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Creation Date March 15th, 2020
Updated Date Updated May 7th, 2020
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Podcast Episodes about movies from the 1990's that you must watch immediately.
  1. Nostalgia takes hold once again as we discuss our top fantasy movies from the 1990s! We talk about dinosaurs, dragons, toys, and whether or not the CGI holds up. Shop FanDummies Merch: Join our Facebook Group: Check out our TeePublic Curated Store: Support us on Patreon: 00:00:48 DragonHeart - Buy on Amazon: 00:08:57 Jumanji - Buy on Amazon: 00:22:54 Jurassic Park - Buy on Amazon: 00:39:17 The Pagemaster - Buy on Amazon: 00:41:38 Last Action Hero - Buy on Amazon: 00:44:58 Toy Story - Buy on Amazon: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.
  2. This week is all about the 90s with the best movies of the 1990s! We bring on two guests plus a special guest host to discuss tons of the best movies to come out of the 90s. There are rules! We talk about certain movies, like Jurassic Park, all the time, so those are off limits. Throughout the episode, we try to bring varied genres and styles including sci-fi, comedies, dramas, and more! What are your favorite 90s movies? Comment below or hit us up on social media @heroespodcasts. Also, go to right now to subscribe to us on iTunes and drop us a review. If you do, we’ll be sure to give you a shout-out in a future episode! Want to join the conversation? Join us live every Tuesday night at 9PM EST on Twitch to chat with us! We’ll answer questions and note comments live on the broadcast! Follow at: Don’t forget to subscribe to Screen Heroes! The links to iTunes, Blog Talk Radio, Google Play, and Feedburner are below! Also, stop by our Patreon to see what kinds of cool perks you can get for being one of our contributors: Screen Heroes Podcast Credits Hosts Derreck Mayer Rachel Stewart Ryan Couture Guest Host Ian Turner Special Guests Jordan Seper Christopher Scott Executive Producer Derreck Mayer Editor Derreck Mayer Music Flying Killer Robots Links Social Media @ScreenHeroesPod
  3. Brian and Shelly discuss some of their favorite 90s movies including Heat, Being John Malkovich and Heavenly Creatures
  4. This week, Frank breaks down his top five 1990s science fiction movies. The list spans the globe as we have representatives from Japan, Perfect Blue, and Spain, Abre los Ojos. In addition to those, we also talk about Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys, The Matrix, and Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element. If you are a fan of the podcast, there are other two important ways you can help us. First, you can please subscribe, rate, and leave a review on your podcast client. That not only would be useful to us for the feedback, but also help us receive more attention. Second, if you like your Facebook page, 2 Guys 5 Movies, it would be helpful to like or share our posts so others can learn about 2 Guys 5 Movies and decide if it is for them. Finally, if you have your own ideas for the podcast, you can also email us with list suggestions at, and thank you all for listening and your support.
  5. Hey there Junkheads! Welcome back to my Best Year of the Decade Series. Throughout 2019, I will try to determine (as objectively as possible) the best year for movies from every decade. I've enlisted the help of many friends, Film Inquiry writers, and fellow podcasters in order to do so. The winning year from each decade advances to a bracket where I will try to determine the all-time best year for movies. Next decade up: the 90s! - Intros (00:00) - General Thoughts & Trends of the 90s (04:25) - #10 & #9 Years of the Decade (14:50) - What Movie Defines the Decade? (24:45) - #8 & #7 Years of the Decade (36:00) - Favorite Performances of the Decade (42:25) - #6 & #5 Years of the Decade (48:05) - Top 10 Movies of the Decade - determined by the voters (55:05) - #4 & #3 Years of the Decade (01:09:15) - Our Personal Favorite Movies of the Decade (01:19:25) - The BEST Year of the 1990s...and #2 Year (01:21:20) Twitter: @JunkAboutMovies Email: Follow John Mark Junkins on Twitter @JohnMarkJunkins Follow Nate Reed on Twitter @NateTheReed
  6. Welcome to the 1990s! This week Stan wraps up the legend of Jason Voorhees, Jared shares something unique in Cemetery Man, and Craig trolls the group with Scream 3 (from the year 2000). Feedback comes from Jake the Snake, and music this week comes from Korn and The Verve. Next time we will be talking about three more Vincent Price classics; House of Wax, Tales of Terror, and Theatre of Blood. Email the show at, or leave us a voicemail at 206-376-6187 and follow us on twitter @TimeAfterTimeHC
  7. This week we are going to talk about our Top 25 movies of 1990s. What do you think our favorite is? How many of the same movies we will have on our lists? We will also have an annoucement to make during the show. Rememberance of Paul Walker.
  8. Top Five Movies Episode 051 - Best of the '90s. Jonathan, Corey, and Michael discuss their favorite films from the decade that Jonathan and Corey seem to connect with the most. Each approached their list slightly different as to what criteria to use to pull the movies. It's easy to see that there was a lot of love but no crossover with their lists this week. Jonathan's list: 5. The Sandlot (1993) 4. Rushmore (1998) 3. Office Space (1999) 2. Empire Records (1995) 1. Jurassic Park (1994) Michael's list: 5. Naked (1993) 4. Darkman (1990) 3. Go (1999) 2. Ed Wood (1994) 1. Miller's Crossing (1990) Corey's list: 5. Romeo + Juliet (1996) 4. Clueless (1995) 3. Reality Bites (1994) 2. American Beauty (1999) 1. Can't Hardly Wait (1998) --- Support this podcast:
  9. Mike, Steve, MC and Rambo discuss their favorite 90s movies.
  10. In the eve of the new live action Aladdin being released tomorrow, Dario breaks down a list of the "Best Animated Movies of the 90s."

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