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This week, we’re celebrating the start of 2021 by going back a century to 1921, and investigating the murdering postmistress Lena Clarke. She admitted to murdering a man named Fred Miltimore, but got away with it by pleading insanity. Some highlights include, her bringing a crystal ball to testify on the stand about her 12 previous lives.    Buy our merch here! frumiousreads.com/shop
This week I'm talking about not one, not two, but THREE women who committed crimes on Christmas Day. Spoilers: One of them involves a ceramic squirrel. Let's talk about Jasmine Jackson, Randi Young, and Helen Ann Williams who were all arrested for some pretty humbug-ish behavior this holiday.  Buy some merch! frumiousreads.com/shop Follow/Subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen! 
Twas the night before Christmas...and murder was afoot.  Our next murderess in our Christmas countdown is Michele Anderson, a family annihilator who murdered six members of her family the night before Christmas along with her boyfriend. Together, they murdered six people, killing essentially 3 generations of Michele's family.  Check out our merch here: frumiousreads.com/shop   g32menuc  
Our first murderess of the week is Melissa Young, a transgender Scotland native who was arrested for murdering her neighbor because he, apparently, hated his gift. Some gifts are literally to die for. Or kill for, in this case. Buy our merch: frumiousreads.com/shop Check out our home page: frumiousreads.com/a-murderess-affair
Happy Thanksgiving!! Due to some technical difficulties, I was unfortunately unable to upload this episode when I wanted (curse you computer), but I hope you all enjoy it anyway! If possible, I'll try to get a bonus episode up this weekend for y'all!  Our murderess of the week was declared responsible for a series of poisonings that rocked a tiny village in Nagyrev, Hungary. A series of poisonings so prominent, that the multiple women involved were known as “The Angel Makers” of Nagyrev. And even though there were many, many different women guilty of poisoning husbands, children, parents, or anybody even remotely annoying, one woman’s name stands out as the overall instigator. Suzanna(Julia) Fazekas. 
Today we're covering Mexican revolutionary Petra Herrera, who also went by “Pedro”. She was an active participant of the Mexican Revolution under the leadership of Francisco “Pacho” Villa. When she was outed as a woman, removed of her military rank and status, she formed her own militia of women with members between 400-1000 who would fight alongside the men in battle.  Let me know what you think of this episode! Find me on Twitter, tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube @frumiousreads Buy our merch here! Limited time only! frumiousreads.com/shop
Happy almost Halloween!! I seriously cannot wait to celebrate my favorite holiday of the year. And what better way to celebrate throughout the month than by talking about a Russian noble who murdered many of the servants working there as a twisted sort of revenge for her lover having an affair with another woman. Her name was Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova. 
Otillie “Tillie” Klimek was born on October 22nd 1877 in Poland. She was considered to be a “psychic”, predicting the deaths of the people around her with astounding accuracy. Almost a little too accurate, as it turned out. Let's talk about Tillie Klimek and her much less heard of cousin Nellie, who were responsible for the deaths of over 10 people.  Shop merch here: frumiousreads.com/shop
If you didn’t know, this month is Latinx Appreciation Month. It runs from September 15-October 15th and I figured I’d take advantage to use this time to talk about a woman from history that not many people may know about. A woman who was considered to be a trailblazer for many, a great teacher, and the woman who stared down a group of Texas Rangers and forced them to turn back from where they had planned on ransacking her work. Podcast Home Page: frumiousreads.com/a-murderess-affair
Our murderess of the week is Anna Zwanzinger of Bavaria, Germany. She would poison her employers with arsenic, and then help nurse them back to health so they held her in higher favor and were grateful of her. Not exactly the best way to win employee of the month.  Check out the podcast home page here: https://www.frumiousreads.com/a-murderess-affair
This week we are taking a trip to Argentina, where we’re learning about Maria de las Mercedes Bernardina Bolla Aponte de Murano, better known as Yiya Murano. Her case is one of the most famous in Argentina, and she was imprisoned for sixteen years for committing 3 different murders.  Sixteen years really doesn’t seem like much when it comes to killing 3 different people, if I’m being honest.  MERCH: frumiousreads.com/shop Website: frumiousreads.com/a-murderess-affair
Hello and welcome to A Murderess Affair! My name is Gabrielle and this week our murderess is one who I believe should be known as one of the true “Last Samurai”. Her name is Nakano Takeko, and she taught, formed, and led a one woman army against overwhelming imperial forces. Her tale is one of tragedy and bravery, and she died in battle at age 21.  Shop: frumiousreads.com/shop Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/amurderessaffair
This week our murderess is a woman who killed her billionaire lover, and who’s sex life seems to be more radical and focused on than the murder she committed. Her name is Cecile Brossard.  News update! We now have a Patreon. If you're looking for cool behind the scenes things that happen on A Murderess Affair, or just want to help the podcast out, become a patron for as little as $1 a month! Check it out here: https://www.patreon.com/amurderessaffair
In this story, we’re talking about a woman who was convicted of murder, who’s story was as sensational as it can get, and who’s entire family has actually been pardoned by Australia’s Northern Territories court. Her name is Lindy Chamberlain, and she was accused and convicted of killing her 9 week old baby. She maintained her innocence the entire time, saying that there was a DINGO-a breed of wild dogs in Australia, who actually came and ate her baby. She was pardoned and released after serving three years in prison.  Connect with me! @frumiousreads Merch: frumiousreads.com/shop
Our murderess of the day is Leonarda Cianciulli, a female serial killer who's love for her son was so strong that when he was drafted into the Italian Army during World War II, she decided to "save him" through human sacrifice. She also turned her victims into tea cakes and soap, and gave both to her neighbors. Her capability to commit these horrendous crimes was said to be predicted by two different fortune tellers as a young woman.
Welcome back to the revolution. This week’s edition, we’re talking about a woman who is unapologetically herself in every situation, who’s been an activist longer than I’ve been breathing, and is a veteran of the Stonewall Rebellion. Miss Major Griffin-Gacy.  Stonewall Info: https://tinyurl.com/ybz7keaj Miss Major's website: https://https://missmajor.net/
“The matter came up for judicial investigation, but as might have been expected, the white people concluded it was unnecessary to wait the result of the investigation—that it was preferable to hang the accused first and try him afterward.” ― Ida B. Wells Ida B. Wells was a civil rights activist, investigative journalist, author, women's suffragist, and overall incredible person who not as many people know about. She was labeled a "race agitator", and put under surveillance by the U.S government during WW1.  Black Lives Matter. Learn where to help the movement and stop police brutality:  Reclaim the Block:https://www.reclaimtheblock.org/ Communities United Against Police Brutality: https://www.cuapb.org/ Know Your Rights Camp:https://www.knowyourrightscamp.com/
Lindsey Haugen admitted to killing Robby Mast-but she claims he asked her to. Let's talk about why her episode featured on "I Am A Killer" showed everything wrong with true crime sensational series.  Merch: frumiousreads.com/shop Link with me! @frumiousreads
Sharon Elizabeth Hall. Our murderess of the week. Also known as “La Pistolera” and "Jeanette Pugliese", she currently holds the longest standing arrest warrant in Missouri and the longest standing felony warrant in the United States. 
You guys voted, and "Battle" Annie Walsh won. She was one of the more notorious female gang leaders who was active in Hell’s Kitchen, New York in the late 1800s.  I couldn’t find too much about her early life. In fact, a lot of the information that I was able to find was more related to the gang that she was a part of then Annie herself. So we’re going to do a little trip down history lane and see what, exactly, this gang she was a part of was up to in the late 1800s. MERCH: frumiousreads.com/shop SOCIAL MEDIA: @frumiousreads 
Follow me on social media: @frumiousreads Happy Quarantine everyone. Like many others during this time I've gotten sucked into the world of the Tiger King. I think that one of the zoo workers named Reinke had the best summarization of the whole series, “Lots of drama in the zoo world.”  But, it did give me some inspiration for this week’s episode. So, let’s take a break from the Tiger King for a minute, and talk about the Tiger Lady, Clara Phillips. Why is she known as the Tiger Lady?  Well, for the brutality in which she killed her husband’s mistress. 
Marie, also known as “Maria” according to some accounts, was born Marie La Roux in Switzerland, 1821. Her parents died sometime around the 1840s, and she emigrated to Britain to work as a servant. She began her work as a maid for Lady Anna Palk of the Haldon House in Devon, which was a gigantic country estate that was mostly demolished later on in the 1920s. After some time working there, she then began working as a lady’s maid for a woman known as Lady Blantyre. Lady Blantyre was the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland, and was extremely wealthy. Queen Victoria was known to make stops at the house, and Marie was able to enjoy a life of luxury and status that was enormously higher than a majority of other woman at the time.    It was on a trip that she was taking with the Lady Blantyre that she met Patrick O’Connor-the man who would be both her lover….and her victim.
This week, I’m talking about Judy Moran, the matriarch of the Moran crime family in Australia. That’s right, we’re talking about the mafia, and if I disappear after this episode then it’s been a pleasure talking murder with you all. Hopefully my possible death would be covered by Karen and Georgia on MFM. That is my final wish so, y’all, make it happen
Valentine’s Day is this week. Let’s celebrate the commercialist propoganda holiday by talking about a cult leader who murdered multiple members of her parish. Her name was Sachiko Eto, and she’s also known in Japan as “the Drumstick Killer.” MERCH: frumiousreads.com/shop  
Alright everyone, this episode was an adventure. Please excuse any errors/bloopers. I’m currently without editing software but honestly I’m super proud of this episode so I hope you all enjoy it too.  Lizzie Halliday was once known as the “Worst Woman in the World.” Let’s talk about the crimes she committed, and why she captured everyone’s attention in the late 1800s.  Buy A Murderess Affair merch! frumiousreads.com/shop Podcast homepage: frumiousreads.com/a-murderess-affair
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