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A Bite Of: Hawkeye

A weekly TV, Film and Film Reviews podcast featuring Noah Reed
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Episodes of A Bite Of

Derek and Noah take A Bite Of 'Hawkeye' episode 3: Echoes. We get a glimpse into Maya’s past, her mysterious uncle, and the death of her father by the hand of Ronin. In present day, our purple pair, Kate Bishop and Clint Barton are held hostage
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of 'Hawkeye' Episodes 1 & 2, Bro! The Barton family attends Rogers: The Musical! Kate Bishop aims her sights at someone close to home. And the Tracksuit Mafia's leader makes quite the entrance! Join the Guys as they b
Derek and Noah are here to get you (and themselves) ready for the newest Marvel series on Disney+, Hawkeye! The pair share which side of the love/hate Hawkeye line they fall, Clint Barton's MCU history, Kate Bishop's comic counterpart, why Clin
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of What If… The Watcher Broke His Oath? In the final episode of the animated series, The Watcher assembles the Guardians of the Multiverse to take down a reality destroying power tripping Ultron. Protected by Dr. Stra
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of What If… Ultron Won? Ultron destroys all beings in the galaxy and in the silence hears The Watcher. He bursts through the multiverse and continues his rampage. As the last two beings on Earth, Natasha and Clint mus
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of What If… Thor Were an Only Child? The god of Thunder is Loki-less and has turned into an intergalactic party animal. When he lands on Earth, Jane Foster and Darcy are worried he’ll party the planet into oblivion. E
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark? Tony Stark is saved by Killmonger who he quickly trusts and promotes to the COO of his company. The pair create a war drone, tensions between Wakanda and the US become tense,
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of What If… Zombies?! Earth’s mightiest heroes have become Earth’s hungriest zombies thanks to a quantum virus brought back by Hank Pym. Peter Parker turns health advisor/YouTube star and leads a group of heroes to fi
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?  Christine Palmer accompanies Strange on a night out and loses her life in a car accident. Driven by grief, Stephen Strange seeks out the mystic forces t
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of What if… the World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes? Nick Fury wants to assemble the Avengers, but they are being murdered! After a visit from Loki and a hopeless Hope voicemail he puts the pieces together and discovers h
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of What If… T’Challa Became a Star-Lord. Yondu and crew accidentally abduct T’Challa and decide to take him on as a young protege where he later becomes the galaxy’s Robin Hood. Blonde-haired Nebula has the group trav
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of What If…Captain Carter Were the First Avenger?  We get introduced to The Watcher, Peggy makes the decision to stay in the room, becomes the first super soldier, and kicks Hydra butt. Skinny Steve gets his own super
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of DC’s The Suicide Squad. The pair talk about James Gunn’s revamping of the franchise, bedpan helmets, Sebastian the Squirrel, Harley Quinn getting over The Joker, and where the DC Universe might be heading next!Let
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of David Lowery's long-awaited A24 Arthurian fable ‘The Green Knight’! Was the movie a glorious dark fantasy or a  baffling fever dream? From 14th-century poetry, golden capes, beheadings, Arthurian legends, animal an
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of Netflix’s Fear Street Trilogy. The dynamic duo travel to 1994, 1978, 1666, and back again. They dig into the Shadyside curse, killer LGBTQ representation, horror movie influences, the dangers of a bread slicer, and
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of Loki episode 6: For All Time. Always. In the final episode of season 1, Mobius has a stand-off with Renslayer who takes off for free will. Miss Minutes gives a jump scare, “Hey, y’all!” at the Citadel. Loki and Syl
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of the MCU’s first Phase 4 movie, Black Widow! They talk comic history, character development, the future of the MCU, familial drama, the 90’s, posing, expectations, pig trauma, and why the hell it took so long for Na
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of Loki episode 5: Journey Into Mystery. Sylvie has a run-in with Renslayer and self prunes to escape. Loki wakes up in The Void and meets more Lokis! Classic, Kid, Boastful, and Alligator Loki introduce him to the gi
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of Loki episode 4: The Nexus Event. Finally accepting their fate on Lamentis, Sylvie and Loki have a moment that sets off a branch on the timeline. The TVA swoops in and takes the gods into custody. Loki is put in a t
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of Loki episode 3: Lamentis. Loki and Sylvie find themselves on the doomed moon Lementis 1 with a TemPad that is out of power. The pair fake their way onto a train where they chat about family, love, and sexuality. Th
Happy Pride Month, everyone! Derek and Noah take A Bite Of their Pride TV Championship that YOU the listener voted for! The pair chat about what did and didn’t make the list, voting surprises (Steven Universe didn’t make it all the way?!?), and
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of episode 2: The Variant. Loki goes out into the field with the TVA and tries to pull a fast one on them, but Mobius knows better. He’s made to look through records and realizes apocalypses are the key! They travel t
The wait is over—Loki is finally here! Derek and Noah take A Bite Of Loki episode 1: Glorious Purpose. Loki crash lands in the Gobi Desert where he is intercepted by Hunter B-15 and taken to the Time Variance Authority. There, he is stripped in
Derek and Noah get ready for the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe series on Disney+ Loki! They delve into Loki’s pigeon riding first appearance to the trickster spurring the creation of the Avengers in the comics. The pair cover Loki’s arc in t
Derek and Noah take A Bite Of Shadow and Bone episode 8 No Mourners. Nina is threatened by Fedyor and takes a risk to keep Matthias safe. The rest of the gang is aboard a skiff heading through the Fold. The Darkling acts a fool, The Crows fight
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