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seamonkey reviewed this podcast on Sep 22nd, 2018
"this is real podcasting - not throwing techie terms to show off, but giving the interviewee - all remarkably successful founders - time to reflect and throw out pearls of wisdom - a pleasure to listen to"
saasy reviewed this podcast on Sep 22nd, 2018
"Best series about major SaaS founders out there! Superb questions and answers and nice production qualities. A must for anyone interested in SaaS"
JPJP reviewed this podcast on Sep 21st, 2018
"Easily the most accomplished SaaS podcast series. Best guests and much more human questions. Perfect listening in the car or the gym. Highly recommend!"
Alicia reviewed this podcast on Sep 21st, 2018
"Is this show still going? It's the best thing I discovered this year. The guests are incredible! So cool to hear the relaxed chats - they seem to effortlessly cover so much. It's really different to the techie hard to understand or aggressive biz talk ones. You learn much more when these people are allowed to really talk about what motivates them to build incredible things."
EdtechSaaS reviewed this podcast on Sep 21st, 2018
"Wow. I binged on all 8 of them. Best SaaS podcast ever"
CloudyGuy reviewed this podcast on Sep 21st, 2018
"Fantastic listening. Really gets into the lives and motivations of the saas founders. Please, please do more episodes. Great interviewer, amazing guests. More please."
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