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The Inconsolables

A Games, Hobbies and Video Games podcast

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The Inconsolables are a pair of gamer geeks from Sydney, and a third nerd from Melbourne. We play whatever we can get our hands on, and chat about it (and gaming news). #FuckLootboxes

Recent Episodes


Welcome to Episode 69 and this week, much innuendo abounds. Mostly from Sammy. Aside from childish bollocks, we talk about Hollow Knight, the Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT beta, the upcoming No Truce With The Furies, Nintendo's Mini Direct and more! Come join our Discord channel! https://discord.gg/Ta...

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Weerrr'eee bbbaaacckkk! The Inconsolables ride again into 2018,talking 'bout games and games and game, and news... eventually. Monster Hunter continues to impress, Nintendo have a whole bunch of games to announce, and online games retailer Crytivo (https://crytivo.com/) is here to change up the sys...

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The year is ending, and The Inconsolables have returned to recount the best and worst of 2017! We even managed to agree unanimously on one thing! Enjoy this rather long episode where we give out awards in categories suggested by our community, as well as our own broken minds. Come join our Discord ...


Why hello! So glad to have you aboard our 66th episode. The boys are digging into the Monster Hunter Beta, perhaps the turning point of this podcast becoming the MH fancast perchance? Elsewhere, we poke around the Game Awards, the figurative middle finger to the oscars and second best gaming awards...

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Welcome to our 65th episode! We chat a bit about Fortnite, Paul played Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Sam played very little of anything! In other news, we talk about EA continuing to dig a hole, some shenanigans involving server shutdowns, and our strangest Why Is This A Thing in a long time! Come jo...

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