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A Decided Difference

A weekly Health and Self-Help podcast
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Episodes of A Decided Difference

Your surroundings can help make or break your mood, so why not take control of them as much as you can? In this week’s podcast from A Decided Difference, LouAnn has thoughts about environment and how to use it to your advantage.
The stories that run in the background of your mind can have a profound impact on the choices you make and how satisfied you feel with your life. Uncovering your foundational stories can change the way you think, and that can be literally life-
What does it mean to fail? How you view failure may determine not just how you feel, but what you do in the future. In this week's podcast, LouAnn explores the BS surrounding failure and offers some ideas for healthy thinking about an event tha
The times when you feel least like doing anything may be the most important times to do something. When you are feeling blue, taking any action, even a small one, can help lift your mood. Hear more in this week’s podcast from A Decided Differen
Not every decision will carry life-altering weight, but a few of them will. When it comes to basic decisions about who you are and how you want to live, you belong at the top of the list of priorities. After all, you are the one who has to live
When I named this endeavor A Decided Difference, I believed that making big decisions and allowing them to guide your choices was very important. Now, eight years later, I believe it more than ever. In this podcast episode, I examine the power
Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be limited to your physical space. Clearing out old thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve you can open space for growth. What do you need to clean out of your house or out of your life this spring? In this week’s
Dwelling on the past is not the best way to move forward, but thinking about your personal history in the right ways can help make your future better. Remembering joyful times and recognizing how far you have come can both be useful. If you do
It’s springtime. If you want to be happier, go outside and play! In this week's podcast from A Decided Difference, LouAnn explores the benefits of play.
Hope can be the basis of an upward spiral that never has to top out, even when the world throws its hardest challenges at us. The skills we have practiced during the pandemic can help us thrive as we move into the future, helping us to be happi
The thoughts, attitudes, and actions you tend to are the ones that will flourish. The best way to build good habits may not be the way you learned from family or in school. Treating yourself with understanding and kindness can be far more effec
How can you break the monotony of pandemic life and inject a little more fun into your daily routine? How can you get things done but enjoy the doing more? Make it a game, and the sillier, the better. Learn more in this week’s podcast from A De
It takes courage, and grit, and daring to keep going forward with optimism. It is not easy to try and try again after disappointment or heartbreak. But it is worth the effort to consider how what looks like a setback right now could be a step f
It is so easy to lose sight of how important small things are. When we think of change, we often focus on the big leaps, the grand gestures, or the earth-shattering events. Meanwhile, it’s the small kindnesses—or the small injuries—that create
If you are feeling burned out and overwhelmed after nearly a year of the pandemic experience, you may feel better if you cultivate the joy of doing nothing. And there is no reason to feel guilty while doing nothing! Find ideas for rest and reco
What would happen if you just decided to give up worrying? Is it possible to do? In this week’s podcast from A Decided Difference, learn how you can stop worrying and why it won't make you into a bad person.
Do you recognize yourself in any of the five worry styles in this week’s podcast? Identifying your style of worrying can help you find ways to reduce your anxiety and increase your enjoyment of life.
Patience may be a virtue, but it is also a skill that can be developed and strengthened through practice. As we continue to slog through the pandemic and its challenges, practicing patience will help us stay the course. Find ideas for developin
Taking some time to get quiet can be refreshing in the midst of winter. It may seem like an oxymoron, but planning activities for your downtime can make it more valuable and more enjoyable. Learn more about making the most of the hush of winter
As we begin a new year, one of the best things we can do is to really and truly let go of the old one. Are there bridges you need to burn behind you? Do it! In this episode of A Decided Difference, LouAnn Clark encourages you to strike that mat
What stops you from making change? Anxiety, fear, feeling overwhelmed? In this week’s podcast, learn a way to counteract these forces and finally make the changes you want. You can create a truly happy new year.
As 2020 draws to a close, the winter season is only beginning. This is not the time to lose hope. This is the time to practice the thinking skills that will help you walk into a brighter future. Draw encouragement from this week's podcast from
LouAnn continues her conversation with writer and speaker Debbie Legg. Debbie shares ideas about taking good care of yourself in the ongoing pandemic, through the holidays, and beyond. Reach out to Debbie or find more of her ideas at debbielegg
Self-care isn’t just about getting massages or eating dark chocolate. True self-care is not treating yourself; it’s treating yourself well. In this week’s podcast, LouAnn’s guest is writer and speaker Debbie Legg. She offers ideas for self care
There is one month left in 2020. How will you finish this year? Why not start making plans and taking action to start 2021 with renewed energy and greater focus? In this week’s podcast from A Decided Difference, LouAnn Clark shows you how.
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