  
  3. In this episode host Jamie Allison talks with Chester Elton about the power of leading with gratitude.  People want and need to know their work is appreciated. Showing gratitude to employees is the easiest, fastest, most inexpensive way to boost performance. New research shows that gratitude boosts employee engagement, reduces turnover, and leads team members to express more gratitude to one another—strengthening team bonds. Studies have also shown that gratitude is beneficial for those expressing it and is one of the most powerful variables in predicting a person’s overall well-being—above money, health, and optimism.  Despite these benefits, few executives effectively utilize this simple tool. In fact, new research reveals “people are less likely to express gratitude at work than anyplace else.”  In this episode Chester shares his unfiltered expertise on how to close the "gratitude gap". He believes showing gratitude isn’t just about being nice, it’s about being smart—really smart—and it’s a skill that everyone can easily learn. Chester is a #1 Bestselling Business Author, Organizational Culture, Employee Engagement and Teamwork Expert.  He has spent two decades helping clients engage their employees to execute on strategy, vision, and values. He has been called the “apostle of appreciation” by The Globe and Mail, “creative and refreshing‚” by the New York Times, and a “must read for modern managers” by CNN. Elton is co-author of the multiple award-winning New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling leadership book, All In, The Carrot Principle, and The Best Team Wins. His newest book is Leading with Gratitude(March 3/20 launch). His books have been translated in more than 30 languages and have sold more than 1.5 million copies worldwide. Elton is often quoted in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Fast Company and the New York Times. He has appeared on NBC’s Today, CNN,  ABC,  MSNBC, National Public Radio and CBS’s 60 Minutes. For the video version check out the YouTube Channel version at JazzHR - awarded the most UserFriendly ATS
  4. Jamie Allison chats with Heather Monahan about how she built her own confidence after leaving her executive role in the corporate world, how social media can feed negative personal perceptions and her real-life tips on building the life you really want to lead.  She  has just launched her own successful podcast and has appeared with people like Steve Harvey, Sara Blakely and Gary Vaynerchuk. Heather is a best-selling author, keynote speaker and entrepreneur. Having successfully climbed the corporate  ladder for nearly 20 years, Heather Monahan is one of the few women to  break the glass ceiling and claim her spot in the C-suite. As a Chief  Revenue Officer in Media, Heather Monahan is a Glass Ceiling Award  winner, named one of the most Influential Women in Radio in 2017 and  Thrive Global named her a Limit Breaking Female Founder in 2018. Heather’s new book Confidence Creator shot to #1 on Amazon’s Business Biographies and Business Motivation lists the first week it debuted on Amazon.  Heather is a confidence expert and is currently working with Fortune  500 companies and professional sports to develop confidence in the  workplace and on the court. She’s also a member of Florida International  University’s Advisory Council to further serve as a mentor and leader  in the South Florida Community.  Heather and her son Dylan reside in  Miami.
  5. Nina Purewal faced an unexpected childhood tragedy which inspired her mindfulness and meditation journey twenty years ago. After climbing the corporate ladder for nearly a decade, she took a year sabbatical and moved to California to completely unplug and continue her pursuit for happiness.  Since then she has dedicated her work to helping others in that pursuit.  She founded Pure Minds, a company that conducts mindfulness and meditation workshops for the public and corporate sector. She also co-wrote the massive hit book "Let That Sh*t Go" In this episode, host Jamie Allison asks Nina to talk about her own path from personal tragedy, corporate success and personal transformation.  She shares tactics and tool you can use to put your life in perspective, take each day one step at a time and steal moments of calm amid the chaos..
  6. Jamie chats with Jake Gold about how he discovers and develops talent,  Jake's distaste for the word "branding" and how he found, signed and managed rock icons The Tragically Hip.  The discussion also contrasts that with evaluating talent as a team when he was a judge on Canadian Idol with contestants like Carly Rae Jepsen and Jacob Hoggard of Hedley.   Whether you are in the music industry, general business or looking for top talent in your industry you will take something away from this conversation with an entertainment legend.  Jake Gold is one of Canada’s most successful artist managers, and for its 6 season run, a judge on the television hit Canadian Idol. In 1981, Gold started his artist management company, The Management Trust, through which he is best known for his role in establishing and transforming The Tragically Hip into a national icon.  Gold has three times been recognized by the annual Canadian Music Industry Awards as Manager of the Year and was the 2013 MMF Honour Roll Award recipient for his lifetime work in the field of Artist Management.
  7. Jamie talks to Amy about the tragedy that prompted her to change the direction of her life and the inspirational discussion she had with Mel Robbins that pushed her towards this new path she is on.  She shares how she built her own confidence and found clarity - her keys to courage.  Hear how she builds and manages her online community.  Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. Not to be missed.
  8. Podcast Host Jamie Allison sits down with Joe De Sena – Founder and CEO of Spartan, the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand to talk about leadership, perseverance, raising resilient kids and achieving BIG goals. Joe has appeared with or been interviewed by everyone from Richard Branson and Tim Ferriss to Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk. Joe has demonstrated his entrepreneurial drive since his pre-teens. After building a multimillion-dollar pool and construction business in college, and creating a Wall Street trading firm, De Sena set his sights on ripping 100 million people off their couches by creating the Spartan lifestyle. Following a successful career on Wall Street, De Sena moved his family to Pittsfield, Vermont to operate an organic farm, a bed and breakfast, and a general store for hikers. It was here his passion grew for ultramarathons, adventure races, and endurance events, and thus the idea for Spartan was born. With more than one million annual global participants at more than 200 events across more than 30 countries, Spartan offers heats for all fitness levels and ages, from beginner to elite and Kids as young as four-years-old. The brand has transformed more than five million lives since it was founded in 2010. De Sena is also the New York Times Best Selling Author of “Spartan Up” and “Spartan Fit,” and recently released his third book, “The Spartan Way.” As a popular key note speaker, De Sena has parlayed the teachings of his Spartan Principals into the SpartanX Leadership Forum, a series of events in which participants collaborate to solve challenges alongside business leaders while learning to overcome mental and physical obstacles. Throughout his lifetime, Joe has competed in any extreme sports adventure he could find, testing his mental and physical endurance against nature. Joe turned an interest in endurance racing into a passion. His racing resume is the stuff of legend – over 50 ultra-events overall and 14 Ironman events in one year alone. You are in for a treat!
  9. Kimberly Haught is a Global Talent Acquisition leader who has amassed a significant following across multiple social media platforms. Her hashtag media campaign #BetterCallKim pops up everywhere and her videos, articles and posts are known and followed religiously by job seekers, recruiters and business leaders alike.  By combining social recruiting, networking and traditional headhunting her branding and connection with her target audience drives her business results forward.   We figure out in this episode how to build a strong personal and professional brand, find the right platforms and build engagement with your audience.  We also talk through some tricks and tips for job seekers looking to find that job they love. 
  10. In this episode of HRchat, we hear from epitome CEO and innovateworkTO speaker Jamie Allison. Jamie and Bill Banham discuss ways to develop an effective talent acquisition strategy, how to foster a successful work environment and things to avoid when in the succession planning phase. 
  11. Jamie Allison chats with Kris McCarthy about the rollercoaster life of a start-up entrepreneur, entering and winning pitchfests, customer segment pivots, building an advisory board and disrupting a traditional and relatively change-averse market. Kris is a Co-Founder and COO of FanSaves, a sponsorship and marketing app. After a career in professional hockey was derailed, Kris turned to sports management as a new career.  In that field he saw an opening for a new business and has moved quickly to change how sponsorships in general show ROI.. 
  12. Lewis Howes is great. He has achieved Olympic level successful in many areas of his life and today with the launch of his brand new book, The School of Greatness, he adds Bestselling Author to the list. On this episode, I ask Lewis what it takes to be great. Without hesitation, Lewis says that it all starts with a vision. You have to visualize what it is you really want. You have to dream it. Lewis says that before you can achieve greatness and success you have to understand what greatness and success looks like for you. Take a notepad and a pen, go out into nature, lay there in silence and write down what your perfect day would look like. Lewis says that everyone faces some type adversity in their life, but the ones who achieve greatness figure out a way to use the adversity to their advantage. We discuss some amazing examples of people who have achieved greatness after adversity, like Kyle Maynard. I hope you enjoy today’s episode as much as I did. I know you can be great. Links and resources: The School of Greatness – Lewis Howes book that releases today! Lewis’ website Lewis’ Twitter “You need vision if you’re going to reinvent yourself.” – Lewis Howes – click to tweet
  13. I'm very pleased to welcome Tony Robbins (@tonyrobbins) back to the show. (You can check out our previous in-depth conversations here: Part 1 and Part 2). For those of you that aren't familiar, Tony Robbins is the world's most famous performance coach. He's advised everyone from Bill Clinton to Mikhail Gorbachev to Serena Williams, and Leonardo DiCaprio to Oprah (who calls him "superhuman"). This time around, we discussed a number of topics we didn't get to cover in our previous interviews. I also hit him with some new rapid-fire questions. Some of the highlights of our conversation include: Tony's best investment ever Quotes he lives by (and how he puts them into action) The worst advice he regularly hears Why he changed his diet for the first time since age 17 And much, much more Without further ado, please enjoy this follow-up conversation with Tony Robbins. Show notes and links for this episode can be found at This podcast is brought to you by Audible. I have used Audible for years, and I love audio books. I have two to recommend: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman Vagabonding by Rolf Potts All you need to do to get your free 30-day Audible trial is go to Choose one of the above books, or choose any of the endless options they offer. That could be a book, a newspaper, a magazine, or even a class. It's that easy. Go and get started today. Enjoy. This podcast is also brought to you by Wealthfront. Wealthfront is a massively disruptive (in a good way) set-it-and-forget-it investing service led by technologists from places like Apple. It has exploded in popularity in the last two years and now has more than $2.5B under management. Why? Because you can get services previously limited to the ultra-wealthy and only pay pennies on the dollar for them, and it's all through smarter software instead of retail locations and bloated sales teams. Check out, take their risk assessment quiz, which only takes 2-5 minutes, and they'll show you -- for free -- exactly the portfolio they'd put you in. If you want to just take their advice and do it yourself, you can. Well worth a few minutes to explore:***If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes? It takes less than 60 seconds, and it really makes a difference in helping to convince hard-to-get guests. I also love reading the reviews!For show notes and past guests, please visit up for Tim’s email newsletter (“5-Bullet Friday”) at transcripts of episodes, go to in sponsoring the podcast? Visit and fill out the form.Discover Tim’s books: Tim:Twitter: Instagram: YouTube:
  14. One hundred episodes in, Joe, Delle, Johnny, Colonel Nye and Sefra talk about the guests that resonated with them the most. Spartan UP! has interviewed writers, athletes, generals, monks, CEOs, entrepreneurs, nutritionists, farmers, lawyers, doctors, garner their unique spin on what it takes to succeed. There have been one hundred different answers, one hundred stories on how to live a fulfilling life, but many common threads. These inspiring people are telling us it’s okay to be afraid, but not to live in fear, to have a why, but live in the moment, and to find  a passion (or passions) and follow it with all we got. Lessons from 100 Episodes:     1.    Have a why.     2.    Life is a series of moments. Live each one.     3.    A challenging life is a satisfying life.     4.    The first step to success is getting off the couch.     5.    Surround yourself with good, supportive people. Lose those who aren’t.     6.    Persevere, but if you find yourself on the wrong path, be prepared to go a different direction.     7.    Aim to be a whole person, mind, body and soul.     8.    Those who succeed aren’t afraid to fail, often.     9.    Experiences are much more valuable than things.     10.    Whatever you are doing, no matter how big or small, commit to it wholly.

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