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A curated podcast list by Norman Chella
Creation Date February 14th, 2020
Updated Date Updated March 25th, 2020
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These are the shows that I'm working on at the moment. Pleeeeeenty more in the pipeline! :)

Interview Podcasts

Podlovers Asia is made to cover the Asian podcasting scene! The episodes range in format, from narrative to interview, and from informative to entertaining! Guests can range from podcasters of various genres to media companies, reporters, you name it. All this to paint a picture of how the industry is booming here! If you're interested in this space, whether you're a budding podcaster, a brand, or an avid listener, you've come to the right place! This show is run by Norman T. Chella, a freelance writer/digital marketer for podcast companies. He is also the founder of ThatsTheNorm Media: Driving the audio experience.
My name is Norman Chella, and I'm on a mission to create the antidote to foolishness, so we can understand the world and ourselves better. My role is simple: I play the fool, I ask the questions, you get the answers. We'll have conversations crafted for the curious, the vulnerable, the human. I interview authors, scientists, entrepreneurs, creators, movers all across the board. Those with a powerful message, and there are those who have gone through a number of struggles, trials and tribulations. My interests range far and wide - we can go from tech in one episode to philanthropy in another, topics spanning across nations to concepts and predictions about the future. All of the macro and micro topics you can think of. Join my conversations with amazing people, and become all the more wiser. All from your favourite podcasting app COMING OUT on 30th MARCH 2020

Narrative Podcasts

The Tempered Fables is a collection of fictional short stories. Their purpose is to leave you with a lesson to remember. The genres range from fantasy to comedy, horror, and romance. This podcast was created by Norman Chella, under the pen name N.T. Cloever. For more info, visit:
Ants Under The Sun is a narrative podcast about cultures, locations, and people. Zooming out beyond the differences in culture, values, environments, if we look at the big picture in society, we are all only human. From that far, we are all the same. Zooming out even further, the details blur, and we become specks, dots if you will, on a map. As if we are...Ants Under the Sun. The podcast is hosted by Norman Chella, an Iban-Malaysian. Having lived in multiple countries, he carries with him the experiences of different cultures and the differences between them. Ants Under The Sun is a part of Norman's group of shows.

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