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Getting More out of Life and Business with Nathan Ingram

Released Tuesday, 17th December 2019
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Practical tips for get the most out of life and business so you enjoy it more.
Getting More out of Life and Business with Nathan Ingram
Almost every business owner has this same struggle in common. It’s an ongoing battle between execution and strategy.
  • Execution is the business that needs to be done to keep things moving.
  • Strategy is how you grow your business.
In business, execution always wins because (simply put) things always need to get done. At some point we all hit a wall when we focus on execution. It’s great that we’re getting things done, but at some point, we have to focus on the strategy.
Nathan calls this the whirlwind. The whirlwind is the busyness of the day that we all struggle with. We always prioritize the things we want to do instead of the thing we need to do. The whirlwind will never go away and that’s okay. Because that is the day to day of our business.
How to regain control of your life and business: make room for CEO time in your life! CEO time is time that you spend intentionally focused on strategy.

Here's how to implement this:
  • Get out of your normal environment. (Find a place that inspires you.)
  • You cannot do strategy work around screens. (The secret to avoiding your phone while you’re focusing is to turn it off.)
  • Get the ideas that in your head out on paper.
  • Pick your top 3 things that have the biggest impact on your business and life. (Likely, they are not things that you’ll enjoy doing.)
  • Break the goals into a step goal, break it into something you can accomplish in 2 hours.

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