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Kelly is a staple in the blogging community where she shares her life with grace and transparency. In this episode, we talk about how to share your life on Social Media without getting tacky, how to make friends as a mom, and why Kelly looks for godly teenagers at church and then stalks their mommas. We also talk about how the Rachel was quite possibly the best haircut in all of history.
What is holding you back from that big "yes" that God has put in front of you? Fear? Confusion? Busyness? All of those are valid concerns, but you know what should never hold you back? Money. God has all the money in the universe, and if He calls you to do something, He is more than able to finance it. That's a portion of what McCall Aldridge and I are talking about in this episode. McCall works for Fund the Nations, where she gets to see miracles every day. How cool is that? People are stepping out in faith and God is providing for their needs in ways that surpass their expectations. Have a listen, and I pray that you are encouraged to trust God with your own story. Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, or on the Blog.
I love God’s timing. Today’s guest is a friend of mine, and I interviewed her quite a while ago. The interview wasn’t time sensitive, so I’ve been saving it for a rainy day, so to speak. I decided to air it today and as I re-listened to it I was like, woah. I really needed to hear this right now. Danielle is a full-time missionary but she talks about how her job is secondary to her mission field at home with her family. I’ve been antsy, especially after my trip to Africa a few weeks ago. I want to do more of that. I’m praying for more opportunities to travel and minister. But I need to do the job God has in front of me right now. If He grants me more ministry opportunities, great! But the details and timing are up to Him. I know for me, personally, it’s easier to do the short-term stuff than to endure day after day of the same thing wondering if I’m making a lick of difference. I need to remember what my primary mission field is, which I find ironic considering the name of my podcast. I know you are going to be blessed by Danielle, so let’s get started.
Lauren's message is for everyone. Infertility is a topic near and dear to the hearts of so many women. Even if you've never experienced it yourself, my guess is you know someone who has. As women trying to support each other, it's important for us to understand the impact of infertility. Lauren is a writer, speaker, web designer and she helps run two ministries: The Carry Camp and Created 4 Care. You are going to love her. Enjoy the episode!
How do you raise gutsy kids? It starts with you, momma. On today’s podcast we talk about sharing our authentic selves—our struggles, our prayers, and our triumphs—so our kids can see God move in our lives. When our kids see us taking risks and watch God come through, they will be encouraged to be brave for God too.
If you’ve ever wondered how to be a missionary without leaving your neighborhood, today’s episode is for you! I’m talking to Shontell Brewer, who has a passion for encouraging families to be on mission together, in whatever form that may take. We talk about tacos! We also talk about why we should take our preschooler’s lead when it comes to ministry, and why we should occasionally kiss our husbands in front of our kids’ friends. Many thanks to today's sponsor: BinxyBaby.com
This episode is a bit different because it's not any interview. It's just me, sharing my heart about what I've learned about God's timing and His tendency to answer my prayers at the most inconvenient time, long after I thought that opportunity had passed, in the most amazing ways. If you are in a confusing place with the Lord, where you thought you were doing the right thing only to have God put the brakes on it, this episode is for you. Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, or on the Blog.
Today I’m chatting with McCall Aldridge. We talk about adoption, and loss and the uncertainty that comes with that. We also talk about fundraising, which sounds boring but it’s totally not, I promise. McCall is a fundraising coordinator for a company that creates t-shirts for you to sell to help raise money of your adoption, or mission trip, or whatever ministry thing you need money for. It’s really exciting and I have so many friends who are in the midst of adoption fundraising. Finally, we talk about her experiences as a Noonday ambassador empowering women around the globe.
Mama, do you have big dreams and small children? Are you feeling like those two things can’t coexist? Sometimes we feel God calling us to do something—a ministry, a new job, a mission trip, whatever—but we think we need to wait for our kids to get bigger before we get started. If that sounds familiar, boy do I have a guest for you. Tricia Goyer knows what it’s like to raise a family alongside a flourishing career and ministry. In this interview she gives us practical tips on how she makes it happen, but she also alleviates the mom guilt. One of my favorite points she makes is that we tell our kids to grow up and fulfill their dreams, but then we never do. Our kids need to see us following God now, not waiting until we’re empty nesters.
Life is hard. We all know people who are going through difficult times but often we hesitate to help, even though we want to, because we aren't sure what to do. We have a confidence problem when it comes to reaching out to our neighbors. In this episode, I talk to Sarah Beckman about her book, Alongside, and how we can take the things we are already doing and use them to minister to others in their time of need. Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, or on the Blog.
What does it mean to live an upside down Christian life? The crazy thing is, what we may think of as extraordinary, radical Christianity is what the Bible describes as pretty much baseline Jesus following.  How do we get back to the idea that being a Christian means looking different from society? I’m excited to talk about all these things with the lovely Kayla Craig. She’s a mom, a pastor’s wife, a podcaster, a children’s book author, and more. If you don’t know Kayla yet, trust me you’re going to love her.
Meg is a mom of two through adoption, living on the mission field in West Africa. I love Meg, and I love her heart and her adventurous spirit, but what strikes me is how young she is, and I mean that in a good way. Meg is in her early 20’s and she’s been on the mission field since she was 18. If you are anywhere around my age (I’m 37), think back to what you were doing in your late teens/early 20s. I was not on the mission field, I’ll tell ya that. The thought never crossed my mind at that point. I didn’t really make my faith my own until my mid 20s, and it took me a long time to figure out God’s mission for my me. Meg is already in the thick of it. I can’t imagine the plans God has for her life and she has so many years ahead of her to do the work.
How do you make a God-honoring decision when faced with two options that look equally good? What should you do if you and your husband disagree on the right path? How does submission fit in to all of this? On this episode, my good friend Hannah talks about making the decision to leave comfort for the unknown, and how she saw God transform her through this process. You also get to hear about me chasing my baby goat like a lunatic to try to get him to faint. There's something for everyone! Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, or on the Blog.
Hi Guys! It’s the first week of January and we all know what that means…New Year’s Resolutions. What do you want to accomplish this year? Do you have a reading goal? Do you want to learn a new hobby? What about weight loss? Today’s guest is going to tell us what should be on the top of our list. Heather Creekmore is a wife, mom, writer, and speaker who is passionate about helping women overcome their body image issues. I really enjoyed this conversation, but it showed me how much of a distraction my body image is in my everyday life. If you struggle in this area, I am so there with you. Since I have zero words of wisdom on this topic, let’s go ahead and hear straight from Heather.
Do you feel overwhelmed and confused trying to follow Jesus and serve others? Is that just me? What if God is telling us to slow down and rest while He does the heavy lifting, and when He's ready for us to step in He'll let us know? Heather shares about an extended time of uncertain health and how that forced her to rest. It was in that rest that God was working out the details of her next big assignment. Because she wasn't able to do a thing, there's no way she could take the credit for what happened next. Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, or on the Blog.
Lyndsey is a mom of 6 through birth and adoption, plus she has been a mom to multiple children over the past couple years as a foster parent. It was her experiences as a foster mom that led her to start James Mission, a place for foster families and other families in need to get basic supplies, clothes, and furniture to meet the needs of the children in their care. Lyndsey talks about how God used her past experiences, both painful and practical, to give her the skills and insight she needs to connect with the families she serves. We also talk about how she has made missions a family culture and how her entire family works together to make James Mission a reality.
Special needs moms have my heart, you guys. I have several close friends who are raising children with special needs, and their love and dedication inspire me to be a better mom. Today’s guest is no exception. Jennifer Linck is mom to a precious little boy with apraxia and sensory processing disorder. On this episode we talk about what it’s like to be a special needs family. Also, we talk about what special needs families need from their churches, neighbors, and friends. Guys, even if special needs don’t directly effect your family, I pray you will take Jennifer’s words to heart and look for ways to minister to the special needs families in your area.
Alicia is a mom of 5 and what you might call a reluctant homeschooler. In this episode she talks about being fully obedient to God in every area of her life and the joy she has found in doing that, even if she went in kicking and screaming at the beginning. She also describes how she pours God’s Word into her kids in practical ways. And finally we talk about a ministry her husband started that encourages men to be better husbands and fathers through a series of Bible studies based on a popular HBO show.
Today I’m talking to Bethany Tran, Founder and CEO of The RootCollective, about ethical fashion. That phrase has been popping upmore and more lately, so Bethany breaks it down for us. Changingall of our purchasing habits can be overwhelming, so Bethany sharesways we can all make little changes that add up to big improvementsto the lives of factory workers around the world. We can’t doeverything, but we can all do something. If we can make the world alittle better, and then teach our children to do the same, imaginehow different the world will look for our grandchildren and thosewho follow.
Do you believe in miracles? As a follower of Jesus I believe in miracles. I know they exist. I know God still performs miracles. But I’ve never actually seen one. I don’t know why that is, to be honest, but I know that’s not the way we’re supposed to live. I know we Christians are supposed to see God work in miraculous ways all the time, but we are content to live average lives devoid of any power. I want to change that. That’s why I’m so glad to have Vanessa Clark on today’s show. Vanessa has an amazing story of watching a miracle unfold in her own home when God healed her infant son of blindness. If you struggle with your faith in God’s power or God’s goodness or God’s concern for our problems, I hope you’ll be encouraged today. I don’t have all the answers to who God heals and who He doesn’t or the whys behind all of that, but I do know God is good and God loves you more than you can ever imagine.
Today I’m talking to Kara Kae James. She is one of the founders of Thrive Moms, a ministry for moms to encourage and inspire you to do more than just survive motherhood. I remember when I was a new mom, my own mother told me, “some days you just have to make it to bedtime!” In some seasons of life that is spot on, but when we make survival a habit, we are missing out on the precious peace and fulfillment that God wants to give us every single day.
Today I’m talking to Kaylie Hodges. Kaylie is a wife, mom, women’s ministry leader, and all-around fun gal. She is a joy to chat with, and I know you are going to love her. We talk about life, of course, but specifically her passion for the ministry of sisterhood. This is a topic near and dear to my heart because I’ve gone through seasons of extreme loneliness, even though I had a wonderful husband and a house full of kids. The absence of girlfriends really weighed heavily on me, and it breaks my heart to know that some of you out there feel the same way. So what can you do about it? Kaylie is advice is to just go first, and she’ll explain what that means. I hope this episode inspires and encourages you.
Today I’m thrilled to be talking to Tara Livesay, a wife, mom, midwife, and full-time missionary in Haiti. On this podcast my goal is to encourage you to say yes to God, whatever that might look like, and see where it leads. When I first found Tara online I assumed she and her husband had always been missionaries, or had training, or whatever, but as you’ll see, none of that is true. Their story began by saying yes. And it wasn’t even a big yes. It was saying yes to explore the possibility of doing something for God, and He honored that and wove together this amazing life for them. I hope as you listen to Tara, you are inspired to say yes to the next step God is putting in front of you. It might not make a lick of sense, but it doesn’t have to. I can’t wait to hear what your next yes is!
Kristin is the heart behind the Turquoise Table, a movement to get people out in their front yard where they can connect with neighbors and build genuine community. Among other things, we talk about the difference between entertaining and hospitality, the importance of family traditions, and our mutual struggle to keep our kids at the table for more than five minutes.Kristin is one of those people who manage to make you feel like she’s your best friend, even if you just met. She is a delight. Enjoy!
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