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Creation Date August 4th, 2018
Updated Date Updated July 3rd, 2019
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2 | Sensibility Comes With Age
Sensible People
The Sensible People debate sensibility in aging and what it means to become old. See who they (and three special guests) pick in the hotties over age 60 fantasy draft, hear Raw Dog & Tay answer teen based questions from “Yahoo Answers,” and learn about the wild world of adult babies.
My Brother, My Brother and Me: Episode 04
My Brother, My Brother And Me
Would you rather have an infinite supply of delicious cheesecakes, or be blind in one of your two eyes? We'll guide you through infinitely difficult conundrums such as these in this week's episode of MAMBAME. We'll also talk about blasting your core, strategic uses for lupus, and then we say the word "Jeffrey" like, 1,400 times. So, enjoy that.
Episode 304: Getting into our cups
Hand Of Pod
The three hundred and fourth episode of Hand Of Pod sees Sam and Andrés catching up with what's been going on in the Copa Argentina, which has seen a number of shocks this year but notably not in Independiente's or River Plate's matches since we last recorded – those two scored fifteen goals between them in seeing off Central Ballester and Central Norte respectively. There's also a look at the round of 32 of the Copa Sudamericana, which is well underway (indeed, for Lanús it's finished) and listeners' questions ranging from the national team to Argentines abroad to the structure of the Superliga and the mysterious Copa de la Superliga.
Jerry Rice
Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!
Jerry Rice, NFL Hall of Famer, joins us along with panelists Paula Poundstone, Alonzo Bodden, and Roy Blount, Jr.
Jenny Han
Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!
Jenny Han, author, joins us along with panelists Helen Hong, Adam Burke, and Maeve Higgins.