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My Intro To The Burger Chef Murders

Released Monday, 17th February 2020
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On my very first day as a detective for the Indiana State Police I was briefed, as was every new detective at the Indianapolis District at that time, on an unsolved case referred to as The Burger Chef Murders. I was introduced to the lead investigator on that case and worked with him or under his command for a good portion of my career. I even had the opportunity to assist him for a short stint with this case.

He's retired now and over 41 years later, this case remains unsolved. Or does it? Because he's retired now, he's free to share with you the details of his work on the case. Much of his story, findings and opinions on the case have never been shared publicly and I thought it was important that he do so. If this case is ever going to have a chance at being prosecuted, word has to get out.

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