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Created October 21, 2020

Updated May 13, 2022


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  1. Join us if you will, in a small Pacific Northwest town, Kollok, in 1991. This is not a real town, you won't find it on any maps, no pictures of it's beautiful landscape, no stories in your history books. It's real to us. Hop on, your chauffeur
  2. Improvisational stories, using Actual Play Table Top Roleplay Sessions
  3. Who are we but our memories? What if our memories are wrong? GONE is an episodic, surreal thriller tabletop actual play using the new Nibiru system about identity, memory, and what makes us who we are.
  4. An invitation to the Meeting of the Worthy came to each of them mysteriously, an opportunity to join the Hero's Games, but they were not the intended recipients because they're not heroes. When it all falls apart, what will they do to prove the
  5. Keeping things fun and imaginative while talking all things tabletop rpg, especially Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (D&D5e)!
  6. Join us for a TTPRG experience like no other with two unique shows Ritual Cast and Z-LAND. The first a campaign utilizing the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons and the later a Survival Horror experience in the haunting world of Z-LAND.
  7. Well met! The Experience Quest is a TTRPG variety podcast hosted by Sarah and focused on the experiences of players, gamemasters, and creators. With an emphasis on Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) 5th edition Sarah discusses her experiences running a
  8. We're a general chat and talk crap podcast from a group of 5 British friends who get together every week and put the world to rights, catch up on our lives, talk politics, films, games, current affairs... oh and we play tabletop roleplaying gam
  9. Actual play tabletop role playing games Dungeons & Dragons (DnD5e), Call of Cthulhu, Kids on Bikes, Pathfinder and more
  10. A long time ago, there was a homebrew D&D campaign lost to the ravages of adulthood and obligations. Like so many, this universe was eroded by time, distance, and the desire of its inhabitants to have a sex life. But a new age has begun, and th
  11. Dette er en podcast om 3 fjolser som kaster sig ud i de mange forskellige former for brætspils rolespil som der findes. Dungeon med Dummies; En serie, hvor den super-duper grønne Dungeon Master Marc kaster sig ud i en masse af de udgiv
  12. NamePending? Podcast is a family friendly actual play TTRPG podcast with a rotating cast of Game Masters. We will delve into the fantasy world and search for the Perfect name for our podcast. Of course, we will need the help of you, our listene
  13. One Shots, Mini-Series, and other short actual play campaigns produced by Tablestory, featuring D&D 5e, Stars Without Number, Unknown Armies and more. Check out our live shows on Twitch & YouTube.
  14. Welcome to Tabletop Potluck, an actual play podcast showcasing and discussing the wide world of pen and paper roleplaying games. Whether you're an experienced player or a newbie, you’re welcome to sit at our table and see what we’ve brought to
  15. Welcome to Dice Will Roll, the gayest Pathfinder Podcast on the Planet, where we ask the hard questions, like... Is it cannibalism to eat a polymorphed chicken? Or is it morally okay to kiss a Goblin? What's the worst thing that could happen if
  16. d20 Dames is a storytelling podcast powered by Dungeons & Dragons. Every other week a group of four daring friends comes together to solve mysteries, befriend monsters, and explore a fantastic realm.
  17. An actual play D&D podcast, The Lucky Die is a character driven story, set in an apocalyptic fantasy world. In Diskora, Demons and Celestials have started stalking the lands, tensions between the factions leave death in their wake and blood red
  18. A group of friends have their lives turned upside down when they find themselves placed as the last line of defense between the everyday world and the things that go bump in the night.This actual play podcast uses Monster of the Week and other
  19. A British DnD 5e comedy podcast from 6 Brits, with little to no experience in dungeons or dragons. Join James (the DM), Tom (Keth Frostiron), Chip (Jeff Silverbow), Paul (Malrus Tosscobble), Alex (Derek Normalbeard) and Sophie (River) on their
  20. Welcome to the STF Network! We are six friends bringing you actual play and RPG related content to your ears. Committed to story, character, fun and friendship, the STF Network has plenty of shows for your listening pleasure. #Starfinder
  21. Dungeons, Dice, & Everything Nice is a Dungeons and Dragons (5e) podcast made by your best friends. We've got Gobliritas, needless sacrifices, and a lot of Butcher Shop workplace dynamics.
  22. Imagine your best game of D&D. The shocks, the twists and turns, the moments that can’t be caught because you just had to be there. That’s Dice Shame.With the ability to tell a long form story, starring people who not only share a genuine love
  23. A tabletop roleplaying anthology series uses rotating dungeon masters and classic games to tell exciting, varied and fantastical stories.
  24. The Hard Move is a Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) RPG discussion podcast. Each episode, host Sidney Icarus will chat with a guest about a single move, diving into how the move works mechanically, how players can use it narratively to drive th
  25. An #actualplay #ttrpg #podcast about 4 young friends thrust into an adventure bigger than the little farm town they came from. They're a long way from home in a hostile world but at least they have each other.
  26. The Lovecraft Tapes is an actual-play Call of Cthulhu TTRPG podcast for horror, game and comedy geeks! Find us at lovecrafttapes.com
  27. Narrative-first roleplaying, telling small stories in big worlds. Find us at flimsyrituals.com, with new episodes every other Sunday.Currently playing Embrace. Join the defiant radicals, the Jubilant Maybe, as they fight the wealthy, the secr
  28. It's "Firefly" meets "Guardians of the Galaxy." Follow the crew of the Terrapin as they traverse the stars in search of adventure and hilarity.You can find more info about the show at thetableverse.com and by following us on all social media pl
  29. Dive into the minds of creatives and creators as they're interviewed by host Andrew Strother. From Hollywood to Broadway, Dungeons & Dragons to YouTube, the storytellers you love are telling their stories on Roll for Persuasion
  30. The Dimension Door Podcast is a Pathfinder TTRPG actual-play of Paizo's Reign of Winter adventure path. The Game Master (James Schwarz) guides a marvelous group of adventurers as they investigate a mysterious pocket of winter that has cropped u
  31. Prism Pals is an all ages actual play Quest RPG podcast, featuring five LGBTQ+ individuals telling a diverse and inclusive story! Follow our found family of adventurers as they navigate relationships, gods, and a broken world in need.
  32. Penance RPG is a homebrew style of RPG podcast created out of the belief that actual play storytelling should allow for not only free player choice for any and every decision but equal consequences to these decisions. We believe this allows for
  33. A Pathfinder actual play podcast running the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path for Pathfinder 1st edition as a one-on-one adventure with DaftProdigy and Rane Zero.
  34. Join The Skeleton Crew, a rag-tag group of soldiers and scoundrels, on a journey of fortune that quickly turns into something much larger as they stumble into the timeless conflict of light vs. dark in a galaxy far, far away.
  35. The Birdhouse Mysteries is a high fantasy actual play podcast utilizing the Savage Worlds system.
  36. Join Rob Wieland, Jordan Fishburn, Tony Cheek, Ethan Eichstedt-Anderson, Tawnie Thompson, Sarah Babe, and Tech-master Brad Davies as we explore new role-playing games and exciting one-shot tabletop RPGs! Support the team on Patreon! http://bit
  37. Join a loving family on an adventure as they play the Pathfinder Adventure Path: The Carrion Crown. This actual play podcast will have you laughing and crying along with the characters created to tell this epic story. The mission of our show is
  38. Welcome to The d20 Syndicate — A D&D 5E Actual Play Podcast — where we go on adventures so you don’t have to!Want to sit around all day playing D&D with your friends, but they’re too busy with “bills” and “marital troubles” to hang out? Are y
  39. Monster Hour is an narrative-driven actual play podcast that combines equal parts comedy and horror with crisp production value and original scoring. We are currently in our second season playing Absurdia, by Quinn Majeski. Our season one campa
  40. 3 Wise DMs is a podcast for dungeon masters (for Dungeons & Dragons) and game masters (any other RPG) with problems. And when we say problems, we don’t mean the kind of things you find answers for in the gamebooks. Think of it as a gaming philo
  41. SuperIdols! RPG is a narrative play tabletop roleplaying podcast about aspiring teen idols with superpowers. Join GM ErynCerise and a table of queer, gender-diverse players for improvised stories with elements of high school comedy, magical gir
  42. On The Shoulder is a weekly podcast in which we play 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. This campaign follows the blusterous underwater adventures of heroes from both sides of the moral compass. Umbra, the triton palace guard, and Lola the sea-e
  43. Welcome among The Rolistes…We are the proudly London-based producers of Tabletop RPG podcasts showcasing fans across the Channel, the Pond and beyond.We cross borders, languages, fandoms, game systems and settings with unique discoveries in
  44. A bi-weekly podcast where two sapphics in love play a one-on-one game of Dungeons and Dragons. Our story follows a young Tiefling Druid named Alkyone as she journeys into a new world, leaving the comfort of her home behind to follow a destiny g
  45. An Australian actual play podcast with trained actors, original music & homebrew campaigns. Each season explores a new TTRPG. Listen to a season of your favourite tabletop rpg or experience a game you haven't tried yet!Season 1 - Cyberpunk 2020
  46. Seven drinking buddies with a TTRPG problem. Join us every Monday for actual play tabletop role playing game fun. | Second Campaign: The Dawn Guard Saga: Join the Dawn Guard as they make their way through Dungeons and fight Dragons, as they sav
  47. A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast where we talk about anything and everything D&D 5e.
  48. Murder Dice is a 5e, actual play, Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Follow the Slayers on their adventure through through the universe as they attempt to save all mankind. Murder dice is a 5e podcast with some 2e flair. If you enjoy playing dnd and w
  49. Shadowrun Survival Guide (SRSG) Proudly brings you 'A Day in the Life: Stories from the 6th World' These stories are of everyday people and how corporations and Shadowrunners have ruined their lives.
  50. Set in the world of Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson, Ashes & Allomancy is an actualplay ttrpg podcast that follows twin brothers finding their place in the fight against the Lord ruler. Ashes & Allomancy is part of the Hex Grid Heroes Podcast Net
  51. We are a group of friends meeting around an actual table, enjoying some adult beverages and telling some shared stories. Dice roll every Friday so take a seat at the table and join us.
  52. Comedy D&D in an hour… ish…
  53. An inclusive actual play, ttrpg podcast about exploring new worlds, characters, and game systems through campaign, improvised story telling. Current campaign: "Empire's Edge" in the Star Wars rpg system by Fantasy Flight.Whatever the system,
  54. Chaotic good. Bad at math. QUEER AS HELL! Dungeon Master Noah Perito and players Lisa Condemi & Ashley Goodwin lead this small-party D&D comedy/drama. In Campaign I, the unlikeliest of heroes, a teenage orc named Gorgonzola, sets off on an adve
  55. Tales of Swordfall is an LGBTQIA+ Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Actual Play Podcast where groups of players get together and love, learn, and play TTRPGs! We offer character driven storytelling in our Dark, Epic, Romantic Dramedy. Come joi
  56. Fables Around the Table is an tabletop roleplaying game actual-play anthology podcast. Each season, we feature a new tabletop RPG system with a rotation of GMs and players! Tune in to listen to us play The Curse of the House of Rookwood, Visigo
  57. A gaggle of gays play Pathfinder 2e, our flagship campaign Blood of Kings releases every Wednesday 9AM EST! Find us on all social media @GobletsandGays and remember to Eat Your Vegetables!
  58. A real-play RPG podcast starring Newbiespud (Author of Friendship is Dragons and Fallout is Dragons) and his friends, exploring concepts and systems and scenarios that are a little unusual.
  59. An actual-play ttrpg podcast in the style of an audio drama. It's first recorded as normal roleplaying game play sessions, then put through post-production to create a unique blend of actual-play and audio drama.
  60. Two friends discuss all things TTRPGs, video games, culture and much more! Episodes are weekly and discuss current events—hop in wherever it looks interesting!