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Remso Republic

A News and Politics podcast

Join Team Republic as we try and make freedom fun again! Join blogger, comic book nerd, advocate for individual liberty, and host of the Remso Republic, Remso W. Martinez, as he brings on fantastic guests and unique insights from wide and varied perspectives you won't get elsewhere.

Recent Episodes


If I hear the GOP has a millennial problem again it will be the millionth time I've heard it this week alone. To discuss the divide and differences between younger conservatives and libertarians and their elder counterparts, I've asked my friend Elliott Harding from MAC PAC to discuss the challenge...

Not Enough Ratings

What a time to be alive where kiosks take my order at McDonalds, some cars are about to drive themselves, I can tip my waiter in Bitcoin, and I might be able to live forever. The new world vision of transhumanist philosopher and aspiring politician Zoltan Istvan might be coming into your life soone...

Not Enough Ratings

Friend of the show Delegate Nick Freitas joins the program to discuss his widely publicized race for US Senate in 2018. A liberty conservative and Republican representative not afraid to go toe-to-toe with progressives in either party, it is no surprise that those who crave liberty in our time are ...

Not Enough Ratings

Comedy, politics, and good old grassroots activism clash with comedian/impersonator, commentator, and producer Dustin Gold (aka "the Trump Guy") in this insanely funny and insightful episode.

Not Enough Ratings

El Chapo, Shaun Penn, Roy Moore, Oh my! Citizen journalism is great until it runs amok and everyone starts screaming "fake news!" and in this episode we break down the evolution of today's media environment to understand where we are and how we got here, and we found the perfect person to discuss t...

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