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The Inconsolables are a pair of gamer geeks from Sydney, and a third nerd from Melbourne. We play whatever we can get our hands on, and chat about it (and gaming news). #FuckLootboxes

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Episode 82 has arrived with an extra level of chaos because reasons. Andrew talks about Pillars of Eternity, Sammy's enjoying Far Cry 5, and Paul played... nothing somehow? News: | EB's Ultimate Gamer Pass for PAXAus | Sea of Thieves Roadmap | DayZ Still Exists? | Ubisoft Has More Respect For Metal …

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Episode 81, and I'm back baby! Ya can't keep crazy down for long! Since I'm back in the saddle we can talk about A Way Out and Detective Pikachu! Andrews up on the Ni no Kuni 2 stuff! And Paul played nothing so hey Anime Corner Time! As for News: | Angry Joe is cool and trustworthy, and that's my …

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  Episode 80 has arrived, with the OG team taking you to a world of crazed rednecks! Sammy is away ill, so Andrew and Paul spend way too long talking about Far Cry 5, and then we discuss three stories that embody the spirit of "Old Man Yells At Cloud". It's not all bad though, since there was a …

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Welcome back to the Inconsolables podcast! We have much to discuss... Paul and Andrew have dipped into No Man's Sea (aka Sea of Thieves), Paul's done some Ni No Kuni 2, and has Partnered up with Detective Pikachu! On the news side of things: Nindies!! Nintendo Labo!! Fortnite and PUBG! and Online …

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Welcome back to the Inconsolables podcast! This week is... weird. Paul talks about DanganRonpa for a while, Andrew played some Vermintide, and Sammy is overly concerned with Luigi's bulge.   As usual, there's a lot more going on too, so kick back and have a listen! Come join our Discord channel! …

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