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Created May 28, 2021

Updated November 15, 2021



  1. SponsorWe'd like to thank our launch sponsor Rippling for making the Accounting Salon Conversations possible.Visit https://accountingsalonconversations.promo/ripplingGet in Touch with Ryantwitter.com/ryankwatsonfacebook.com/ryan.watson.986227li
  2. Stories in this episode:If You’re So Successful, Why Are You Still Working 70 Hours a Week?Tax Incentive Puts More Robots on Factory FloorsSage looks to the futureA scary new era of Slack accountantsWhy Excel Is Not The Enemy Of AccountantsSubs
  3. Stories in this episode:How an accounting firm in Australia successfully moved to a 5-hour workday — Xero BlogA new survey that shows most Americans see automation is coming, but don't think it will affect them in their own lifetimes — Wall Str
  4. Stories mentioned in this episode: The IRS really needs a new computer system — Accounting TodayWhat Accountants On NetSuite Need To Know From SuiteWorld 2018 — FloQast BlogWhen Identity Thieves Hack Your Accountant — Krebs on SecurityA Robot D
  5. Stories in this episode:IRS budgets $291M on technology for tax reform — Accounting Today — The Internal Revenue Service plans to spend close to $300 million to implement the new tax law, including approximately $20 million for an estimated 450
  6. Stories in this episode:Last week’s IPO, Avalara, is today’s big winner in internet tax rally — Accounting Today — Shares in the sales tax management firm rose as much as 32 percent after Wednesday’s ruling, extending gains to more than double
  7. Questions asked in this episode: Does the decision affect sales of services online across state borders in addition to goods?Are there any strategies businesses can use to avoid sales or quantity thresholds for collecting sales tax?Will we see
  8. Stories in this episode:Here's How The New Postcard-Sized 1040 Differs From Your Current Tax ReturnThe New Tax Form Is Postcard-Size, but More Complicated Than EverCalifornia Unanimously Passes Historic Privacy BillCalifornia Passes Groundbreak
  9. Stories in this episode:What is the cloud? Inside a secret Microsoft site that’s securing your data — TodayAccounting software biz Intuit flogging bit barn to throw its lot in with AWS — The RegisterBringing full-service payroll to customers in
  10. Stories in this episodeGAO: U2F Security Keys Could Protect Taxpayers — Tom's HardwareGusto raises $140 million to go after small business payroll and benefits with more gusto — TechCrunchXero acquires Hubdoc — Accounting TodayStampli raises $6
  11. Show NotesE-Verify AND E-Verify SERVICES ARE UNAVAILABLE — e-verify.gov — E-Verify and E-Verify services are currently unavailable due to a lapse in government appropriations. What the federal shutdown could mean for tax season — CNBC — Account
  12. Show NotesFemales underrepresented at the AICPA Annual Executive Roundtable — Twitter — Dan Hood, editor of Accounting Today, shares Barry Melancon’s complaint that only 22 percent of accounting firm partners are women — and that we need to do
  13. Show Notes00:08 -- We got some reviews! Please do us a favor and give us a review on iTunes.02:08 -- Might tax season be extended to make up for the partial Federal government shutdown? Two house Democrats have introduced a bill to extend the t
  14. This episode is sponsored by Xero. Xero Roadshow is coming to a city near you. Expand your knowledge and keep up with all things Xero.Show Notes01:41 - Nicolas Cage Ponies Up $6.25 Million to Pay Back Taxes—But How Much Does He Still Owe? | E O
  15. SponsorXero: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/joinxeroShow Notes02:34 -- Blake crunches the numbers and figures that if Intuit meets its publicly stated goals, QuickBooks Live will likely be a $60 million per year accounting firm by 2020, pu
  16. SponsorElefant: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/elefantShow NotesComing Soon! Connect with Nayo Carter-GrayFollow Nayo Carter-Gray and 1st Step Accounting on Instagram. Get in TouchThanks for listening! Follow and tweet @BlakeTOliver and @D
  17. This episode was recorded live at the Accounting & Finance Show LA at the Los Angeles Convention Center on July 24, 2019.SponsorAccounting & Finance Show LA: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/accountingshowla Show Notes 02:31 — QuickBooks Clo
  18. SponsorAccounting & Finance Show LA: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/accountingshowla Episode Notes 01:17 – The Cloud Accounting Podcast is gonna smoke Marijuana Daily in the iTunes charts, after this episode! 01:44 – A blunt history – how
  19. SponsorRight Networks: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/rncloudShow Notes00:53 – Meet Dena Oberst, CEO of Gable Tax Group01:45 – Meet Diane Yetter, president of Yetter Tax, and founder of the Sales Tax Institute04:11 – Diane gives a brief o
  20. SponsorsRight Networks: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/rncloudShow Notes00:40 – Welcome Jose and Tony!  01:13 – Tony explains the Latino Tax Professionals Association’s mission 02:37 – The fast-growing Latinx small-business market is lar
  21. SponsorsOnPay: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/onpayOnPay is offering an exclusive promo code only for the listeners of The Cloud Accounting Podcast to get three free months of OnPay payroll service for any of your clients that you set up b
  22. SponsorsQuickFee: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/quickfeeAccountingSuite: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/asuiteOnPay: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/onpayShow Notes05:31 – Fresh back from the Sage Accountants Advisory Council,
  23. SponsorsQuickFee: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/quickfeeAccountingSuite: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/asuiteOnPay: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/onpayShow Notes01:52 – David can see clearly now, just in time to admire the c
  24. SponsorsG-Accon: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/gacconOnPay: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/onpayBQE Core: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/coreShow Notes00:50 – More Super Bowl earworms here | Ad Age01:34 – Last week's discussion
  25. SponsorsBill.com: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/billTimesheets.com: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/timesheetsBQE Succeed: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/bqesucceedShow Notes05:20 – Intuit Near Deal to Buy Credit Karma for $7
  26. SponsorsBill.com: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/billClockShark: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/clocksharkOnPay: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/onpayShow Notes24:54 - Senator Dumped Up to $1.7 Million of Stock After Reassuring
  27. SponsorsBill.com: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/billJirav: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/jiravJustworks: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/justworksLinksCOVID Recovery TrackerCOUNTY-BY-COUNTY TRACKER FOR DAY-BY-DAY TRACKINGhttps
  28. SponsorsLiscio: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/liscioOnPay: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/onpayPayPie: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/paypieShow Notes06:15 -  What Impact Did the TCJA Have on Homeowners? - AccountingWEB  06:5
  29. SponsorsSynder: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/synderClockShark: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/clocksharkBQE Core: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/coreShow Notes07:02 - Treasury Department, IRS will not extend Tax Day a second
  30. SponsorsAccountingSuite: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/asuiteJirav: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/jiravBQE Core: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/coreShow Notes00:18 –  Hasan Does Tax ASMR, Patriot Act Digital Exclusive, Netfli
  31. SponsorsAPD Marketplace: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/adpClockShark: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/clocksharkBQE CORE: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/coreShow Notes10:01 - Mnuchin: Trump Is Serious About TikTok - PYMNTS12:14
  32. SponsorsAccountant Connect: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/adpA2X: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/a2xScott's Add-Ins: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/scottsShow Notes03:29 – IRS says companies are responsible for deferred payro
  33. SponsorsADP Marketplace: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/adpClockShark: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/clocksharkBQE CORE: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/coreShow Notes05:46 – Melio Raises $144M to keep Small Businesses in Busin
  34. SponsorsOnPay - https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/onpayClockShark: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/clocksharkA2X: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/a2xShow Notes03:40 – TikTok Bid Highlights Oracle’s Public Embrace of Trump– New York
  35. SponsorsFinancial Cents: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/centsA2X: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/a2xBQE CORE: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/coreShow Notes 07:37 – No, Biden did not receive thousands of mysteriously surfaced vo
  36. SponsorsAccountant Connect: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/adpA2X: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/a2xBQE CORE: http://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/coreShow Notes03:55 – It’s not too late to cancel Thanksgiving https://www.technology
  37. SponsorsThomson Reuters: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/trcloudClockShark: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/clocksharkOnPay: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/onpayShow Notes07:58 – 36% of Americans Won't Move to Rural Areas Due to
  38. SponsorsSynder: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/synderClockShark: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/clocksharkOnPay: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/onpayShow Notes03:30 - Amazon cloud-computing outage Wednesday triggered by effort
  39. SponsorsOnPay: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/onpayClockShark: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/clocksharkRelay FI: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/relayShow Notes03:20 - The Best Gifts for People Who Work From Homehttps://www.ny
  40. SponsorsOnPay: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/onpayClockShark: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/clocksharkSynder: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/synderShow Notes  3:31 - Apps We Love: November 2020 – Our Favorite Podcastshttps:/
  41. SponsorsOnPay: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/onpayClockShark: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/clocksharkCeterus: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/ceterusShow Notes3:56 - The Top 10 PPP changes in the pending Bipartisan Emergency
  42. SponsorsOnPay: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/onpayClockShark: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/clocksharkFinancial Cents: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/centsShow Notes4:05 - 2019 Predictions! Also, Isaac Asimov predicted the c
  43. SponsorsFreshBooks: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/freshbooksQuickFee: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/quickfeeShow Notes02:12 - Do David and Blake have any 2021 resolutions?  04:38 - Apparently NASBA Offices Narrowly Avoided the Nas
  44. SponsorsQuickFee: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/quickfeePractice Ignition: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/piOdoo: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/odooShow Notes1:30 - Terrible financial advice is going viral on TikTokhttps://w
  45. SponsorsDext: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/dextOdoo: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/odooRelay Financial: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/relayShow Notes1:50 – David got bitten by the Bitcoin bug! 6:25 - Tax season off to a sl
  46. SponsorsRewind: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/rewindBooksTime: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/bookstimeOdoo: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/odooShow Notes02:30 – Blake’s take on craptastic TikTok tax advicehttps://www.cloudac
  47. SponsorWe'd like to thank our launch sponsor Rippling for making the Accounting Salon Conversations possible.Visit https://accountingsalonconversations.promo/ripplingGet in Touch with Ryantwitter.com/ryankwatsonfacebook.com/ryan.watson.986227li
  48. SponsorsOnPay: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/onpayRewind: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/rewind Attend Rewind's WebinarOdoo: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/odooShow Notes2:53 - U.S. Treasury has sent out $242B in stimulus che
  49. Show NotesHow to Collect $1.4 Trillion in Unpaid Taxeshttps://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/20/opinion/sunday/unpaid-tax-evasion-IRS.htmlGet in TouchThanks for listening and for the great reviews! We appreciate you! Follow and tweet @BlakeTOliver and
  50. SponsorsRewind: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/rewindOdoo: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/odoo Client Hub: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/clienthubShow Notes1:45 – The Interview with AICPA’s Ed Karl https://www.cloudaccounting
  51. SponsorsSage Advice: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/sageadvice Client Hub: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/clienthubRelay Financial: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/relayShow Notes4:24 – Biden to propose tax hikes, $80B for audi
  52. SponsorsOdoo: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/odooRelay Financial: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/relayMarginDriver: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/margindriverShow Notes5:22 – SBA stops accepting new PPP applications from most
  53. SponsorsSynder: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/synderOdoo: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/odooDark Horse: https://cloudaccountingpodcast.promo/darkhorseShow Notes 4:48 – Trump Organization Is Charged With Running 15-Year Employee Ta

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