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Created November 11, 2019

Updated December 13, 2023



  1. From the creators of The Empire Film Podcast, The Pilot TV Podcast is your (spoiler free) guide to the essential new shows dropping each week across terrestrial, satellite, streaming and beyond. Bringing you the latest news and reviews, as well
  2. A TV Podcast that helps you decide what to watch. Join Ben and Tom every week as they navigate the streaming landscape and help you find your new favourite show.
  3. Scott Bryan, Hayley Campbell and Nihal Arthanayake with your weekly guide to the best (and worst) in new TV and streaming shows.
  4. A weekly TV podcast with Luke the editor of www.thecustdardtv.com with contributions from Gary and Matt. Visit thecustardtv.com for all the latest TV news Now!
  5. The One With The Guest Who Picks Their Favourite Episode. Grab a coffee in a massive china cup, settle down in your huge loft apartment and let your two newest Friends, Dave and Pete, guide you through the greatest sitcom of the 1990s. Could it
  6. Award-winning comedy writer Marc Haynes has watched every single Wrestlemania. Broadcaster Pete Donaldson hasn’t. Join them both every week as they subject the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment to the kind of scrutiny that ruins them e
  7. Live from Gallifrey! We present A Wheezing Groaning Sound, the only Doctor Who podcast presented by three men under house arrest, hosted by Tom Neenan, Paul Litchfield and John Rain Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
  8. Welcome to The The One Show Show! Each week, broadcaster and writer Jon Holmes is joined by a special guest to review the past seven days of the BBC's flagship fluff-fest The One Show in forensic detail. Cue the awful theme-tune trumpets! Hoste
  9. The podcast that takes one random episode of Top Of The Pops - the greatest TV Pop show ever - and breaks it down to its very last compound. Created by Sarah Bee, Neil Kulkarni, Taylor Parkes, Simon Price and David Stubbs (who all wrote for Mel
  10. A podcast about the work of comedy writer/ performer/ director/ all-round genius Julia Davis.
  11. The podcast revisiting every episode of S Club 7’s mad TV show, in more detail than anyone ever asked for. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
  12. Join host Lucy Buglass as she chats to special guests about what they're drinking and which TV show they're loving right now. Contains spoilers!
  13. Obsessed With… is a TV companion podcast for anyone who wants to dig deeper into their favourite drama. Hosted by celebrity fans and featuring some of the biggest names from each show, Obsessed With… will take a forensic look at some of the big
  14. All of television history is contained within the Box of Delights. TV journalist Julia Raeside invites her guests to choose a favourite TV memory and take another look at it, say what it meant to them, and what it means to them now. Hosted on A
  15. Wow! The Wire at 20!?......20 years ago, HBO released a show that nobody was talking about. But then, everyone slowly realised that The Wire might be the most incredible show of all time. We're Dave and Kobi, returning to the Baltimore pits t
  16. Space: The Final Frontier, These are the voyages of the Podcast, ’Spocklight’. Our continuing mission: to explore the ’Star Trek’ franchise from a non-Trekkie perspective, to boldly go where many podcasts have more than likely gone before.J
  17. Comedy writers Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris talk to people who make comedy about something funny that they love. Guests pick something that makes them laugh. A book, a film, a tv show, a comic, a radio show, anything. Maybe we find out somethi
  18. The Howards' Way Podcast. Julia Raeside, TV writer for The Guardian, navigates through every episode of the 1980s seafaring soap opera, in order, with a special guest joining her each time. You don't have to like Howard's Way or even remember i
  19. Welcome To WTAF - A THIS COUNTRY Podcast! The Top 3 Itunes Podcast about the BAFTA winning BBC comedy series 'This Country'.We celebrate one of the best new comedies to hit UK screens for years. We will be chatting about the episodes in depth,
  20. The Bottom podcast - three foxy stoats discuss and appreciate the world's greatest sitcom, courtesy of Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson, over an Esther Rantzen cocktail and pickled onion sandwich. From Paul Tanter, Mat Brooks and Angela Pearson.
  21. A podcast dedicated to watching LOST - one person for the first time, the other for the eighth.Hosted by Jack Shepherd & Jacob Stolworthy
  22. A podcast about creative people and their lives. Each week our host Craig Parkinson sits down for a chat with an actor, musician, artist, writer, chef, DJ or other creative soul to discuss what makes them tick. Sometimes heartbreaking, often hi
  23. The Truth is In Here...Devoted X-Phile and podcast addict Tony Black, alongside a group of committed Philes, presents THE X-CAST: AN X-FILES PODCAST dedicated to exploring the series from its inception in 1993, up to the latest Season 11 in 20
  24. Soylent Green is People...THE TIME IS NOW, developed by the team who brought you The X-Cast: An X-Files Podcast, is dedicated to Chris Carter's dark TV series Millennium, which ran on the Fox network between 1996-1998.Each episode will recap
  25. Every episode of BBC classroom drama WATERLOO ROAD watched, dissected and lovingly mocked in podcast form by superfan Tom Beasley and newbie Luke Stevenson. Not affiliated with the BBC.
  26. Jenny Owen Youngs and Helen Zaltzman have investigated every episode of Veronica Mars. Find @VMIpod on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; the show’s official home is VMIpod.com. FYI: there were spoilers for the episode being discussed, but not fo
  27. 1
    The QuaranTea Break Podcast is back - the socially distant teabreak with some extraordinary people. Host Simon Ward once again chats remotely with some of the biggest names from the world of entertainment to find out how they're coping, what th
  28. 2
    Welcome to Walford Weekly, The weekly podcast all about EastEnders. We discuss the episodes of the week with a loving and comical look at Walford and it's residents.
  29. The podcast taking a retrospective journey through the Louis Theroux back catalogue — to see if they still ❤️ himHosted by Matthew Dunne-Miles and Alex Watson
  30. This is the official Taskmaster podcast, hosted by former champion and chickpea lover, Ed Gamble. Each week, released straight after the show is broadcast on Channel 4, Ed will be joined by a special guest to dissect and discuss the latest epis
  31. Join comedy duo Anna and Emily as they take a look at the popular culture gems of their childhood with fresh eyes and ask - is it still legit?
  32. Notorious comedy queers Caitlin Powell (flame-haired bisexual menace) and Kate Butch (drag trash) are delving deep into their childhoods, reliving films, TV shows, and snacks, to see if there's any way of pinpointing exactly what made them so q
  33. Netflixed is your weekly guide to the hottest new releases on Netflix, brought to you by the Express. Tune in for exclusive interviews, trailers and gossip from the most binge-worthy shows.
  34. Join Emma Bullimore and Mark Jefferies for the podcast that's all things telly, including interviews with the biggest names, discussions of current shows and previews of what’s coming up on the box
  35. Welcome to a podcast all about the UK sitcom Peep Show. Join us as we discuss, review and analyse one of British comedy's best shows.Email: [email protected]: @podcastpharaohsFacebook: facebook.com/podcastsecretso
  36. Take Me Out may be gone, but for comedians Micky Overman, Patrick Spicer, and Nathan D’Arcy Roberts, it can and will never be forgotten. Each week, they will forensically recap one episode of the greatest and most profound dating show of all ti
  37. Bygones is a fortnightly podcast where sisters Laura-Jane and Eleanor Parker rewatch an episode of Ally McBeal every couple of weeks through 2018 eyes!
  38. A podcast about Inside No 9, by two people who just wanted to find a podcast about Inside No 9. But they couldn't. So they started one in the hope that it will inspire someone else to do something better. Steve and Andy discuss the shows and
  39. Join comedian Bec Hill and Producer Rory as they attempt to come up with original and award-worthy new ideas for movies and TV shows with the help of some top comedians. Each episode sees Bec and Rory join forces with two guests in an attempt t
  40. The definitive Alan Partridge fan podcast, dissecting and celebrating his output episode by episode. Acclaimed as one of the best TV & Film podcasts by The Telegraph, featuring guest appearances from stars Tim Key, Stephen Mangan, Susannah Fiel
  41. A weekly podcast with 4 seedy little men discussing the UK edition of the TV show The Office.
  42. SHIPWRECKED & COMATOSE is all about British science-fiction sitcom Red Dwarf, hosted by smegheads Mark Adams, Kurt North, Colin Jackson-Brown and Matt Latham.A proud part of the Film Stories Podcast Network: www.filmstories.co.uk
  43. Sara Barron (Live at the Apollo; Would I Lie to You?) and husband Geoff Lloyd (Reasons to Be Cheerful; Absolute Radio, BBC Radio 5 Live) attempt to answer the biggest question of our time: Are you watching anything good at the moment? Hosted on
  44. American Anglophiles Kaley McMahon and Stephanie Callas explore the witty, whimsical, dark, zany, sometimes disturbing but always hilarious world of British comedies.
  45. An unofficial Outlander podcast brought to you by two of Wilmington's finest, David Berry aka Lord John Grey and Tim Downie aka Governor Tryon.Every week we shall be leaping like salmon into the crazy and wonderful world of Outlander, plunging
  46. TV worth talking about. Shrine Podcasts is brought to you by Brendan, Hannah and Rebecca. Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/shrineofduty. Become a member at https://plus.acast.com/s/shrineofduty.Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/pri
  47. Enter the woods with NO BOOK CLUB: A YELLOWJACKETS PODCAST.Your hosts Matt Latham & Kurt North deep dive into Showtime's Yellowjackets one episode at a time, with some specials along the way, as they try and decrypt the mystery of a plane cras
  48. Reviewing TV pilots old and newish, on twitter Launching The Pilot @LaunchingTPilot, email [email protected]
  49. Podcast dedicated to the original and best version of The Office. We watchalong through the episodes and have some guests join us along the way, including interviews with the cast and crew of the show as well as superfans who all have influence
  50. Plot twists – they turn up everywhere. In film, life and love, they’re the moments that can change everything. Join Tom as he meets some of the world’s biggest TV, film, comedy and sport stars to ask them about their most poignant plot twist mo
  51. Clever talk about pop culture.Bigmouth is pop culture talk for discerning grown-ups. Music, TV, movies, books or something else entirely – we’ll enthuse, argue, squabble and pick over the bones of what’s happening in the world of the stuff we
  52. The podcast that does for TV what Desert Island Discs does for music (but with less sand).
  53. Going behind the scenes to bring you showbiz interviews, TV recommendations and our thoughts on the latest movie releases - from both sides of the Atlantic. Join Katie, Claire and Stevie for a fun look at the world of entertainment. Got a messa
  54. 1
    A fun and light hearted podcast that delves into Baywatch one episode at a time. CUE THE MUSIC
  55. Dust Busters is your weekly podcast companion through the world of HBO and the BBC's adaptation of Philip Pullman's hugely popular fantasy novels His Dark Materials. After each episode airs, superfan Jake Cunningham (Ghibliotheque, Little White
  56. This is the Brassic Podcast. We’re gonna be putting out a podcast episode every week after Brassic’s been on telly. The podcast is for those of you who want a nosy behind the scenes and a chat with the absolute bunch of legends that create the
  57. A British Futurama podcast, analyzing the cartoon episode per episode and dealing with every other topic that comes up along the way.
  58. The official podcast of HBO's hit sci-fi series, Westworld, Season Three, on Sky Atlantic. Join host Lauren Laverne, with superfan Jamie East and celebrity guests as they analyse each episode, featuring exclusive cast and creator interviews wit
  59. We love sitcoms. Particularly classic British sitcoms of the 1970s and 1980s. They remind us of our happy childhoods, watching television with our families in the evenings, back when choice was limited to just three or four channels.Now – 30
  60. Richard Brown and Chris Thorburn watch the films referenced in The Simpsons.
  61. Who’s ready for some star-studded gossip? Love Island The Morning After is back ready for a summer filled with hot stuff!This series, get the low down from our panel of hosts Indiyah Polack, Amy Hart & Chris Taylor who will be joined by a mix o
  62. The Screenster Podcast takes a closer look at the film and television world through the lens of industry insiders. Host and actress Georgie Grier talks to her guests about their careers, the highs and lows of this business and the good stuff on
  63. Welcome to Black Mirror Cracked - the podcast for all your Black Mirror needs. We alternate between episode analysis and interviews featuring journalists, actors from the show and even Charlie Brooker himself!For more Black Mirror stuff, follow
  64. Audible offerings from your pals at TV Cream, incorporating What We Just Watched and Creamguide (Films) Commentaries!
  65. A Podcast looking at the TV industry in the UK. We focus on the stories from behind the camera. We delve into the lives of the people working and earning their living in TV production. We talk about TV industry news and interview the people res
  66. The greatest, wittiest and most ridiculous Sabrina the Teenage Witch podcast in the realm!Join Phil Dean, Graham Riley and Chris Evans every Monday as they discus what made Sabrina so great and the 90s so ... unique!Follow us on twitter @sa
  67. Watching Watchmen, a podcast from The LOST Boys recapping and theorising about HBO's Watchmen series.
  68. A comedy podcast where we get pop culture nostalgic by discussing the number ones of a particular date
  69. Made In Chelsea: The M.I.C. Drop is a wild weekly celebration of E4’s flagship show. A fun zippy after-show, hosted by Jamie Laing, that deep dives into the world of the nation’s favourite posh posse, and digs deeper into the personalities of t
  70. Hosted by Natalie Roles. Over 400,000 plays in 50 countries worldwide. Over 150 hours of bonus content on Patreon https://patreon.com/thebillpodcast Sponsored by georgefairbrother.com, shop.saturdaymorningpress.co.uk, cityfiction.co.uk and van
  71. Fleur East cosies up with fellow reality tv stars to revisit their best, worst and most real moments. What was really going on? Is it scripted? Is the jungle even real? And what is the reality of what happens next? From finding love on an islan