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Episode 406. Topic: Air conditioning. Theme: Home technology. How does air conditioning work? Why is it kind of like human sweating? How has air conditioning changed human civilization?Twitter: @3minutelesson  Email: [email protected]  In
Episode 405. Topic: Carbon monoxide detectors. Theme: Home technology.  Why is carbon monoxide dangerous? What type of detectors are out there and how do they work? Which ones are the most popular? Make sure you have one as carbon monoxide is c
Episode 404. Topic: Smoke detectors. Theme: Home technology.  How common are house fires? When were smoke detectors invented? How do smoke detectors work? How is radioactivity involved and is it safe? Are there other models that do not include
 Episode 403. Investigating myself. Topic: Hemophilia B.  How does hemophilia B work? How does it compare to hemophilia A? How did hemophilia B partly lead to the rise of the Soviet Union? Do I carry this disease?  Twitter: @3minutelesson  Emai
Episode 402. Topic: Fen-phen. Theme: Medical hazards.  How has obesity influenced the diet pill industry? What is the drug  Fen-phen and how does it work? When was  Fen-phen released and when was it taken off the market? Why was this drug so da
Episode 401. Topic: Prions from corneas. Theme: Medical hazards. How do cornea transplants work? Can corneas transmit diseases? What it Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and why is it so dangerous? Should you be worried about this disease if you want a
Episode 400. Topic: Breast implants and lymphoma. Theme: Medical hazards. What is the history of breast implants? What technology is used today? What are the complications of breast implants? How is one complication lymphoma? How can lymphoma f
Episode 398. Topic: Asbestos. Theme: Medical hazards. What is asbestos? How and why has it been used throughout history? When did we realize asbestos was hazardous? How does it cause cancer? When was  asbestos banned? Where can it be found toda
Episode 398. Topic: Transvaginal mesh. Theme: Medical hazards. At one point, transvaginal mesh was used in over 250,000 procedures a year! How did it go from a common medical device in 2010 to banned in 2019? Why did the ban take so long? What
Episode 397. Investigating myself. Topic: Hemophilia A.  What is hemophilia and how was it understood by doctors (and religions) before genetics? What are the two main types of hemophilia? How does hemophilia A work? Do I carry this disease?  T
Episode 396. Topic: Health insurance mandate. Theme: Government policies. What is the origin of health insurance? How does health care work in other countries? Why and how do some countries mandate health insurance? What is the history of healt
Episode 395. Topic: Copyright . Theme: Government policies.  What is copyright? What invention instigated its creation? What does copyright look like today around the world? Do all countries have copyright protections? Does copyright promote mo
Episode 394. Topic: Sexual education. Theme: Government policies. How did sexual education become a topic covered in school? What are the different ways it is implemented? According to 30 years of research, What method is better at preventing S
Episode 393. Topic: Citizenship. Theme: Government policies.  What it citizenship and how is it granted in different countries? Can it be bought? What is the maximum number of citizenships someone can have? What is the minimum number?Twitter: @
Episode 392. Topic: Reparations. Theme: Government policies. What are reparations and what is their legal history? How did reparations partly lead to World War II? What countries have historically paid (or are currently paying) war reparations?
Episode 391. Investigating myself. Topic: Phenylketonuria.  What is Phenylketonuria (PKU)? How can this genetic disease lead to brain damage and intellectual disability? How is PKU tested and treated such that brain damage never occurs?  And am
Episode 390. Topic: The Rosetta Stone. Theme: Archaeology.   How old are Egyptian hieroglyphs? How were they used as a writing system? How did hieroglyphic script become indecipherable over time? How are we able to read them today?!  Twitter: @
Episode 389. Topic: Tutankhamun’s Tomb. Theme: Archaeology. Who was Tutankhamun? When was he the pharaoh of Egypt and how long did he rule? Why is he now so famous? What does his tomb and his DNA reveal about his life and health? Who were the o
Episode 388. Topic: The Terracotta Army. Theme: Archaeology. How did some farmers uncover an untouched collection of funeral art in China? What is The Terracotta Army and why was it made? How did they go for millennia without discovery or looti
Episode 387. Topic: Troy. Theme: Archaeology. What is the story of the Trojan War? Who wrote it and is it real or fictional? How did a retired businessman rediscover the location of Troy? What went wrong at the excavation of this site? Twitter:
Episode 386. Topic: Machu Picchu. Theme: Archaeology.How was Machu Picchu discovered? What do we know about the site and its history in the Inca Empire? What was it used for? Why was it abandoned and forgotten? Did you know there are skeletal r
Episode 385. Investigating myself. Topic: Diabetes risk. How do genetics influence risk for type I and II diabetes? How can risk be quantified? What are my risk scores for these diseases? How can I use this information to prevent diabetes?Twitt
Episode 384. Topic: Type III diabetes. Theme: Diabetes. Did you know there was a type III diabetes? How is it related to type I and II? What are its effects? Do current anti-diabetic drugs also work for it? Twitter: @3minutelessonEmail: 3minute
Episode 383. Topic: Gestational diabetes. Theme: Diabetes. How can a form of diabetes arise suddenly in pregnancy? Is this related to type I or II diabetes? What triggers this disease? What are possible complications? How does this influence th
Episode 382. Topic: Type II diabetes. Theme: Diabetes. What is type II diabetes? How is it different from type I? How does this disease develop? What are its complications? How can it be treated or even reversed?Twitter: @3minutelessonEmail: 3m
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