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It can often feel hopeless to be an activist seeking social change on an obscure issue where most people seem opposed or at best indifferent to you. But according to a new book by Professor Cass Sunstein, they shouldn't despair. Large social ch
It can be tough to get people to truly care about reducing existential risks today. But spare a thought for the longtermist of the 17th century: they were surrounded by people who thought extinction was literally impossible. Today's guest Tom
In 2003, Saddam Hussein refused to let Iraqi weapons scientists leave the country to be interrogated. Given the overwhelming domestic support for an invasion at the time, most key figures in the U.S. took that as confirmation that he had someth
Today's episode is one of the most remarkable and really, unique, pieces of content we've ever produced (and I can say that because I had almost nothing to do with making it!). The producer of this show, Keiran Harris, interviewed our mutual
For a chance to prevent enormous amounts of suffering, would you be brave enough to drive five hours to a remote location to meet a man who seems likely to be your enemy, knowing that it might be an ambush? Today's guest - Leah Garcés - was.
Imagine that you're in the hospital for surgery. This kind of procedure is always safe, and always successful - but it can take anywhere from one to ten hours. You can't be knocked out for the operation, but because it's so painful - you'll be
Donald Trump's attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election split the Republican party. There were those who went along with it - 147 members of Congress raised objections to the official certification of electoral votes - but there wer
Today we're launching a new podcast feed that might be useful to you and people you know. It's called 'Effective Altruism: An Introduction', and it's a carefully chosen selection of ten episodes of this show, with various new intros and outro
You might have heard fears like this in the last few years: What if Donald Trump was woken up in the middle of the night and shown a fake video - indistinguishable from a real one - in which Kim Jong Un announced an imminent nuclear strike on
How long do you think it'll be before we're able to bend the weather to our will? A massive rainmaking program in China, efforts to seed new oases in the Arabian peninsula, or chemically induce snow for skiers in Colorado. 100 years? 50 years
How many words in U.S. newspapers have been spilled on tax policy in the past five years? And how many words on CRISPR? Or meat alternatives? Or how AI may soon automate the majority of jobs? When people look back on this era, is the interest
COVID-19 has provided a vivid reminder of the power of biological threats. But the threat doesn't come from natural sources alone. Weaponized contagious diseases - which were abandoned by the United States, but developed in large numbers by the
Brian Christian is a bestselling author with a particular knack for accurately communicating difficult or technical ideas from both mathematics and computer science. Listeners loved our episode about his book Algorithms to Live By - so when
I suspect today's guest, Lewis Bollard, might be the single best person in the world to interview to get an overview of all the methods that might be effective for putting an end to factory farming and what broader lessons we can learn from the
This is a crosspost of an episode of the Eureka Podcast. The interviewer is Misha Saul, a childhood friend of Rob's, who he has known for over 20 years. While it's not an episode of our own show, we decided to share it with subscribers becaus
You wake up in a mysterious box, and hear the booming voice of God: ?I just flipped a coin. If it came up heads, I made ten boxes, labeled 1 through 10 - each of which has a human in it. If it came up tails, I made ten billion boxes, label
This is a crosspost of an episode of the Clearer Thinking Podcast: 022: Self-Improvement and Research Ethics with Rob Wiblin. Rob chats with Spencer Greenberg, who has been an audience favourite in episodes 11 and 39 of the 80,000 Hours Podc
Rebroadcast: this episode was originally released in March 2020. To do good, most of us look to use our time and money to affect the world around us today. But perhaps that's all wrong. If you took $1,000 you were going to donate and instea
Rebroadcast: this episode was originally released in April 2020. Since it was founded, 80,000 Hours has done one-on-one calls to supplement our online content and offer more personalised advice. We try to help people get clear on their most p
From one point of view academia forms one big 'epistemic' system - a process which directs attention, generates ideas, and judges which are good. Traditional print media is another such system, and we can think of society as a whole as a huge
In its first 28 days on Netflix, the documentary The Social Dilemma - about the possible harms being caused by social media and other technology products - was seen by 38 million households in about 190 countries and in 30 languages. Over th
In the last '80k team chat' with Ben Todd and Arden Koehler, we discussed what effective altruism is and isn't, and how to argue for it. In this episode we turn now to what the effective altruism community most needs. * Links to learn more,
If you want to make the world a better place, would it be better to help your niece with her SATs, or try to join the State Department to lower the risk that the US and China go to war? People involved in 80,000 Hours or the effective altrui
Today?s release is the latest in our series of audio versions of our articles.In this one - How much does a vote matter? - I investigate the two key things that determine the impact of your vote: * The chances of your vote changing an electio
Had World War 1 never happened, you might never have existed. It?s very unlikely that the exact chain of events that led to your conception would have happened otherwise - so perhaps you wouldn't have been born. Would that mean that it's be
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