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Creation Date February 4th, 2020
Updated Date Updated March 2nd, 2020
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This week's EarBuds theme comes from EarBuds founder, Arielle Nissenblatt. The theme is *Your Favorite EarBuds Episodes.* These episodes are the most clicked podcast episodes from within our three-year archive on EarBuds.
Naval Ravikant is the CEO and co-founder of AngelList. He’s invested in more than 100 companies, including Uber, Twitter, Yammer, and many others. It’s difficult to nail down exactly what we discuss in our conversation because I had so many questions to ask him. Naval is an incredibly deep thinker who challenges the status quo on so many things. This is an interview you’ll want to listen to, think a bit, and then listen to again. Here are just a few of the many things we cover in this episode: What a “typical day” looks like (not the answer I expected, and not one you’ve likely heard before) How Naval developed his legendary reading habits and how he finds time to read no matter how busy life gets How the internet has impacted book reading (both good and bad) and how to make sure you’re getting the best information from the most reliable sources What popular habit advice Naval thinks is BS and why Naval’s habit stacking technique that helped him overcome a desire for alcohol and other potentially destructive habits How Naval’s core values give direction to his life and how those values developed over time Naval’s thoughts on the current education system and what we can do to facilitate better learning for our children Naval’s favorite mental models for making critical high-stakes decisions His brilliant two-factor calendar authentication concept to keep him focused on only the most important projects Naval’s definition for the meaning of life (buckle up for this one) His amazing response to the investor who wanted to be just like Steve Jobs And so, so much more. Just a heads up, this is the longest podcast I’ve ever done. While it felt like only thirty minutes, our conversation lasted over two hours! And although it is the longest, it’s also our most downloaded episode on the Knowledge Project, so make sure you have a pen and paper handy. There’s a lot of wisdom up for grabs here. Enjoy this amazing conversation. GO PREMIUM: Support the podcast, get ad-free episodes, transcripts, and so much more:  
Mike tells Sarah how the myth of meddling wives serves to exonerate terrible husbands. Digressions include “50 Shades of Grey,” Marie Antoinette and the end of the 1960s. This episode, we’re sorry to say, contains descriptions of domestic abuse. Support us on Patreon Links! Tim Riley’s “Lennon” Philip Norman’s “John Lennon: The Life” Jonathan Gould’s “Can’t Buy Me Love” (good on The Beatles, terrible on Yoko) Cynthia Lennon’s “John” “Feminism and 1960-1970s Popular Music” “Why The Beatles Broke Up”  
Brian Doyle makes his show debut for our Thanksgiving episode. Brian reminds us that we don’t need a special day to express our gratitude for the people and things we are thankful for, and how important it is to let the people around us know that we appreciate them. Learn more about Brian at You can find today’s full clip here.    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Grab Sean's ebook, The Money Mind Reset: 5 Steps to Changing Your Relationship with Money, FREE at
Science Fiction Gets Real Meet creators making work that explores the gap between science fiction and reality. Inspired by science-fiction movies from the ʼ80s and ʼ90s, Shawn Frayne, the founder of Looking Glass Factory, dreams of making a holograms a part of everyday life. In his comic BLACK, set in a world where only Black people have superpowers, Kwanza Osajyefo uses science fiction to highlight some important truths about race in America. His follow up, WHITE is currently live on Kickstarter. Music in this episode SassyBlack Datahowler Balún Find a full transcript with photos here.
After a whirlwind romance, Brian and Vanessa get married and move to Kinshasa. Everything is going well until she shows up. It's a love triangle between the most unlikely trio. Plus, a mother wrestles with feelings of resentment towards her newborn baby.

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