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Who’s ready for round 2 with the official https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/pantydealer420?__eep__=6&__cft__[0]=AZXA5hQ2mVhEbT5JcGD5s6TLEP6yG1aj8Yc8fTekadez5UAJxhX9tN6BQSTNLHxHp2pfZ6dvPZlriHPWs8nbCJMtgxt0nN7PkEkVmSOSbLNY7BFWaG9FDPnADvdaN4XWUiVKiUop82Ulii1QK8Sy2kQUZnhJnxLJruuqBgwdc24CGw_SnzVW0BuK97SZy7rskWA&__tn__=*NK-R (#pantydealer420) this week! She damn near broke the phone our podcast line was ringin so much! You won’t want to miss this episode where she shares all her secrets of the trade to this lucrative side hustle, and we go in depth in one of our most raw, unfiltered and uncensored interviews we've ever done on this show to date! You don't want to miss this!! NSFW We also talk about #justiceforscott and his hunt for his missing WWE title belt he won of of their Stump The Bump Trivia contest! The Laughs are non stop! FB x Youtube x Twitch x Twitter x IG x Tiktok: @2bebluntpodcast www.2bebluntproductions.com
5 contestants risked it all in front of a panel of judges including a rep from the LEVO company for their chance at over $400 in prizes in one of the most LIT 4/20 specials you'll ever listen to in your entire life! HISTORY WAS MADE TWICE IN ONE NIGHT WITH AN ENDING THAT WAS NOTHING SHORT OF UNPREDICTABLE! Happy 420 from the 2 Be Blunt Podcast, and we hope you LOVE this episode! FB x Youtube x Twitch x Twitter x IG x Tiktok: @2bebluntpodcast www.2bebluntproductions.com
You guys don’t want to miss one of our biggest shows to date! The ratings were through the roof for this one as the overnight tiktok success @bish_im_me420 joined us to talk about her lucrative side hustle selling used under garments and more! The phones were ringing off the hook for this! It’s 100% a MUST LISTEN episode!! She’s gone from 420 creator to one of the biggest advocates for selling used panties and more online! #pantydealer420 is in full effect because jess aka bish_im_me420 is here to tell us all about the ins and outs of this extremely lucrative side hustle that has made her not only thousands of dollars a month, but also has grown her tiktok account by over 100k recently! This is your opportunity to call in and ask unfiltered questions directly to her! Welcome special guest host cannaqueen filling in for The Scott The Scott will be joining us via satellite to give us his wrestlemania recap as he was in tampa bay over the weekend with the rest of the scotts celebrating the return of crowds at wwe events! We’ll talk his thoughts on mania, if he was “over” in tampa, personal stories and more! Our pop quiz game is back! Want to win a $20 gift card? Be the first to call in and answer 5 trivia questions correctly for your chance to win a $20 grubhub giftcard and let us take care of your post show munchies for you! FB x YT x TWITCH x TWITTER x IG x TIKTOK: @2bebluntpodcast www.2bebluntproductions.com
We will be introducing some of our judges for our big 4/20 show! Time is ticking we’re going to talk more about the 4/20 show, the contest, and our judges tonight The Scott is going to wrestlemania this weekend! What does Big Poppa Bump have in store for this trip coming off a huge win on WWE’s own show “The Bump” as their stump the bump champion? Tonight we’re going to be talking weird laws around the country! You’ll be able to call in and tell us where you live and we’ll tell you weird laws you might not know about from your home state! Or maybe you have a law for us we don’t know about? It’s gonna be wild! Peezy is officially out of TIKTOK jail! In celebration of this i’m releasing a brand new song exclusively right there tonight!
It’s April Fool’s Day! We want to know what your great april fools prank of all time was! Call in and let us know! At the end of the show the audience will choose who they think has the greatest prank of all time! Winner gets a Smokers Box from The hemper company filled with smoking supplies to get you high! TikTok has been fuckin’ with me and a lot of other creators! We’re going to be talkin’ the double standard on the app and what it means for the small creators trying to come up! Last week we talked to cody and kevin of the high council to talk about the big launch happening tomorrow...well tonight we bring in the members of the high council to play an OG game here on 2 be blunt, WORDS WITH WEED! Did the scott defeat last years stump the bump champion this week on the wwe network? We’ll find out more on that tonight! One thing is for sure...it’s THE SCOTT’s BIRTHDAY! IG x tiktok x fb x youtube x twitch x twitter: @2bebluntpodcast www.2bebluntproductions.com
It’s all come to this. 4 weeks in the making. The culmination of a tournament that showcased the funniest...and the coldest contestants on the planet! Tonight it comes to two! Current Champion hazel goes one on on with ohdamnjam to see who’s going to walk away not only with a smell proof lockable stashbox from stashlogix, but also bragging rights as the NEWWWWW you laugh you lose champion! The Scott couldn’t be here this week, but we are joined by the lovely canna queen again to make sure i don’t go off the rails! Speaking of The Scott we will find out if he made it through another round of wwe’s the bump! Cody and Kevin of mysmokegear will join us tonight to talk the brand new and what some might say “improved” high council and what’s to come in the near future! Follow us on all major platforms @2bebluntpodcast www.2bebluntproductions.com
The semi finals of the you laugh you lose tournament takes place tonight as OHDAMNJAM goes one on one vs MOTHERTOKIN TARA in a battle for the ages to see who will come out on top, and punch their ticket to the finals against Hazel for a chance to win the Stashlogix’s Smell Proof and Lockable stash box the SILVERTON (show case) We have a special guest tonight CannaQueen from The Cannabis Closet podcast joins us for tonights show! Did The Scott make it past his second round of WWE’s stump the bump?! Stay tuned to find out more We have a huge announcement to make today regarding 4/20 that’s going to be nothing like we’ve ever done before. We are so excited to share this huge news with you.  Comedian and The star of netflix’s cooking on high NGAIO joins us today. Always a pleasure when it stops in and hangs out for a sesh with us! Follow Us On All Major Platforms @2bebluntpodcast www.2bebluntproductions.com
It’s march, and you know what that means! MARCH MADNESS IS UPON US here at 2 be blunt as we kick off round 1 of our you laugh you lose tournament! Skip Stone from Stashlogix joins us to talk their brand of smell proof stash boxes and bags that we will be giving to the winner of the tournament The 2 be blunt onlyfans page is up and running! Last week we talked about the california teacher getting shit for having an onlyfans...well this week we’re bringing in the big guns to discuss this more! An OnlyFans top 3% CREATOR known as babysunshine420 will be joining us live tonight to talk the story, life as an OF creator, and hopefully give us some tips on how to make ours successful! The Laughs Are NON STOP! https://linktr.ee/2bebluntpodcast (https://linktr.ee/2bebluntpodcast) IG x FB x YouTube x Twitch x Twitter x Tiktok: @2bebluntpodcast
Tonight the king palms are loaded and we’re not holding back! America runs on dunkin’ (at least we do here at 2 be blunt) so we’re going to bust out some new items that they have and let you guys know if we give it the stoner stamp of approval! The Scott is going to give us your official weekly update on the biggest stories happening in your neighborhoods! Speaking of The Scott, we have some breaking news we will officially announce here tonight with huge implications! I’m going to go through some fan mail live on air tonight, plus the debut of our new game you laugh you lose going down right here on 2 be blunt https://linktr.ee/2bebluntpodcast (https://linktr.ee/2bebluntpodcast) IG x FB x YouTube x Twitch x Tiktok x Twitter: @2bebluntpodcast
Valentines day was last weekend and we want to know what’s the worst valentines day gift you’ve ever gotten Tonight in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the epic movie happy gilmore we’re going to be playing the happy gilmore movie quote game. All you have you have to do is guess whether the quote we read you from the movie is accurate or not, and if not, provide us with the correct line for a chance to win a prize! The Scott tells u the exclusive story of how he became MR. MIDDLETOWN! The Laughs are non stop! follow us on all social media @2bebluntpodcast linktr.ee/2bebluntpodcast
We’re fresh off the superbowl! Is tom brady really the goat? What was our favorite part of the superbow? More on that later! Valentines day is this sunday! Callers let us know they're favorite song that gets them in the mood, and we’re going to create a spotify playlist for everyone to share! Is the internet changing our world as we know it? Cancel culture is running wild! They’re not just cancelling though, they’re using their power to bring stuff back..including mcdonalds ORANGE HI C! Craigslist Price is RIght is back! We had no winners last week, and we felt we needed a decisive winner! Find out who will walk away with a 2 be blunt t shirt and a smokers supply box from king palm! Dave Portnoy of barstool sports declares new haven Ct the pizza capitol! We’re going to findout tonight if he’s right when The Scott does his own one bite contest! The laughs are non stop! follow us on all social media platforms @2bebluntpodcast linktr.ee/2bebluntpodcast
It's the biggest event of the year! The Superbowl! This isn't just any superbowl thought.....it's the SUPER BOWL. Peezy is putting his tolerance on the line as he packs 18 different strains into one bowl and smokes it live on air in a moment we all soon won't forget! Also, Kelsey from LEVO joins us to talk about the LEVO machine, infusing foods, and how people can get involved with LEVO! We also debut our brand new game show CraigIslist Price is Right! Contestants are put to the test where they have to guess if the price we give them for a craigslist item for sale is lower or HIGHER than the actual price! The Laughs are non stop! Follow us on all social media platforms @2bebluntpodcast linktr.ee/2bebluntpodcast
The Scott is back in studio after his hiatus last week, but he almost didn't make it again! Hear the ridiculous reason why Comedian and the star of Netflix’s Cooking On High Ngaio joins us again later to hang out, smoke out, take calls from you guys! Tiktok’s resident RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) expert CudBudd joins us tonight to talk microdosing and RSO plujs taking calls to answer your questions. The pop quiz game is back. First caller to correctly answer 3 out of 5 pop quiz questions wins a smokers supply box from King Palm https://linktr.ee/2bebluntpodcast
We’re going to spill some tea on tonights episode with a lot of social media drama! They say you know you’ve made it when you have haters….well….GUESS IMMA SUCCESS STORY.  Cody and Kevin of mysmokegear.com will be joining me tonight to talk about their company, a group of 420 creators they dubbed the high council and more! Our weekly pop quiz game is back! First person to call in and get 3 out of 5 pop quiz answers correct wins a prize! Our friends from the podcast Cannabis Closet joins me to talk about their show, and discuss topics from the industry! https://linktr.ee/2bebluntpodcast
Comedian Ngaio Bealum joins us tonight to talk all things cannabis! He’s the resident cannabis expert on Netflix’s Cooking on High, and has also been featured on BET, MTV, Comedy Central, ABC and more!  Americans have stormed the capitol building, and trump and pence have broken up??? More on that later Our pop quiz game is back! First caller to correctly answer 3 or 5 pop quiz questions ahs a chance to win a smokers supply box from King Palm We’re proud to announce Tonight’s show is being featured on Notoriety Sports Network!  Follow us on IG/FB/YouTube/Twitch/Tiktok/Twitter: @2bebluntpodcast wwww.2bebluntpodcast.com
On This Episode we loaded up a King Palm full of Sherb Breath and are giving away prizes the whole show! Listeners called in to risk it all by spinning our wheel, and try to win a smokers supply box from King Palm filled with rolling trays, two different size king palm blunts, joint filters, rolling papers and more! We’re going to be talking weird christmas traditions across the country and other holiday related topics! Congress proposed the 600 stimulus and we want to know what you’re going to do with yours?
After weeks of Donald Trump trash talking President Elect “Sleepy” Joe Biden (as he calls him) the democratic party has decided to respond here tonight! We have the honor of President Elect Joe Biden joining us live!Mike Tyson and Roy Jones returned to the ring over the weekend...but it was Snoop Dogg that stole the show! More on that tonight!Baby Yoda gets an actual name, and Frank knox ain’t bout that life!We’re doing a Pop Quiz giveaway! First caller to call in and take the quiz has a chance to win a Smoker’s Supply Box provided by King Palm!The Laughs Are Non Stop!https://linktr.ee/2bebluntpodcast (https://linktr.ee/2bebluntpodcast)FB x Twitter x Twitch x Youtube x Tiktok: @2bebluntpodcast
Turkeys ain’t the only thing getting roasted on this thanksgiving episode of 2 be blunt. We roll up some PBJ and ask the listeners the best way to cook a turkey! Peezy and Frank Knox talk about the epic BLUNT WARS event! We cover America's favorite fast food chains by state and get our viewers opinion on if it's accurate! Will the Scott have a Holidate this year? Find that out and more on this episode where the laughs are always non stop!FB x Twitch x Twitter x Youtube x Tiktok: @2bebluntpodcasthttp://www.2bebluntpodcast.com (www.2bebluntpodcast.com)
Let us know What drama do you expect when your family gathers at Thanksgiving this year? Best story of How did Thanksgiving turned into an episode of the Jerry Springer Show wins a smokers supply box provided by King Palm!’It’s World Toilet Day! We’re going to be shooting the shit about what actually would make the perfect toiletWe’re going to be talking about the big Blunt Wars event happening tomorrow night in CT when we’re joined by the promoter to discuss what actually goes into putting on an event like this, what the contestants will be judged on and more!The infamous game show Words With Weeds returns as the Queen of 2 be blunt queen ganja returns in an elimination style stoned spelling bee that’s sure to intense!FB x Twitch x Twitter x YouTube x TikTok: @2bebluntpodcasthttp://www.2bebluntpodcast.com (www.2bebluntpodcast.com)
On this episode Chef Goof comes all the way to CT from Philly to prepare an infused meal for us to try! We talk shop on what he's been up to while Peezy takes his first ever Dab off of a Puffco device! The world premier of Peezy's new music video for his Tap In Remix featuring Ladi Rock goes down and it's Lit AF! Also, we get an update from POTUS himself as Donald Trump calls in again to update us on all of the election week "fake news" and more! The laughs are non stop! Like Follow and Subscribe!!FB x YouTube x IG x Twitch x Twitter: @2bebluntpodcasthttp://linktr.ee/2bebluntpodcast (http://linktr.ee/2bebluntpodcast)
The most outrageous podcast to hit the scene is here! Tune in as the highest hosts in the game talk news, pop culture, sports and more! The laughs are non stop every Thursday LIVE at 6pm on FB x YouTube x Twitch: @2BeBluntPodcast
In this ground breaking episode we get up close and personal with the POTUS himself, Donald Trump on one of his last stops before the 2020 Election! We asked the tough questions these other debates were too afraid to ask, and also gave our viewers a chance to chime in also!! It's the first ever 2 Be Blunt Town Hall! You don't want to miss this history making episode!!!FB x YouTube x Twitter x Twitch: @2bebluntpodcasthttp://www.2bebluntpodcast.com (www.2bebluntpodcast.com)
The crew is back together this week, and the shenanigans started off right away! We lit up a king palm full of Golden Chem Reserve and asked our viewers to confess what their guilty pleasure was when it came to girly drinks! Let's face it...it's not always beer and whiskey! We catch up with The Scott's online dating saga as we invade his bumble profile and see if what he's working with! One of our viewers offers to give The Scott a chance for love! Frank Knox gives us the latest in Sports this week and more! The laughs are non stop each and every week LIVE at 6pm ET!FB x YouTube x Twitter x Twitch: @2bebluntpodcasthttp://www.2bebluntpodcast.com (www.2bebluntpodcast.com)
Peezy's running the show solo this week, and he wasted no time Stirring The Pot (and smokin' it)! In this week's episode we ask million dollar question scenario's, and let the viewers call in with theirs also! Peezy talks the Kraft "send noods" campaign which was taken over social media, if you'd be comfortable pooping right next to your partner, and more all while celebrating his birthday the only way he knows how! The laughs are non stop!FB x YouTube x Twitter x Twitch: @2bebluntpodcasthttp://www.2bebluntpodcast.com (www.2bebluntpodcast.com)
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