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Jason Wachob: Defining True WellTH & How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Resume
This week we catch up with Jason Wachob, founder of the health and wellness online media giants MindBodyGreen. The independent media brand is dedicated to wellness with over 10 million monthly unique visitors! He has been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Goop, and Vogue. We cover his personal journey of health transformation inspired him to start MBG, his health discoveries, meditation, stress-reduction strategies, his brand-new book 'WellTH', the power of the breathe and even Wim Hof the Iceman! Use Snapchat? Follow me at: GuyL180 Questions we ask in this episode: What was the defining moment to make you reevaluate your own work-life-health balance? What do you think will be the next big thing in wellness? What ‘one thing’ do you think can have the most positive impact on our health? Why did you write your new book - Wellth? What does true wealth look like to you? What are your non-negotiables to be the best version of yourself? And much much more… Video Version & Transcript: http://goo.gl/R15oxn Hey, this is Guy Lawrence from 180 Nutrition and welcome to today's health session, where we cut through the confusion by connecting by leading global health and wellness experts to share the best and the latest science and thinking, empowering people to turn their health and lives around. We're doing it this week with the awesome Jason Wachob. He is the founder and CEO of mindbodygreen. If you're not familiar, they are a health and wellness company, media company, that is, and they now have I think over 12 million hits a month. They're big in the industry, they've influenced my life and they've influenced many people's lives around the globe with their message. It was fantastic to have Jason on today. We get into lots of topics, we discuss his new book, Wellth: How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Résumé. We also dive into his own personal journey, meditation, breath work, and how he actually manages as an entrepreneur with so many situations going on, keep everything and his health in check and all the rest of it. I thoroughly enjoyed today's interview. He's a top guy, and there's lots of wisdom for sure in this podcast, no doubt. If you're on Snapchat, I actually joined a couple of weeks ago, come and say hi. Just look at the user name GuyL180. That's my user name. Come and check it out, say hi. Always great to meet like-minded people. I share behind the scenes of what I'm doing, even with these podcasts, how I'm filming, what's in my day as well. I'm enjoying this so far, it's a lot of fun. Anyway, let's go over to Jason. Enjoy. Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I'm joined with Stuart Cooke, as always, hi Stuart. Stu: Hello, mate. Guy: Our awesome guest today is Jason Wachob. Jason, welcome to the show. Jason: Thanks for having me, guys. Guy: I really appreciate it. Jason, just to start the conversation. If you were sitting on an airplane and a complete stranger sat next to you and said, "Hi, what do you for a living?" How would you answer that? Jason: Wow. I would say I run a health and wellness media company called mindbodygreen. Guy: Perfect. My next question would be to you is just to get familiar with our listeners as well, is what is mind, body, and green, and what inspired you to start it in the first place, because it's obviously a big mission. Jason: Sure. I'll start with the story. I'm 6'7". I played basketball college a long time ago, I'm 41 now. Back then, this was 1998, there were no startups, guys like me either ... if they had grades, maybe they went to law school. If they had an aptitude for science and wanted to help people, they went to med school. Or if they had none of the above, they went to Wall Street, so I became a trader. Largely because I grew up with no money and always wanted money. I saw money as freedom, I saw money as something that I could pay off my college debt ... and so I went on to Wall Street and was able to do well enough to pay off my debt, bought my mother a car, probably a little freedom. While that was happening, at the same time, finally I reached this financial success and it was the worst month of my life because a relationship was falling apart. Very sharp contrast, here all I want is money, and I'm miserable. I saw really quickly that money did not buy happiness. 9/11 happened a little after that here in America. It really changed my perspective and it sort of led me down this entrepreneurial path. Fast forward to about 7 or 8 years ago, I was running a startup, doing a lot of flying. I flew almost 150,000 miles domestic in a year. 6'7" me, coach seat. Do the math, not so great. It turned out that I had an old basketball that was exacerbated by all the flying and stress. I was stressed in my mind at the time. I had two extruded discs pressing on my sciatic nerve, L4, L5, S1. My right leg was like a lightning rod. I could not walk, it was terrible. I went to a doctor, he said, "You need surgery. It's not negotiable." I don't think surgery's necessarily a bad thing, but it's just something I wanted to avoid. I sought a second opinion, and he said the same thing. Then it was almost like an afterthought, he said, "You know, maybe some yoga or therapy might help." I was like, "Okay, I'll give this yoga thing a shot." I started doing some really light yoga in the morning, in the evening, like 10-15 minutes. I started to feel better over the course of a few weeks, and over the course of a few months, I completely healed, so I never got surgery. It was like, "Holy cow!" This started to get me down this path and I started to look at things like stress and the mind and nutrition and the environment and all these things played a role in health, and I was like, "Holy cow, everyone's got health wrong." It's not about just vanity and weight loss, it's this lifestyle. Mind, body, green. That's how I got the idea for mindbodygreen quite literally, so that's how it all started. Video Version & Transcript: http://goo.gl/R15oxn  
Nick Polizzi: Ayahuasca & The Sacred Science
This week welcome to the show Nick Polizzi. He has spent his career directing and producing feature-length documentaries about holistic alternatives to conventional medicine. Most recently, Nick directed The Tapping Solution and co-edited Simply Raw - Raw for 30 Days. His current role as producer of The Sacred Science—a documentary about explorations in the Amazon to learn about traditional, healing practices—stems from a calling to honor, preserve, and protect the ancient knowledge and rituals of the indigenous peoples of the world. Questions we ask in this episode: What inspired you to make the documentary ‘Sacred Science’? What is ayahuasca? Western medicine encourages us to take a pill to fix the problem. Can we do this with indigenous medicines? We are living in a world that keeps us constantly distracted. What impact is this having on us (not engaging in our own truth)? You mention the “way of being” that is taught by elders in the Andes and Amazon. Please explain. Shop: http://shop.180nutrition.com.au/ This week we are doing it with the awesome Nick Polizzi. Nick is a documentary maker and he is the man behind the doco, The Sacred Science. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend you check it out. It’s just a fascinating documentary and I’ll read the synopsis right now about it straight off the text. [00:01:00] It says, “Witness the story of eight brave souls as they leave the developed world behind in search of deeper answers. Living in seclusion for one month in the heart of the Amazon jungle, these men and women take part in the powerful healing practices of Peru’s indigenous medicine men working with centuries old plant remedies and spiritual disciplines.” [00:01:30] It’s just fascinating. We get into Nick’s own personal journey as well. We discuss ayahuasca, which is something that I have done myself as well and that’s why it was just great to get Nick on and talk about this with him and Stu as well today. In this conversation I have no doubt you’re going to find this very fascinating. Now Nick has offered very kindly to all our listeners if you want to watch his documentary for free now you can go to a special link which is thesacredscience.com/free-screening. [00:02:00] Just find the website. Thesacredscience.com/free-screening. Then you can watch the documentary for free. After you listen to this interview I have no doubt you’re going to want to go back and check it out. The other thing I will add I want to give you as well because talk about ayahuasca. I actually documented my own ayahuasca journey three years ago in blog posts. They are on the 180 Nutrition website so if you want to check them out as well, go back to 180nutrition.com.au. Go to the search field on the home page and just search for ayahuasca and that’s going to bring up the five blog posts I wrote. [00:02:30] There’s little videos in there too and I document all of my thoughts, and feelings, and everything in there. It was a very personal journey for me and one I’m very glad I shared. I have no doubt you’ll find them useful as well. Anyway, so there’s two things for you there. We do discuss all of this in the podcast as well if you want to make notes. Of course the links will be on the actual blog post of this interview as well when it’s released. Anyway, let’s go over to Nick. Enjoy. Hey, this is Guy Lawrence. I’m joined with Stuart Cook. Hey, Stu.   Stu Hello, Guy. How are you? Guy I’m absolutely great actually. Our awesome guest today is Nick Polizzi. Did I get that right? Nick Yeah. Guy Yeah, brilliant. Nick, thanks for coming on, mate. It’s the first time we’ve explored this kind of topic and I’m very much looking forward to sharing it across with our audience today. Just to kickstart the show, mate, if you were on an airplane flying to Australia right now, and you sat next to a complete stranger, and they asked you what you did for a living, what would you say? Nick Man, I’d ask them how much time they had? I guess they’d have a lot of time. What is that, a 15-hour flight? Guy Yeah. Exactly. Nick I guess I’d say I’m a documentary filmmaker, author, shamanic explorer, adventurer. Somebody who is constantly on their own evolutionary path. The medicine path I guess. Stu Yeah. What reaction would you get from that normally as well? What would that be? Nick I guess it depends on who we’re talking about? Are we talking about a suit or are we talking about a girl who just got back from Burning Man? Stu Burning Man. Exactly. Yeah, two very different conversations, right? Nick [00:04:30] Yeah, but I’m starting to find that there’s actually a pretty large cross-section of the population here in the States at least that are really interested in this kind of inner work. That kind of idea was something that even 10 years ago that wasn’t really being talked about very much. Yoga was a big deal. Yoga was this foreign thing 10 years ago or 15 years ago here in the States and now everyone and their grandmother does it. I think that we’re primed. Full Transcript & Video Version: http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/nick-polizzi-interview/
Andrew Taylor - I Ate Nothing But Potatoes For 1 Year. This Is What Happened…
This week we welcome Andrew Taylor to the show. At the beginning of 2016, in the depths of mental and physical despair, Andrew had a simple idea to treat food addiction by quitting food, in much the same way an alcoholic should quit alcohol. He ended up quitting all foods except potatoes, in a simple experiment to see what would happen. Pretty soon Andrew's story went viral around the globe as people were captivated by his incredible weight loss and physical and mental health improvements. So many thousands of people asked Andrew for help over the course of the year that the best way to help as many people as possible was to collate all the advice he had given in the form of a book. Thus he found that completely unintentionally he'd become a published author. Questions we ask in this episode: How do you define food addiction and what are the tell-tale signs? Can certain foods or supplements aid to suppress the addictive habits? What 3 tips could you offer those wanting to make change? https://180nutrition.com.au/ This week I'm excited to welcome Andrew Tyler to the show, who is the founder of Spud Fit. Andrew was a former junior Australian champion marathon kayaker, struggling with a lifetime of food addiction and dieting that left him weighing in at over 150 kilos. His story went viral when the world caught wind of the then 36 year old Aussie dad, who had embarked upon a quest to eat only potatoes for an entire year. The results of this experiment were nothing short of remarkable, and today Andrew coaches thousands of people through their food addiction issues and focuses on addressing the root causes of overeating. Over to Andrew. Hey guys, this is Stu from one 80 nutrition and I am delighted to welcome Andrew Tyler to the podcast. Andrew, how are you? Andrew 01:33 Very well, and I'm honored to be a guest, so thank you for having me. Stu 01:37 Thank you for agreeing to come on. So really, really keen to get into your story and also the discoveries that you learned along your journey. But before we jump into any of that stuff, if you could just tell us a little bit about yourself for our listeners that may not be familiar with you. Andrew 01:54 Well, my name is Andrew. I'm Spud Fit, basically. That's my online alter-ego, Spud Fit, that's my website, it came about because, I guess most people listening would know me from, well, maybe they don't know me at all, that's probably more likely. But the people that do know me, would know me from a couple of years ago. I got my little 15 minutes of zed grade fame for eating only potatoes for an entire year. Yeah, that was something that I thought at the time was the most boring thing a person could possibly ever do, and in hindsight, it made sense that people were interested in it, but it was a surprise. So yeah, I got a little bit of a viral fame, in inverted commas, from that. To view full interview and transcript:  https://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/andrew-taylor-interview/    
Jema Lee - Health Advice Every Woman Should Know
This week we welcome Jemma Lee to the show. She is a coach, speaker, presenter, intimate event coordinator, a huge ambassador for making living healthy easy and she walks her talk! She teaches people  the unique art of how to tune in and listen to their bodies to create radiant health and a balanced thriving lifestyle. Choosing vitality over burn-out, exhaustion, weakness, lethargy, tiredness, bloating, blemishes, obesity, confusion and frustration! Questions we ask in this episode: Does the perfect diet exist… what’s your philosophy on food?  Where do you sit on low-carb / Keto for women?  What health roadblocks are females more typically vulnerable to than males? https://180nutrition.com.au/     This week. I'm excited to welcome Jema Lee. Jema is a coach, speaker, presenter, and a huge ambassador for making healthy living easy and attainable for everyone. She blends ancient ancestral health and Ayurveda to guide women back into their balance. In this episode we talk about the fundamental differences between men and women, why low carb and keto needs to be carefully considered, and how mapping out your monthly cycle could be the key to amazing health. Over to Jema. Hey guys, this is Stu from 180 Nutrition and I am delighted to welcome Jema Lee to the podcast. Jema, how are you? Jema I'm very well Stu. Thank you so much for having me on. Stu Honored that you're going to share your knowledge with our audience today as well because I think you're super, super passionate, which is why I'm so particularly interested in having a chat with you today. But first up, I would love it for our audience that may not be familiar with you. If you could just share a little bit about yourself. Jema [00:04:00] Thank you. Yeah, I'm a women's health educator. And what that means is I work with women around their periods basically. I've been in the nutrition industry for 13 years and I've been down this road of having my own health challenges and I really kind of along the way didn't want to become a practitioner. I wanted to become a supporter and an educator, because I feel like education is one of the missing kind of components. So I went down this really long road of traveling and studying ancestral health. I've studied a little bit about women wisdom, I've studied nutrition, I've studied wellness coaching, I've studied Ayurveda I've studied Ayurveda psychology, there's lots of different facets. And I was always so interested in like, how did our ancestors used still live thousands and thousands of years ago that we no longer maybe use their kind of techniques and tools and traditions, that we could like bring into this modern world that we do today. So now that's what I do and I work with women and helping them learn how amazing their bodies are. For full transcript and interview:  https://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/jema-lee-interview/
Duncan Peak: Power Living to the Modern Yoga
#20 Duncan Peak is founder of Power Living Australia Yoga (P.L.A.Y). He's also a very cool guy & we chat to him about his life as a former army officer, nearly dying, & becoming one of Australia's most authoritative figures in yoga.   A individuals journey that takes an unexpected twist that we all benefit from A dramatic change in life path that's lead to building a legacy (his franchise) that we all benefit from as a result There are a lot of assumptions about yoga. Is yoga what you think it is? Why yoga suits the modern man/women & the unsuspecting masculine guy Yoga...much more than a physical journey and a place to find women in figure hugging attire www.180nutrition.com.au 
The Baker Boys: Insider Knowledge & Truths About the Supplement Industry
#21 This week our special guests are brothers Christian & Michael Baker. They were one of the first guys to setup a major supplement store franchise from the USA here in Australia.  Having worked in the health & fitness industry for many years, it's safe to say these boys know their stuff when it comes to supplements! You will learn: What are the go to supplements Why not all supplements are created equal Why some supplements are expensive urine What ingredients to look for and avoid What to take to help recovery and much much more... Did you enjoy this episode? We'd love for you to leave a review in iTunes to help us spread the word on great health! Guy    www.180nutrition.com.au ‘
Robert Beson: Learn the secrets to a healthy gut
#1. In this episode we focus on gut health, where I chat to the other half of 180 Nutrition Stuart Cooke and interview the CEO of Progurt, Robert Beson. Gut health is essential for a healthy mind and body. The gut is actually scientifically known as the second brain, being there’s a direct connection between our mind and gut. A healthy gut means better health physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s very important. The gut is the gastrointestinal tract. It’s the single organ that you can describe as a long tube that begins at the mouth and ends at the rectum. The mouth is the first part of the gastrointestinal tract, so you can understand that when the gut loses balance of good bacteria, it can affect your ear, nose, and throat, virtually every part of your body simply because the gut isn’t performing as it should. In my world, you are your gut. www.180nutrition.com.au
Dr Gurpreet Padda - Discover The Secret to 'Becoming' a Type 2 Diabetic
This week, I'm excited to welcome Dr Gurpreet Padda. A graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City Medical School, Dr. Padda served residencies in surgery and anesthesia. He is board certified in pain medicine, anesthesiology and age management. He also holds an MBA from St. Louis University. He is a member the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery and has completed certification programs with the International Society of Cosmetogynecology in Abdominoplasty and Liposuction under local anesthesia. Questions we ask in this episode: What early warning signs may we experience if pre-diabetic? We’re told it’s incurable, what are your thoughts on this? Where should we start if wanting to explore the possibility of reversal? http://180nutrition.com.au/ This week I’m excited to welcome Dr. Gurpreet Padda. Dr. Padda is a board-certified MD and the Medical Director of Reversing Diabetes MD. This online space features protocols designed to reverse disease in patients who are overweight or already have established prediabetes or diabetes. In this episode we talk about the secret to becoming a type 2 diabetic. We discuss common industry myths and how the Reverse Diabetes MD protocol can help address this global epidemic. Over to Dr. Padda. Hey guys, this is Stu from 180 Nutrition and I am delighted to welcome Dr. Gurpreet Padda to the podcast. Dr Padda, how are you? Dr Gurpreet 01:50 Excellent. Stu 01:51 Good stuff. Well, look- Dr Gurpreet 01:52 I appreciate being here. Stu 01:52 Oh well look, we appreciate you sharing some of your time, especially on a late Sunday afternoon as well, so thank you for that. But first up, for all of our listeners that may not be familiar with you or your work, I would just love it if you could tell us a little bit about yourself before we get into the questions. Dr Gurpreet 02:10 Yeah, so I’m a clinician. I actually practice medicine every single day. I see patients every single day. I started off as a physician, treating patients with extremely complex medical problems. I do interventional pain, so I see patients that have just horrendous symptoms and in my career, as I started to treat them, I realized that they had a commonality. You know, everybody talks about patients having fibromyalgia, people talk about patients having all of these symptoms, and I kept coming back to, well, what’s the common root cause for all of this? Is there something that I can treat? And it seemed to be progressing. It seemed to be getting worse. I’m 55 years, I started my career 30 plus years ago, and I’ve seen a dramatic shift in the patient population. This is not the same population that I started with when I first started. Patients were never this heavy, patients weren’t this diabetic. And now, three quarters, more than three quarters of my patients, are diabetic. And so I’m trying to figure out, why is it that we’ve had this epidemic of diabetes? And what is it that we can do about it? And it brought me through a whole bunch of rabbit holes. I dug deep to figure this out. And it turns out it’s been in front of us the whole time. It’s the food that we’re eating. We don’t have an epidemic of diabetes. We have a pandemic of diabetes. If animals eat the same food that we eat, which is the standard American diet, they get the same disease. And at this point, we have rats in New York that are gigantic, that are diabetic, and they’re cognitively impaired, like Alzheimer’s, and they’re venturing out in the daytime because they have all this growth hormone, which is insulin pumping through their bodies, they’re gigantic, and their brains are defective and they’re out in the daytime and they’re dying. And so if you look at tourist places where you used to have thin dogs, and now thee tourist places have extremely fat dogs. You look at the monkeys at locations, the monkeys are getting huge. And it’s not that we didn’t feed them before, we’re feeding them something different now. And those are the kinds of the conclusions that have come about. So we know how to make somebody diabetic now, I can guarantee I can make somebody diabetic in about two weeks. To view full interview and transcript: https://180nutrition.com.au/?p=53463&preview=true
 Marcus Pearce: The Exceptional Life Blueprint. The Secrets to Living Longer, Healthier and Happier!
This week welcome to the show Marcus Pearce.  He wears two professional hats – one as the founder of the Exceptional Life Blueprint – an 8-step process to creating a magnificent life – and CEO of The Wellness Couch podcast network, Australia’s #1 podcast network with over 1.5 million annual downloads. He is involved with two podcasts on The Wellness Couch – one as host of Your Exceptional Life, and the second as co-host one of those podcasts, ‘100 Not Out’ . He also co-hosted Inside The Champion’s Mind alongside Laurence Tham for 80+ episodes.   Questions asked in the episode: We often hear we should discover our life’s purpose and pursue that. Do you agree with this and what if we have no idea? We live in a society where we often judge our success by our wealth and miss out on the very things we’ve discussed today. What’s your take on this? All this can feel overwhelming, especially if we feel trapped, lonely or stuck in a rut. What 3 tips would you give someone to start creating change? What is your Exceptional Life Blueprint? Shop: http://shop.180nutrition.com.au/ Guy Hey, everyone. This is Guy Lawrence, of course, and welcome to another episode of The Health Sessions, where we connect with leading global health and wellness experts to share the best and the latest science and thinking, empowering all of us to turn our health and lives around. [00:00:30] And we have a fantastic podcast episode for you today with the awesome Mr. Marcus Pearce. It’s been just a pleasure to get Marcus on our show, he’s a good friend, he’s a ball of energy, he’s probably the most positive person I know and every time I catch up with Marcus I feel like I’m on cloud nine, and it is just awesome to be able to share his message with you today. [00:01:00] Now if you have no idea who Marcus is, he is the CEO of Australia’s number one health and lifestyle podcast, network, I should say, which is The Wellness Couch. They’re fantastic, and in 2014, he created the Exceptional Life Blueprint, a company dedicated to helping people rise from mediocre, mediocre, I should say, to magnificent in each area of his life, and not just one. And Marcus spreads his message through his online programs, podcasts, live events, and retreats, and one-on-one mentoring and more. [00:01:30] Look, sit back, enjoy this episode. Like I said, Marcus is a top guy, and you’re going to get lots out of this today, and as always, guys, if you are enjoying the shows, please subscribe to the podcast, hit the five star, and leave us a review on iTunes. Just help us spread the word. Help us get these episodes out there so we can all empower our lives for the better. Anyway, let’s go over to Marcus Pearce. Enjoy. Hey, this is Guy Lawrence. I’m joined by Stuart Cook. Good morning, Stu. Stu Good morning, Guy. Guy And I just got to say, your camera just froze with the best expression ever then. That was just perfect. Stu That wasn’t the camera that was frozen. That was me. I was just waiting for something. I was waiting for a pearl of wisdom to come out your mouth. Guy And there’ll be plenty today, so hold on, mate. Hold on. Stu [inaudible 00:02:03]. Guy And our special guest today is Mr. Marcus Pearce. Marcus, welcome to the show. Marcus Guy, Stu, thanks for having me on. Well done on what you guys have been up to. Incredible what 180′s been able to do, both in the health and wellness space and in the podcast space, so well done, and yeah, a pleasure to be with you guys. Guy Great. Stu Thank you so much. Guy [00:02:30] Thank you. You’re too kind. You’re too kind, mate. Now, Marcus, even though I know you well personally, we’ll be exposing you to many new listeners today. So I love to ask everyone on the show, just to get the ball rolling, if a stranger stopped you on the street and asked you what you did for a living, what would you say? Marcus [00:03:00] I have a different answer every day. I don’t know about you guys, but there’s always a different answer. Someone, it would be journalist by profession that used to be sports media that transitioned to health and wellness personal growth media. If someone had seen the online marketing, it would be I have an online program, and I run live events about helping people. [00:03:30] Really, the purpose of my life is to help people rise from mediocre to magnificent in all areas of life, and not just one. But that is often too deep and meaningful for someone in the street, so to give that to someone in the street just knocks them out. So it’s actually just, yeah, journalist by profession that is a sports nut that wanted to do more than just work in sports, so I transitioned from sports media into health and wellness personal growth media, and then they’ll normally say, “What does that mean, and how do you do it?” and then I’ll tell them about The Wellness Couch and Exceptional Life Blueprint and the rest. Full Transcript & Video Version: http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/marcus-pearce-interview/
Nora Gedgaudas: Becoming a Primal Fat Burner
This week welcome to the show Nora Gedgaudas. She is a widely recognized expert on what is popularly referred to as the “Paleo diet”. She is the author of the international best-selling book, Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and A Longer Life. She is also the author of the best selling ebook: Rethinking Fatigue: What Your Adrenals Are Really Telling You and What You Can Do About It. Nora is an experienced nutritional consultant, speaker and educator, widely interviewed on national and international radio, popular podcasts, online summits, television and film. Her own popular podcasts are widely listened to on iTunes and are available for free download. She maintains a private practice in Portland, Oregon as both a Board-Certified nutritional consultant and a Board-Certified clinical Neurofeedback Specialist. Her latest book Primal Fat Burner was released in January 2017 by Simon & Schuster (Atria). Questions we ask in this episode: How important is the role of fat in our diet? Is a high-fat low-carb diet for everyone? Can ‘Primal Fat Burning’ help prevent and alleviate disease? Are there any particular types of people that this way of eating doesn’t suit? What about athletic performance; does a high-fat diet suit these demands? And much much more.. Shop: http://shop.180nutrition.com.au/ This is Guy Lawrence, of course, of 180 Nutrition and welcome to another stellar episode of the Health Sessions where we are connecting with leading global health and wellness experts to show the best and the latest in science and thinking and empowering people, ourselves, to turn our health and lives around, and this week we're doing it with the awesome Nora Gedgaudes. We welcome back Nora to the show. This episode's a special one to us because Nora was one of the very first guests we had on our podcast all those years ago, and at the time she'd released the book Primal Body, Primal Mind. It was at its peak of popularity, and she still had time for us and being a new podcast as well, she came on, and she was awesome. That book's been a pivotal staple for myself and Stu over the years, and I highly recommend it if you haven't checked it out. [00:01:30] If you're not familiar with Nora, she's a wild, excuse me, a wildly recognized expert on what is popularly referred to as the paleo diet. She the author of international best-selling book Primal Body, Primal Mind. Nora's also an experienced nutritional consultant, speaker, and educator. She's widely interviewed on national and international radio, popular podcasts ... I'd like to think that this is one of them ... and online summits, television, and film as well. And she's here to talk about her brand new book today called Primal Fat Burner, which I have right here, and I've been pulling it apart, and it's another nugget of a book. Get it. I highly recommend it, and we delve into everything. [00:02:00] Nora talks about what she learned over the past, you know, whatever many years ago since we last had her on. I'm watching this new book. And it's one of those podcasts that we warn you, you'll probably have to listen to it a couple of times. Nora is a wealth of information, and she certainly gets deep on some of the topics, but I think it's so important that she does as well because we need to have a solid understand why we do the things we do with our nutrition and the impact it has on our longevity and health long term. [00:02:30] So we cover all them things, and Nora did mention at the end of the podcast as well after we finished, that she's actually coming to Australia towards the end of 2017, so keep an eye out for that as well. So that's it, I guess. I will ask, guys, as always, if you can leave us a review on iTunes, five-star us, and please subscribe. If you haven't done those things, please do them because they really help us getting this podcast out there. We're getting great traction. We're reaching more people. This message is getting out to more and more people. And just share it with a friend that you think might appreciate these episodes as well as we keep delivering them to you. Anyway, let's go over to Nora Gedgaudes. Enjoy. Hi. This is Guy Lawrence. I'm joined by Stuart Cook. Good morning, Stu. Stu Hi, Guy. Guy And our lovely guest today is Nora Gedgaudes. Nora, welcome back to the show. Nora Oh, thanks, Guy and Stu. Thank you so much. It's great to be back here with you guys again. It's been a while. Stu Yes, it has. Guy Yeah, it's been a while. I was looking this morning, and it's been four years. Can you believe it? That's how quickly- Stu My word. Nora You know, I think I made my first sort of splash in Australia back in either 2009 or 2010, so it's been a while since the release of my last book, and everything that's transpired. So yeah, it's time. Guy Yeah. Life is brilliant, and I have to say, that last book of yours, Primal Body, Primal Mind, I mean that was pivotal in changing the way we thought as well all them years ago. Did you expect it to go on and be so successful as it is when you wrote it? Nora [00:04:00] Oh, no. God, no. I wrote that book just because I had all this stuff I had to get out of me, and I thought I would just put it all in one place in a way I could feel good about. And I initially self-published because I wanted ... I had ideas about that. It wasn't a bad thing to do, but I had horrible editorial problems, and there were a lot of problems with the self-published version. And then I had a bigger publisher come along and say, "No, we love this. It's amazing. We would love to publish it." But it took on a life of its own. I really had no idea it was going to do what it did. I think I would have planned my life very differently had I known. [00:05:00] And suddenly, I was seeing clients eight to 10 hours a day, and then on evenings and weekends, I had to spend answering the 100 or more emails that were coming in every day about that book and doing interviews. And then I was asked to do a radio show, so I did that. All these things started happening. Yeah, it made my life really, really ... Well, actually, my life is still pretty crazy as a result of all this. But it was something ... It wasn't by design. Let's just say I didn't write Primal Body, Primal Mind with marketing in mind at all. Had I done that, had I intended to, I went about it in a really stupid fashion because what I did was I wrote 15 books in one is essentially what I did with that one. Full Transcript & Video Version: http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/nora-gedgaudas-interview/
Ben Greenfield: Achieve Superhuman Feats Of Physical Performance Without Destroying Your Body
This week we welcome to the show Ben Greenfield. This interview was a lot of fun, whilst packed full of nuggets of wisdom. Ben is one seriously knowledgeable and passionate guy when it comes to hacking the human body for optimum performance. He is a New York Times Bestselling author, coach, speaker, ex-bodybuilder and Ironman triathlete. His science-based approach to discovering a potent balance between health and performance has revolutionized the way thousands of athletes and exercise enthusiasts around the world live, train and eat. Enjoy... Questions we ask in this episode: It’s morning right now in Australia, what’s your morning routine look like? If you had to give me an elevator pitch on ‘bad information’ regarding health what would it be? Can you share any unconventional techniques to get better sleep? What are the key factors we need to consider to be able to train at an elite level, when longevity is our main priority? What does your daily diet look like these days? What are your non-negotiables to be the best version of yourself? Video Version & Full Transcript Here: http://180nutrition.com.au/?p=22389   Hey, this is Guy Lawrence of 180 Nutrition and welcome to this week's episodes of the health sessions where, of course, we capture the confusion by connecting with leading global health and wellness experts to share the best and latest science thinking on empowering everyone to turn their health lives around. [00:01:00] This week we are doing it with the awesome Mr. Ben Greenfield. Now, Ben, if you are not sure of who he is, the pitch is basically he's an ex-body builder, an iron man triathlete. He is a Spartan racer, coach, a speaker, and an author of the New York Times best seller book, Beyond Training - Mastering Endurance, Health and Life. He's also been voted one of the top 100 most influential people in health and fitness. It was a pleasure to have him on the show today. When we logged on, Ben was on a walking treadmill with his top off so that kind of sums up Ben and his passion for health and fitness, and everything that he does and shares his information very generously. We covered so many topics today. He's an absolutely great guy, great sense of humor. We in from topics from sleep to hacking his morning routines to even ayahuasca. We touch on also how he has reduced his exercise routines as well and his training methods, even though he is still competing at a very high-end level. It was all fascinating stuff. Just sit back and enjoy, and you might have to listen to this twice because he has a wealth of information, no doubt. Of course, you're always enjoying these episodes, and you're listening to them on a regular basis, all we ask in return is if you could leave a review on iTunes and, of course, hit the subscribe button and 5-star, and that just helps us continue to get these great podcasts out to people that might not have heard, or [inaudible 00:01:51] come across our information before, so all that's greatly appreciated. Anyway, let's go over to Ben Greenfield. Enjoy. [00:02:00] Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I'm joined with Stuart Cook, as always. Hey Stu. Stu: Hello Mate. Guy: Our awesome guest today is Mr. Ben Greenfield. Ben, welcome to the show. Ben: Hey, do I need to say Mate, too? Do I need to say Hello Mate? Guy: You can say- Stu: I say you try, try ... Slip some words in there. Ben: Whatcha do that [inaudible 00:02:20]/ No, dude mate, you do not want me ... I'll like digress into Chinese and Germany, a mash-up of, like, eight different languages. That's my problem. If I try to imitate one language, it just kind of makes a slow bleed downhill from there in complete chaos. So- Video Version & Full Transcript Here: http://180nutrition.com.au/?p=22389
Dr Michael Breus: The Sleep Doctor, Hacking Jet Lag & The Power Of When
This week we welcome to the show author, speaker, comedian and internet Youtube sensation Dr. Michael Breus. He is a Clinical Psychologist and both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He was one of the youngest people to have passed the Board at age 31 and, with a specialty in Sleep Disorders, is one of only 163 psychologists in the world with his credentials and distinction. Dr. Breus is on the clinical advisory board of The Dr. Oz Show and appears regularly on the show (>30 times in 4 years). Questions we ask in this episode: Why is sleep so important and what happens if we don’t achieve quality sleep? How can we hack our jet lag? What supplements can we use to help us sleep? How can we improve our home environment for sleep? We were intrigued by your book - The Power Of When. Can you explain a little about the book. Shop here: http://shop.180nutrition.com.au/  And this week, our awesome guest is Dr Michael Breus, also known as, “The Sleep Doctor.” Now, I have to say, I loved this episode. His enthusiasm and knowledge for this topic was amazing. Now, we’ve covered sleep a few times on the podcast before, but again, there was so many nuggets of wisdom to come out of this and the way I thought about sleep and my own personal sleep and how we apply it. And obviously, we know how passionate Stu is about sleep as well. And it was just great and I have no doubt you’re gonna love it. [00:01:00] [00:01:30] He covered things from jet lag to circadian rhythms to what we can do and hacks and tips and all sorts of stuff. And it was awesome. And if you aren’t familiar with his work, Dr Michael Breus is a clinical psychologist, and both a diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine, and a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He has a specialty in sleep disorders and is only 1 of 163 psychologists in the world with these credentials and distinctions. He also appears as a clinical advisory board of the Dr Oz show, and appears on the show on a regular basis. So yes, he knows what he’s talking about. [00:02:00] The other thing that I wanted to mention is that thanks for the iTunes reviews, guys. I really appreciate it. iTunes have made it easier than ever now to leave a review on the podcast, and if you are listening to our show on a regular basis, we’d really appreciate a review just to continue to help get this message out there, and more people like yourselves can listen to the show. And the other thing is, we are currently running a promotion for all our podcast listeners. [00:02:30] So if you’re struggling to eat healthy on a consistent basis and want to check out our convenient whole 180 super food, have a smoothie in between work meals, it’s super simple. Getting all nourishing and natural ingredients to save you snacking on bad food choices. Just come back and we’ve got a whole host of other products on there as well, of course, that will help you be the best version of yourself in your nutrition daily. You get a 15% discount code. So if you just head back to the 180 website, which is obviously 180nutrition.com.au, and enter the code 180PODCAST during checkout. All the podcast listeners get a 15% discount on our fantastic products. Anyway, check it out. That’s 180PODCAST is the discount code. And let’s go over to Dr Michael Breus. Enjoy. [00:03:00] Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I’m joined with Stuart Cook as always. Good morning, Stuart. Stu Good morning, Guy. Guy And our awesome guest today is Dr Michael Breus. Michael, welcome to the show. Dr. Breus Thanks for having me, Guy and Stuart. I really appreciate it. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. Guy Yeah, it’s gonna be fantastic. Stu’s a kid in a candy shop as always with this topic. So we’ll see what happens. But the question I always ask everyone on the show when they come on, Michael, is if a stranger stopped you on the street and asked you what you did for a living, what would you say? Dr. Breus I would tell them that I teach people how to be better in bed.  Full Transcript & Video Version:  http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/dr-michael-breus-interview/ 
Overcoming Obstacles, Power Of The Mind & Down The Rabbit Hole Of Health
This week the roles are reversed and co-founder Stuart Cooke of 180 Nutrition is in the spot light!  On a recent trip to Sydney, he catches up friends Titans Fitness who have an amazing facility in Coogee. They also have a fantastic podcast called Titan Muscle & Mind. This week Stu is interviewed on their podcast and we thought it would be great to share his wisdom he's learned over the years with you guys :) Enjoy. Want to try a FREE Sample of 180? Learn more here: http://180nutrition.com.au/free-sample
Mark Divine: Life Lessons From a Navy Seal & Developing An Unbeatable Mind
This week welcome to the show Mark Divine. He is an expert in human performance as it is displayed in mental toughness, leadership and physical readiness. His work is based on an integral warrior-leader model that he developed and tested on over a thousand special operations candidates worldwide. The integrated training, which involves physical, mental, emotional, intuitional and spiritual training, has resulted in over a 90% success rate for the Spec Ops candidates. It is now taught to executives and corporate teams, tops sports teams, top athletes, professionals, first responders and warriors from all walks of life. Mark is the founder and leader of several highly successful enterprises including SEALFIT (Physical and mental training), Unbeatable Mind, LLC (Executive Mastery Development), NavySEALs.com and USCrossFit. He also co-founded the Coronado Brewing Company in Coronado, CA. Mark served as Adjunct Professor of Leadership at the University of San Diego and has authored four books: “The Way of the SEAL,” published by Reader’s Digest Publishing, “8 Weeks to SEALFIT” and “Kokoro Yoga” by St. Martin’s Press, “Unbeatable Mind” and the “SEALFIT Training Guide,” both self-published. Questions we ask in this episode: I’ve heard you say the career change (accountant to Navy Seal) came from the silence. Please explain. For anyone wanting to create change in their life and be their authentic self, what advice would you give them? How do they ‘qualify’ someone to become a seal? What is Sealfit? You’re passionate about breath work. Why? Shop: http://shop.180nutrition.com.au/ Our awesome guest this week is Mr. Mark Divine. Mark was exceptional on the show. It was a shame we just couldn’t get more time with him. What he has to say, there’s always so much wisdom and depth of knowledge there. [00:01:00] Obviously we’ll get into with Mark, what he does and who he is, but the small synopsis version was essentially, he is an ex-Navy SEAL, but more important as well, what I was fascinated with Mark was his transition from being an accountant and actually wanting to be more congruent with who he was and what he wanted to do in life. He made that change and moved and became a Navy SEAL, and from there after the SEALS he [came on 00:01:01]. He’s written a couple of bestselling books called Unbeatable Mind, and The Way of the Seal. He is a sought after speaker for corporations. He also runs an Unbeatable Mind program and events and seminars. I’m certainly going to try and get there next year. We do discuss that at the beginning of the show as well. [00:01:30] Essentially, Mark Divine has been there, done it, worn the t-shirt, and he practices what he preaches on a daily basis, and it’s no accident why he is so successful in every endeavor, but on top of that why he is so humble with it. It was a pleasure to sit down with Mark for 45 minutes and be able to share this with you today, guys. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy. I will mention that his WiFi for some reason dropped out at one moment, so we were in mid-flow of conversation and it dropped out, so we’ve done an edit. It just picks up the conversation again, so it’s still in the same context, but if you’re wondering what the hell was going on there, that’s why. You know why now. [00:02:00] As always, guys, share the love if you can. If you’re enjoying our episodes, just simply subscribe to it, five star it, and if you can figure out how to leave a review, please leave us a review. Honest review, of course, if you’re enjoying the podcast, because it just helps us get the word out there and also get picked up internationally as well. Anyway guys, thanks. Thanks for listening, giving us 45 minutes of your [inaudible 00:02:21]. Did I say that right too? Anyway, oh my god, I’m going to have a meltdown. Let’s go over to Mark Divine. Enjoy. [00:02:30] Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I’m joined with Stuart Cooke, as always. Good morning, Stuart. Stu Good morning, Guy. Guy Our fantastic guest today is Mark Divine. Mark, welcome to the podcast. Mark Hi, guys. Thanks for having me. Nice to meet you. Guy I appreciate it, mate. It’s a pleasure. Going off on a tangent as well, I saw you had the seminar last weekend. Is that correct, The Unbeatable Mind? How was that, by the way? Mark Annual Unbeatable Mind summit, which is like our tribal gathering. It was epic. Man, unbelievable. Guy Yeah, it looked amazing. I actually only discovered that a few weeks ago, and I thought, “Boy, I would really love to go to that.” I’m going to make sure that gets on my hit list. Mark [00:03:30] Definitely worth a trip. We’ve got some amazing thought leaders who come, and we do some great training. We integrate practice with inspiration with planning to make the next year amazing. That’s why we do it in December, which we acknowledge is an awkward time for some people, but we figure it’s important to do your planning before the end of the year and just really go in with a lot of momentum. That helps people to maintain that momentum, too. Guy Yeah. Mark It’s a pretty neat event. Guy Yeah, I have no doubt. Yeah, I was impressed with the lineup. Anyway Mark, look, we ask one question on the show to every new guest that comes on, and that is if you were greeted by a complete stranger on the street and they asked you what you did for a living, what would you say? Mark Well, it would be kind of awkward for a complete stranger in the United States to ask that. Usually they’re busy avoiding you [and avoiding 00:04:06] distraction [inaudible 00:04:07], but I would say that my passion is to train people to transform. What I mean by that is everyone’s got the raw material to literally transform themselves to do anything they want in life, and to perform at levels that are unknown to them today, and all the tools are with you right now. I can help you unlock that. That’s part of our training. That’s part of what I do. I love doing that. Full Transcript & Video Version: http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/mark-divine-interview/
Chris Kresser: The abc of Functional Medicine
This week welcome to the show Chris Kresser.s a globally recognized leader in the fields of ancestral health, Paleo nutrition, and functional and integrative medicine. He is the creator of Chris Kresser dot com, one of the top 25 natural health sites in the world, and the author of the New York Times best seller, Your Personal Paleo Code (published in paperback in December 2014 as The Paleo Cure). Chris has been studying, practicing, and teaching alternative medicine for more than fifteen years. Chris’s work is informed by his own experience recovering from a chronic, complex illness which began while he was traveling in Southeast Asia in his early 20s. After seeing more than twenty doctors around the world and spending thousands of dollars in an effort to diagnose and treat his condition, Chris decided to take his health into his own hands. Through extensive study and research, continual self-experimentation, and formal training in integrative medicine, he recovered from this debilitating illness and went on to share what he learned with others through his popular blog, podcast, and private practice. Questions we ask in this episode: What is functional medicine and how does it address those problems? How do genes and environmental factors play a part in our longterm health. Gut health... is this a buzz word or do we need to carefully consider it. What are the fundamental problems with conventional medicine? What are your non-­negotiables, to be the best version of yourself? Shop: http://shop.180nutrition.com.au/   This week we are doing it with the awesome Chris Kresser. [00:01:00] I was very excited to get Chris on the show. I've been listening to his podcast for quite some time, and he was just the perfect gentleman, a great guy, and insane amount of wealth and knowledge. Myself and Stu picked his brains for an hour and got stuck into all sorts of topics. If you're not familiar with Chris, he is a globally recognized leader in the fields of functional and integrative medicine. He's also the creator of chriskresser.com, which is one of the top 25 natural health sites in the world. He is also the author of the New York Times bestselling book, "Your Personal Paleo Code". We got into Chris's own journey, how he got into the functional medicine in the first place, which was driven by his own issues and pain. Then from there, what he's learned along the way, and from diagnosis, and what exactly is functional medicine, and how we can apply it and how it can help us to live healthier and happier lives as well. I have no doubt you're going to enjoy the show guys. [00:02:00] I just wanted to mention as well, if you haven't been back to our website, 180nutrition.com.eu, we're always updating it, and we've updated the actual website only a couple of weeks ago to make it much more user-friendly to find the content that's in there. We're constantly adding new products as well, ones that we believe and stand by. Not sure if you knew, but we've brought in a [180 Greens Plus 00:01:47] product. That's been doing fantastically well since we released that. We've also brought in [Alglutemine 00:01:53] as well, which is designed to help the small intestine, and also help recovery as well and muscle aches. It's worth getting over there, check out what we got guys, because they're all there, the tools that we use, and they're there to design to help you and serve your purpose so we can all improve our nutritional health, and ultimately live a happier life as well. Go back there to 180nutrition.com.eu. Anyway, let's go over to Chris Kresser. Enjoy. [00:02:30] Hey, this is Guy Lawrence. I'm joined with Stewart Cook as always. Hi Stu. Good to see you there. Stu Hello Guy. Guy Our awesome guest today is Mr. Chris Kresser. Welcome to the show buddy. Chris Hey Guy, Stu. Happy to be here, thanks for inviting me. Guy Oh it's an honor, man. Stu Thanks for coming on. Guy Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're big fans of your work, and it's going to be great to dig in for the next hour, I tell you. What I've generally been doing lately, Chris, is asking two questions to kick off the show. The first one's a short one basically: If a stranger stopped you on the street and asked you what you did for a living, what would you say? Chris That really depends on who asks. It's a tricky question. I'll typically say that I train clinicians in functional medicine. Then they'll say, "What the heck is functional medicine," and we have a conversation about it. That really is how ... There are a lot of things that I do, but that's the thing that I'm most passionate about right now. That would probably be how I'd answer the question today, but six months ago I might have answered it a different way, and maybe in two years I'll answer it still a different way, we'll see.   Full Transcript & Video Version: http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/chris-kresser-interview/
From Inside the Wim Hof Retreat; The Power of the Breath & Cold Exposure
Today's episode was recorded at the end of day 3 of the 4 day Wim Hof (The Ice Man) retreat in Melbourne Australia. 65 of us brave folk from all around the world to dived deep into Wim's methods of breathwork and cold exposure to have a greater understanding of our own physiology. It was a life changing experience and one I will be forever grateful for. This episode was recorded with Dave O'Brien, who is good friend and was one of the other participants. Dave is co-founder of 5th Element Wellness. A world class health and fitness facility based in Melbourne. http://www.5ew.com.au/ Brought to you by 180Nutrition.com.au
Healthcare to Centenarians. Beliefs, Breath & Intent
This is a little bit of a self-indulgent episode where I look back at some of the episode of 2016 and share with you some of the bits that stood out for me. I've spliced and diced five episodes where I've taken the best bits to share with you as I reflect the year that was. These aren't necessarily the best interviews, they are simply the ones that meant something to me :) Can you guess which five episodes they are?  Ps. I saved the best 'till last! Hope you had a fantastic 2016, and here's to an even better 2017! Enjoy, Guy http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv-guests/
Dr Glenn Livingston - Learn How to Never Binge Again
This week, I'm excited to welcome Dr. Glenn Livingston.He is the son of two therapists in a family of 20 psychologists, social workers, counselors, and therapists.  Shortly after getting his Ph.D. (from Yeshiva University at the Einstein Medical Campus in New York City) Glenn built a 65 person practice in approximately eighteen months, and has now worked with well over 1,000 clients. When people's symptoms resolved, he invited them into his coaching practice until, five years later, he was working almost entirely as a coach, and also directly supervising other coaches and therapists.  But because he doesn't have children, thoroughly enjoys his work, and has never had to commute, Dr. Livingston launched a second career as a consultant, helping large companies like Whirlpool, Novartis, Bausch & Lomb, and Panasonic, evaluate psychological response to advertising. His previous companies eventually sold more than $30,000,000, and along the way obtained publicity in major media like The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Sun Times, the NY Daily News, Crain's NY Business, The Milwaukee Business Journal, The Indiana Star Ledger, American Demographics, CBS & ABC Radio, Bloomberg Radio, WGN & UPN TV, and many, many more. Later accomplishments include co-founding and developing a 21 person online marketing agency, and developing his own profitable publishing business. Questions we ask in this episode:  What makes us binge when we know that we shouldn’t?  Which foods/drinks are the most difficult to limit?  Where would we start if we want to address binge eating? https://180nutrition.com.au/shop/ This week, I'm excited to welcome Dr. Glenn Livingston. Dr. Glenn Livingston is a veteran psychologist and was the longtime CEO of a multimillion dollar consulting firm. He spent several decades researching the nature of binging and overeating with his own patients, which included a self funded research program with more than 40,000 participants. In this episode, we discuss exactly why we are susceptible to binge eating and talk about the strategies, tools, and techniques that we can call upon to address it. Over to Dr. Livingston. 01:18 Hey guys, this is Stu from 180 Nutrition and I am delighted to welcome Dr. Glenn Livingston to the podcast. Dr. Livingston, how are you? Glen 01:26 I'm fine. I'll be better if you call me Glenn. Stu 01:28 Glen. Okay, well, there you go. We're friends already. Thank you, Glenn. So first up, Glen, for all of our listeners that may not be familiar with you, I'd love it if you could just tell us a little bit about who you are and perhaps what you do as well. Glen 01:44 Well, I'm best known these days for being the author of Never Binge Again, which is often the number one book for weight loss on the Amazon kindle. It's been that way for about three years. We've got 700,000 readers just about and Yada, Yada, Yada. That's what I'm best known for. I don't hardly know who I am, but I'm a guy who spent a lifetime struggling with food until I came up with a weird way to fix it for myself. I was also the CEO of two companies that sold combined about $30 million of research to big companies in the fortune 500, fortune 100. Many of them in the food industry. I'm a clinical psychologist. I ran a child and family practice for a long time. Now as you'll see, I go around talking about a strange way to overcome binge eating. For full transcript and interview:  https://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/dr-glen-livingston-interview/
Dr Frank Shallenberger - Expert Anti-Ageing Strategies
This week we welcome Dr. Frank Shallenberger to the show. He is a six time grandfather and four time father. He is one of the originals. He has been practicing medicine since 1973 and has been a pioneer in alternative/integrative medicine since 1978. He is one of only 16 physicians in Nevada that are licensed both in conventional medicine as well as alternative and homeopathic medicine. This allows him to integrate the best of both approaches for optimal results. Dr. Shallenberger has revolutionized the practice of anti-aging and preventive medicine by developing a method to measure mitochondrial function and oxygen utilization. He has written two popular books describing this method, The Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough and Bursting With Energy, and has authored numerous papers in the international peer reviewed literature on ozone therapy and oxygen utilization. He is also the editor of Second Opinionalternative medical newsletter. He is the developer of Prolozone®, an injection technique that has been shown to regenerate damaged joints, herniated discs, and degenerated joints, tendons, and soft tissues. He has just published the first paper on Prolozone Therapy in the Journal of Prolotherapy entitled, Prolozone – Regenerating Joints and Eliminating Pain. Questions we ask in this episode: What exactly happens when we age? What strategies do you utilise to combat ageing? What are the most common practices you see the public doing that accelerate ageing? https://180nutrition.com.au/ For full transcript and interview: https://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/dr-frank-shallenberger-interview/ ‎
Dave Asprey: The Bulletproof Executive
#12 Dave Asprey aka The Bullet Proof Executive is one exceptionally smart man. On top of that he's a really great guy too! He shares with us his journey from being 297lbs (134kg) in weight to then hacking his health for the fastest & most effective results possible. He's also singel handily changed the way I drink my coffee (& many others) in the morning. If you haven't heard of the bulletproof coffee with MCT oil and grass-fed butter (yes you read that right), then it's only a matter of time before you do! Guy If you would like to learn more about Dave Asprey, click here. You can buy bullet proof coffee in Australia. Further reading: Better Baby Book In this weeks episode:- Dave's personal health journey [04:15] What Dave eat's in a day [14:45] Why bulletproof coffee & intermittent fasting is so effective for health & longevity [20:10] The fine line between CrossFit, exercise & overtraining [39:40] Why he wrote the Better Baby Book [47:15] This is a must: Dave's single piece of advice for optimum health/wellness [55:10] and much more… www.180nutrition.com.au 
Shane Richards - Can we thrive without carbs?
#4. Ever wondered if we can live without carbohydrates? It certainly gets a lot of stick in the press… In this episode of The Health Sessions I catch up with Shane Richards of Holistic Foundations who chats to us about life without carbs. Shane runs a thriving community/gym with a fantastic approach around health & well-being. Shane is one of the most passionate guys I know and it is a pleasure to have him on the podcast. In this weeks episode:- Living with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) & steps he took to help overcome it Living without carbs What is nutritional ketosis How to measure ketones accurately What fats he eats Exercising & weight training on a high fat diet with great improvements & not using carbs for recovery What a typical days eating looks like and much more… Useful links we discuss: If you would like a question or topic covered on our podcasts, then we would love to hear from you.  www.180nutrition.com.au
Paul de Gelder - No Time For Fear: How a Shark Attack Survivor Beat the Odds
#25 Paul de Gelder is one inspirational guy! From rebel, drug dealer and strip club worker to adventurer, soldier, fitness enthusiast, Navy diver, shark attack survivor, top motivational speaker with a best selling book and mentor to schoolkids across Australia, Paul de Gelder is an exceptional person to say the least. In this episode we talk about:- - Paul’s rebel childhood to joining the forces - That almost fatal morning when he was attacked by a Bull Shark in Sydney Harbour - How the incident has changed his life for the better - How he handles the ‘tough’ days - Why the greatest gift in life is to give back - And much more… http://pauldegelder.com www.180nutrition.com.au 
Dr Dale Bredesen: The End of Alzheimer's. Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline
This week welcome to the show Dr. Dale Bredesen. Dr. Bredesen is internationally recognized as an expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. He graduated from Caltech, then earned his MD from Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC. He served as Chief Resident in Neurology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) before joining Nobel laureate Stanley Prusiner’s laboratory at UCSF as an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow. He held faculty positions at UCSF, UCLA and the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Bredesen directed the Program on Aging at the Burnham Institute before coming to the Buck Institute in 1998 as its founding President and CEO. The uniform failure of recent drug trials in Alzheimer’s disease has highlighted the critical need for a more accurate understanding of the fundamental nature of Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Bredesen’s research has led to new insight that explains the erosion of memory seen in Alzheimer’s disease, and has opened the door to a new therapeutic approach. He has found evidence that Alzheimer’s disease stems from an imbalance in nerve cell signaling: in the normal brain, specific signals foster nerve connections and memory making, while balancing signals support memory breaking, allowing irrelevant information to be forgotten. But in Alzheimer’s disease, the balance of these opposing signals is disturbed, nerve connections are suppressed, and memories are lost. This model is contrary to popular dogma that Alzheimer’s is a disease of toxicity, caused by the accumulation of sticky plaques in the brain. Bredesen believes the amyloid beta peptide, the source of the plaques, has a normal function in the brain — promoting signals that allow some of the nerve connections to lapse. Thus the increase in the peptide that occurs in Alzheimer’s disease shifts the memory-making vs. memory-breaking balance in favor of memory loss. This work has led to the identification of several new therapeutic candidates that are currently in pre-clinical trials. Dr. Bredesen’s novel insights into the fundamental nature of Alzheimer’s disease recently attracted an investment of $3.5 million toward a $10 million goal for initial clinical trials of these new therapeutics. This generous support came from the private venture capitalist Douglas Rosenberg, who is helping to fund the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Network, centered at the Buck Institute. The unit is screening drug candidates to find those that can preserve a healthy balance in the signaling pathways that support memory. Dr. Bredesen’s work on nerve cell signaling is also the focus of a collaboration between the Buck Institute and BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which is seeking treatments for a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease, early onset Familial Alzheimer’s Disease (eFAD), which may develop in people as young as 30 years of age. Questions we ask in this episode: In your opinion, what causes the onset of neurodegenerative diseases? Are they as common as we are led to believe, and should we be worried? How do we test for NDD? Is alzheimer's preventable/reversible, if so what steps should we take? How important is the role of nutrition and/or functional medicine in the prevention of NDD? Try a Free Sample of 180 Superfood Protein Blend: http://180nutrition.com.au/free-sample  We have Dr. Dale Bredesen on the show. I’ve got to just say, it never ceases to amaze me some of the information that comes out on these podcasts. I just feel like the luckiest guy alive sometimes. There’s one that myself and Stuart love today. Dale was just a champion. We get into neurodegenerative diseases today, as that’s Dale’s area of expertise. He is a internationally recognized expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease. [00:01:00] He’s also come out with a new book, which is a New York best seller, The End of Alzheimer’s. It was an instant New York Times success. Now the book, as well, is covering this groundbreaking plan to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s disease. That fundamentally changes how we understand cognitive decline. But there are so many valuable lessons within this podcast for all of us, whether we know anyone with a neurodegen- … I can’t even get the words out, neurodegenerative disease, or not. [00:01:30] Yeah, just get into it. Enjoy it. There’s quite a lot of technicality in here as well, but it’s definitely worth a couple of listens. If you know anyone that is suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, then please share this podcast with them, because I think there’s definitely hope. This podcast will inspire them. It was just, yeah, phenomenal, and I’m keen to try and get this message far and wide. [00:02:00] The last thing I want to say before we go over to Dale is that if you are enjoying the shows, guys, I would love you to leave a review, five star it, and subscribe it, just to continue to help us get this word out there. I think we’re three reviews short of 100 reviews for here in Australia or anywhere. That’s fantastic. If you could be one of those three to get us over the line, that would be brilliant. Anyway, let’s go over to Dr. Dale Bredesen. This podcast is awesome. Enjoy! [00:02:30] Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I’m joined with Stuart Cooke, as always. Good morning Stuart. Stu Hello. Guy Our awesome guest today is Dr. Dale Bredesen. Dale, welcome to the show. Dr. Dale Thanks very much for having me. Guy Look, it’s fantastic, mate. We always kickoff and ask the same question to all our guests when they come on the show. That is, if a complete stranger stopped you on the street and asked you what you did for a living, what would you say? Dr.Dale I do everything possible to see if we can improve people who have neurodegenerative illness. [00:03:00] Guy Beautiful, perfect. I couldn’t say it any better. The other thing we always ask as well, Dale, is, would you mind just filling us a little bit in of your journey, your background, and what led you to be so passionate about this work, and making waves in the industry? Dr. Dale [00:03:30] Yeah. I came from a different place than most people who are doing this sort of medicine today. I came from a very classical science background. I was interested in mathematics and chemistry when I was a kid. I went to Caltech, and spent time at MIT as well for those reasons, working in chemistry. And then decided that if we were going to do something … I got very, very interested in the brain. When I was a freshman in college, I read a very interesting book called The Machinery of the Brain. I got very excited about that and kind of got hooked for life on neuroscience. [00:04:00] But I realized that if I was going to make any inroads into the illnesses that affect the brain, I really needed to go to medical school. So I went to medical school and got a lot of criticism for being a scientist wanting to go to medical school. But I went into neurology, and as you know, neurology has a long history of being tremendous diagnosticians. And, of course, Sherlock Holmes was actually based on a real neurologist. But in general, neurologists have been known to be the group that does not do much about the treatment side, very good with diagnosis, not so great, not so successful with treatment. And the diseases, no question, they’ve been very, very difficult. Full Transcript & Video Version:  http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/dale-bredesen-interview/
 Lesley Maxwell: Body Sculpting and Weight Training Over Cardio
This week welcome to the show Lesley Maxwell. She redefines what it means to be fifty and fabulous. A mother of three, Melbourne-based Lesley has more than 20 body sculpting titles to her name and represented Australia in New York where she won the prestigious Miss USA Figure Championship. Director of Oui Fitness, Author of Get the Body you Want, Oxygen Ambassador plus Oxygen Covergirl. Lesley is also a regular contributor for Oxygen magazine and has appeared many times in the media.   Questions we ask in this episode: What prompted you to compete in body sculpting competitions? In a nutshell - what are the benefits of lifting weights for (older adults) … people over a certain age? With the people you meet and the clients you train, is there still a fear around fat? Do you believe people can reverse the ageing process? What does your exercise routine look like? And much much more   Shop: http://shop.180nutrition.com.au/ [00:00:30] Hey, this is Guy Lawrence on 180 Nutrition and welcome to another episode of The Health Sessions where of course we are connecting with leading global health and wellness experts to share the best and the latest science and thinking and empowering to turn all of our health and lives around. And this week we are doing it with the awesome Lesley Maxwell. Now, if you're not familiar with Lesley, she redefines what it means to be 50 and fabulous. I'll tell you, she truly does, I mean it's amazing. She's a mother of three, she's Melbourne based and has more than 20 body sculpting titles to her name and represented Australia in New York where she won the prestigious Miss USA figure championship. Amazing. [00:01:00] Author of Get the Body You Want and her new book, Training to Train, which we discussed today. And, she's an Oxygen ambassador, plus Oxygen cover girl and Lesley is also a regular, ah, can't get my words out, contributor to Oxygen magazine and has appeared on TV and ACA and newspapers and so forth. And it was fantastic to tap into the topics that she discusses today, especially when it comes to training. Weight training especially, for people over 50 years old, which is phenomenal. And I'm a huge fan of Lesley's message and what she shares with us today and I have no doubt if you're not doing any weight training, this is going to inspire you. And I certainly am a big believer in it as well. So, I hope you enjoy the episode! [00:02:00] And I just wanted to mention as well, guys, that we are currently giving away free samples of the 180 Superfood Blend, protein Superfood Blend. So, if you haven't tried it yet and you're keen, then hopefully this little announcement is going to motivate you to go back to 180nutrition.com.au where there's a big banner there saying, "Grab your free sample!" So, if you want to try it and want to know what all the fuss is about and why thousands of other people who have walked your path in the past are using 180, making smoothies out of it and actually getting rid of some of those unfavorable foods and replacing it with the 180 smoothie, then you can go and try it out. All we ask in return is that you pay a small shipping and handling fee, and we will give you four serves for nothing. There you go, how's that for a deal? Anyway, go and check it out and hit me up on Instagram if you do so. Anyway, let's go over to Lesley. Enjoy the podcast and of course when it comes to iTunes guys, you know what to do. Awesome. Hi, this is Guy Lawrence. I'm joined with Stu Cooke, as always. Hello Stu. Stu  Hello Guy! Guy And our lovely guest today is Lesley Maxwell. Lesley, welcome to the show. Lesley Hi Stu, hi Guy! Thank you so much for having me, it's great to be here. Guy [00:03:00] The privilege is all ours, right? It's a true honor. Now, just to kickstart the show Lesley, we ask a similar question to everyone at the start and that is, if a complete stranger stopped you on the street and asked you what you did for a living, what would you say? Lesley [00:03:30] Well, I actually change people's lives. Truly, I give them their lives back again because often people become so, you know at a certain age they think they should go downhill instead of revamping and getting better and stronger and healthier. And I feel I honestly give people a new lease of life and I give women, you know, help them get their sexy back and feel great and that's what life is. We've got so much to offer, and so much life to live. It's a shame that you shouldn't do that, just because you get to 50 or whatever it is they feel it's shut off point. When we can really improve our bodies and health and go on and live this amazing life in the best health and strength we can. So, it feels great. Full Transcript & Video Version: http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/lesley-maxwell-interview/
Lee Holmes: Ayurveda, Gut Health & Using Real Food to Beat My Autoimmune Disease
I love this interview with Lee Holmes. She tells us about her battle with an autoimmune disease and how she overcame it. On diagnosis, the doctors heavily prescribed her pharmaceutical drugs and told her that nutrition played no part in her recovery (while she was fed stale white bread in hospital as part of her diet!). About Lee Holmes: She is an holistic nutritionist, a qualified wholefoods chef and wellness coach. She is also the founder of Supercharged Food, which is a website that stemmed from a need to share easy and simple recipes after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease; fibromyalgia and changing her diet to help improve her symptoms. Questions we ask in this episode: Please share your journey and history with your autoimmune disease. What led you to investigate nutrition as a healing protocol and use food as medicine? What were the foods/food groups that you eliminated as part of your healing process? We’d love to talk about your Ayurvedic journey…  first up – what is Ayurveda? If someone suspects their gut is not healthy, what three tips would you give them to start their own healing journey? And much much more…   Video Version Here: http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/lee-holmes-supercharged-food/ ‎ Transcript welcome to this week's health sessions, where we cut through the confusion by connecting with leading global health and well experts to share the best of the latest science and thinking empowering people to turn their health and lives around. We're doing it this week with our fantastic guest Lee Holmes, who is the co-founder of Supercharged Food. She has an amazing story to tell. She was diagnosed with an autoim-, get my words out, autoimmune disease probably, I think it was 5 or 6 years ago. When she went to the doctors they wanted to prescribe her medication, and told her that she could potentially go on it for the rest of her life. She had a big wake-up call and decided to take the more holistic route, and 5 to 6 years on she has been doing fantastically well and has been spreading the word of healthy nutrition, gut health, et cetera.  We tap into Lee's wisdom today, if you like, on Ayurvedic journey as well, which was very fascinating in how that can apply to us, and the steps she took to also heal her own gut where she believes, and I believe too, that most of our health issues can come from as well. She also shares some great tips for anyone starting out on their own gut health journey ... So how we can apply it into our today's lives. So lots of great content in there, and I have no doubt you're going to get a huge amount out of this. As always, as well, I'm going to ask if you wouldn't mind leaving a review, subscribing to us and hitting the 5 star. Super important on iTunes, it basically helps us bring all this message on wellness to millions as we've made it our mission to turning lives around. And if you're really enjoying the podcast and you do get something out of it, I'd be greatly appreciative. You just take 30 seconds to do that for us, and that will help reach other people too. So let's go over to Lee Holmes, enjoy the episode. Thank you.   Full transcript: http://180nutrition.com.au/180-tv/lee-holmes-supercharged-food/ ‎  
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