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State of the Empire

A TV podcast

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A Star Wars speculation podcast, where we “Look For News in Alderaan Places!” The Network‘s biggest Star Wars nerds join forces and head to a galaxy far, far away and straight down the garbage chute. We’ll do anything to get a scoop, even make it up! Join us for the latest from the Star Wars franchise – as well as Willow Watch!

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One of the most exciting things to come from Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm was the chance to tell new Star Wars stories on the big screen - stories beyond the ever-continuing the episodic saga. Films exploring The Old Republic, Boba Fett finally having a chance to really earn that fan following, ...


In the era of fake news, no quadrant of the galaxy is safe from mind tricks. Yes, State of the Empire is your wacky, zany source for absurd rumors, but if we smell bantha poodoo, you'd better believe we're gonna call it out so you don't step in it. So forget all you know... or think you know about ...


There's been a great disturbance in the force. As if two bright voices in pop cinema set about making a Han Solo movie and were suddenly silenced. This week we received the shocking news that Phil Lord and Chris Miller had been fired from the young Han Solo film with only three weeks left to shoot...


If you're watching Star Wars Rebels, then chances are good you're anticipating episodes of this show more than the new films. It's a key component to establishing the galaxy as we know it when our Original Trilogy heroes come onto the scene in A New Hope, where the few good things to come from the ...


We were on-site at Star Wars Celebration 2017 - both in the room for the most coveted panels and experiences, and in the trenches wading through the most merciless lines in the galaxy. As with any Celebration there were thrills and tears; like when George Lucas, Harrison Ford, and John Williams all...

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