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This month on our Grab Bag episode, Jenni and Taylor talk about dumb dumb criminals, how to clone a president, and glowing red bees.  Official WebsiteMerch StoreTwitterInstagramFacebook Group
In case of emergency - Stay Where You Are! (Unless a volcano is about to erupt... actually - don't listen to us - do what the scientists tell you what to do!) This is just one of many slivers of advice you'll receive from Taylor and Jenni during this natural disasters themed episode. Taylor peels back the layers and the history of what happened on the island of St. Pierre when Mt. Pelee erupted. Jenni then shows us her emotions during the story of the El Reno Tornado at ripped through central Oklahoma in 2013. *Thank you to Crime Door for featuring us on their app* Official WebsiteMerch StoreTwitterInstagramFacebook Group
Hello and welcome to another episode of A Little Bit Grim, a story telling podcast! This week, Jenni tells the story of the deeply unsavory cult behind a well-known tea company, Celestial Teas. Then Taylor talks about a strange 70's New York City cult known as the Sullivanians.  Official Website Merch Store Twitter Instagram Facebook Group
Hello and welcome to a new episode of A Little Bit Grim - that little place on the internet that is a little weird, kind of strange, but full of love! This week, Taylor does a big conspiracy and talks about the death of Princess Diana. Then Jenni takes a sharp left turn and tries to convince us that cats are, infact, aliens. AND we have some *big news* to share! We now have a merch store and a website! Links are below!  Official WebsiteMerch StoreTwitterInstagramFacebook Group
Hello all and welcome back to A Little Bit Grim, your favorite indie podcast with a few jokes, a little TMI, and plenty of spookiness to go around! In this episode, Jenni tells us the history of the Mothman, one of the most well known American cryptids! Taylor then dives into a story from New Orleans and talks about the lesser known Rougarou, a werewolf adjacent beast. Our Podcast Spotlight this week is from Crime and Theery. Twitter Instagram Facebook Group
Hello and welcome back to another Grab Bag episode of A Little Bit Grim! This is where Jenni and Taylor tell short little bite sized stories and hope you think they are as shocking as they do! This week they discuss an island of snakes, a pocket sized cult, a demon castle and more! TwitterInstagramFacebook Group
Hello and welcome to A Little Bit Grim! This week, Taylor and Jenni get wrapped up in some seriously unfortunate tales. Taylor covers one of her Holy Grail cases - The Cleveland Kidnappings of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina Dejesus. Jenni then gives us a BOGO True Crime with the stories of Joseph Druce and John Geoghan. We hope you're ready to feel a lot of feelings over the next hour! Our Podcast Spotlight this week is from True Crimes and Weird Times TwitterInstagramFacebook Group
In this extra heeby episode of A Little Bit Grim, Jenni and Taylor discuss paranormal hoobie whatsits, how you lose arm privileges, and Taylor's distrust of anything she can't see. Jenni covers the history and haunts of the famous Stanley Hotel and Taylor talks about the incredibly unsettling story of the Zozo demon. Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here: https://podcorn.com/podcasters/ Twitter Instagram Facebook Group
We are 43 episodes in, and the Grim Gals have decided that there should be a Trigger Warning for everything but in this episode specifically, we are going to be talking about Nazi's in WWII (not sure if that warrants a TW, but better safe than sorry!). Beyond talks about sinking ships and cities covered in snow, Taylor and Jenni start out with a mini disaster of their own named Donut, unreasonable irritation at life, and general shenanigans. Then Taylor covers the Great Blizzard or Great White Hurricane of 1888. Then Jenni talks about the v horrible sinking of the MV Wilhelm Gustloff. Please send in your bright and shiny things - we could use them after this! Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here: https://podcorn.com/podcasters/ TwitterInstagramFacebook Group
This week on A Little Bit Grim, Jenni and Taylor discuss black flags, alphabet soup, and that emo girl from High School we all know (or were in some cases). Jenni does a dive into a not-too-terrible cult/religious/granola hippy movement that is the Aetherius Society. Taylor does a cult-adjacent story and talks about the Vampire Clan Cult and it's ring leader - 16 year old Rod Ferrell. TwitterInstagramFacebook Group
In this month anything-goes-grab-bag, Taylor and Jenni reveal just how insane they were as young adults, talk about why you absolutely should not go into caves, a mini train disaster, and a light hearted listener's story!  Twitter Instagram Facebook Group
Hello! Are you real? Are we real? Are we living in another dimension? We have lots of questions and very few answers for you in this Conspiracy installment of A Little Bit Grim. This is a wild tale of missing airplanes, black hole jelly donuts, and the question is reality even real? This week, Taylor covers the very suspicious disappearance of flight MH370 and Jenni takes on the Higgs Boson Particle and the Mandela Effect. In summary, time isn't real and you can't change our minds. TwitterInstagramFacebook Group
Welcome to our last episode of Grim-mas! Thank you for sticking it out with us as Taylor and Jenni indulged in a month-long theme. This week, Taylor and Jenni once again get tangled up in a conversation about gross foods and struggle with the anatomy of a reindeer and the fear of goats. Jenni does a deep dive into the Pagan Wheel of the Year and tells us about Yule and all the gory details. Taylor talks about Saint Nicholas and his buddy Krampus. You better watch out, you better not cry! Krampus will come beat the crap out of you! Follow us on the sosh-meedz: TwitterInstagramFacebook Group
We wish you a Scary Christmas! Welcome to the true crime installment of our holiday themed month! This week, Taylor tells the gruesome story of the murder of Kevin Bacon (not the actor, obvi) which needs a big fat trigger warning for gore. Kevin's case is a sad reminder that people cannot be trusted, mental illness can go untreated unnoticed, and that Christmas isn't always full of sleigh bells and reindeer. Jenni takes us back to history class to tell us about the murder of the Lawson family - one of the first cases of a family annihilator. Hold your loved ones tight as you listen to these unnerving tales of murder on Christmas.
Welcome to our second Christmas themed episode! This week, Jenni and Taylor do things a little differently and share some Christmas Ghost Stories along with some haunted holiday reviews! It's a little bit different, a little bit sharp left, and always a little bit grim.
Welcome to our first regular cycle episode of A Little Bit Grim-mas! We can't wait to bring you Christmas themed episodes all month long! This week, Taylor deeply struggles with pronunciation while telling the devastating story of the Tangiwai Train Disaster. Then Jenni tells the truly horrible story of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Don't forget to spread some cheer this holiday season! You never know when you'll be swept away by an angry river or a brutal 500 mph ocean wave. 
Welcome to the first annual holiday themed Grab Bag of Grim-mas! We are so excited to bring you Christmas themed stories in this grab bag episode. Hold on to your reindeer! We can't promise holly jolly or holiday cheer, but we can promise some wild stories from Christmases long, long ago. 
Hello Grim Gang! We hope you had a really nice Thanksgiving - if you went to a gathering, we hope you brought up some solid political arguments and SLAYED! :) But we hope you stayed home because you know... pandemic. In this episode, Jenni goes rouge (again, we can't stop her) and covers a Hate Group - The Aryan Brotherhood. It's always sobering to find out just how many horrible people there are out there. Taylor then talks about the cult The Family of God (aka The Family or The Family International) which is pretty far up there in the list of awful groups we've covered so far.  https://soundslikehate.org/ -- check out this podcast for more info on hate groups in the US.
Hello and welcome to another Conspiracy Theory installment of A Little Bit Grim! Today, Jenni and Taylor have some wild stories to tell and there may be some facts along with these tall tales! Science! Facts! Figures! These are not often found in conspiracies, but there maybe a stray fact or two here for you. Taylor messes with Jenni's whole head and tells the bizarre alien abduction story of Travis Walton who swears to this day that he was taken into an alien spaceship and just decided to have a little look-see around. Jenni shocks Taylor to her core with the very scary drug infested story of MK-Ultra - which has way too many facts for anyone's liking. We hope you're safe and sound - we encourage you to double check your coffee for additives and check your surroundings for aliens! 
Hello and welcome back to another Folklore episode of A Little Bit Grim! We are glad you're here. It's Friday the 13th and in all it's spooky bad vibes, Jenni tells us all the horrible things that have happened on Friday the 13th and gives a little history of why this date strikes fear in the hearts of superstitious people everywhere. Taylor does a dive into a cryptid and covers the extremely unsettling nature of the Wendigo - a zombie, werewolf, spirit thing that either eats people or makes people into cannibals. We hope you're living in a world where we know who the president is and that you're being extra careful on this Friday the 13th!
Hello A Little Bit Grim family. Gremlins? Grim Gang? We don't know - We just hope you're here to stay. In this cycle's True Crime episode, Taylor and Jenni discuss the importance of being right, personality flaws, and most importantly crimes against women and children. First, Taylor talks about the atrocious acts of one man in San Diego and the harrowing survivor's tales of the women he attacked - including actress Charisma Carpenter. Then Jenni keeps things very (too?) close to home with a brutal murder of an 8 year old girl in our home town. This is the story of April Tinsley and how the local police caught the perpetrator years later. 
It's November which means we only have 2 more months of 2020! *Praise* we hope you've done your civic duty and made your way to the polls! This month's Grab Bag features a dragon, a heart in a box, and our favorite - a listener's story! We'd love to read your story! Send them to us at Alittlebitgrim@gmail.com
It's Halloween Spooky Samhain All Hallows Eve Eve so pour yourself a glass of wine, a cup of tea, or a goblet of blood because we are ready to tell you some very spooky tales. Jenni takes us across the pond to Paris for the deets on the Catacombs. AKA Nopeville. Jenni and Taylor are firm in their belief that something v bad is lurking in those dark, damp passageways. Taylor desperately searches for facts and tells us what she learned about the haunted mirror of Bela Lugosi. Is the mirror a haunted item? Or is ZB completely full of it? We may never know, but we hope you enjoy this creeptastic episode of A Little Bit Grim.
Hello everyone and welcome to a new Disaster episode (but every day in 2020 is a disaster, amirite?). The gals at A Little Bit Grim accidently made it a themed fire episode, and what's worse is that both were completely avoidable. Jenni takes on the task of telling us about the doomed Hindenburg flight in 1937 while attempting to talk Taylor out of wanting to fly in a blimp. Taylor brings us to Connect-i-cut for the truly horrible Circus Fire of 1942. once again they try to measure distance in football fields, convert then-money to now-money, and generally flail at math related questions. 
Hello and welcome to another Mashup episode of A Little Bit Grim! Every month, Jenni and Taylor take 2 sides of the same story and mash them up to give you what they consider a full rundown. Now get ready, because it's Spooky (or as Jenni says "spoopy") Season and there is nothing Spookier than the big daddy vamp himself Dracula! And of course they will tell you all about the man, the myth, the legend Vlad the Impaler as well. Hold on tight, it's a bumpy ride!
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